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Pokémon Sun Version and Moon Version

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Conjectures' started by Lord X-Giga-X, Jul 18, 2015.

  1. Well, that "footage" was a disappointment.

    On the other hand, we have this thing which is most likely fake due to the timing.


    Edit: Wow, the video immediately went private.


    A recap:

    - New Pokemon of indeterminate design- it was just scribbled on a piece of paper- name appeared to be "Fluff"
    - Mega Flygon (keeps type and ability), Mega Skarmory (Keeps type, gets Tough Claws), Mega Delcatty (gets new ability Rationalize- "It can be considered a variant of Normalize, not making the Pokémon's own moves Normal type, but instead all moves used against it.")
    - New moves/abilities/items- unsure which are which in some cases

    Assault Shield: A physical Assault Vest.
    Boundless Rage: Every move will result in a critical hit. We imagine that this ability, much like Huge Power, will be used to buff weak Pokémon.
    Thunderfeet: Essentially Gale Wings for Electric-types. It has been confirmed that Electivire, Electrode, and Manectric get it.
    Rope Attack / Electrocution: Respectively, Scald for Grass-types and Electric-types.
    Piercing Dust: 80 BP special Fairy move that hits Steel-types super effectively. Gardevoir, Diancie, and Azumarill are all confirmed to get it.
    Shrapnel Shot: Special Steel-type move that hits every member of the opposing team for 25 BP. Heatran and Magnezone both get it, so expect Scarf Magnezone to become a popular lead!
    Skill Protection: This ability cancels out the Mold Breaker ability and clones such as Turboblaze and Teravolt.
    Ghoul Wrath: A Ghost-type Draco Meteor.
    Divine Justice: A better version of Synchronize that also affects other secondary effects such as critical hits and flinches by forcing the opposing Pokémon to suffer them the turn after the user is afflicted by them. The four musketeers all get this as their hidden ability.
    Memory Stick: The first move this Pokémon uses will be 1.4 times as powerful for the rest of the battle.

    - Zygarde shenanigans:
    "Now, looking at these predicted stats, you may be wondering "What's the point of one if the other is identical?"
    What we do know:

    The answer lies in Zygarde's signature moves, Thousand Arrows and Thousand Waves. Zygarde-Cell only comes with one move, Thousand Arrows, while Zygarde-Core only learns Thousand Waves. These two Pokémon are the key to teaching these moves to Zygarde, as well as unlocking Zygarde-Complete.

    Both Zygarde-Cell and Zygarde-Core will appear in-game, in two separate ruins, only accessible after the Elite Four. They won't be standing in a specific spot like most legendaries: instead, they'll be very rare random encounters only found in the last room of the ruins (think Bagon in RSE), and with a catch rate of 3. They will also be at level 1, so make sure you pack a False Swipe user!


    Zygarde-10% can be found running around in the wild at level 10. Once you catch it, you can fuse it with either Zygarde-Cell or Zygarde-Core, but only if both Zygarde-10% and whichever cellular Zygarde forme is chosen are at level 50 or above. This will give you Zygarde 50% with whichever signature move the cellular forme you fused carries. If Zygarde-50% or Zygarde-Complete is KOed, it will revert to its 10% forme, and the Zygarde cellular formes that were used prior, back at level 1.

    Then, once both Zygarde-50% and the remaining Zygarde cellular forme are at level 100, they can be fused to create Zygarde-Complete, and the signature move Zygarde had will be replaced by the other. But once Zygarde-Complete is created, it will turn against you, and you will have to catch it, need I remind you, at level 100, and with only 5 Pokémon!


    It gains the Perfect Aura ability, rendering it immune to Fairy- and Dark-type moves! Talk about a perfect Pokémon!"

    Once again, likely fake.
  2. Well CoroCoro leaked, and what did we get so far?

    Magearna is confirmed to be Steel/Fairy. A bit obvious all things considered.

    We got a teaser for the box art saying that we can't see the Pokemon on it yet:

    And we're apparently getting a "big scoop" next month.

    So in short, this has not been our month. I mean sure, they technically weren't lying last issue. We did get something. Not much, but still something. Just not what most people were hoping for.

    If there's any silver lining, it's that during the wait we got some of the most hilarious fakes I've seen in a while:


    So it's been discovered that two more trademarks were registered back in February for Solgaleo (ソルガレオ) and Lunaala (ルナアーラ). Given the timing and... well, the names... people are speculating that these are the names of the Legendary Pokemon for these games. This, however, is yet to be confirmed, and our most likely time to get any confirmation on this is next month, so... yeeeeaah... Waiting! Yay!
  3. Giga can you fucking post new stuff instead of edit it in

    Either way, I came here to post this

  4. In the last streach of our wait for this month's CoroCoro leak, the official Japanese Pokemon site has announced the first bit of news for the games on the 10th at 8:00 EDT. Coincidentally, this date would be the start of the period during which CoroCoro is typically leaked, and given last issue's note of the upcoming issue having a big scoop, it's likely that whatever is revealed is what will be appearing in said issue.
  5. After a long wait, we finally have some information....

    In the form of this video:

    Welcome to the Alola region, where you have the choose between Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio to go on an adventure to face off against sun lion and space moon bird thing in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

    Pokemon Sun and Moon are to be released on November 18th in Japan and US.

    Sooooo yeeeeaaah, this was definitely worth the wait.


    Looking at the Japanese trailer we got, it's definitely safe to say that Alola is based on what we think it is.

    In addition, it also shows that we can change our skin pigment like in XY. In addition, if you pay close attention, you can see cases of the character's clothes changing during the trailers, so it looks like trainer customization is back.


    But enough about that, let's get onto the starters.
    -Rowlet (JP Name Mukuroh) is the Grass Quill Pokemon, and is a Grass/Flying type as all would expect. Right away, it comes with the brand new move Leafage.

    -Litten (JP Name Nyabby) is the Fire Cat Pokemon, and is pure Fire.

    -Popplio (JP Name Ashimari) is the Sea Lion Pokemon, and is pure Water. Coming all the way from the circus to have the chance to be chosen by you!

    Your starter is given to you by Hala.


    And here's our boxart:

    Presumably, these two are Solgaleo and Lunaala, the pair of trademarks revealed to have been registered a while back.
  6. I absolutely adore all three starters, though currently my favorite is Popplio. Both its name and design remind me so much of the Klonoa games.
  7. Likely gonna pick Litten.

    also giga that is clearly a bat
  8. Yeah, I actually realized that a bit after I made that. Didn't bother to change it because I thought it'd be funnier that way. That, and I'm just a lazy bastard...

    Anyway, probably gonna go with Litten as well.
  9. Litleo, Litten, Solgaleo...

    nintendo pls stop with the fire cats
  10. Pokemon Rae here I come.
  11. Now if only the version mascots were serpentine.

    also, calling the owl roothoot and nobody can stop me
  12. But what about Groothoot
  13. roothoot evolves into groothoot
  14. Gonna pick Moon because that's my aesthetic man. Not sure which starter though... Usually I go water but I'm the asshole who picked Fennekin. I don't know what I waaaaaant
  15. Going with moon too because that bat looks so over the top.

    also going with litten because of it face. how can you say no to that face.

    (Also, not a fan of Popplio's design)
  16. The box things look (apparently the 'mascot pokemons') look like a mane made out of nipples and something out of Sailor Moon
  17. yikes... sorry guys i let her come in here
  18. You approved this post go fuck yourself

    Also I like the seal one and the fat owl. The other one is shit
  19. Now I can't unsee the boob mane. Thanks for that.
  20. And thus Solgaleo was ruined forever. Good job...

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