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Pokémon Sun Version and Moon Version

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Conjectures' started by Lord X-Giga-X, Jul 18, 2015.

  1. Just beat Hala, team is as such:

    Campfire (Torracat) 19, Adamant
    Aponivi (Trumbeak) 15, Sassy (ew)
    Asani (Grubbin) 17, Docile
    Faolan (Rockruff) 12, Naive

    Still need to get Salandit and Jangmo-o...

    Not exactly spoilers because it's a fairly minor thing I can't 100% confirm at this point, but I'll put a spoiler tag anyway. Around Route 16.

    The house where Sina and Dexio ask you to meet them for Zygarde information has the Aether Foundation symbol inside it.
  3. I beat the game and this was my post-credits team.

    Campfire (Incineroar) 57
    Asani (Vikavolt) 56
    Faolan (Lycanroc) 59
    Apollo (Mudsdale) 56
    Pythios (Salazzle) 58
    Tethyra (Kommo-o) 55
  4. I love this.

    (Screenshot from the credits. Otherwise not a spoiler as it's nothing we don't already know.)

  5. I really wish my home Internet didn't decide to derp out of me when it did. You guys would have loved my reactions to certain things...
    I did start making a word document with brief notes of my general progress that I will post later. But just a few of highlights:

    -I really wish I could have been on Discord during Kiawe’s trial… Because what the fucking hell?! That was literally the most hilarious thing I’ve seen out of any Pokémon game. I mean, it’s like “Oh, this seems simple enough. I guess it’s just gonna get harder and harder-“ And then just suddenly a fucking random Hiker and just the Totem Pokémon in all of that… The trial literally broke me. It had me laughing for a good 10 minutes.

    -Generally enjoying the music (especially the Ultra Beast theme)

    -Generally being excited everytime Gladion popped up

    -GRIMSLEY?! Wasn’t expecting to see you this soon.
    -… Sharpedo… You know, that’s incredibly fitting.
    -Thanks, Grimsley!

    (To avoid confusion, this next part is referring to battle with Nanu)
    -Wait… You’re the Kahuna?! Wow, literally the last person I was expecting.

    -WHAT THE FUCK?! Of all things to add to my Ride Pager, a Machamp?!

    -Alright, Elite 4 time!
    -Alright, now this is what I’m talking about! Elite 4 with 5 Pokemon each!
    -Also, this music!
    -As usual, the E4 ain’t messing around.

  6. The climax is conspicuously missing. :p
  7. I'm loving this game. I agree with you on lots of stuff especially about the music.
  8. Popping in to comment on my growing number of Sun/Moon competitive Pokemon:

    -- 2 6IV Rockruff (1 M, 1 F) (was breeding for a 5IV with the right ability, so they're EV trained via Pelago but not evolved. I plan to breed them to make more 5 IVs.)
    -- 5IV Midday Lycanroc (missing SpAtk, +Speed nature, EV trained)
    -- 5IV Alolan Ninetales (Snow Warning, missing Atk, Timid, EV trained)
    -- 4IV shiny Jolteon (missing Def and SpAtk, but has Fantastic in the latter, Hasty, EV trained)
    -- 2IV shiny Salazzle (WT-obtained, Timid, EV trained, IVs are in Speed and something else. Will bottle cap.)

    Currently working on breeding 5IV Cubone, but will likely move on to Mareanie or keep working on Jangmo-o after.

    I'm going to favor Merciless for the Mareanie, but I did get my hands on a Regenerator so I'll also be breeding those for a more defensive Mareanie.

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