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Pokémon Sun Version and Moon Version

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Conjectures' started by Lord X-Giga-X, Jul 18, 2015.

  1. Nearly impossible to relay the full impct in few sentences, but basically:

    Since generation 3 or 4, Pokemon has been building up with references to alchemy, mythology, and various religions towards a single theme: death and rebirth. Various pieces of evidence irrevocably link those themes to Pokemon, but Lockstin goes a step further and suggests that, after a gen 4 remake (possibly Platinum, featuring Arceus on the box instead of Giratina) the series will reboot or "reset" and begin to target the original, older audience.
  2. Just a reminder that the demo is released tomorrow.

    Also, some screenshots that just came out show that you'll also have a Pikachu in said demo with which you can try out Z-Moves.

    Because you know, there isn't enough Ash-related things in this demo already.
  3. Thanks to the brilliance of TCG marketing, we have a new Pokemon.


    We have no idea what this thing is, but I think it's obvious what this thing looks like it could be.
  4. So while the demo is available in Japan and Australia, it's been announced that our next batch of info will be on Shadow's birthday.
  5. [​IMG]


    (Alolan form spoilers)


  6. why wouldn't it
  7. PSA: Apparently the demo ALREADY got datamined. Beware of spoilers.
  8. The demo's late :|
  9. And now it's live.

    EDIT: Aaaand downloaded! Let's have some fun!


    So I feel I should start with this Greninja for those who haven't been keeping up with demo info:

    Right off the bat, you get a letter from its previous owner. While the letter has no name, checking the Greninja's summary reveals that it is indeed Ash's Greninja. It has almost the exact same moveset too. Just replace Night Slash with Cut, and yeah.
    Even better is that has 131017 for its trainer's ID. This is a reference to the date 10/17/2013, the date in which the second episode of the XY anime was aired in Japan. This has significance as this was the episode Ash caught Greninja as a Froakie. Its date met is also 10/17/2013.

    Some other things to note is that Water Shuriken, which was a physical move in Gen VI, is now a special move. And it gets a boost from Battle Bond.

    ... There's a Machamp just casually standing here in City Hall.... k

    Oops, found Hau!

    And there's Team Skull! Geez, that was fast.
    LOFL! Looks like one of them's gonna keep making their hand gestures until I move the conversation along. Goddamn, I love these guys already.

    So the Pokemon Center's a pretty cool place despite the Mart being closed and one of the NPCs being gone and not coming back until the game is released.
    Also a bit of warning from the reviews, the D-Pad does nothing. It's something that I knew coming into this but keep forgetting.

    Found Kukui.
    Also Hau, come on. I defeated those Team Skull grunts no problem. You sure you're not the one needing training?

    Made it to the site of my first Trial, and Kukui's just giving me things... Although I feel like other than one point, I'm probably not going to need this Pikachu.

    Welp, I went and angered a Totem Pokemon by the power of taking pictures... Oh boy...
    Also, Hakamo-o knows Autotomize... On the plus side, it just summoned a Rockruff.
    And down it goes.
    "You and that team are awesome!" If by that you mean just this Greninja then yes, you are correct Kukui. Goddamn, it's probably gonna be a while before I actually need to use this Pikachu.
    Speaking of, I just got a plot device.

    Goddamnit Hau, why'd you lead them here?!
    Oh, guess I'm actually going to have to use this Pikachu now lol
    So just as a note, the base power of Z-Moves seem to vary based on its base move. As an example, Gigavolt Havoc from Thunderbolt has 175 base power.
    I like how I keep getting money that I have no use for.

    So now I'm just exploring the city after that... There's tall grass for wild Pokemon encounters here... Guess I should have seen that coming, but still.
    OOPS, found a new place.
    There's an unusual amount of Slowpoke and Machamp in this demo. wtf
  10. So yeah, with that datamining, you guys probably expect me to say something about that...

    TOO BAD!

    Though while I'm here, I'll say that Alolan Persian was revealed (again) via the revelation of the front cover of an upcoming Japanese Pokedex guide.
    I believe by now, we've all come to the agreement that its head is absolutely ridiculous.
    But yeah, nothing about it, though I'm just gonna take a guess that it's Dark-type with either Limber of Technician for its ability.
  11. Just when you thought the TCG couldn't reveal anything else, it's the already confirmed final starter evolutions' turn to be revealed.

    And this time, we learn some names: Junaipa (ジュナイパー), Gaogaen (ガオガエン), and Ashirene (アシレーヌ) respectively. No secondary types yet, so keep waiting.


    Today on new info, it turns out the TCG reveal was a preview for today's... well, new info. Here's the trailer while I watch through it and gather everything together.


    Uh.... Wow....
    A-Anyway, new Pokemon.

    Starting off the starter evolutions, we have Rowlet's final, Decidueye, finally ditching the Flying-type to become Grass/Ghost. It has a signature move, Spirit Shackle, which damages the target and keeps it from switching out.

    Next is Litten's final, Incineroar. As people were expecting/hoping, it's actually Fire/Dark. It's signature move, Darkest Lariat, ignores its target's stat changes.

    Last on this line is Primarina, Popplio's final. Unsurprisingly, it's Water/Fairy. It's signature move, Sparkling Aria, heals the burn of its target.

    Next up, we have the rest of the island guardians- wait what?!

    Tapu Lele will be Akala Island's guardian, having Psychic Surge as its ability. This summons a new terrain, Psychic Terrain, which blocks priority moves.

    Next we have the guardian of Ula'ula Island, Tapu Bulu. It's Grass/Fairy with the new ability, Grassy Surge, which summons a Grassy Terrain.

    Poni Island's guardian, Tapu Fini, is Water/Fairy with Misty Surge for its ability. Yeah, I think you know what that does...

    All of the guardians share a unique Z-Move, Guardian of Alola, which...
    ... Uh... H-Holy shit... I'm kinda scared now... .__.

    M-Moving on, we have- ... plot?!
    Yeah, apparently, we have Cosmog, Psychic with Unaware for its ability... Okay... Also, the Aether Foundation is doing research on this Pokemon. Just saying.

    Also, turns out I was mostly right on Alolan Persian. It's Dark with Fur Coat or Technician for its ability.

    Meanwhile, there's a Pokemon League in the works in Alola, and the champions of the league can take on the Battle Tree. Here, you can battle and team up with famous trainers like Cynthia, Wally, and...

    Red and Blue.

    EDIT: Yeah, this update will make more sense when I start adding images.

    EDIT: Guardian of Kalos?! What the fuck, Giga?! That was terrible!
  12. Grass Ghost? o_O

    YAY Fire Dark type

    "The battlefield got weird!" lol

    Hi Red.

    I see you're still mute.
  13. The Japanese trailer shows more on Cosmog: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UuiDXEK3lL4
  14. On a somewhat related note, the third video in the Train On series.

  15. ...Does Charjabug really only evolve at level 40 or is the trailer messing with us? ._.
  16. Goddamnit, the TCG has done it again! Th-

    So there is no longer any doubt regarding Solgaleo and Lunala thanks to the TCG.

    So this time, new images of the upcoming Alolan Collections featuring Solgaleo GX and Lunala GX have surfaced. But the more interesting about it is that they have pre-evolutions shown. Now, given the fact that they're supposedly Legendaries, this is unusual in of itself. However, upon closer inspection, we find out something that we all have most likely pieced together thanks to the datamining of the demo. And that is...
    SOLGALEO AND LUNALA EVOLVE FROM THE SAME POKEMON! And it's definitely clear that this Pokemon is Cosmog's evolution. Potentially then, this Pokemon's evolution could vary based on version.
    Okay, much better. Also, I get the feeling this was already discussed on Discord anyway, but whatever...
  17. tbh I knew this from one of the leaks,which was

    a girl on 4chan mentioned that Lillie's mother was basically doing what Lusamine is doing now, and that Solgaleo and Lunala evolved from the same pre-evolution.
  18. PSA: Review copies of the game got out and have been leaked, beware of spoilers.
  19. Final trailer before release!


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