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Pokémon Sun Version and Moon Version

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Conjectures' started by Lord X-Giga-X, Jul 18, 2015.

  1. [​IMG]

    New Pokemon
    Rowlet/Mokuroh (モクロー), the Grass Quill Pokemon
    Type: Grass/Flying
    Ability: Overgrow
    Known Moves: Peck, Leafage (detailed in New Moves)
    Starter. Hinted by CoroCoro to hide a secret.

    Litten/Nyabby (ニャッビー), the Fire Cat Pokemon
    Type: Fire
    Ability: Blaze
    Known Moves: Ember
    Starter. Hinted by CoroCoro to hide a secret.

    Popplio/Ashimari (アシマリ), the Sea Lion Pokemon
    Type: Water
    Ability: Torrent
    Known Moves: Pound, Water Gun, Growl, Disarming Voice
    Starter. Hinted by CoroCoro to hide a secret.

    Pikipek/Tsutsukera (ツツケラ), the Woodpecker Pokemon
    Type: Normal/Flying
    Ability: Keen Eye/Skill Link
    #010 on the Alola Pokedex, confirmed to have two evolutions. National Pokedex number of 731/732 depending on Magearna's position.

    Rockruff/Iwanko (イワンコ), the Puppy Pokemon
    Type: Rock
    Ability: Keen Eye/Vital Spirit
    Known Moves: Bite
    Confirmed to have at least 1 evolution. Hinted by CoroCoro to hide a secret.

    Komala/Nekkoala (ネッコアラ), the Drowsing Pokemon
    Type: Normal
    Ability: Comatose (detailed in New Abilities)

    Yungoos/Yangoose (ヤングース), the Loitering Pokemon
    Type: Normal
    Ability: Stakeout (detailed in New Abilities)/Strong Jaw
    Known Moves: Sand Attack
    Evolves into Gumshoos.

    Gumshoos/Dekagoose (デカグース), the Stakeout Pokemon
    Type: Normal
    Ability: Stakeout (detailed in New Abilities)/Strong Jaw
    Evolves from Yungoos.

    Grubbin/Agojimushi (アゴジムシ), the Larva Pokemon
    Type: Bug
    Ability: Swarm
    Known Moves: String Shot
    Evolves into Charjabug

    Charjabug/Denjimushi (デンヂムシ), the Battery Pokemon
    Type: Bug/Electric
    Ability: Battery (detailed in New Abilities)
    Known Moves: Spark
    Evolves from Grubin. Evolves into Vikavolt

    Vikavolt/Kuwaganon (クワガノン), the Stag Beetle Pokemon
    Type: Bug/Electric
    Ability: Levitate
    Known Moves: Zap Cannon
    Evolves from Charjabug

    Drampa/Jijiiron (ジジーロン), the Placid Pokemon
    Type: Normal/Dragon
    Ability: Berserk (detailed in New Abilities)/Sap Sipper
    Known Moves: Dragon Breath

    Bruxish/Hagigishiri (ハギギシリ), the Gnash Teeth Pokemon
    Type: Water/Psychic
    Ability: Dazzling (detailed in New Abilities)/Strong Jaw
    Known Moves: Psywave

    Cutiefly/Aburii (アブリー), the Bee FlyPokemon
    Type: Bug/Fairy
    Ability: Honey Gather/Shield Dust
    Known Moves: Fairy Wind

    Togedemaru, the Roly-poly Pokemon
    Type: Electric/Steel
    Ability: Iron Barbs/Lightning Rod
    Known Moves: Tackle, Discharge

    Salandit/Yatoumori (ヤトウモリ), the Toxic Lizard Pokemon
    Type: Poison/Fire
    Ability: Corrosion (detailed in New Abilities)
    Known Moves: Toxic

    Nuikoguma (ヌイコグマ), the Struggle Pokemon
    Type: Normal/Fighting
    Evolves into Bewear

    Bewear/Kiteruguma (キテルグマ), the Strong Arm Pokemon
    Type: Normal/Fighting
    Ability: Fluffy (detailed in New Abilities)/Klutz
    Known Moves: Hammer Arm
    Evolves from Nuikoguma

    Mimikyu, the Disguise Pokemon
    Type: Ghost/Fairy
    Ability: Disguise (detailed in New Abilities)
    Known Moves: Slash

    Wimpod/Kosokumushi (コソクムシ), the Turn Tail Pokemon
    Type: Bug/Water
    Ability: Wimp Out (detailed in New Abilities)
    Known Moves: Struggle Bug

    Bounsweet/Amakaji (アマカジ), the Fruit Pokemon
    Type: Grass
    Ability: Leaf Guard/Oblivious

    Comfey/Kuyawawa (キュワワー), the Posy Picker Pokemon
    Type: Fairy
    Ability: Flower Veil/Triage (detailed in New Abilities)

    Mudbray/Dorobanko (ドロバンコ), the Donkey Pokemon
    Type: Ground
    Ability: Own Tempo/Stamina (detailed in New Abilities)
    Evolves into Mudsdale

    Mudsdale/Barubadoro (バンバドロ), the Draft Horse Pokemon
    Type: Ground
    Ability: Own Tempo/Stamina (detailed in New Abilities)
    Known Moves: Highhorse Power (detailed in New Moves)
    Evolves from Mudbray

    Minior/Meteno (メテノ), the Meteor Pokemon
    Type: Rock/Flying
    Ability: Shields Down (detailed in New Abilities)
    The core, revealed via Shields Down, varies in color.

    Fomantis/Karikiri (カリキリ), the Sickle Grass Pokemon
    Type: Grass
    Ability: Leaf Guard
    Known Moves: Razor Leaf, Solar Beam
    Evoles into Lurantis

    Lurantis/Lalantis (ラランテス), the Bloom Sickle Pokemon
    Type: Grass
    Ability: Leaf Guard
    Known Moves: Solar Blade (detailed in New Moves)
    Evolves from Fomantis

    Oricorio/Odoridori (オドリドリ), the Dancing Pokemon
    Exists in four forms (from left to right): Baile Style, Pa'u Style, Pom-Pom Style, and Sensu Style
    Type: Fire/Flying (Baile), Psychic/Flying (Pa'u), Electric/Flying (Pom-Pom), Ghost/Flying (Sensu)
    Ability: Dancer (detailed in New Abilities)
    Known Moves: Revelation Dance (detailed in New Moves)

    Sunabaa (スナバァ), the Sand Mound Pokemon
    Type: Ghost/Ground
    Evolves into Shirodesuna

    Shirodesuna (シロデスナ), the Sand Castle Pokemon
    Type: Ghost/Ground
    Evolves from Sunabaa

    Wishiwashi/Yowashi (ヨワシ), the Little Fish Pokemon
    Type: Water
    Ability: Schooling (detailed in New Abilities)
    Form alters between Single Form and School Form via Schooling

    Pyukumuku/Namakobushi (ナマコブシ), the Sea Cucumber Pokemon
    Type: Water
    Ability: Innards Out (detailed in New Abilities)

    Morelull/Nemeshu (ネマシュ), the Bloom Sickle Pokemon
    Type: Grass/Fairy
    Ability: Illuminate/Effect Spore

    Turtonator, the Blast Turtle Pokemon
    Type: Fire/Dragon
    Ability: Shell Armor
    Known Moves: Shell Trap (detailed in New Moves)

    Tapu Koko/Kapu Kokeko (カプ · コケコ), the Land Spirit Pokemon
    Type: Electric/Fairy
    Ability: Electric Surge (detailed in New Abilities)
    Known Moves: Nature's Madness (detailed in New Moves)
    The guardian Pokemon of Melemele Island

    Solgaleo, the Sunne Pokemon
    Type: Psychic/Steel
    Ability: Full Metal Body (detailed in New Abilities)
    Known Moves: Sunsteel Strike (detailed in New Moves)
    Legendary Mascot for Sun. Solgaleo has a minor alternate form known as Radiant Sun Phase it shifts into when it uses Sunsteel Strike.

    Lunala, the Moone Pokemon
    Type: Psychic/Ghost
    Ability: Shadow Shield (detailed in New Abilities)
    Known Moves: Moongeist Beam (detailed in New Moves)
    Legendary Mascot for Moon. Lunala has a minor alternate form known as Full Moon Phase it shifts into when it uses Moongeist Beam.

    Magearna, the Artificial Pokemon
    Type: Steel/Fairy
    Ability: Soul Heart (detailed in New Abilities)
    Known Moves: Fleur Cannon (detailed in New Moves)
    Mythical Pokemon

    New Forms
    Alola Forms
    Various Pokemon have varients in Alola drastically different both in appearance and abilities.
    Alolan Raichu
    Type: Electric/Psychic
    Ability: Surge Surfer (detailed in New Abilities)

    Alolan Sandshrew
    Type: Ice/Steel
    Ability: Snow Cloak

    Alolan Sandslash
    Type: Ice/Steel
    Ability: Snow Cloak

    Alolan Vulpix
    Type: Ice
    Ability: Snow Cloak

    Alolan Ninetales
    Type: Ice/Fairy
    Ability: Snow Cloak

    Alolan Meowth
    Type: Dark
    Ability: Pickup/Technician

    Alolan Exeggutor
    Type: Grass/Dragon
    Ability: Frisk

    Alolan Marowak
    Type: Fire/Ghost
    Ability: Cursed Body/Lightning Rod

    Zygarde Formes
    Zygarde 10% Forme
    Type: Dragon/Ground
    Ability: Aura Break/Power Construct (detailed in New Abilities)
    Known Moves: Thousand Arrows, Thousand Waves

    Zygarde Complete Forme/Zygarde Perfect Forme
    Type: Dragon/Ground
    Ability: Power Construct (detailed in New Abilities)
    Known Moves: Core Enforcer (detailed in New Moves)

    Alola Region
    -The Alola region consists of four main islands, each with their own guardian Pokemon.
    -You adventure begins on Melemele Island, the top left island.
    -Alaka Island is another island you will be visiting.

    The Rite of Island Challenge

    New Characters
    Main Characters. Please note the plot devices on their wrists. It'll be important on the test later.

    Professor Kukui
    His area of expertise is Pokemon moves, and is known to take direct hits from them if he thinks he can learn something about them... Have fun with Oblivion Wing then...

    Professor Kukui's assistant. Plot important. Dislikes Pokemon battles. Likes reading.

    Friend/rival/whatever your headcanon wants him to be. Shown to have a Pichu in addition to a starter Pokemon.

    Trial Captains and Kahunas

    Team Skull
    Team Skull is our evil team for these games. They like to steal Pokemon, mess up trial sites, and use non-standard PokeBalls.

    Plumeria/Plumeri is the Team Skull Admin. She considers herself the big sister of her team.

    Guzma is the leader of Team Skull. He couldn't become a Trial Captain, and has a bone to pick with Kukui.

    New Abilities
    Comatose: Makes the Pokemon unable to afflicted by any statuses except Sleep
    Stakeout: Pokemon deals twice the normal damage if the opponent just switched in
    Battery: Raises partner's Special Attack
    Berserk: Raises Special Attack when HP drops below 50%
    Dazzling: Prevents moves with increased priority from hitting
    Corrosion: Allows the user to inflict the Poison status on Poison and Steel-types
    Fluffy: The user takes half damage from moves that make direct contact, but takes double damage from Fire-type moves
    Disguise: The user evades damage once, and its appearance slightly changes afterward
    Wimp Out: The user escapes battle if its HP drops below 50%.
    Triage: The user's restorative moves gain the highest speed priority.
    Shields Down: The user has high Defense and is protected from status conditions until its HP drops below 50%. This also causes the Pokemon's appearance to change.
    Dancer: If another Pokemon on the field uses a dancing move, the user will be able to use the same move immediately after
    Stamina: The user's Defense increases by 1 stage when they take damage
    Schooling: Alters the user's form in battle. Their form reverts if their HP drops below a certain point
    Innards Out: Inflicts damage on the opponent if the user faints
    Surge Surfer: The user's Speed is doubled if an Electric Terrain is present
    Electric Surge: Creates an Electric Terrain when the Pokemon is sent out
    Full Metal Body: The Pokemon's stats will not be lowered
    Shadow Shield: The Pokemon will take less damage when its HP is full
    Power Construct: Changes Zygarde's form when its HP drops below 50%
    Soul Heart: Raises Special Attack when another Pokemon on the field faints

    New Moves
    Leafage/Leaf (このは): A Grass-type move.
    Highhorse Power
    Solar Blade: A Grass-type move that takes a turn to charge, attacking on the second turn.
    Revelation Dance: This move changes type based on the form of Oricorio, becoming its primary type.
    Shell Trap: The user sets a trap at the beginning of the turn. If the user is hit by a direct attack, this move deals greater damage to the attacker.
    Nature's Madness/Nature Fury[/b]: This move reduces the target's HP by half
    Sunsteel Strike/Meteor Drive (メテオドライブ): This attack ignores the target's ability.
    Moongeist Beam/Shadow Ray (シャドーレイ): This attack ignores the target's move.
    Core Enforcer/Core Punisher (コアパニッシャー): A Dragon-type move. This attack removes the target's ability if they already moved the turn this move is used
    Fleur Cannon: This attack lowers the user's Special Attack 2 stages.

    -By combining plot devices with poses, you are able to use Z-Moves in battle.
    -Z-Moves require two objects: the Z-Ring worn by the trainer, and Z-Crystals set into the Z-Ring and held by the Pokemon.
    -There is a Z-Crystal for each Pokemon type. As a result, there is a Z-Move for each type.
    --Bug: Unknown
    --Dark: Unknown
    --Dragon: Unknown
    --Electric: Gigavolt Havoc
    --Fairy: Unknown
    --Fighting: Unknown
    --Fire: Inferno Overdrive
    --Flying: Unknown
    --Ghost: Unknown
    --Grass: Bloom Doom
    --Ground: Unknown
    --Ice: Unknown
    --Normal: Hyper Sprint Attack
    --Poison: Unknown
    --Psychic: Unknown
    --Rock: Unknown
    --Steel: Unknown
    --Water: Hydro Vortex
    -All Pokemon are capable of using Z-Moves, provided they known a move the same type as a Z-Crystal and hold the corresponding Z-Crystal.

    Other Battle Changes
    -When battling a Pokemon you've seen before, you are able to see the type effectiveness of your Pokemon's moves.
    -The trainers are present in the battle alongside their Pokemon, a la Colosseum and Gale of Darkness.
    -You're able to see how much your stats have been altered during battles.
    -Do your battles not have enough chaos? Now, you have the opportunity to figth 3 other trainers in a Battle Royale. 3 vs 3 vs 3 vs 3! The battle progresses until one trainer is unable to send out any Pokemon. At this point, points are tallied based on how many Pokemon a single trainer has defeated and how many Pokemon they have left. A winner is determined from this.

    -In a rather strange method of creating the most efficient Pokedex, Professor Kukui had a Rotom inhabit it. So now the player has their very own Rotom Pokedex. Not only does it function as a Pokedex (ikr, a pokedex functioning as a pokedex wtf is this), but it also has its own map showing your own location and other places of interest.
    -When registering Pokemon in the Pokedex, you'll often see white PokeBall icons next to them. This will indicate that Pokemon has evolutions or other Pokemon related to it.
    -Similarly to Kalos, there are multiple Pokedexes for the different islands of Alola. There is a Melemele Pokedex.

    Hyper Training
    -By exchanging Bottle Caps, you are able to increase a Level 100 Pokemon's IVs.
    -This exists as a shop in the Alola Region.
    -While it is currently unknown how to get Bottle Caps normally, the Magearna distributed will hold one, the Silver Bottle Cap.


    Several months ago, four new formes of Zygarde have been revealed. In addition, the form of the Zygarde we've known since its first appearance in XY has been identified as Zygarde 50% Forme. And now recently, a new Mythical Pokemon has been revealed.

    Zygarde Cell
    This stage has been identified as the single Cells that make up Zygarde. Cells do not possess any will or thought processes. They're found scattered throughout the region. Since they can't use any moves, researchers question whether they can even be called Pokémon!

    Zygarde Core
    At this stage, this aspect of Zygarde is little more than a part of the Pokémon's brain. Unlike the Cells, the Cores are self-aware and can communicate with Cells and other Cores via telepathy. When a change occurs in the local region's ecosystem, Cores have been known to take action.

    Zygarde 10% Forme
    Type: Dragon/Ground
    Zygarde 10% is the Forme that the Zygarde Core takes when it gathers 10% of the Cells nearby. Capable of traveling over 60 mph (100 km/h), it defeats enemies with its sharp fangs and its incredible speed.

    Zygarde Complete Forme / Zygarde Perfect Forme
    Type: Dragon/Ground
    This is the perfect Forme that Zygarde takes when the Core gathers 100% of the Cells. When the ecosystem is under threat, and the Core concludes that the 50% Forme will be unable to deal with it, the Core takes on the Complete Forme. Its power is said to be greater than that of the Legendary Pokémon Xerneas and Yveltal!

    Artificial Pokémon

    Feel free to discuss Zygarde's formes and Magearna. This thread will be converted into a new game thread if and when a main series game featuring these new formes and Pokemon is announced.

    Welp, apparently I spoke too soon when I said it was too earlier for Gen 7 Pokémon.

    Gin of Sunyshore, having seen the new Pokemon movie, Hoopa & The Clash of Ages, reported to have seen a new Pokémon during the trailer for the next movie. As described by Gin, it appears to be a small, bright green blob-like entity with one eye larger than the other. It appeared from the O in Pokemon and moved about it. This was followed by the silhouette revealed a few days ago. Gin came up with several sketches based off of what she remembers:


    Now with that said, it's still unknown what this thing even is. Until footage of the trailer is provided, we're not getting a clear image of it any time soon. And even then, it'll be a while before we even find out what this is. Hell, it may not even be a new Pokémon, but some bizarre forme of a Pokémon we already know of. Regardless, this thing is bizarre enough to bring attention to.

    So I suppose until an appropriate new game thread(s) thread is made, this thread can be used for discussion of this... thing, and the silhouette featured in the same trailer:

  2. RE: And Suddenly a New Pokémon?


    But really, something tells me that it's alt forme for Zygarde. Even though the design makes no sense at all for it to be one.
  3. RE: And Suddenly a New Pokémon?

    I heard Ash finally beats Voldemort in the upcoming generation of Pokemon, but not before aging by a year. That ominous and towering silhouette is probably Voldemort's Mega Evolved Pokemon form.
  4. RE: And Suddenly a New Pokémon?

    Well, that didn't take long...

    Anyway, good thing Serebii knows a good number of people. A friend of his saw the movie and provided a more accurate sketch of this new Pokemon:
    The stomach area is reported to be red.
    For how bizarre is still looks, I kinda like it... I'm not sure why exactly, but just something about it interests me... Maybe it's just the differently-sized eyes. idk

    In addition, the silhouetted Pokemon was reported to have hexagons pulsating around it. So really, either this really is a Zygarde forme, or Hexidos has undergone the most fucked up mutation ever.

    EDIT (8/1/2015): Looks like someone decided to take a picture of this new Pokemon, giving us a... well, can't exactly say clear image... but probably the best image we've got of it other than the one above:
  5. RE: And Suddenly a New Pokémon?


    And here's a video of it in motion!
  6. RE: And Suddenly a New Pokémon?

    CoroCoro has been leaked once more, showing this green blob. It will appear in the upcoming Mega Evolution Special IV alongside Zygarde. No other info on it, although we apparently will be getting info on it and the silhouette in the next issue.


    So we're certainly getting info on these two a lot sooner than I was expecting.
  7. RE: All of the Zygardes

    CoroCoro leaked, and those two were revealed to be formes of Zygarde. BUT, it turns out that Zygarde has five formes.


    • The roadkill one is Zygarde Cell.
    • The blob we saw before is Zygarde Core.
      • When a Zygarde Core merges with multiple Zygarde Cell, it becomes the brain for its other formes.
    • The dog-like entity is Zygarde 10% form.
    • The Zygarde we've known since its reveal is Zygarde 50% Forme.
    • Finally, the silhouette is Zygarde Perfect Forme. Its power is said to exceed Xerneas and Yveltal. Why not? I mean you already counter their abilities...
  8. RE: All of the Zygardes

    TIL I should've named my Zygarde Duracell.
  9. RE: All of the Zygardes

    5 forms? That's crazy o.o Well, there's also some other things we can see from the CoroCoro Leaks.

    • All of Ash's Pokemon will be fully evolved except Pikachu(You can see Noivern and Greninja in the photo)
    • New Greninja form(?)
    • Serena's Eevee!(Though this has been known for a while)
    • Pokemon Z confirmed(?)
  10. RE: All of the Zygardes

    While that is true, most of those points aren't relevant to this thread. For the time being, this thread's meant for the discussion of Zygarde's new formes.

    That said, I'm really liking 10%. It looks like the kind of dog I'd want to own if I actually wanted a dog. Though I find it kinda hilarious how this:
    eventually becomes this:
    I'd say it makes very little sense, but then again this Pokemon we're talking about.

    I kinda wish we had a typing for this revealed, though something tells me we'll find more about it and the other formes as we get closer to games they can be used in.
  11. RE: All of the Zygardes

    Those forme names. Sounds right out of Dragonball Z.
  12. RE: All of the Zygardes

    Pokemon please. Just stop. Just call the things evolutions and quit with your irrational rule against legendaries being able to evolve already.
  13. RE: All of the Zygardes

    Would you want to level a Legendary to Lv 100 just to evolve them? Like knowing these guys, that's probably what we'd have to go through to evolve them. And getting a Hydreigon through traditional means is enough of a tedious task in of itself if you ask me.

    By all means, it's probably best that their formes changes work the way they do. It makes it possible to go back and forth between them without having to go out of your way to catch another one. And with how Zygarde Core and Zygarde Cell seem to function, it may be possible to split them apart to get them back.
  14. RE: All of the Zygardes

    I think they're based on some beings Norse mythology or some shit like that? No idea though.
  15. RE: All of the Zygardes

    I really like that dog.
  16. RE: All of the Zygardes

    You are absolutely correct(70% probably kek)! 

    The forms are based on Norse mythology, specifically Loki's children. Now that I mention Loki's children you can probably guess who the forms are based on, if not, here is what they are.

    • Zygarde 10% form - Fenrir: This Wolf-Child of Loki.
    • Zygarde 50% form - Jörmungandr: The Sea Serpent child of Loki. 
    • Zygarde 100% form - Hel: The Daughter of Loki and the ruler of Hel
    This is the best speculation so far since Xerneas and Yveltal are also based on Norse: Yggdrasil and Hræsvelgr, respectively.
  17. RE: All of the Zygardes

    @Fallen strictly speaking I believe that the Kalos trio is also/moreso based on the dragon that lives under Yggdrasil (Níðhöggr), the stags that live in Yggdrasil's branches (Dáinn, Dvalinn, Duneyrr and Duraþrór), and the (unnamed!) eagle that lives atop the tree.

    Alternatively, Xerneas CAN be based on Yggdrasil, but Yveltal most likely represents Ragnarok, not Hræsvelgr, which would still lead to Zygarde being Níðhöggr, as I believe (one of) the event(s) leading to Ragnarok would be Níðhöggr destroying Yggdrasil's roots or something like that. I'm a little rusty on my Norse mythology but that rings a bell.

    (alongside Fenrir breaking free of his chains)
  18. RE: All of the Zygardes

    As usual, we have the time where stuff revealed in CoroCoro revealed on the official site. Which of course means the new Zygarde formes have clean art:


    For those living in North America, Zygarde Cell, Zygarde Core, Zygarde 10% Forme and Zygarde 50% Forme keep their names, while Zygarde Perfect Forme is Zygarde Complete Forme.
  19. RE: All of the Zygardes

    c'mon guys it's obviously just beast boy
  20. RE: All of the Zygardes

    If that's the case, then Zygarde Cell must be the Beast Boy from Teen Titans Go!

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