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Pokémon Sun Version and Moon Version

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Conjectures' started by Lord X-Giga-X, Jul 18, 2015.

  1. RE: All of the Zygardes

    ohgod is this another generation of pokemon i dont even know all of gen 5 and this shit is here
  2. RE: All of the Zygardes

    Geez man, calm down. I know Zygarde Complete Forme looks big, scary and unusual, but I assure you that he's not a forme obtainable in a Gen 7 game that will try to kill you.

    He's a forme obtainable in a Gen 6 game that will try to kill you.
  3. RE: All of the Zygardes


    Quick Clip of Zygarde and some of his forms in action in the anime!
  4. RE: Pokémon Unpredictable Version

    So.... yeeeaaah...

    We've had little information revealed regarding these new Zygarde formes, aside from there being two Cores with differently-colored cores in the anime. We haven't had the chance to see how they ore Ash-Greninja would play out in a main series game (if they even are going to be in one).

    And then they drop this on us:

    At the bottom of the cover of this issue of CoroCoro lies the silhouette of a new Pokémon, Magiana. Yep. A new Pokemon. And the leak has not started yet, so we'll definitely be waiting a bit for info. Regardless yeah, this is already happening.

    I'm still using this old thread on the possibility that they'll all be making their main series debut in the same game. But at this rate, who knows...

    EDIT: Soon after that, the first image of the Man-Made Pokémon Magiana has been leaked.
  5. RE: Pokémon Unpredictable Version

    is that a beyblade
  6. RE: Pokémon Unpredictable Version

  7. RE: Pokémon Unpredictable Version

    If it's the split evolution of Klink

    I will cry tears of joy
  8. RE: Pokémon Unpredictable Version

    Unfortunately, Magiana is actually a Mythical Pokémon.
  9. RE: Pokémon Unpredictable Version

    What if it's like Carbink and Diancie though!?!?
  10. RE: Pokémon Unpredictable Version

    It looks nothing like Klink, except for the fact that its face is a gear.

    Also, is nobody going to point out how its lower half is a Pokeball?
  11. I was going to wait until an official announcement regarding something revealed yesterday, and with the confirmation in the latest Pokémon Direct, now's the perfect time...


    Pokémon Sun Version and Pokémon Moon Version have been officially confirmed following their trademark listing and logos revealed yesterday, and will be released Holiday 2016. These seem to be the first set of Generation VII games based off the official site and UK press release phrasing.

    As expected, they will be compatible with the Pokémon Bank, and able to receive Pokémon from XYORAS. However, unlike XYORAS, they will also be able to receive Pokémon from the Generation I Virtual Console games through Pokémon Bank.

    Aaaand that's really about it for now.... Enjoy some concept stuff:
  12. >Backwards compatibility with gen I

  13. So apparently people are trying to start a hoax about the games already.


    Not sure if the hoax is implying starters or legendaries but yeah.

  14. Those were most likely hoax legendaries, judging by the complexity of the silhouettes.

    Also, yeah.

  15. So if you haven't been paying attention, CoroCoro has leaked, and what did we get in regards to these games?


    .... Yeeeeeeeaaaah, that's all we got this issue. Honestly, we shouldn't be surprised. On the plus side, next issue will be the start of CoroCoro having actually information on the game. So looks like it'll be another month-long wait before we get any real information unless we get any surprises between now and then.
  16. Gen. I compatibility? Who woulda thought. That's neat.

    Even though CoroCoro really revealed a whole lotta nothing this go-around, I'm excited to see where this takes us. Nintendo is clearly showing that they're going to give their best case for the 3DS line living well into 2017 with actually setting out to debut Gen. 8 on the systems.
  17. I wonder what they'll do with MissingNo now that we have Gen I compatibility. They'll probably just do the boring thing and not let people transfer it to Pokemon Bank like hacked Pokemon...
  18. Actually, my theory is that they made Gen I compatible with Sun/Moon instead of XYORAS because MissingNo. might actually be in the new Pokedex. After all, the reason there isn't the ability to transfer from, say, XY to BW is because the new Pokemon would break the older game.

    The games were announced on Pokemon's 20th anniversary- they're going to do something significant with them.
  19. Looks like we've got our pre-CoroCoro surprise. Junichi Masuda will be making an appearance on April 3rd's episode of the Japanese Pokemon Variety Show That Can't Decide on a Name to talk about the games. And it looks like we'll be getting our first footage of the games. So really, it'll be a week-long wait for some actual content, followed by CoroCoro a few days later.

    EDIT: Nevermind. It was just the Direct trailer...
  20. [​IMG]

    likely nothing, but the last time they tweeted something this random we got a new eeveelution

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