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Pokémon Sun Version and Moon Version

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Conjectures' started by Lord X-Giga-X, Jul 18, 2015.

  1. I have never appreciated a dog Pokemon as much as I have in this moment...!
  2. Welp, I woke up to another surprise. It appears some new footage was shown during the Taiwan National Championship, but not of these two new Pokemon...

    Ladies and gentlemen, the first main game footage of Zygarde 10% Forme and Complete Forme.
  3. Making another post because apparently, I'm only allowed one video per post. Which kinda sucks... Anyway...

    A trailer for Zygarde 10% by itself. If the moves it's using look familiar... they should. They're Thousand Arrows and Thousand Waves.

    So we have Swarm Change as Zygarde 10% Forme's ability, and Core Punisher as Zygarde Complete Forme's move.


    EDIT: The US trailer for these two is available, with Core Punisher being Core Enforcer. Nothing on Swarm Change.
  4. I love that the pup is a Rock-type. <3
  5. Looks like if/when I get another Zygarde, I will name it Zorro.
  6. So tomorrow, we have Pokemon Sun and Moon being featured on Nintendo Treehouse Live @ E3 tomorrow at 9 PDT/12 EDT. We're likely getting English names for everything revealed these past two days, and maybe something else.... Unfortunately, someone else is gonna have to post about that because due to my own schedule, I'm gonna be finding this all out after the fact.

    In the meantime, if anyone's been paying attention to the first post of the thread, I'm in the process of adding everything revealed thus far there. Still a lot to be added, but... yeeeaah... just so you know it's there.
  7. We've got three new Pokemon, though we've seen a glimpse of one before.

    First, from Serebii:

    17:09: The game is being directed by Shigeru Ohmori while Junichi Masuda is the overall producer
    17:17: Part of the focus on the development of the starters was on their movement when in battle.
    17:21: Ledyba can be found in Route 1 of the game. The move lists can bring up full details and tell you if the move will be effective, super effective, or not effective on the opponent Pokémon
    17:26: You can now see how a stat has been altered via moves in battle
    17:26: Ledyba is #020 in the Alola Region Pokédex and will show you the evolution chain or if it forms a pair
    17:28: New Pokémon called Yungoos. It's always hungry and can be found in Route 1. It is Normal-type. Ability is Stake Out/Strong Jaw
    17:35: New Pokémon called Pikipek. It is Normal/Flying-type. Its abilities are Keen Eye and Skill Link. It has two evolutions and is #010 in the Alola Pokédex.
    17:37: There is a festival in the next town that kicks off your journey. It's where you battle Hau where he has a Pichu
    17:42: Popplio can know Disarming Voice
    17:44: A new Battle mode called Battle Royale where four players play with 3 Pokémon, each sending out one at a time. It's a Free-For-All battle but when the first trainer loses all their Pokémon, the game ends and players are tallied up by defeated Pokémon and remaining Pokémon and that determines the winner.
    17:56: A new Pokémon has been revealed called Grubbin. It is a Bug-type and its ability is Swarm
    18:07: Stakeout's effect: This Ability means that the Pokémon’s moves can deal twice the normal damage to any Pokémon that switches in or enters the field mid-battle. Soul Heart's effect: This Ability raises Magearna’s Special Attack by 1 each time another Pokémon in the arena faints.
    It also noted the change in the appearance of Solgaleo and Lunala while they do their signature moves as being called Radiant Sun phase & Full Moon phase





    Bonus Magearna:

    Solgaleo's "Radiant Sun" Phase:

    Lunala's "Full Moon" Phase:

    I love Pikipek
  8. also i found this and loved it

  9. [​IMG]

    sorry not sorry

    Also, I just love that little birdy. It's adorable
  10. Apparently, we can't get enough Sun and Moon this month. The games will be featured at the World Hobby Fair '16 Summer, where Masuda will be playing through part of the game. Whether or not it'll be the same part we saw earlier today is yet to be determined.
  11. Well, we're close to the end of the month, and the Pokemon Company has decided it would be fun to immediately start off July with some new Sun and Moon information. That's right, new info on July 1st at 9am EDT.
  12. Serebii just posted this on Twitter, seems like Magearna's original appearance.

  13. Because we needed another pokeball pokemon.
  14. I pointed it out when it was first introduced
  15. It certainly does not help that it's been shown in trailers for the movie as literally a giant PokeBall.

    Though yes, what Kuda brought up is something I've meant to bring up but just forgot. In context of the movie, it's effectively a fancy paint job it had 500 prior to the main plot. In context to the games... possible shiny coloration, if not nothing at all.

    No really, it might as well be a paint job based off the trailer shown at the World Hobby Fair.

    SPEAKING OF the World Hobby Fair though, I've yet to see any footage from the gameplay of these games from there, but the following has been reported:
    -Both Pichu and Caterpie were encountered, which seems to be no surprise whatsoever. Especially that damn rodent... This I at least can confirm as their encounters were reported on Masuda's blog.
    -Yungoos seems to have one evolution while Grubbin seems to have two. I'm guessing from one of the new Pokedex mechanics, though this I haven't really seen anything about. Doesn't surprise me though.
  16. Welp, looks like we got our news a bit earlier than what may be intended. Several new Pokemon have been revealed in a trailer uploaded to the Japanese Pokemon YT channel. I'll start going over these new Pokemon in a moment, but right now, here's the trailer.

    Okay, so the story behind this is that these new Pokemon managed to get leaked prior to their likely reveal tomorrow. As a result, we already have what are most likely their English names. So, without further ado, let's get started.

    First off, we have Tapu Koko. This is actually a Pokemon hinted at back at E3, which is why we have an English name for it. It is the guardian Pokemon of Melemele Island. It is Electric/Fairy, and comes with the new ability Elekimaker, the first terrain altering ability. In its case, it creates an Electric Terrain. It also has a new move, Nature Fury.

    Next up, we have Charjabug, the evolved form of Grubbin. It is Bug/Electric.

    And here, we have Vikavolt, Charjabug's evolved form. Likewise, it is Bug/Electric.

    Next, we have Drampa.... Yeah, I have no idea what this thing is supposed to be... But it's Normal/Dragon, so... yay? It also has a new ability, Frenzy, that raises its Special Attack seemingly from taking a hit.

    Bruxish here is Water/Psychic. It has a new ability, Dazzle, which keeps it from being hit by moves with increased priority.

    Next is Cutiefly, Bug/Fairy. Aaand that's about it so far....

    And finally, we have what seems to be our Electric rodent for the region, Togedemaru. It is Electric/Steel.

    It also appears that Zygarde 50% had Swarm Change. This probably means that Complete has Aura Break now... Speaking of Complete though, the video shows Sugi art for it.
  17. Wow, that battery bug that evolves into a bug with a rail gun is pretty awesome/silly. Totally gonna train one.

    and that dragon one just doesn't look right
  18. Apart from the dragon, I'm super stoked for these!

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