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Pokémon Sun Version and Moon Version

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Conjectures' started by Lord X-Giga-X, Jul 18, 2015.

  1. Waiting for Nintendo Direct to start. I have to head out in like an hour and I don't know how long these things are, so hopefully I'll be able to catch relevant information.

    If so, will edit it in.

    If not, I guess Giga can do it.



    that poor gumshoos

    We started with a recap of the premise of the game, including the starters. They briefly talked about Alolan Pokemon, showing Ninetales at first, but then revealed...

    Alolan Rattata - Dark/Normal

    They appear to be an invasive species that was brought to Alola and then started overpopulating. Yungoos is being used to hunt them.


    We got a better look at Z-Crystals, mainly their in-bag icons. They look like horizontal versions of the crystals in the logo, and are colored based on type. They have named like "Electrium Z" for Electric-Types, etc.

    There is an early-purchase bonus in the form of Munchlax. It's available from the game's launch and into January... 11th, I think they said. It comes with a special Z-Crystal, called Snorium Z (or something). Evolve Munchlax into Snorlax, and it can use a special Z-Move called Pulverizing Pancake.

  2. And now for some slight additions.

    What Kuda noted about the relationship between Alolan Rattata and Yungoos is sorta true. Specifically, Rattata were an invasive species to Alola. To control their population, Yungoos were brought in. In response, the Rattata altered their circadian rhythm and their preferred environment in an attempt to avoid the Yungoos altogether. As a result, Alolan Rattata were born as nocturnal Pokemon more commonly found in urban areas. The official site also notes the existence of Alolan Raticate, but we could have figured out ourselves that they exist. Also, they have either Gluttony or Hustle for their abilities.

    In addition to Pulverizing Pancake, two more Z-Moves were shown off. Like Snorlax, Alolan Raichu has a Z-Move of its own, Stoked SparkSurfer. And during the Nintendo Direct, a Gengar was seen using an unnamed Z-Move, potentially the standard Ghost-type Z-Move.

    EDIT: Derp. Nearly forgot. More news on the 6th at 9am EDT.
  3. Rattata's mustache tho.
  4. Snorlax's eye glow in the trailer was really funny— so funny, in fact, that much later my brother showed it to me while giggling and replayed it at least 10 times.
  5. It's update time! Here's a trailer that I'm actually going to start watching, and then I'll gather all the info. So yeah, just give me a few minutes...


    Ooookay, I'm not entirely sure what to make of this one...

    First off, we have our new Pokemon. The first of these is Type: Null, Normal-type with the ability Battle Armor.

    Then there is Jangmo-o, a Dragon-type with either Bulletproof or Soundproof for its ability.

    In terms of Alola forms, we have Alolan Raticate, a bit sooner than I was expecting. And holy shit, those puffed up cheeks... XD
    Anyway, Dark/Normal. Gluttony/Hustle. You know the drill.

    Next off, it's revealed that Sun and Moon take being game counterparts a step further by being 12 hours apart from each other. Specifically, Sun operates on the same time as your 3DS, while Moon is offset by 12 hours. As a result, certain events will play out differently between games. In addition to that, Totem Pokemon vary between games. Gumshoos is the Totem Pokemon in Verdant Cavern on Melemele Island in Sun, whereas it is Alolan Raticate in Moon.

    We also get some info on the artificial island in Alola. Aether Island is the location of the Aether Foundation. Led by Lusamine, with Faba and Wicke serving as Branch Chiefs. They face against Team Skull.

    And speaking of Team Skull, we have a new member, the enforcer Gladion.

    Prepare to go Zygarde Cell hunting as you are given a cube by two familiar looking characters to contain them in.

    Seriously, you two aren't fooling anyone.

    Then we have the PokeFinder, which allows us to take pictures of Pokemon. Yeeeaaah, have fun.

    Finally, we have the introduction of the Ultra Beasts. The first to be introduced is codenamed UB-01.

    EDIT: OOOOOOOOOOOKAY! So it appears that we had another new Pokemon tucked away in the Japanese trailer. Trying to figure out where exactly, but for now, here's an image:
    EDIT (2): It appears it was in a live-action trailer just released today. Will make a reply for it because of the video per post limit.
  6. [video=youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9VgXtwxIW-Q[/video]
    Right around the 1:01 mark. The video also shows off some Minior cores.
  7. Uh. Game Freak. Wow. You really aren't holding back on the ideas, aren't you? Consider myself hyped as shit for the game now.

    Also, I, uh, do not like how sterile-looking the Aether foundation is. It just creeps me out. Something feels off about them somehow.
  8. Lockstin is going to have a field day with all this new info.

    It all comes together
  9. [video=youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YR1ssSZfoGY[/video]

    Decided to post the other Japanese trailer because some of this music needs to be heard.
  10. ... Guys, I just realized Type: Null is a chimaera.

    Not THE chimaera, but a chimaera.



    "Quintessence is the Latinate name of the fifth element used by medieval alchemists for a medium similar or identical to that thought to make up the heavenly bodies. [...] Over the years, the term quintessence has become synonymous with elixirs, medicinal alchemy, and the philosopher's stone itself."


    Guys I think that reset theory is true
  11. Type: Null is making me hyped omg I love it???? It looks amazing and now I'm rethinking my decision of potentially skipping out on Sun and Moon for a while. Not sure how to feel about the time difference thing with Moon though, tbh, but I don't think I like it.

    EDIT: pretty sure the girl in the trailer with the heels and the weird blonde hair is probably Cody
  12. Guys.


    Nintendo mentioned that the three starters and Rockruff all shared a secret that made them critically important to the story.

    At first we conspiracy theorists thought it was because they represent the basic alchemical elements: Rowlet is salt, Litten is sulfur, Popplio is mercury and Rockruff is lead.

    But no.

    Guys, look at Type: Null.

    Look at its different features.

    It has a brown, canine head.

    Green, birdlike forelegs.

    A blue, aquatic tail.

    And a dark, feline body.


    Type: Null is the three starters and Rockruff.

    And its mask features a shape similar to Arceus's golden ring.

    Type: Null was named after the concept of null. Nothing. No type. Type: None. It is Normal-Type, meaning no elemental affinity, and uses Tri-Attack... an attack which is Normal-Type, but combines fire, ice, and lightning. Type: Null and Tri-Attack are simultaneously multiple types, and none of them.

    It was stated that Type: Null was created to rival the power of Pokemon often mentioned in mythology.

    Type: Null is an attempt at recreating Arceus.

    Disclaimer: I'm just recapping Lockstin's new video. His theory, but damn.
  13. So last night, this trailer popped up:
    And to avoid some confusion, the Oak look-alike is Professor Oak's cousin, Samson Oak (Nariya Oak in Japan).

    Also, prepare for some more news on the 14th at the usual time.
  14. On an only vaguely related note, I just realized how much the mascot legendary typings have thrown us off the last few generations. Like.

    Generation five: "Dragon-type obviously, both of them, but... they're clearly yin and yang... THEY'RE DARK AND LIGHT TYPE WE'RE GETTING LIGHT TYPE FINALLY" *someone accidentally lets it slip that Zekrom is an Electric type* "waitwhat" *typings are revealed* "... oh"

    Generation six: "Yveltal is Dark type!" "It's also Flying type!" *random person in the corner of the room* "POISON DRAGON" "what are you on about?" "GHOST" "YEAH OKAY but what about Xerneas" "Ice?" "Steel?" "Light???" *Fairy is revealed* "... oh"

    Generation seven: "Okay sun and moon CLEARLY they're Fire and Dark respectively" "Solgaleo has to be Lig--" "idk Lunaala looks like it could be ghost, fairy, or psychic plus dark" "yeah... but Solgaleo HAS to be fire!" "Sun, right? Plasma! Electricity is plasma." "Gonna say Fire/Electric and Dark/Fairy" *typings are revealed* "... oh" "... wait what" "PSYCHIC STEEL WHAT WHY"
  15. Welp, ZEJ is finally working again, it's cloudy in Florida, Ash is going to school, I can-
    ... Wait what...

    So if you couldn't already tell, it's that magical time of the month where CoroCoro leaks. So let's get into the new stuff!

    As promised by the previous issue, we have Rockruff's evolution, Lugarugan. No typing for it at the moment, but it has a different form depending on when you evolve your Rockruff. If during the day, you get its Midday Form. But if you evolve it at night...

    You get its Midnight Form.
    Also yes, we finally got a wolf. Took long enough.

    The Ultra Beasts conspiracy continues as we are given two more. UB-02 Expansion is exclusive to Sun, while UB-02 Beauty is exclusive to Moon. And it would seem that they fight off against Tapu Koko at some part of their respective games.

    And on this page, we have a refresher on the Munchlax event and a rather useless note on some Pokemon available in GO having Alola Forms. CoroCoro also reveals that it will show the true strength of Type: Null in the next issue. Why they couldn't do that in this issue, idk. But whatever.
  16. Some things I would like to point out:

    -- Lugarugan is an obvious play on Loup-Garou, the french term/variant of "werewolf". Yeah.

    -- I'm getting Moon so I might just be evolving Rockruff in the midde of the night lol

    -- Okay, UB-02 Beauty is very reminiscent of that lady in the Aether Foundation. HMMM.

    -- I just described UB-02 Expansion as a "superpowered mosquito" to my ILS worker.
  17. Yeah, this whole thing with the Ultra Beasts is weird. UB-01 looks a lot like Lillie. UB-02 Beauty looks a lot like Lusamine. And over at PokeJungle, I kept seeing people compare UB-02 Expansion to Gladion. I don't see it, though it wouldn't surprise me if there is someone who resembles it.

    Though the weird thing is this...
    According to Bulbapedia, Lusamine's name comes from Balsamine, another name for the garden balsam.
    Funny enough, it's included in one of two genera often referred to as the touch-me-nots.
    Even better, UB-02 Beauty is capable of eliminating its opponent's desires to fight, regardless of gender.
  18. Team so far:

    -- Litten (Nickname ???)
    -- Pikipek (Aponivi)
    -- Vikavolt (Asani)
    -- Lugarugan Midday Form (Faolan)
    -- Possibly Salandit
    -- Possibly Rowlet
    -- Possibly Jangmo'o

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