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Pokémon Sun Version and Moon Version

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Conjectures' started by Lord X-Giga-X, Jul 18, 2015.

  1. It's a sea cucumber wow
  2. You know at first I wasn't sure why Shadow seemed surprised

    and he might be for another reason, but I saw this


    And this was uploaded almost a week ago.

    welp I really didn't want the starter leaks to be true
  3. It's the past two final starter evolution leaks all over again lol

    But that's not the focus of this post.

    If you were paying any attention yesterday afternoon, then you know that the contents of the trailer to be revealed today at 9pm were leaked. And as I said on IRC, I wasn't going to post said contents until a trailer came out.
    Well, much like the July trailer leak, the Japanese trailer was uploaded earlier than intended as a result. So I'll get into regathering all that info... But first, here's a trailer:


    So let's get into our Alola Forms.

    Alolan Raichu evolves from a Pikachu that fortunately (or unfortunately, idk) does not have an Alola Form. It's Electric/Psychic with the new ability Surge Surfer. With this, its Speed doubles when there's an Electric Terrain.

    Alolan Meowth... is sadly not that different from a regular Meowth. Different type, but same abilities of Pickup and Technician.

    Alolan Marowak has either Cursed Body or Lightning Rod for its ability. Sadly, there is no Alola Cubone. Aww...

    Now for the new Pokemon.

    Let's start with the actual new one, Morelull/Nemeshu. It's Grass/Fairy with either Illuminate or Effect Spore for its ability.

    Namakobushi is known as Pyukumuku in the US. With its ability, Innards Out, its opponent takes damage when it faints.

    Yowashi is known as Wishiwashi in the US. Its ability, Schooling, is responsible for its form change. Starting as School Form, it reverts to Single Form when its HP drops below a certain level... Well gee, I wonder if that level is 50%? That seems to be the case with everything lately...

    Guzma, the leader of Team Skull (and their Just Do It poses), keeps his name. Admin Plumeri goes throuh slight name change for the US, being Plumeria. Strange enough, despite the artwork showing otherwise, Team Skull doesn't use normal PokeBalls.
  4. We actually don't know that Cubone and Pikachu don't have Alola forms, do we? They only showed Raichu and Marowak, but they also only showed Meowth, and I wouldn't be surprised if they're saving Persian for later.

    Innards Out is literally Aftermath they could have just kept it

    Also it looks like the Punk from RtW got his friends and started a gang lmao
  5. Except in the Japanese trailer, Alolan Marowak and Alolan Raichu are shown evolving from regular Cubone and Pikachu respectively. Much like how Alolan Exeggutor was shown evolving from a regular Exeggcute. I think with the Alola Forms, if a Pokemon has one, it doesn't necessarily mean that its pre-evolution is going to have one. Their forms probably didn't change in Alola like their evolutions did, which is probably what they're trying to show.
    Of course, if it's a case of an unevolved Pokemon's form having changed in Alola, their evolutions are going to reflect that. Because of that, Alolan Persian is really no surprise at this point.

    Anyway, English trailer.
  6. They showed an evolution sequence before cutting to the evolved Pokemon.

    They didn't show the sequence ending with that evolved Pokemon.

    Just saying~
  7. Wishiwashi <3

    I didn't really consider it before, but now I want to catch one solely for it's name
  8. So I just want to say that Team Skull's theme is amazing.
  9. apparently Tapu Koko's japanese name translates to "Holy Cock-a-Doodle-Doo"
  10. o__O

    ... *coughs* A-Anyway...

    We have Gamescon in Cologne this Thursday. What does that got to do with these games, you ask? Well, Shigeki Morimoto is going to be showing some gameplay footage there. Whether it'll showcase new or old things right now is unknown. But whatever it is, we'll be finding out soon enough as the footage is to be streamed through Nintendo Germany's Twitch channel 11:00 EDT.
  11. Alright, managed to escape the sea of salt from earlier this morning. Good god...

    The Gamescom stream is currently underway. But given other games are being showcased as well, it'll take a while for us to get our gameplay footage. So please wait patiently, and I'll edit this post when it happens.


    Morimoto just came on stage. Let's see what happens.


    Well, after a bunch of stuff we knew about already, we have ourselves a new Pokemon.

    In addition, during a Battle Royale demonstration, a new Z-Move was used.

    EDIT: And because you asked for it (probably not, but I may as well), trailer!

    Also, what is with Game Freak's fascination with turtles and tortoises? This is like our tenth one lol
  12. I'm just focusing on the fact that this turtle is Fire/Dragon
  13. The more I think about it...

    If Gen V was the "Digimon Generation," Gen VII is shaping up to be the "Dragon Quest Generation."

    Almost all of these new Pokemon would fit right in in a Dragon Quest game.
  14. Gen 5 was the Digimon generation?
  15. Nate, I think you might have the wrong gen... idk...

    What I do know however is that we have Worlds going on. And you know what that means...
    New trailer!

    Basically just the rest of the CoroCoro Pokemon and a new one.

    Stuffull, Bewear's pre-evolution, has either Fluffy or Klutz for its ability.

    Sandygast and its evolution, Palossand, both have the new ability Water Compaction. When hit by Water-type moves, their Defense increase 2 stages.

    Our actual new Pokemon this time is Crabrawler. It's Fighting with either Hyper Cutter or Iron Fist for its ability.
  16. this generation is fucking weird
  17. Stuffull looks really cute in that thumbnail tho
  18. I have all the time in the world for the sandcastle Pokemon, really. That's a thing of beauty, right there.
  19. And I fucking love everything about it.
  20. Team Skull fits into the "end of Pokemon" theory apparently


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