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Pokémon Sun Version and Moon Version

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Conjectures' started by Lord X-Giga-X, Jul 18, 2015.

  1. Thoughts:

    Dartrix -> dart (as in projectile) + trick (shot) -> very obvious archer owl


    Megas confirmed, of course, why wouldn't they be? No new ones, though, so either they're assuring us Megas are in the game or they're hinting at things to--

    Oh would you look at that, I think Ash Greninja was part of the 4chn leaks.

    Torracat looks awesome btw
  2. Also I'd like to point out that the starters = alchemy thing is still completely relevant:


    Also, this is Sulfur's other symbol.


    Looks familiar now. :p

    Well, this answers the Ninetales question.

  3. I adore all three of these middle evos.
  4. [19:11:04] Keileon The three starters /and Rockruff/ have their evolutions talk about how the trainer raises them, ie:
    [19:11:28] Keileon 1. Dartrix needs a trainer to help it overcome its snobbish, perfectionist stage
    [19:11:50] Keileon 2. Torracat fights relentlessly, but will act like a spoiled child around people it trusts
    [19:12:10] Keileon 3. Brionne usually seems happy, but will express sorrow when near a trusted trainer
    [19:12:38] Keileon 4. Lycanroc is incredibly loyal to a trainer that was patient with it during its rebellious Rockruff stage
    [19:13:03] Keileon Basically the bond affects how they grow
    [19:13:18] Keileon ... and we know now that Ash Greninja has a mechanic in the game
    [19:13:44] Cerberus I could fuse with my archer owl?!?
    [19:13:51] LordXGigaX I swear, if they're all gonna have Battle Bond as a possible ability
    [19:14:08] Keileon Would have to be Hidden Ability
    [19:14:17] Keileon Because Lycanroc already has two
    [19:17:18] LordXGigaX Geez, they're really throwing Bond Phenomenon into this if that's true
    [19:17:31] Keileon Well, think about it
    [19:17:42] Keileon Why would they just randomly have Ash Greninja?
    [19:17:59] LordXGigaX Yeah, that was my thinking
    [19:18:14] Keileon And so prominent in the demo
    [19:18:25] LordXGigaX If they're adding Bond Phenomenon, they'd make more Pokemon capable of it
    [19:18:52] Keileon Mega Steelix and Glalie were in the ORAS demo to showcase new megas
    [19:18:55] LordXGigaX ... Which actually could explain why it seems like we're not getting any new Megas...
    [19:19:03] Keileon So if Ash Greninja-- yes that too
  5. The file sizes for S&M are out!

    S&M weigh in at 26,215 blocks, or, 3.2GB.

    For comparison, XY took up 14,000 blocks and ORAS about a thousand blocks more.
  6. tfw I had to delete stuff to make room (notably Pokedex 3D Pro)

    Will have to delete some music I don't listen to later.
  7. ... If my comp would please not do things while I'm trying to do things...

    It's CoroCoro leak time once again. So let's go over the new things!

    First off, we have Alolan Grimer. Poison/Dark, with its change having been the result of eating Alolan garbage.

    These next points are apparently from the same source as this scan, but there's currently no scans to support them, so they're unconfirmed for the time being.

    As promised, some new info on Type: Null. It seems to have an evolution, Shiruvadi. And based on what CoroCoro has to say, they change type based on the item they hold. HMM! I WONDER WHAT IT COULD BE TRYING TO BE!

    Jangmo-o has an evolution as well. No name for it, but it seems to be Dragon/Fighting.

    More to come when it does, so keep waiting.
  8. Arceus confirmed

    also is it just me or does "Shiruvadi" sound more Hindu than Japanese

    ALSO why is Alolan garbage apparently Dark-Type???

    btw I think this never got posted



    Normally I'd wait for Giga to edit in the new bit but I'm up and yeah but

    Shiruvadi's Ability is apparently called AR System, which is basically its own Multitype

    AR commonly stands for Alternate or Augmented Reality. It also stands for Argent, which is the heraldic name for white or silver.

    Gee, I wonder what could possibly be white/silver?
  9. The plot is getting weirder as Serebii's saying that the same person's saying Jangmo-o's enitre evolution line is in this issue. So apparently, Jangmo-o evolves into Jarango, who evolves into Jararanga.

    Where are these scans when we need them?!
  10. This sounds like it's going to be Klink's reveal all over again
  11. It pretty much already is from what I saw.

    Well unfortunately, we're probably not getting anything else from CoroCoro for a few hours.

    In the meantime, Serebii uploaded some screenshots. Nothing really groundbreaking, but still worth a look. Here's a few of them:

    EDIT: Hilariously, it appears that Tackle got nerfed.
  12. Watch the scan with Shiruvadi not be leaked yet because it very clearly looks like Arceus or something
  13. Just wanted to jump in and say that I personally don't really care much that the game will barely use the 3D feature. Despite the 3DS being, well, named after its 3D functionality and all, for framerate and overall performance's sake, if they had to cut something out to give us a big, functional game, then that would be the easiest feature to lop off right out of the gate. There's a novelty to the 3D and I hope Nintendo doesn't abandon it in their later systems, but eh.

    Other than that, I kinda have to play catch-up on my Pokemon news. Luckily, this topic will be a good place to start. :5

    Remaining CoroCoro scans:


    The first images from CoroCoro have leaked and have revealed the latest news on Sun & Moon. As always, do note that translations are preliminary while we work on them. These images confirm the information revelaed yesterday but not shown of Jangmo-o's evolutions, Jarango & Jararanga, and Type: Null and its evolution Silvadi. We'll bring more as it comes
    06:11: When Type: Null finds a trainer it trusts, it destroys its helmet and evolves into Silvadi. It has a special item called Memory that lets it be one of all 18 types at any one time thanks to its ability, AR System. It's not currently known if it's one item that can change this, or if there are 18 different ones. It has a new attack called Multi Attack which changes type based on its hold item
    06:16: It also confirms the Trial Captain Ilmia is the first Trial Captain
    06:57: The first town is known in Japan as Hauori City


    ... GUYS

    It's called Silvadi.

    Maybe AR does stand for Argent.

    Also, larger image of Silvadi's page: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Cun6WVfUMAA5QzB.jpg:large

    Note the bottom. Looks like something on it changes color according to type. Comparing main image and Sugi art, seems to be its eyes, crest, and the circle behind its jaw.

    Also, again it talks about it finding a trainer it trusts. Battle Bond Silvadi? People are speculating that Gladion may be the N of this game- maybe he gets a Battle Bond Silvadi in his final battle.

    Edit 2:

    Did some digging.


    And I found a higher resolution image for Silvadi. The line is ""When this "new (shin)" Pokemon unleashes its "true (shin)" strength, a new strongest "myth (shinwa)" is born! This Pokemon has no limit!"

    Other info. "The up till now undiscovered Pokemon which contains the power various Pokemon, Type:Null's shocking evolution! It takes off its power restricting mask and stands before you as your strongest rival!"

    "The AR System created to react to any threat! It can become any type, it's truly a god-level ability!"

    "When it holds a specific Memory, it shifts type!"

    It shows Gladion holding a Memory I guess, and an arrow points from that to the machine on the side of Silvadi's head lighting up. It has different color arrows pointing to in-game images of Silvadi as a Grass, Fire, and Water-type. It's still too low res to see, but I guess its eyes, hair feather, and machine parts light up different colors depending on the type.

    "The 'Multi-Attack' that passes judgement on all! A move only Silvadi can learn, Multi-Attack! It changes types to match Silvadi's!"

    They are so not being subtle.

    Other thing:

  15. New trailer with awesome music! Here it is while I watch it and gather everything:


    Alright, let's do this!

    Silvadi is Silvally, and AR System is RKS System. Multi-Attack keeps its name, and we get to see the change for every type in this trailer.

    Next, we have Jangmo-o's evolutions (IF I CAN STOP BEING INTERRUPTED WHILE TRYING TO MAKE THIS FUCKING EDIT!!), Hakamo-o and Kommo-o. Both keep Bulletproof or Soundproof, and Kommo-o has a new move, Clanging Scales, which does a lot of damage at the price of lowering its Defense.

    Following them is Bounsweet's evolutions, Steenee and Tsareena. Tsareena trades Oblivious for the new ability, Queenly Majesty., which blocks prority moves. It also has the new move Trop Kick, which does damage and lowers its target's Attack.

    And last on the new Pokemon train is Cutiefly's previously seen evolution, Ribombee. Still Bug/Fairy with Honey Gather/Shield Dust.

    Next, we have Alolan Grimer and Alolan Muk. Both are Poison/Dark with either Poison Touch or Gluttony for their abilities.

    We jump back to the Island Challenge as we actually have a new Kahuna. Olivia is the Kahuna of Akala Island. She seems to specialize in Rock-types, using Nosepass and Lycanroc.

    Once again, Ilima, the first Trial Captain. She speciallizes in Normal-types.


    I'm also going to say this...

    If we look at every Pokemon that's been officially revealed so far, then add the final starter evolutions, Pikipek's two as of yet unrevealed evolutions, the two Pokemon remaining from the Chinese rumor (not factoring in possible evolutions), and the trademarked Marshadow (under the assumption that is neither of the Pokemon remaining from the Chinese rumor), we are currently sitting at 61 Pokemon.



    So apparently as indicated by the Japanese trailer, Parental Bond's second hit got nerfed. Now it only does 25% of the first hit's damage.
  16. >RKS System

  17. Jesus its cry is even a distorted version of Arceus's
  18. While everyone's talking about Type: Null and Silvally I'm just over here crying about Cutiefly/Ribombee...!

    (I don't think the Arceus thing is that intriguing, but Type: Null is still one of my favorites of the new Pokemon, I agree that it's super cool)

    EDIT: still holding onto my very unlikely dream from that old post that at some point the Cutiefly line just ends up being complete freaking savages. it's not likely but god dammit I love it!
  19. That's because you likely don't quite get the impact of this. Someone having created an artificial Arceus all but confirms a good chunk of something known as the Pokemon Reset Theory, which has taken off like a rocket in the Sun/Moon hype.
  20. Yikes those are really long videos. Would anybody familiar already be willing to give a very basic breakdown?

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