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The Chatlog Thread

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Conjectures' started by Shadow, Oct 9, 2011.

  1. 03:38:29 <crazE> I didn't know you and Cerby existed near each other
    03:38:34 <Keileon> Only reason I hate summer here-- lol
    03:38:44 <Keileon> Yeah he lives a city or two away
    03:39:03 <crazE> holy phoque cou party time
    03:39:06 <Keileon> So we decided to meet up and catch a movie
    03:40:21 <Eebit> Was it a cute, tearjerking meeting?
    03:40:31 <Eebit> Much like the other time you two met up?
    03:40:44 <Keileon> lol what
    03:40:48 <Shadow> So to sum it up
    03:40:51 <Eebit> (I'm writing a fanfic)
    03:40:51 <Shadow> Kuda and Cerby had a date
    03:40:52 <Shadow> GG
    03:40:55 <Shadow> WP
    03:40:56 <Shadow> NO RE
    03:40:58 <Keileon> LOL
    03:41:17 <Keileon> lol like I'd ever date
    03:41:18 <Eebit> Kuda, you need to dump that boy's little bitch ass right this minute.
    03:41:20 <Keileon> good one
    03:41:22 <Keileon> LMAO
    03:41:29 <Eebit> Can't you see?!
    03:41:33 <Eebit> He's USING you
    03:41:34 <Shadow> I'm fucking dying
    03:41:37 <Eebit> to get closer to SHADOW
    03:41:42 <Keileon> He paid for everything though!
    03:41:45 <Keileon> oh
    03:41:51 <Eebit> The best con artists do!
    03:42:01 <Eebit> Don't trust that bitch. Mm-mmm no.
    03:42:12 <crazE> ROFL
    03:42:16 <crazE> this is the best
    03:42:21 <Keileon> I'm laughing so hard
  2. [03:29] Shadow On another note I just have fun in general with Mya/Slash interactions lmao
    [03:29] Keileon I can see that lel
    [03:30] Keileon is it bad that I can't wait for the semi-permanent crippling of one of my characters
    [03:30] Shadow maybe
    [03:30] Eebit you should post for CS more
    [03:30] Eebit then they would appear there
    [03:30] Keileon LOL
    [03:31] Shadow ./ignore eebit
    [03:32] Keileon shadow fm
    [03:32] Shadow ./ignore keileon
    [03:32] Cerberus Shadow P:TD ;__;
    [03:33] Shadow ./ignore cerberus
    [03:33] Keileon lol
    [03:33] Shadow Haha
    [03:34] Eebit In a chat all by yourself, I see!
    [03:34] -->| Espy (chatzilla@hidden-8qb.lhh.249.115.IP) has joined #Statplaying
    [03:34] Espy Shadow tOO
    [03:34] Keileon LOL.
    [03:34] <--| Espy has left #Statplaying
    [03:34] Cerberus LOL
    [03:34] Shadow rofl
  3. today on the srs channel, we work with nickelodeon to bring you...

    [00:51] Dark They'd always have the same "base" power (that being water/fire respectively)
    [00:52] crazE ok dark hold on that
    [00:52] Shadow That's a soul-based thing, so it's a nonissue
    [00:52] crazE because there is a serious question for you about that
    [00:52] crazE like really serious
    [00:52] crazE where are the earth/air furry demigods?
    [00:52] Shadow LOL
    [00:52] Dark LOL
    [00:52] crazE where's the furry Avatar?
    [00:52] Shadow LMAO
    [00:52] Dark Well-- LMAO
    [00:52] Keileon LOL AVATAR
    [00:52] Dark crazE pls
    [00:52] Dark You're killing me
    [00:52] Shadow Avatar The Last Furrybender
    [00:52] Keileon If only Starr was here
    [00:52] Shadow totally happening now
    [00:53] crazE it's already happening
    [00:53] Dark Well for wind, there is Valen (no not Vale, I need to think of a new name)
    [00:53] Shadow wow
    [00:53] crazE "everything changed when the Dennis attacked."
    [00:53] Dark LOL
    [00:53] Shadow so many Vales in the Manaverse
    [00:53] Keileon LMAO
    [00:53] crazE ^
    [00:53] crazE ^
    [00:53] crazE ^
    [00:53] Shadow like really
    [00:53] Dark Gay Energy
    [00:53] crazE Valen the gunslinger, Valen the energy, Valen the Furry
    [00:53] crazE the last being the True Gay Energy
    [00:53] Shadow Vale* the energy
    [00:54] crazE shadow pls
    [00:54] Shadow But it's now Vykra
    [00:54] Dark Like I said though
    [00:54] Shadow So all is well
    [00:54] crazE you're killing my Thing
    [00:54] Dark I'm going to think of a new name
    [00:54] Shadow kek
    [00:54] Keileon Well Vale is Vykra now, Vale is well-known, and nobody cares about Valen
    [00:54] Keileon :x
    [00:54] crazE what we really have to think about
    [00:54] crazE is if the Furry Avatar will cameo
    [00:54] crazE to save Euthora from Dean the EoIbender
    [00:54] Shadow rofl
    [00:54] Keileon LOL.
    [00:55] Dark >Dean the EoIbender
    [00:55] Dark More like EoI the Deanmutilator
    [00:55] crazE EoI reciprocates as the Deanbender
    [00:55] crazE don't worry about that
    [00:55] Dark LOL

    @Starrie @"Lord X-Giga-X"
  4. I just want to save this here okay

    [5:18:59 PM] Guard Dog of Hades: We formed an iron bond of camaraderie over League of Legendz
    [5:19:17 PM] Quinn Xavier Hernandez: Damn
    [5:19:28 PM] Quinn Xavier Hernandez: I lost by the lack of an online game
    [5:19:49 PM] Greg (Zeri): that's what happened with me and Durn awhile back.
    [5:19:57 PM] Greg (Zeri): when I couldn't play leeg on my laptop
    [5:20:00 PM] Greg (Zeri): and he disappeared.
    [5:20:16 PM] Quinn Xavier Hernandez: So you had to go and steal my dog?
    [5:20:20 PM] Greg (Zeri): I called him a fucking idiot and he came back tho
    [5:20:29 PM] Greg (Zeri): it might work with Cerbz
    [5:20:30 PM] Greg (Zeri): try
  5. This is what @Jonno does when I brb for lunch.

    [11:34] -->| mamadow (Mibbit@hidden-ji75rn.az.comcast.net) has joined #CoE
    [11:34] mamadow My name is Mamadow.
    [11:34] mamadow I'm Shadow's mom.
    [11:34] mamadow All his friends come to my place because I'm the bomb.
    [11:34] mamadow You think they come to smoke exotic weed with him
    [11:34] mamadow but really, they want to sneak through my win
    [11:34] mamadow dow
    [11:34] mamadow for cookies
    [11:35] mamadow Implants better than
    [11:35] mamadow Snookie's
    [11:35] mamadow My pet pug's name is
    [11:35] mamadow Mookie
    [11:35] mamadow AWww yeah
    [11:35] mamadow Mamadow.
    [11:35] mamadow Peace out.
    [11:36] |<-- mamadow has left irc.paradoxirc.net (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
  6. crazE but liek, Dark now you have to think about what you're gonna put into HQ
    Dark I know, and I will
    crazE in the mean lime, I'm gonna be figuring crazEstuff into Things
    Shadow That sounds much more HQ-like @nodes thing
    crazE HQ should transform into a megazord when the going gets tough
    crazE I mean what
    Starrie LOL
    Starrie do not go there
    Dark anyway brb tim's
    Shadow >CoU mecha
    Shadow nope
    crazE "Tyrannosaurus!" *holds out some weird belt buckle that doesnt have anything on it*
    crazE everyone can have tight suits
    crazE and BA visors
    LordXGigaX has left #Manaverse

    I just. I didn't mean it like that!
  8. I made butt puns on IRC.... I just wanted to share the beauty with you.

  9. [20:57] Eebit http://manaverse.zejroleplaying.org/index.php?title=Xanadu_Paperblack
    [20:57] Eebit Was that so hard?


    [21:01] Keileon Um
    [21:01] Keileon Eeb
    [21:01] Keileon You uhh
    [21:01] Cerberus goes to work on the ice page for science
    [21:01] Keileon "In Quirenyun's Imprinted, she arrived on Mantua to join the Zhennka Shit Unit under unknown circumstances, apparently as some form of a captive. "
    [21:02] Eebit What
    [21:02] Starrie only I know how she got there and its pretty fucking unfair
    [21:02] LordXGigaX That's not really unknown
    [21:02] Eebit Then edit it yourselves LMFAO
    [21:02] Keileon Not... what...
    [21:02] Eebit You guys are not seriously going to just point shit out to me and not do it
    [21:02] Eebit This is a wiki
    [21:02] Eebit COLLABORATION.
    [21:03] Keileon >Zhennka Shit Unit
    [21:03] Eebit OH
    [21:03] Shadow LMAO.
    [21:03] Eebit lmfao
    [21:03] Shadow LMFAO
    [21:03] LordXGigaX .... Oh
    [21:03] LordXGigaX LOFL
    [21:03] Cerberus LMAO
    [21:03] Starrie TOOK YOU LONG ENOUGH
    [21:03] Eebit rip
    [21:03] Keileon I'm giggling madly
    [21:03] Eebit cya nerds
    [21:03] Keileon I can't breathe
    [21:03] Starrie Save that shit forever
    [21:03] Shadow Zhennka Shit Unit!
  10. [02:16] Shadow Still tho, I'm still imagining Villain!Badass!Shadow and it just gets even scarier. You have a thaumatoimperist (in the lower bound of the power itself, but still) who can do whatever he wants /doing whatever he wants/
    [02:16] blaphmat shadow CC team being an evil organization
    [02:16] Nate (Psst Starr CoE)
    [02:16] Keileon That sounds more CN than CE
    [02:16] Shadow GG WP
    [02:16] Starr_ kek
    [02:16] blaphmat gg manaverse
    [02:17] Starr_ woops
    [02:17] Nate lmao
    [02:17] Starr_ double clicked
    [02:17] blaphmat even if shadow was a villain... hed still keep lolis wouldnt he. evil harem
    [02:18] Keileon <insert bin laden analogy>
    [02:18] Shadow Except Badass!Shadow has his own way of getting his way--he doesn't really aim to cause shitstorms to begin with, so he's careful in what he does. What I mean is that he'd stop giving fucks about that altogether, and instead started doing something legitimately dangerous
    [02:18] blaphmat shadow blows himself to get 72 lolis?
    [02:18] blaphmat up*
    [02:18] blaphmat ...
    [02:18] blaphmat gee
    [02:18] Shadow ...good one
    [02:18] blaphmat welp
    [02:18] Keileon LMFAO
    [02:18] Shadow I can't stop laughing now
    [02:18] Keileon ^
    [02:19] Shadow kindle 2op
  11. psst

    [01:49] Muddy http://paulrobertson.mechafetus.com/sprites300_all_a.png
    [01:49] Eebit Paul Robertson has some FUCKED UP pixel art
    [01:50] Muddy He does have a nice style, though
    [01:51] Eebit True say
    [01:51] Muddy His Hydreigon line is hilarious: http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/originals/f5/28/06/f52806e44d61560fb6a1f2249fbc1645.jpg
    [01:52] Muddy pixel boobs, so nsfw
    [01:53] Keileon You know the more I think about Hydreigon the more disturbing it seems
    [01:53] Keileon I mean like
    [01:53] Keileon Only its middle head has a brain
    [01:53] Keileon ... But both of Zweilous's heads do.
    [01:53] Keileon What happened to the other brain.
    [01:54] Sukebe merged
    [01:54] Keileon or eaten
    [01:54] Muddy shush, nhi, we don't need logic in here
    [01:54] Eebit devoured
    [01:54] Eebit with a spoon
    [01:54] Keileon So suddenly Shadow is Hydreigon?
    [01:55] Muddy Eaten, though? You know, that does make sense
    [01:55] Sukebe silly eebit
    [01:55] Sukebe You don't use spoons to eat brains
    [01:55] Sukebe you use sporks
    [01:55] Keileon Wait
    [01:56] Nate The eating brain with a spoon joke isn't as fun without Masq.
    [01:56] Keileon If your brain is called your noodle shouldn't it be chopsticks?
    [01:56] Muddy Kuda has a point
    [01:56] Nate r/showerthoughts
    [01:56] Sukebe everyone I know outside of my family eats noodles with a fork
    [01:57] Keileon It's also called a melon
    [01:57] Keileon Melon baller?
    [01:57] Keileon ICE-CREAM SCOOPER?
    [01:57] Sukebe so we use a butcher knife
    [01:57] Sukebe to cut into melon pieces
    [01:57] Muddy Or we could just, you know. Not eat the brain.
    [01:57] Sukebe then eat it with our hands
    [01:58] Sukebe sily
    [01:58] Sukebe silly
    [01:58] Keileon Muddy what are you talking about
    [01:58] Nate Well it's also called a noggin... We'd just need some eggs and a glass.
    [01:58] Sukebe silly muddy
    [01:58] Keileon Why would we /not/ eat the brain
    [01:58] Keileon It's the best part
    [01:58] Sukebe I also like chicken breast
    [01:58] Keileon GUYS I HAVE A SOLUTION
    [01:58] Keileon USE A CHEESE GRATER
    [01:58] Sukebe Messy.
    [01:58] Nate But
    [01:58] Nate What would we sprinkle it on.
    [01:59] Keileon Salad?
    [01:59] Muddy That's a terrible idea
    [01:59] Muddy Ew no
    [01:59] Keileon bread
    [01:59] Muddy Keep your healthy stuff to yourself
    [01:59] Keileon and put it in the overn
    [01:59] Nate Tacos maybe.
    [01:59] Keileon with garlic butter
    [01:59] Muddy Now I'm getting hungry
    [01:59] Keileon Brain tacos
    [01:59] Keileon I could live with that
    [02:00] Keileon Don't invite Giga, though
    [02:00] Keileon He'll ask to eat everyone's
    [02:00] Muddy Brain taco party. Giga not invited.
    [02:00] Keileon Nate can attest to this
    [02:01] Nate ^
    [02:01] Nate Pretty sure Masq'd be safe there. So long as we don't have spoons
    [02:01] Shadow >not eating brains with spoons
    [02:01] Shadow are you new
    [02:02] Nate Shadow that's what started this conversation
    [02:02] Muddy We were just brainstorming
    [02:02] Keileon Come on tha--
    [02:02] Keileon Muddy that was horrible
    [02:02] Sukebe heh
    [02:02] Sukebe heh
    [02:02] Sukebe ehehe
    [02:02] Sukebe heh
    [02:02] Shadow That was so bad I giggled a bit
    [02:02] Sukebe I still blame CoE
    [02:02] Nate How did I not catch that pun at first
    [02:02] Shadow Looped back to the funny side of the spectrum, I hate you
    [02:02] Keileon ^
    [02:02] Nate Now I'm giggling madly
    [02:03] Keileon I think
    [02:03] Keileon It is worth mentioning
    [02:03] Keileon That I am nearing 48 hours with no sleep
    [02:03] Eebit So when's the Pun Edition of #CoESters
    [02:03] Muddy I think I should cut my losses and head to bed after that
    [02:03] Keileon So I may ba a bit,,, yeah
    [02:03] Nate Good for you
    [02:03] Keileon *be
    [02:03] Keileon *...
    [02:03] Muddy So, yeah, bye guys
    [02:03] Eebit cya
    [02:03] Keileon Aw
    [02:04] Keileon More brain tacos for us

    nobody tell giga

    You don't have to worry about it. I don't eat tacos.
  12. me- Mudd-bae
    we can still awkward yuri tho right?
    Muddy- *coughs and takes a few steps back*
    me- ...
    dun tell hur I sed dat.

    Dun tell @Rose bout dis....

    Oh wait- DAMN IT.
  13. If you want awkward yuri you have to take that up with @blackoutEquinox aka boyfriend
  14. meanwhile in Smitegame...


    @crazE @Starrie @Shadow
  15. [03:27:37] Shadow yo dis AMA business
    [03:27:45] Shadow should I do it (protip I won't)
    [03:27:48] Eebit ye
    [03:27:55] Keileon pls
    [03:27:55] Black-Moon I thought you already did
    [03:27:56] Eebit expect to be asked what your last name is rofl
    [03:27:56] Black-Moon ...
    [03:27:59] Black-Moon ask Tyran
    [03:28:03] Keileon WHAT EEBIT SAID OMG
    [03:28:09] Eebit I knew you would ask
    [03:28:13] Eebit I wouldn't because lel
    [03:28:18] Eebit I will find out one day, surely!
    [03:28:28] Eebit Shadow and I /are/ soulmates, after all
    [03:28:35] Keileon All I know is it starts with A and that's just from those image memes and it's probably just a go-to
    [03:29:09] Shadow I use A for "Anon"
    [03:29:11] Shadow rip
    [03:29:21] Sukebe rip in rest
    [03:29:29] Nate What if, like many hispanics, Shadow has like 20 names and he just doesn't know which one to use.
    [03:29:31] Keileon maybe I can just ask Nitori on Steam idk
    [03:29:34] Keileon LOL
    [03:29:36] Shadow LMAO
    [03:29:39] Keileon THAT
    [03:29:45] Keileon LEGITIMATELY MADE ME LOL
    [03:30:44] Eebit Renato "Shadow" de la Keyporo Anónimo
    [03:30:53] Shadow holy fuck dying
    [03:31:28] Eebit got it guys we found him
    [03:31:38] Sukebe Eebit you will inherit his 20 names. I look forward to calling you Eebit Julio Ricardo Montoya De La Rosa Alpaca Loliconia Nguyen Perez Hilton Sanchez Rodriguez Polarozco
  16. http://pastebin.com/BHP91DLf

    For context:
    Eebit had just shown (WARNING NSFW)this incredibly NSFW image to cerby, to which Cerby replied with...

    <Eebit> [4:18:03 AM] Guard Dog of Hades: omg I'm a minor I shouldn't see stuff like that
    <Eebit> [4:18:10 AM] Guard Dog of Hades: eeb you're so irresponsible
  17. [22:18] Keileon http://puu.sh/aM1hP/4ef37866bd.JPG
    [22:19] Starrie can't control their actions, just slightly influence them
    [22:19] Flimzy Everything is wrong
    [22:19] Muddy That no-face though
    [22:19] Shadow Literally why do you even have Yuuka
    [22:19] Flimzy EVERYTHING IS WRONG.
    [22:19] Starrie oh no wonder i recognized a touhou there
    [22:19] Keileon I saw her on a website and went "oh cool"
    [22:19] Starrie or is it
    [22:19] Flimzy Shadow there's no remaining option
    [22:19] Shadow She is
    [22:19] Flimzy We have to go on a crusade
    [22:19] Starrie k
    [22:19] Flimzy To stop Nintendo's evil
    [22:20] Starrie also what did you use for ear thingies anyway
    [22:20] Keileon earbrows
    [22:20] Muddy can i go too, maybe i can steal ssb4 from them
    [22:20] Starrie ....
    [22:20] Flimzy topkek
    [22:20] Shadow LOL.
    [22:20] Starrie top fucking kek
    [22:20] Shadow top kekking
    [22:20] Keileon :>
  18. out of context this isn't all that funny but I wanted to save it anyway

    [23:52] Cerberus before we vacate this can I get OP
    [23:55] Keileon k
    [23:55] =-= Mode #HP +o Cerberus by Keileon
    [23:55] === *** Cerberus invited Shadow into the channel
    [23:55] Keileon LOL
    [23:55] -->| Shadow (Shadow@hidden-nl1.kq9.40.190.IP) has joined #HP
    [23:55] Keileon Aw he doesn't autojoin anymore
    [23:55] Keileon o
    [23:55] Shadow why
    [23:55] Cerberus Yer a wizard, Shadow
    [23:55] Keileon idk cerby just did i-- LOL
    [23:55] Shadow k
    [23:55] <--| Cerberus has left #HP
    [23:55] <--| Shadow has left #HP (No.)

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