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The Chatlog Thread

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Conjectures' started by Shadow, Oct 9, 2011.

  1. tbh I just got sick of watching you come in and out of the srs channel 20 times
  2. So I scrolled up in #Statplaying...

    [00:00:25] <+FallenBro> When my main first arrived he'll be confused, his /power/ will be a little out of control too so itll be easy to spot as well
    [00:00:29] <+Starrie> I love how Void only got one sentence
    [00:00:37] <+crazE> wut
    [00:00:43] <+FallenBro> With time, he'll be able to control it better too
    [00:00:56] <+crazE> ye
    [00:02:33] <+Starrie> why is this wiki so damn slow pls
    [00:05:09] <%Keileon> I can just imagine someone finding him in a field of dead flowers
    [00:05:40] <+crazE> dead eebits everywhere
    [00:05:42] <+crazE> fallen y
    [00:06:22] <+Starrie> killing nature smg
    [00:06:25] <+Starrie> *smh
    [00:06:29] <+Starrie> shaking my giga
    [00:06:31] <+Starrie> okay.
    [00:06:36] <+LordXGigaX> ... wat
    [00:06:40] <+crazE> . . .
    [00:06:44] Starrie shakes her Giga action figure
    [00:07:03] <+LordXGigaX> ... Do I even want to know why you have that?
    [00:07:07] <+Starrie> oh his visor accessory fell off his head
    [00:07:10] <+Starrie> woops.
    [00:07:14] <+LordXGigaX> ...
  3. Starr: *meanwhile in another part of the lab, large chunks of wall flew at all directions following yet another blast of Eon Starr let out. A wide grin turned twisted with glee under the symphony of explosions and technology shattering in harmonious intervals. Taking a breath, she proceeds to run-- or rather skip-- down a hallway, blasting every camera, wall, and door she saw...while humming a very notable orchestral musical score*

    [00:04] Shadow LOL starr went insane
    [00:05] crazE you could say she's going...
    [00:05] crazE crazE B|
    [00:05] Shadow no
    [00:05] Keileon out
    [00:05] Shadow fuckkkk
    [00:05] LordXGigaX AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
    [00:05] LordXGigaX Get out!
    [00:05] |<-- Sukebe has left irc.paradoxirc.net (Ping timeout: 121 seconds)
    [00:05] LordXGigaX Get ou-
    [00:05] crazE KEKEKEKEK
    [00:05] Keileon No not you Tyran
    [00:05] LordXGigaX Not you, Tyran!
  4. [21:19:24] <+Dark> brb gingerale
    [21:22:01] <+Dark> back
    [21:22:09] <+Dark> and im french again
    [21:22:15] <+Dark> i have a croissant
    [21:22:28] <%Keileon> Lucky
    [21:23:19] <+crazE> you know if the cult got into a foodfight
    [21:23:26] <+crazE> jack would use the croissants for shurikens
    [21:24:01] <+Starrie> LOL
    [21:24:07] <+Dark> LOL
    [21:24:17] <+Starrie> "Hon hon hon baguettes Quebec!"
    [21:24:19] <+FallenBro> the more you know
    [21:24:25] <+Dark> omg Starr
    [21:24:30] <+Dark> I'm dead

    [23:49] Dark Besides, Giga's just mad because all his characters are noping out of Ustream so he can't be involved :V
    [23:49] Keileon >Deathstorm
    [23:49] Dark True
    [23:49] LordXGigaX >Giag
    [23:49] Dark but >Dragons
    [23:49] LordXGigaX >Smeremus
    [23:49] Keileon >Aegis
    [23:49] LordXGigaX >Aegis
    [23:49] Keileon LOL
    [23:49] Shadow >Nit?
    [23:49] Dark Okay I get it
    [23:49] Starr Giag is busy hugging people
    [23:49] Dark I suck
    [23:49] Keileon >Helix soon
    [23:49] Dark Can we leave me--
    [23:49] Dark bye
    [23:49] LordXGigaX >Erahvs soon
    [23:49] Keileon sry
    [23:49] Starr Ok
    [23:49] LordXGigaX kthnxbai
    [23:49] <--| Dark has left #Statplaying (Fuck everyone, not coming back)
    [23:50] Starr K
    [23:50] === You have invited Dark to #Statplaying.
    [23:50] -->| Dark (Dark@hidden-o8v4tj.cpe.teksavvy.com) has joined #Statplaying
    [23:50] =-= Mode #Statplaying +v Dark by ChanServ
    [23:50] Starr Wb
    [23:50] Shadow this has been Proven Wrong
    [23:50] Dark Fuck I forgot I had join on invite
    [23:50] Shadow LOL
    [23:50] LordXGigaX Also, idk about Nit yet
    [23:50] Keileon I'm laughing so hard

    part 2
    [00:02] Dark also khya do you like my blog so far :x
    [00:02] Keileon no
    [00:02] crazE ok
    [00:02] Keileon :x
    [00:02] Dark bitch
    [00:02] crazE KEK
    [00:02] Starr Darkblog????
    [00:03] Dark blocking your ip in .htaccess ggwp
    [00:03] Keileon k
    [00:03] Keileon good luck never having FV
    [00:03] Dark starr: http://nebulonranger.org
    [00:03] Starr Too lazy
    [00:03] Dark Fuck you all
    [00:03] Dark I'm leaving
    [00:03] Keileon No thanks
    [00:03] Starr Hehehehe
    [00:04] Starr Why am I still giggling at the touhou pun I made
    [00:04] <--| Dark has left #Statplaying (Invite me back, I don't care.)
    [00:04] =-= Mode #Statplaying +b *!*@hidden-o8v4tj.cpe.teksavvy.com by Keileon
    [00:04] LordXGigaX lol
    [00:04] LordXGigaX LOL
    [00:04] =-= Mode #Statplaying -b *!*@hidden-o8v4tj.cpe.teksavvy.com by Keileon
    [00:04] Starr Well
    [00:04] === You have invited Dark to #Statplaying.
    [00:04] -->| Dark (Dark@hidden-o8v4tj.cpe.teksavvy.com) has joined #Statplaying
    [00:04] =-= Mode #Statplaying +v Dark by ChanServ
  6. Topic: Welcome to #CoE - http://www.zejroleplaying.org/ || ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ ZIO OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ || <Flimzy> Did everyone become gay without me again? || Operators - Shadow (Owner), Eebit (SOP), Kuda (AOP) || Now With Voice Acting: http://vocaroo.com/i/s1PnDZSH5ZNH -Shadow
    <Sukebe> ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ ZIO OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
    <~Shadow> ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ ZIO OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
    <Gist_> ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ ZIO OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
    <+Nate> ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ ZIO OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
    <Zakken> ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ ZIO OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ


    Kudamon: >important quest info being given
    Kudamon: >proceed to steal everything in room
    Kudamon: >nobody notices
    Kudamon: only in skyrim
    Vallyryz [Timber]: LOL.
    Vallyryz [Timber]: Never played Skyrim but I'm tempted to try it at some point
    Kudamon: It's fun
    Kudamon: >fast travel to a quest location
    Kudamon: >SUDDENLY, DRAGON
    Kudamon: *hides in overhang by entrance to dungeon*
    Kudamon: oops entered accidentally
    Vallyryz [Timber] is now Online.
    Vallyryz [Timber]: ... Similar stuff has happened to me in other games
    Kudamon: I killed it
    Kudamon: It didn't even attack me
    Vallyryz [Timber]: Oh nice
    Vallyryz [Timber]: lool
    Kudamon: It tried to eat my horse
    Vallyryz [Timber]: ._.
    Kudamon: "It's not safe out there. There's thieves out there loking to steal everything you own."
    Kudamon: ... he says as I raid his farm
    Vallyryz [Timber]: LOOL
    Kudamon: I'm standing like three feet away from a guy, in plain view, and he does not see me
    Kudamon: I love sneaking
    Vallyryz [Timber]: xD
    Kudamon: woops now they do
    Vallyryz [Timber]: lel
    Vallyryz [Timber] is now Online.
    Kudamon: >fast travel to closest area to quest location
    Kudamon: >Suddenly vampires
    Kudamon: >struggle but beat them
    Kudamon: >look around for my horse
    Kudamon: >A dragon roars in the distance
    Kudamon: >"fml"
    Kudamon: ... Oh well fuck my horse died
    Kudamon: *doesn't use it anyway*
    Vallyryz [Timber]: Pfff.
    Vallyryz [Timber]: That sucks
    Kudamon: ... Oh I think I'm near a dragon altar
    Kudamon: That explains the roar
    Kudamon: FUCK IT SEES ME
    Vallyryz [Timber]: RUN
    Vallyryz [Timber]: Or slaughter it, I dunno
    Kudamon: W=HSAT
    Kudamon: WHAT
    Kudamon: WHAT
    Vallyryz [Timber]: daamn
  8. There need be no context for this.

    [Saturday 01:47:39 pm] Starrie hon hon hon snails slilent movies Quebec
  9. @Shadow
    [19:34:45] <+Starrie> fuck this entire game is poorfagging right now
    [19:35:14] <+Flimzy> Why do you play monopoly?
    [19:35:18] <Muddy> Dat JOJObama is awesome
    [19:35:18] <+Flimzy> Do you hate fun?
    [19:35:27] <+Flimzy> Yes it is.
    [19:35:46] <+Starrie> [16:35:17] <+Flimzy> Why do you play monopoly? <--- I actually enjoy it
    [19:36:09] <+Starrie> besides I got nothing better to do right now
    [19:36:25] Flimzy tapes vectors to his back
    [19:36:32] <+Flimzy> "I will stop you"
    [19:36:40] <@Keileon> LOL
    [19:37:01] <+Starrie> LOL
    [19:39:09] <+Dark> Dying
  10. Last night I managed to be funny. Don't ask.

    [23:25:31] <+Dark> Jude gives no shits if Jason doesn't want another voice of reason. He's fucking getting one whether he likes it or not.
    [23:25:37] <%Keileon> lel
    [23:25:43] <+Starrie> Maybe I can have Starr's mom just give them to her and then Val comes
    [23:25:56] <+Starrie> Starr's mom is also one of those "I like to talk about love" people
    [23:25:59] <%Keileon> Jason's beginning to disregard his voices of reason tho!
    [23:26:02] <+crazE> or maybe HQ gets nuked and Val and Starr are the only survivors
    [23:26:04] <+crazE> best dev 2014
    [23:26:06] <+Starrie> LOL
    [23:26:18] <+Starrie> Eon saves them from a nuclear disaster
    [23:26:26] <+Starrie> "Gee whiz its like a nuclear ziplock!"
    [23:26:49] <+crazE> "quick everyone into the void"
    [23:27:11] <+Dark> rye and zephyr in hammerspace must happen
    [23:27:20] <+crazE> errr
    [23:27:22] <+crazE> to... hammer?
    [23:27:50] <+crazE> also >rye, zephyr. This shipping is too young wait a few years dark phoque man!
    [23:27:58] <~Shadow> And brb
    [23:28:08] <+Starrie> >rye
    [23:28:10] <+Starrie> >Zeph
    [23:28:17] <+Starrie> >/Hammer/space
    [23:28:22] <+Starrie> Dark no.
    [23:28:24] <+crazE> >joke
    [23:28:27] <+crazE> >exactly
    [23:28:28] <+Dark> Oh come on Jason, you know full fucking well what Jude means.
    [23:28:29] <+Starrie> Too early brah
    [23:28:55] <+crazE> dark pls
    [23:29:09] <%Keileon> What the post meant is Jason doesn't want to be /compared/ with Giga
    [23:29:28] <+Dark> "[23:25:59] <%Keileon> Jason's beginning to disregard his voices of reason tho!" So he's slowly turning into a Tea Partyer???
    [23:29:34] <%Keileon> lol
    [23:31:04] <+Dark> shockwing can exist
    [23:31:30] <+crazE> dark pls jason is a strong independent young shapeshifter who dont need no giga until season 2 when theyre married and have three dragonbabies
    [23:31:32] <+Starrie> Sr. Smooth
    [23:31:47] <+Dark> crazE pls
    [23:31:48] <%Keileon> LOL WHAT
    [23:32:00] <+Starrie> I see you support JasonxGiga a lot
    [23:32:03] <+Dark> they'd instantly file for divorce and Giga would Tragedy Lock the kids!!
    [23:32:06] <+Starrie> LMFAO
    [23:32:09] <+Starrie> OMG
    [23:32:09] <%Keileon> LMAO
    [23:32:12] <+crazE> LOL
    [23:32:13] <~Shadow> I'M FUCKING DEAD
    [23:32:21] <~Shadow> gg wp no re
    [23:32:21] <+Starrie> SOMEBODY QUOTE THIS
    [23:32:32] <~Shadow> Guys, we can DEFINITELY say now
    [23:32:37] <~Shadow> That we were there when Dark was funny
    [23:32:42] <+Starrie> ^
    [23:32:44] <+crazE> LOL
    [23:32:45] <%Keileon> ^
    [23:32:47] <+Starrie> What a time to be alive!!!!
  11. And then the riots quelled as the demon king returned...and not that many people were there to see it.

  12. I watched; I just wasn't sure what to say to him. I didn't want to ruin any moments.
  13. I was at school. Make him come back.
  14. I was with my social worker.

    [01:35] -->| crazE (chatzilla@hidden-a9a059.ut.comcast.net) has joined #Statplaying
    [01:35] =-= Mode #Statplaying +v crazE by ChanServ
    [01:35] Starr_ feeds you cookies and milk
    [01:35] Keileon Cor and Rae are basically Rayquazas
    [01:35] Keileon ...
    [01:35] LordXGigaX WHAT
    [01:35] Shadow Holy fuck
    [01:35] Shadow rofl
    [01:35] LordXGigaX THE
    [01:35] LordXGigaX FUCK
    [01:35] Starr_ and tells you bedtine stories
    [01:35] Keileon NOW you come
    [01:35] Shadow welcome backkkk
    [01:35] Starr_ dying
    [01:36] crazE idk wut ur talkin aboot its 5 in the aftrnoon
    [01:36] Shadow Where the hell did you go
    [01:36] crazE hell
    [01:36] Starr_ laughing so hard
    [01:36] Keileon Craz
    [01:36] Keileon Apparently
    [01:36] crazE shadow sux i know
    [01:36] Keileon Your main became trail mix when he died
    [01:36] crazE sounds about right
    [01:36] Starr_ LMFAO
    [01:37] LordXGigaX Shadow, can you make me HOP for a moment?
    [01:37] Starr_ STOP IT I CANT LAUGH TOO LOUD
    [01:37] =-= Mode #Statplaying +h LordXGigaX by Shadow
    [01:37] <--| crazE has left #Statplaying
    [01:37] Keileon ... LOL
    [01:37] Starr_ LOL
    [01:37] LordXGigaX FUCKING
    [01:37] Flem topkek
    [01:37] Shadow 10/10
    [01:37] Starr_ FYDJCICJ
    [01:37] =-= Mode #Statplaying -h LordXGigaX by Shadow
    [01:37] Starr_ OWNED
    [01:37] Flem All of my kek
    [01:37] Keileon I CAN'T
    [01:37] === *** Shadow invited crazE into the channel
    [01:37] Starr_ IM CRYING
    [01:37] LordXGigaX That's twice something like that has happened!
    [01:38] Starr_ then dont fucking ask out loud
    [01:38] Starr_ god
    [01:38] Keileon lmao
    [01:38] -->| crazE (chatzilla@hidden-a9a059.ut.comcast.net) has joined #Statplaying
    [01:38] =-= Mode #Statplaying +v crazE by ChanServ
    [01:38] =-= crazE was booted from #Statplaying by YOU (Because Giga)
    [01:38] Starr_ anyway
    [01:38] -->| crazE (chatzilla@hidden-a9a059.ut.comcast.net) has joined #Statplaying
    [01:38] =-= Mode #Statplaying +v crazE by ChanServ
    [01:38] Starr_ LOL
    [01:38] |<-- LordXGigaX has left irc.paradoxirc.net (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 29.0.1/20140506152807])
    [01:38] Keileon ... LOL
    [01:38] Starr_ STOOOP I CANT BE LOUD
    [01:38] Starr_ GUYS
    [01:38] crazE what do i win
  16. [Tuesday 10:44:12 am] Espy Bacon/necktie analogy is sort of how you explain B/O morality
    [Tuesday 10:44:20 am] Muddy Oh, I see
    [Tuesday 10:44:28 am] Espy Kind of
    [Tuesday 10:44:28 am] Shadow But that's because Cerby is a gigantic faggot--oh he isn't here
    [Tuesday 10:44:35 am] Espy IDK if I'm explaining it right
    [Tuesday 10:45:00 am] Keileon Can I be Chaotic Bacon Neutral
    [Tuesday 10:45:13 am] Flem Not in ruleset 4
    [Tuesday 10:45:16 am] Keileon k
    [Tuesday 10:45:22 am] Keileon 3.5?
    [Tuesday 10:45:22 am] Shadow You're Lawful Necktie Neutral, Kuda
    [Tuesday 10:45:27 am] Flem 3.5 sure
    [Tuesday 10:45:31 am] Keileon ew necktie
    [Tuesday 10:45:33 am] Muddy Are we really doing this
    [Tuesday 10:45:45 am] Keileon I'll settle for Lawful Bacon Neutral
    [Tuesday 10:46:00 am] Flem >implying you're cool enough to be aligned bacon
    [Tuesday 10:46:02 am] Shadow You're too necktie to be bacon imo
    [Tuesday 10:46:03 am] Espy Actually one of my favourite stories from Hindu mythos http://puu.sh/9cRRi/012a3ac8b2.png
    [Tuesday 10:46:13 am] Espy [It's a bit bacon]
    [Tuesday 10:46:18 am] Muddy Yep, we're doing this
    [Tuesday 10:46:25 am] Shadow Haha
    [Tuesday 10:46:44 am] Keileon Why can't I be Bacon aligned
    [Tuesday 10:46:49 am] Espy Because you're a necktie
    [Tuesday 10:46:56 am] Dark LET THE BACON RAIN
    [Tuesday 10:46:58 am] Keileon I don't even get what necktie means
    [Tuesday 10:47:00 am] Espy You think you're bacon; therefore, you're necktie
    [Tuesday 10:47:05 am] Espy Simple as
    [Tuesday 10:47:06 am] Keileon oh okay
    [Tuesday 10:47:21 am] Flem God fucking damn it kuda this is simple logic
    [Tuesday 10:47:25 am] Muddy Just think you're a necktie then
    [Tuesday 10:47:29 am] Keileon k
    [Tuesday 10:47:35 am] Flem Why are neckties so dumb?
    [Tuesday 10:47:37 am] Espy Nope doesn't work that way
    [Tuesday 10:47:43 am] Espy You can only be bacon if you BE the bacon
    [Tuesday 10:47:48 am] Espy Live the bacon
    [Tuesday 10:47:51 am] Espy FEEL THE BACON
    [Tuesday 10:47:53 am] Espy BE THE BACON
    [Tuesday 10:47:54 am] Nate Hooray infinite smoothstone on Minecraft without having to smelt cobble.
    [Tuesday 10:47:55 am] Keileon Okay this entire conversation out of what little context it has.
    [Tuesday 10:48:00 am] Zakken No
    [Tuesday 10:48:01 am] Zakken Espy
    [Tuesday 10:48:03 am] Zakken Be the habibs
    [Tuesday 10:48:04 am] Zakken pls
    [Tuesday 10:48:08 am] Espy Now, I'm not bacon because I'm a vegetarian, BUT I'm bacon because I believe I'm a necktie
    [Tuesday 10:48:10 am] Muddy LOL
    [Tuesday 10:48:13 am] Espy Got it
    [Tuesday 10:48:16 am] Muddy Goddammit, Soul
    [Tuesday 10:48:20 am] Shadow I die whenever Soul brings up habibs
    [Tuesday 10:48:20 am] Espy No, habibs are a completely different axis
    [Tuesday 10:48:29 am] Keileon Am I bacon because I'm fat???
    [Tuesday 10:48:31 am] Shadow But yes, habibs is basically the w axis
    [Tuesday 10:48:32 am] Espy I'm on the other end of the habibs axis
    [Tuesday 10:48:36 am] Muddy That's in the 5th dimension
    [Tuesday 10:48:40 am] Nate But now you believe you're a bacon
    [Tuesday 10:48:43 am] Espy W? I thought it was Axis Green
    [Tuesday 10:48:44 am] Nate So therefore you are a necktie
    [Tuesday 10:48:45 am] Keileon No
    [Tuesday 10:48:47 am] Keileon I just
    [Tuesday 10:48:50 am] Espy Yes, what Nate didn't say
    [Tuesday 10:48:54 am] Keileon Am asking if that makes me a Bacon
    [Tuesday 10:49:02 am] Espy You're a necktie as long as you're a bacon
    [Tuesday 10:49:07 am] Shadow You are only a bacon if you aren't a bacon
    [Tuesday 10:49:07 am] Keileon ... okay
    [Tuesday 10:49:09 am] Espy All roads point to necktie
    [Tuesday 10:49:12 am] Espy No Shadow
    [Tuesday 10:49:17 am] Zakken Ok I'm out, peace
    [Tuesday 10:49:19 am] Espy You're a bacon only if you literally are bacon
    [Tuesday 10:49:21 am] Dark All Roads Lead To Hitler
    [Tuesday 10:49:22 am] Zakken PRAY 5 ME
    [Tuesday 10:49:23 am] Muddy Is Francis Bacon Bacon?
    [Tuesday 10:49:24 am] Keileon Bye Soul
    [Tuesday 10:49:25 am] Espy No
    [Tuesday 10:49:26 am] Flem You're fat enough to be bacon /aligned/ though.
    [Tuesday 10:49:32 am] Espy Because he's Bacon, not bacon
    [Tuesday 10:49:35 am] Zakken You're trans-bacon
    [Tuesday 10:49:39 am] Nate I don't think any of us really fit to be aligned on this scale though
    [Tuesday 10:49:39 am] Espy LOL
    [Tuesday 10:49:45 am] Nate Because we care too much about it
    [Tuesday 10:49:48 am] Espy ^
    [Tuesday 10:49:50 am] Flem "Trans-bacon"
    [Tuesday 10:49:56 am] Espy Zakken best line
    [Tuesday 10:49:58 am] Muddy We've reached Tumblr, guys
    [Tuesday 10:50:00 am] Espy Make topic please
    [Tuesday 10:50:04 am] Keileon oh god no
    [Tuesday 10:50:10 am] Keileon ABANDON CHAT
  17. [07:13] Espy Speaking of Nate, Nate, have you played video games
    [07:13] Espy …er
    [07:13] Nate Yes
    [07:13] Espy what the fuck did I just type
    [07:13] Nate I'm laughing really hard now
    [07:14] Espy I meant to say, *"Speaking of video games, Nate, have you played Bravely Default"
    [07:14] Espy I…
    [07:14] Espy !roulette
    [07:14] ChanServ *BANG*
    [07:14] |<-- Espy has left irc.paradoxirc.net (Killed (ChanServ (Lost at Russian Roulette.)))
    [07:14] -->| Espy (chatzilla@hidden-u7s.fpm.73.182.IP) has joined #CoE
    [07:14] Espy I can't anymore
    [07:14] Nate Only the demo. Not even all the way through.
    [07:15] Espy How the fuck do you fuck up so badly
    [07:15] Espy How
    [07:15] Espy How do I
  18. I just can't stop laughing.

    [12:11:29] <+Flimzy> http://puu.sh/9gulC/1bae62f97f.jpg
    [12:13:24] <+Nate> LOL
    [12:14:30] <+Starrie> i barely clicked it
    [12:14:32] <+Starrie> goddamnit flim
    [12:14:37] <+Flimzy> Now Starr has the best characters in more senses than one.
    [12:14:38] <+Starrie> that was actually good
    [12:14:41] <+Starrie> LOL
    [12:14:42] <+Starrie> LMFAO
    [12:14:55] <+Starrie> I'm fucking
    [12:14:56] <+Starrie> No
    [12:14:58] <+Starrie> I'm done
  19. [01:22] Keileon what if Jason just like
    [01:22] Keileon Pushes past Slash and that's what causes the firm backhand
    [01:22] Keileon ???
    [01:22] Starr LOL
    [01:23] Starr I HAD A SIMILAR THOUGHT
    [01:23] Shadow >pushes past Slash
    [01:23] Shadow he's already gone
    [01:23] Shadow like 5ever ago}
    [01:23] Shadow -}
    [01:23] Keileon I meant in the hall
    [01:23] Keileon Or something
    [01:23] Starr Also wtf iTunes Radio and your baguette comercial
    [01:23] crazE what if Slash just decided to kill jason cuz he's tired of all this crap
    [01:23] crazE not even bothering with the legitimacy of the scene
    [01:24] Starr Kalashnikov decides to prostitute jason
    [01:24] Starr ...
    [01:24] Keileon who
    [01:24] Starr How
    [01:24] Shadow What
    [01:24] Starr HOW
    [01:24] Starr *slash
    [01:24] Shadow This is so fucking awkward
    [01:24] Shadow LMFAO OMG
    [01:24] Starr HOWEWWW
    [01:24] Keileon LOL
    [01:24] Shadow I JUST
    [01:24] Starr GIRFKF
    [01:24] Shadow I CANNOT
    [01:24] Starr FUFFUXYJPI
    [01:24] Keileon HOW EVEN
    [01:24] Starr IDK
    [01:24] Starr I DIDNT EVEN MOTICE
    [01:24] Shadow I AM LAUGHING SO HARD
    [01:24] Starr UNTIL
    [01:24] Starr HOW
    [01:24] Starr HOW
    [01:25] Starr ./HOW/
    [01:25] crazE >mfw the typo is some random russian name
    [01:25] crazE dead
    [01:25] Dark ENTER
    [01:25] Starr I don't know who this guy is
    [01:25] Shadow ITT Slash's real name is Kalashnikov
    [01:25] Starr LMAO
    [01:25] Shadow Wait why did I say ITT
    [01:25] crazE ROFL
    [01:25] Shadow More like TIL*
    [01:25] crazE ITT tech shadow
    [01:25] crazE come to murica
    [01:26] Starr ipod now realizes I like Russian men
    [01:26] Starr Its beginning to think
    [01:26] Starr Help me
  20. Nebulon Ranger: NP assumes everyone is 9 but I don't think you can register unless you're 13???
    Kudamon: ^
    Kudamon: Hence
    Kudamon: "unenforceable rules
    Kudamon: "
    Kudamon: WELL ACTUALLY
    Kudamon: You can /register/ at any age
    Kudamon: But:
    Kudamon: 1. Without parental permission- which is hard as fuck to prove- you can't access the boards until 13
    Kudamon: 2. Isn't it technically illegal for most sites to allow registration before age 13 anyway?
    Nebulon Ranger: Technically
    Nebulon Ranger: But COPPA is nigh unenfotceable anyway
    Kudamon: well yeah
    Nebulon Ranger: As you can just fake age and ops will have no way to prove you are
    Kudamon: Case in point
    Kudamon: Me
    Kudamon: I was 11 when I joined NP
    Nebulon Ranger: Same with me and youtube, I was 12
    Kudamon: so is everyone else on youtube
    Nebulon Ranger: LOL

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