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The Chatlog Thread

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Conjectures' started by Shadow, Oct 9, 2011.

  1. [02:01] Dark Fucking hell fingers, shift is not enter
    [02:01] Shadow rofl
    [02:01] Starr :/
    [02:01] Starr Sorry
    [02:01] Shadow Well his arm is being massacred how can that even "bounce"
    [02:02] Keileon Dark where the hell were you even going to Shift in that sentence
    [02:02] crazE it's a gummy arm
    [02:02] Dark GODDAMN IT
    [02:02] Dark *backspace
    [02:02] Keileon LOL
    [02:02] Dark Fucke everything.
    [02:02] Dark ...
    [02:02] Shadow Nice
    [02:02] Keileon Quit while you're behind, man
    [02:03] <--| Dark has left #Manaverse (FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK)
    [02:03] Keileon LOL
  3.    #worst
               -->|    YOU (Flem) have joined #worst
               =-=     Flem has changed the topic to “not best”
               -->|    Cerberus (Mibbit@hidden-hn4.ci6.12.50.IP) has joined #worst
               Cerberus        oh
               Cerberus        hi
               Flem    Hi
               Cerberus        this is awkward
               Cerberus        you should invite chanserv
               =-=     Mode #worst +o Cerberus by Flem
               ===     *** Cerberus invited Eebit into the channel
               ===     *** Cerberus invited Shadow into the channel
               ===     *** Cerberus invited Keileon into the channel
               Cerberus        .invite Starr
               ===     *** Cerberus invited Starr into the channel
               -->|    Eebit (Eebro@hidden-t0dcko.cable.teksavvy.com) has joined #worst
               Cerberus        yo
               Cerberus        this is the cool kid's club
               =-=     Mode #worst +o Eebit by Cerberus
               -->|    Starr (chatzilla@hidden-7vrenf.irvnca.sbcglobal.net) has joined #worst
               Flem    We call it worst for reason at least.
               Starr   o-oh
               Cerberus        cool kids club
               =-=     Mode #worst +o Starr by Cerberus
               Starr   LOL
               Starr   what
               -->|    Shadow (Shadow@hidden-oou.utm.106.200.IP) has joined #worst
               Starr   LMAO
               Shadow  oops shit
               =-=     Mode #worst +o Shadow by Flem
               Cerberus        cool kids club
               Starr   nice job
               Starr   lets all smoke now
               Flem    keking
               Cerberus        LMAO
               Starr   >cool kids club
               Flem    Just like the cool kids?
               Starr   cerb you better have remembered that
               Starr   yes
               Eebit   Ayy welcome to the Big Dick Club. God bless my man thank you for the sub.]
               =-=     Mode #worst -oooo Cerberus Eebit Flem Starr by Shadow
               Flem    Holy fuck you can do that
               Flem    OP
               Cerberus        yo what a rude dude
               Eebit   what the shit
               Flem    OP is OP as fuck
               Shadow  Unlimited OP Works
               Starr   why does this happen
               Cerberus        unlimited foot up your ass works
               Cerberus        gimme back my smoke
               Flem    Because Starr
               Flem    We're the worst.
               =-=     Mode #worst +bbbb Cerberus!*@* Eebit!*@* Flem!*@* Starr!*@* by Shadow
               Flem    Welp.
               ===     #worst Cannot send to channel (you're banned)
               <--|    Shadow has left #worst ([DATA EXPUNGED])
               <--|    Starr has left #worst
               <--|    Cerberus has left #worst
               <--|    Eebit has left #worst
  4. <Muddy> Oh fuck, I finally found this picture again: http://i.imgur.com/ugAdbXg.jpg
    <Flimzy> And thus, Giga was born
    <Cerberus> OH MY GOD

    @Lord X-Giga-X
  5. @Shadow

    [05:49] Cerberus Also I just realized Cyber is an anagram of Cerby
    [05:49] Cerberus So when I get good enough
    [05:49] Guest38007 LOL
    [05:49] Keileon LOL
    [05:49] Cerberus I will make Cerbypocalypse
    [05:50] Keileon THIS IS PERFECT
    [05:50] Cerberus and it will counter Cyberpocalypse
    [05:50] Keileon BECAUSE CYBER END DRAGON
    [05:50] Guest38007 ^
    [05:50] Keileon HAS THREE HEADS
    [05:50] Guest38007 I was about to say
    [05:50] Cerberus LMAO
    [05:50] Guest38007 Cerberus End Dragon but
  6. [23:45] Cerberus Shadow can I have a hug ;__;
    [23:46] Shadow protip no
    [23:46] Cerberus I spent all day stressing about something
    [23:46] Cerberus Can I have a duel? ;--;
    [23:47] Flem A hug duel?
    [23:47] Shadow Sure
    [23:47] Nate How many YGO cards have hugging
    [23:47] Flem Well there be epic battle music in the background?
    [23:47] Flem While you hug each other
    [23:47] Shadow No, but I can make a chant
    [23:47] Flem Intensely
    [23:47] Shadow I am the heart of my cards.
    [23:48] Shadow Spells are my body and Traps are my blood
    [23:48] Shadow I have created over a thousand decks,
    [23:48] Shadow Unknown to Exodia
    [23:48] Cerberus Hosting
    [23:48] Shadow Nor known to the Traditional Format
    [23:48] Shadow My lifepoints have withstood pain to win many duels
    [23:48] Shadow Yet these hands will never draw the cards I need
    [23:48] Shadow SO, AS I SUMMON
    [23:48] Shadow UNLIMITED DUEL WORKS
    [23:48] Keileon I laughed the whole way through that but didn't want to interrupt so can I kick Cerby
    [23:48] Cerberus OMG LOL
    [23:48] Flem Please tell me you came up with this on the spot.
    [23:49] Shadow I actually did
    [23:49] Nate LMAO CERBY http://puu.sh/ce8KQ/e77dd39969.png
    [23:49] Flem I currently have unlimited grin works
    [23:49] Keileon ^
  7. when timing is fucking op


    [Saturday 01:59:56 pm] Flem I am the router of my network
    [Saturday 02:00:02 pm] Flem 0s are my body and 1s are my blood
    [Saturday 02:00:07 pm] Flem I have disconnected over a thousand times
    [Saturday 02:00:12 pm] Flem Unknown to stability
    [Saturday 02:00:15 pm] Flem Nor known to consistency
    [Saturday 02:00:20 pm] Flem I have withstood loading only to realize I was never connected
    [Saturday 02:00:27 pm] Flem Yet, those hands will never ping anything
    [Saturday 02:00:33 pm] Flem So as I-- Archer has left pu.ca.us.paradoxirc.net (Ping timeout: 121 seconds)
    [Saturday 02:00:43 pm] |<-- Starr has left irc.paradoxirc.net (Ping timeout: 121 seconds)
    [Saturday 02:00:45 pm] Espy OP as fuck 10/10 Flem
    [Saturday 02:00:45 pm] Flem Archer_ (Archer@Holy.Grail.127.254.IP) has joined #CoE
    [Saturday 02:00:49 pm] Keileon LOL
    [Saturday 02:00:50 pm] Espy timing omg
    [Saturday 02:00:50 pm] Flem Unlimited Disconnection Works.
    [Saturday 02:00:51 pm] Cerberus LMAO STARR
    [Saturday 02:00:58 pm] Espy starrtiming op
  9. 23:06 Cerberus What color is dragon sperm?
    23:06 LordXGigaX ....


    23:11 Shadow <Flem> You've learned well Cerby.
    23:11 Shadow flimzy what have you done
    23:11 Flem I have created a masterpiece.
    23:12 Shadow did I underestimate the power of Flemquestions
    23:12 Flem Yes.
    23:12 Shadow were they an infectious pathogen all along?
    23:12 Flem More like a corruption really.
    23:12 Shadow !ban Flem
    23:12 --- ChanServ has banned *!*@hidden-9enqgk.res.rr.com
    23:13 Cerberus Shadow do Edge Reapers masturbate?
    23:13 Shadow this is for the children
    23:13 Shadow !ban Cerberus
    23:13 --- ChanServ has banned *!*@hidden-hn4.ci6.12.50.IP
    23:13 Shadow I'm sorry but consider this euthanasia
    23:13 Shadow !kick Flem
    23:13 *** Flem was kicked by ChanServ ((Shadow) No reason given)
    23:13 LordXGigaX yay got o- wtf
    23:13 Shadow !kick Cerberus
    23:13 *** Cerberus was kicked by ChanServ ((Shadow) No reason given)
    23:13 !!! You have been kicked from #CoE

    Be careful
    or you'll catch it, too.
  10. It's nearly 6am here and yet Timber's still more incoherent than I am.

    ☢Timber Kataigida☢: Okay, 2 now.
    Keileon: Halfway there XD
    ☢Timber Kataigida☢: It's not so bad, I just need to.. be really quick
    Keileon: Yeah
    Keileon: It's kind of tedious
    Keileon: I got my seven within the first hour (yay gold trophy) although my brother was having a lot of trouble and got his over the course of a few
    ☢Timber Kataigida☢: I think 2 so far's decent progress so far though
    Keileon: Well, "his". He's giving them to me for Reasons that have to do with trading
    ☢Timber Kataigida☢: *that sentence's grammar is fucked.
    Keileon: LOL
  11. 21: 59:11] <Black-Moon> Part of me wants to go to VA and tackle Rose because of her Clara Oswin Oswald costume and the rest of me just keep slisting reasons why this is a bad idea
    [21: 59:46] <Black-Moon> "You're 13- whose gonna take you?" "She doesn't know your face" "Virginia Beach is a large place"
    [22:00:07] <Black-Moon> Well shush it brain. She needs to be glomped.

    Just me fangirling.
  12. [18:39:04] <LordXGigaX> Oh man, Majora's Mash 3D
    [18:39:07] <LordXGigaX> ...
    [18:39:09] <LordXGigaX> Mask*
    [18:39:11] <Starr> LMFAO
    [18:39:13] <LordXGigaX> LOL MAJORA'S MASH
    [18:39:14] <Starr> HOLY SHIT
    [18:39:20] <Starr> I'M GIGGLING SO HARD/
    [18:39:23] <Nate> THEY DID MAJORA'S MASH
    [18:39:29] <Nate> IT WAS A CLOCK TOWN SMASH
    [18:39:33] <Starr> NO
    [18:39:40] <Starr> NATE STOP RIGHT THERE.
  13. [12:02:24 AM] Guard Dog of Hades: In fact, I actually first registered on ZEJ a few years ago, no intro post, just jumping into the board
    for TWEWY SP!!!
    [12:02:45 AM] Jake: ... rofl holy fuck that's true isn't it
    [12:02:53 AM] Vergil: ...So it hasn't even started for years?
    [12:02:57 AM] Vergil: That ain't a good sign.
    [12:02:58 AM] Jake: Not exactly
    [12:03:06 AM] Jake: Shadow was going to run it initially, then gave up
    [12:03:25 AM] Jake: Then Kuda and Cerby picked it up from there, and spent a couple months hashing their overly-complex mechanics
    [12:03:31 AM] Jake: And now we're waiting on profiles
    [12:03:38 AM] Vergil: Who's all in it
    [12:03:51 AM] Jake: Right now? Cerby, myself, Keileon, Lord X-Giga-X, Gist maybe
    [12:04:03 AM] Vergil: >Gist
    [12:04:04 AM] Guard Dog of Hades: Ziolang, and Silver, too
    [12:04:10 AM] Vergil: Weeeeeeelp I guess this RP isn't for me after all

  14. [14:20:45] Starr http://puu.sh/cM2Y5/6c48a5d1e9.png So yeah
    [14:20:59] Moby I love Khorne but.. I dislike his followers
    [14:21:14] Moby like fans of the series that follow khorne are retarded rofl
    [14:21:19] LordXGigaX Oh no, not again D:
    [14:21:31] Starr rip chuggaa
    [14:21:50] Starr Poor guy
    [14:21:59] LordXGigaX Yeeaah
    [14:22:14] Starr so yeah, no updatens for a while
    [14:22:19] Moby he's going to die shitting out his intestine
    [14:22:25] Keileon he's still a thing?
    [14:22:29] Starr thankfully i'm rewatching his Majora's Mask LP so I can keep myself busy with that
    [14:22:30] Starr yep
    [14:22:43] Flem >Assuming people you don't watch magically stop becoming a thing
    [14:22:46] Moby ^
    [14:22:54] Keileon That was me being snide
    [14:22:56] Keileon pls
    [14:22:57] Moby Keileon isn't autistic. She just became a bitch.
    [14:22:58] Flem Let's use the Tarot cards to see if he dies!
    [14:23:02] Starr LOL
    [14:23:09] Keileon ,tarot 1cT
    [14:23:13] Servitor2 Keileon, here are your trumps: Death.
    [14:23:14] Starr ..
    [14:23:15] Moby ROFL
    [14:23:16] Keileon LMAO
    [14:23:16] Flem AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
    [14:23:17] Moby CHANGE!
    [14:23:19] Starr ....
    [14:23:20] Starr AHAHAHA
    [14:23:21] Moby JUST
    [14:23:22] Moby AS
    [14:23:22] Moby PLANNED
    [14:23:25] Starr GODDAMNIT
    [14:23:26] Flem I CAN'T BREATH
    [14:23:27] Keileon I'M LAUGHING SO HARD
    [14:23:31] Starr NO.
    [14:23:34] Starr HOW IS THIS
    [14:23:42] Shadow 12/10
    [14:23:44] Moby You guys know Death means change right?
    [14:23:47] Moby Just saying
    [14:23:47] Keileon Yes
    [14:23:48] Starr THE CARDS HAVE SPOKEN
    [14:23:49] Keileon But
    [14:23:54] Starr I know but
    [14:23:54] Keileon That was unbelievable
    [14:23:56] Moby That is well timed
    [14:23:58] Starr ^
    [14:24:00] Shadow The coincidence is just too fucking much
    [14:24:05] Shadow 1/21 chance
    [14:24:05] Moby and you guys
    [14:24:06] Starr quooote
    [14:24:07] Shadow wow
    [14:24:07] Moby shitted on my bot
  15. いなむら: L R L R STOP & DASH & UP & TALK
    B B A B S
    B B A B S

    B B A B S
    TheKakuzato: que es esto
    いなむら: wot
    TheKakuzato: "what is that"
    いなむら: UP UP SIDE DOWN A B A B B A B A 
    L R L R STOP & Dash & UP & TALK
    いなむら: idk
    TheKakuzato: no comprendo
    いなむら: its remote control
    いなむら: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tjhBHvzO3fM
    TheKakuzato: I prefer my remotes lost https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qX5kXNo-O8U
    いなむら: do you mean last
    いなむら: lol
    TheKakuzato: ....................................................................................................................
    TheKakuzato: I have been
    TheKakuzato: Reading it as lost
    TheKakuzato: for years
    いなむら: LOL
    TheKakuzato: Literally
    TheKakuzato: Years
    いなむら: LOOOOOOOL
    @Shadow @Eebit
  17. A One-Act Play by Zio and Cerby.


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