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The Chatlog Thread

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Conjectures' started by Shadow, Oct 9, 2011.

  1. "<Keileon> It's from the goddamned Series of Unfortunate Events
    <Shadow> Is that the name of your life chronicle?"

    This basically summarizes their relationship.
  2. [23:23:26] LordXGigaX .... idk why, but I just had this funny image of an RP called RIP, and it's about a zombie invasion
    [23:23:38] Keileon ... Giga go to bed
    [23:23:40] Starr wouldn't that RP be dead
    [23:23:42] LordXGigaX k
    [23:23:42] Eebit LOL
    [23:23:43] Keileon hkfdljglk
    [23:23:45] |<-- LordXGigaX has left irc.paradoxirc.net (Quit: Time to gtfo!)
    [23:23:47] Starr then it would be rip
    [23:23:50] Keileon I SHOULD KICK YOU
    [23:23:51] Starr goddamnit blendy
    [23:23:54] Eebit Giga was kill
    [23:24:03] Shadow I want to kick you but that was actually funny
    [23:24:08] Keileon ^
    [23:24:09] Shadow fuck
  3. [23:00:30] Eebit Yo if you can make dairy products out of goat's milk
    [23:00:31] Keileon Skid named himself that before Skiddo was a thing, too
    [23:00:37] Eebit is Gogoat's milk used to make Gogurt?
    [23:00:39] Eebit ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    [23:00:40] Keileon LOL.
    [23:00:44] LordXGigaX BOOOOOOOOOO
    [23:00:44] Tyran LOL
    [23:00:50] Muddy aaargh
    [23:01:09] Starr SIGH
    [23:01:19] Keileon oh my fuck I can't breathe
  4. [22:15:57] Muddy Yes, discuss your love lives. I'll be over here programming.

    context unneeded
  5. talking about hunting for venison in a roleplay

    [21:16:43] Starr did I seriously read it as "Do you like television?"
    [21:16:54] Keileon LOL
    [21:17:27] LordXGigaX time to hunt for wild tvs
    [21:17:38] LordXGigaX we can eat the ghosts inside of them
    [21:17:52] Keileon here we see the plasma-screen television in its natural habitat
    [21:17:54] Keileon best buy
    [21:18:23] Keileon witness as the hunting sports fan hungrily sneaks up on his prey before other predatory shoppers can get it
    [21:18:52] LordXGigaX LOFL
    [21:18:53] Cerberus oh my god kuda
    [21:18:59] Shadow The fuck LOL
    [21:19:16] Shadow That was great
    [21:20:19] Keileon thank you
  6. [22:27:12] Keileon So yeah, newcanon? Zio, want in???
    [22:27:22] Starr I like Noncanon a lot because I get to play character I will never play
    [22:27:27] Starr *characters
    [22:27:50] Ziolang Is that the one with the letter people?
    [22:27:57] Keileon No, that's AoF
    [22:28:04] Ziolang oic
    [22:28:05] Keileon Alphabet of Fate
    [22:28:06] Ziolang Sure~
    [22:28:13] Starr Like hell I'll most likely never play the scarletburn twins ever so noncanon is great for me
    [22:28:37] Ziolang It's about time I had a CP character that wasn't Zio
    [22:28:46] Keileon Shadow? Starr? Giga?
    [22:28:57] Starr do we use pirate raisin for this
    [22:28:57] Shadow Nah, not feeling like newcanon
    [22:29:05] Keileon Goddammit Shdow
    [22:29:05] Starr construction failed
    [22:29:08] LordXGigaX Same
    [22:29:08] Keileon *Shadow
    [22:29:11] Starr gg people
    [22:29:19] Keileon Nobody cares about you anyway Giga
    [22:29:26] Starr rekt
    [22:29:30] Shadow wow
    [22:29:32] LordXGigaX Gee, thanks
    [22:29:35] Cerberus the tsundere is strong in this one
    [22:29:36] Keileon yw
    [22:29:38] Shadow LOL
    [22:29:39] LordXGigaX And on that note, goodnight and fuck you
    [22:29:40] Starr LMAO
    [22:29:44] |<-- LordXGigaX has left irc.paradoxirc.net (Quit: Time to gtfo!)
    [22:29:44] Keileon No thanks
    [22:29:46] Starr Best ship
    [22:29:52] Starr literally best ship
    [22:29:52] Shadow Good job
    [22:29:56] Keileon Thank you
    [22:30:03] Shadow It's a CA because the ship is strong
    [22:30:04] Starr okay yeah i'm out of things here
    [22:30:06] Shadow LEL.
    [22:30:07] Starr LOL
    [22:30:14] Keileon We weren't going to do anything anyway why not piss him off

    the salt is strong with this one
  7. [19:07:21] <~Shadow> Oops post-writing abilities are degenerating quickly

    [19:07:32] <~Shadow> Give me another two moments
    [19:08:08] <+Dark> I often wonder what you mean by that
    [19:08:19] <+Dark> What, do you suddenly start writing in Spanish or something?
    [19:08:23] <Starr> LOL
    [19:08:56] <~Shadow> LMAO I can do that too
    [19:09:23] <+Dark> Like i'm just imagining a fight scene involving Espira and everything is in English until the dialogue
    [19:09:33] <+Dark> then the Spanish appears out of nowhere
    [19:09:46] <+Dark> "Oh shit I forgot how to post guys"
    [19:09:52] <Starr> "Eres un tonto!"
    [19:09:59] <Starr> "Oh woops, random spanish"
    [19:10:01] <+LordXGigaX> And then halfway through a sentence, it suddenly turns into Japanese
    [19:10:10] <Starr> *CoU introduces english subs"
    [19:10:14] <Starr> **
    [19:10:15] <+Dark> LOL
    [19:10:43] <~Shadow> Es demasiado hayai for the eye to see
    [19:10:48] <+Dark> LMAO
    [19:10:52] <+LordXGigaX> LOFL
  8. [20:33:39] <Eebit>: So tonight, at dinner
    [20:33:52] <Eebit>: Family's sitting down with the g-parents and Krista
    [20:34:00] -->| Starr (gen@hidden-7vrenf.irvnca.sbcglobal.net) has joined #CoE
    [20:34:04] <Eebit>: All goes pretty well, you know. Casual family dinner shit
    [20:34:17] <Eebit>: So my little sister starts talking to Krista about Girl Guides
    [20:34:20] <Eebit>: She's ten
    [20:34:41] <Eebit>: She asks why Krista doesn't work with the age group below my sister
    [20:35:00] <Starr>: Girl Guides
    [20:35:10] <Eebit>: I go "It's because she doesn't deal well with senseless complaining/whining"
    [20:35:22] <Starr>: best onii-chan
    [20:35:25] <Eebit>: Deadpan, she goes "so why is she dating you?"
    [20:35:29] <Starr>: OH
    [20:35:30] <Cerberus>: OHHHH
    [20:35:32] <Shadow>: REKT
    [20:35:35] <Starr>: FUCKING REKT
    [20:35:36] <Cerberus>: WOMBO COMBO
    [20:35:40] <Starr>: OOOHHHH
    [20:35:45] <Shadow>: Holy shit son
    [20:35:48] <Starr>: GET YOUR ASS WOOPED
    [20:36:15] <Cerberus>: This girl will go far in life
    [20:36:19] <Starr>: this is next gen CoE right here
    [20:36:23] <Starr>: bright future ahead of us
    [20:36:31] <Shadow>: Your little sister deserves a medal for this
    [20:36:33] <Eebit>: She had the smuggest shit-eating grin on her face afterwards as she just ate her damn sorbet
    [20:36:39] <Shadow>: Ahahaha
    [20:36:43] <Starr>: >Eating a sorbet
    [20:36:52] <Starr>: That just adds on to the sheer amount of rekt
  9. I'm torn between laughing hysterically and blushing profusely- this is perfect
  10. @CerberusLycan showing off le epik maymays

  11. your senses of humor are so amazing they cannot be comprehended

  12. At least we have a sense of humor
    Okay bbs gotta watch my soaps
  13. @CerberusLycan quickly ascending to oppressive memelord status
  14. meanwhile in lightning IRC

    [20:07:51] Keileon You know this whole T4F thing is really weird out of context. My day so far has consisted almost entirely of using two dragons to train a third dragon by beating up various swamp animals for rare articles of clothing
    [20:09:08] CatalyzedLights And we're sending these trained dragons into a cannon... for science
    [20:09:49] -->| Impception (Mibbit@mib-A62A7CC2.ks.ks.cox.net) has joined #GetBackToWork
    [20:10:08] Snaptrap But beating things up for clothing is fun-tastic!
  15. This was fun.

    [09:53:07] Aeronaught Ugh, I don't know if I like the kelp beds.
    [09:53:17] Aeronaught It all depins on the creatures involved though.
    [09:53:28] Keileon Nice.
    [09:54:46] Keileon Try not to go too depin the water though
    [09:55:24] kuroida kelp beds suck. I can't beat the mantirunes or whatever they're called
    [09:55:30] Aeronaught I think I might need some kelp if I'm going to keep going.
    [09:57:12] Keileon I'm sure someone will be able to tend to you if you need kelp
    [09:57:27] kuroida im in a music class. We're still on racial issues. what does this have to do with music?
    [09:57:34] Aeronaught ???
    [09:57:35] kuroida it's been over an hr...
    [09:57:35] kuroida zzzzz
    [09:57:48] Keileon is bad at puns
    [09:57:59] kuroida lool
    [09:58:21] kuroida that was horrible. But I got it in the end XD
    [09:59:10] Keileon There are only so many fish puns in the sea .-.
    [10:00:09] kuroida I'm not keeping up with my 60 a day t4f training goal...
    [10:00:18] kuroida waits for someone to take fodder
    [10:00:44] Compcalc Keileon, these are like, the very very bottom of puns
    [10:00:48] Compcalc The abyss, if you will
    [10:00:53] Compcalc They're relics of a bygone time
    [10:00:57] Aeronaught You ain't sean nothing yet.
    [10:01:10] Keileon Dammit I was going to use that relic one
    [10:01:32] Compcalc We'el be waiting for you to come up with a replacement
    [10:01:33] Keileon I feel like I'm chasing clouds trying to keep up with you two
    [10:01:38] Compcalc Let us know if one strikes you
    [10:01:47] Compcalc Eh, that one wasn't very golden
    [10:01:57] Keileon I know, I did it on porpoise
    [10:02:18] ShadowRising I feel you kuroida.
    [10:02:29] ShadowRising I just want someone to take the fodder I have and give me new ones to traid.
    [10:02:31] ShadowRising *train
    [10:02:33] Compcalc I feel like these puns are corroding my mind
    [10:02:46] Compcalc Not a jewel among them, let me tell ya


    [10:08:05] Compcalc Oh, and Aeronaught
    [10:08:09] Compcalc You're octo-fired
  16. goddammit snap

    [04:13:18] Compcalc Buttsnake is on swipp
    [04:13:49] Fulger ugh
    [04:14:02] Fulger I'm still waiting on the supplier to accept their CR
    [04:14:17] Fulger tbh it's been over an hour and they're listed as online
    [04:15:03] Keileon Derp. That's the Buttersnake I don't have and I don't have any of the swipp items. :|
    [04:15:14] |<-- Fink has left irc.mibbit.net (Quit: This computer has gone to sleep)
    [04:16:33] GhostThane yeah I need 11 more trouts, I don't have the familiar either u_u
    [04:17:12] AlaKazam ((lemme check how many trouts I have))
    [04:17:29] Keileon On the bright side my Bestiary went up to 243 because of a lucky chest and buying a Corrosive Depin
    [04:17:39] AlaKazam 16 trouts! who wants some?
    [04:17:46] -->| Fink (Fink@DE99A742.EC42FEB4.846FEEE6.IP) has joined #GetBackToWork
    [04:17:59] Keileon GhostThane needs them more than I do lel
    [04:18:08] Snaptrap No you don't.
    [04:18:10] Snaptrap Neither of you.
    [04:18:11] Snaptrap >>
    [04:18:12] Snaptrap <<
    [04:18:13] Snaptrap >>
    [04:18:13] Snaptrap <<
    [04:18:16] Snaptrap -sneaker-
    [04:18:18] AlaKazam wha
    [04:18:20] GhostThane what
    [04:18:21] Keileon ... Okay Snap
    [04:18:26] Keileon XD
    [04:18:29] Snaptrap Ala, check your pm on here.
    [04:18:33] Fulger oh my god
    [04:18:34] Fulger SNAP
    [04:18:43] Fulger YOU ARE THE BEST FOR THIS CHAT
    [04:18:46] Keileon I'm just laughing now
    [04:19:06] Fulger lets give Snaptrap some hugs for what she's been doing for us
    [04:19:11] Fulger hugs Snaptrap
    [04:19:22] Keileon You should change your username in December
    [04:19:25] Snaptrap -sneaks away-
    [04:19:27] Keileon To SantaTrap
    [04:19:28] Keileon :V
    [04:19:36] Fulger lmao
    [04:19:40] GhostThane oh my god your'e the most amazing person ever
    [04:19:44] Fulger SantaTrap
    [04:19:46] Keileon (it's 4am don't judge me)
    [04:19:56] Snaptrap Santatrap.
    [04:20:01] =-= Snaptrap is now known as Santatrap
    [04:20:04] Keileon LOL
    [04:20:05] GhostThane :'D
    [04:20:06] Fulger snap should have it on come Christmas-
    [04:20:08] Fulger LOL
    [04:20:10] Santatrap I know whose been naughty, I know who has been nice.
    [04:20:20] Santatrap I know who deserves a treat and who deserves a -.
    [04:20:23] Santatrap .... nevermind. >>

    Context: http://puu.sh/jaWHB/20b5f2a5e7.png

    More context: Snap has been spending money on people's wants all night
  17. @muddy with the puns that are 2gud

    *** Zio quit (Ping timeout: 121 seconds)
    bye zio
    i hope i'll zio later

  18. [21:38:01] Keileon TIL grapes are poisonous to dogs
    [21:38:20] Muddy Yeah, bad for their kidneys
    [21:38:52] Cerberus >Starr's niece said Ziolang was grapes
    [21:39:00] Cerberus >Zio is poisonous to dogs
    [21:39:02] Cerberus >I'm a dog
    [21:39:07] Starr !
    [21:39:09] Cerberus >Zio is poisonous to me
    [21:39:16] Starr then don't eat him
    [21:39:18] Starr simple as that
    [21:39:19] Muddy Coincidence?!
    [21:39:22] Cerberus Starr's niece was trying to /warn/ me
    [21:39:30] Starr She trying to look out for ya

    [00:03:27] Snaptrap aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
    [00:03:49] Hayate Um is everything o kay?
    [00:04:01] Juliamon Cat
    [00:04:07] Galli oh xD
    [00:04:12] Snaptrap adffffffffffffffffffffffffffdsafadfcvbnm,.;iu;kl.jkl.yjhj.lhttp://www1.flightrising.com/forums/fs5/1523584....lllhyio.,kjfmgndnjmyikoi096iujk,li;.[
    [00:04:20] Juliamon YESSS
    [00:04:24] Galli hi cat XD
    [00:04:29] Juliamon I love when the cat links a thread
    [00:04:34] Galli Hooow..
    [00:04:35] Galli wow
    [00:05:11] Snaptrap '/.;.;;.;.;;;
    [00:05:17] Snaptrap Sorry!
    [00:05:19] Galli XDD
    [00:05:21] Galli hahaha XD
    [00:05:23] Snaptrap Prince was being face cuddly.
    [00:05:29] Galli awh~
    [00:05:33] |<-- estlin has left irc.mibbit.net (Quit: )
    [00:05:39] Snaptrap .... that's two cats now that have linked a thread.
    [00:05:41] Snaptrap Thanks cats.
    [00:05:52] Hayate Dawww h'es cute. And uh, free advertising wow.
    [00:06:10] Galli "snap, you have to teach your cats to press enter after hitting a link, not all that gibberish"
    [00:06:26] Snaptrap -nod- I need them to teach me how to hyper-link.
    [00:07:44] Snaptrap The cat is currently draped over my neck, purring.
  19. The weather, according to Stormcatcher.

    [00:37:40] ThomasSkunk .weather hell
    [00:37:41] Bossman Yahoo! Weather - Trondelag, NO: Unknown, 10°C (50°F), Humidity: 79%, Light air 1.8m/s (↑)
    [00:37:48] Impception ..
    [00:37:52] Keileon ... LOL
    [00:37:54] Impception That sounds like heaven not hell
    [00:38:03] PsywurmFulg .weather Darwin
    [00:38:03] Bossman Yahoo! Weather - Darwin, AU: Fair, 29°C (84°F), Humidity: 40%, Moderate breeze 6.3m/s (↘)
    [00:38:08] PsywurmFulg .weather Sydney
    [00:38:10] Bossman Yahoo! Weather - Sydney, AU: Fair, 22°C (71°F), Humidity: 20%, Fresh breeze 9.8m/s (↘)
    [00:38:15] PsywurmFulg .weather Canberra
    [00:38:15] Bossman Yahoo! Weather - Canberra, AU: Partly Cloudy, 14°C (57°F), Humidity: 59%, Moderate breeze 6.7m/s (→)
    [00:38:16] ThomasSkunk .weather antarctica
    [00:38:17] Bossman Yahoo! Weather - Antarctica, AQ: Mostly Cloudy, -19°C (-2°F), Humidity: 41%, Moderate breeze 6.3m/s (↖)
    [00:38:18] Impception .weather Cairns
    [00:38:18] Bossman Yahoo! Weather - Cairns, AU: Partly Cloudy, 26°C (78°F), Humidity: 51%, Moderate breeze 7.6m/s (↖)
    [00:38:25] ThomasSkunk -2 in antarctica!
    [00:38:27] Compcalc .weather
    [00:38:27] Bossman Yahoo! Weather - San Francisco, CA: Cloudy, 18°C (64°F), Humidity: 78%, Gentle breeze 5.4m/s (→)
    [00:38:31] PsywurmFulg .weather Bossman
    [00:38:32] Bossman Yahoo! Weather - Bozeman, MT: Fair, 18°C (64°F), Humidity: 47%, Gentle breeze 4.0m/s (↑)
    [00:38:34] Impception .... Oh what I couldn't give to be in Cairns.
    [00:38:35] PsywurmFulg LOL
    [00:38:38] Impception ..... BOZEMAN
    [00:38:38] PsywurmFulg LOLLLLLLLLLL
    [00:38:40] Compcalc Oh bullshit. It is NOT that cold
    [00:38:41] Keileon LOL
    [00:38:46] Impception BOZEMAN HAS A TOWN
    [00:38:56] ThomasSkunk .weather lightning
    [00:38:57] Bossman Yahoo! Weather - Lightning, OR: Fair, 22°C (71°F), Humidity: 25%, Gentle breeze 3.6m/s (↑)
    [00:39:01] PsywurmFulg WHAT
    [00:39:02] Impception o.o
    [00:39:04] Impception LOL
    [00:39:09] PsywurmFulg OMFG THIS IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE
    [00:39:35] Impception .weather flightrising
    [00:39:36] Bossman Yahoo! Weather - Foilatrisnig, IE: Partly Cloudy, 11°C (51°F), Humidity: 94%, Light breeze 2.7m/s (↗)
    [00:39:49] Impception o.o
    [00:40:00] ThomasSkunk .weather tempest spire
    [00:40:01] Bossman Yahoo! Weather - Bracknell, GB: Fair, 10°C (50°F), Humidity: 87%, Light air 0.9m/s (↓)
    [00:40:16] Impception .weather plague
    [00:40:16] Bossman Yahoo! Weather - Dordogne, FR: Fair, 14°C (57°F), Humidity: 88%, Light air 0.9m/s (↓)
    [00:40:23] Keileon .weather sornieth
    [00:40:25] Bossman Yahoo! Weather - Sarnath, IN: Haze, 29°C (84°F), Humidity: 74%, Calm 0.0m/s (↓)
    [00:40:35] PsywurmFulg .weather Ice
    [00:40:36] Bossman Yahoo! Weather - Ice, KY: Fair, 20°C (68°F), Humidity: 81%, Calm 0.0m/s (↓)
    [00:40:38] ThomasSkunk .weather impception
    [00:40:39] Bossman ThomasSkunk: I don't know where that is.
    [00:40:44] PsywurmFulg LMAO
    [00:40:47] Keileon Oh NOW you get confused
    [00:40:47] Impception ;-;
    [00:40:51] Impception I DON'T EXIST

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