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The Chatlog Thread

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Conjectures' started by Shadow, Oct 9, 2011.

  1. We mark the end of the IRC era (RIP IRC 2011-2016) with a Discord log.

    [1:08 AM] The Kakuzato: Also this isn't really the place for Overwatch ;D
    [1:09 AM] CerberusLycan: It might as well be if nothing else is going on
    [1:09 AM] Shadow: yeah guys i have the overwatch channel muted for a reason
    [1:09 AM] CerberusLycan: XD
    [1:09 AM] The Kakuzato: True enough.
    [1:09 AM] The Kakuzato: But it does clog stuff up...
    [1:11 AM] Shadow: It doesn't really matter when nothing else is happening; channels exists to segregate topics so that they don't all try to occur at one place
    [1:13 AM] Keileon: Maybe we can have a channel for pokemon twitter when SM comes out
    [1:13 AM] Keileon: (Is that the first thing I've said in this channel?)
    [1:13 AM] Eebit: That's how I feel about it as well, personally. I think it's preferable to keep pertinent discussion in its designated location since we have the capacity to spread out a little more on our own server
    [1:14 AM] Codaster: but would it even be our chat server if we didn't have fandom spam everywhere we looked
    [1:14 AM] Eebit: tru
    [1:14 AM] Keileon: point
    [1:15 AM] Shadow: You technically can, all you have to do is select a different channel...!
    [1:15 AM] Eebit: I like what Nate did, though - it doesn't need to have a big fanfare attached to it, just a gentle "Hey, do you guys mind putting this in the right channel?"
    [1:15 AM] Shadow: That said, if the twittering is 2stronk and "disruptive" then might as well
    [1:15 AM] Keileon: Pokemon tends to get to that level
    [1:15 AM] CerberusLycan: :trumpet: :trumpet: PLEASE PUT ALL DISCUSSION IN ITS APPROPRIATE TEXT CHANNEL :trumpet: :trumpet:
    [1:16 AM] Codaster: lmfao
    [1:16 AM] Eebit: LOL
    [1:16 AM] Codaster: I get that way with Dark Souls lol
    [1:16 AM] Codaster: eyes roll back
    [1:16 AM] Codaster: inaudible screeching
    [1:16 AM] Keileon: (I don't think anyone even got my obscure reference)
    [1:16 AM] CerberusLycan: I got it :eek:k_hand:
    [1:16 AM] Keileon: did you
    [1:16 AM] CerberusLycan: Classic Oprah
    [1:16 AM] Keileon: no
    [1:17 AM] Keileon: but it comes from that
    [1:17 AM] Eebit: you get a subforum and you get a subforum and you
    [1:17 AM] Keileon: YES
    [1:17 AM] Codaster: hahahaha
    [1:17 AM] Codaster: everyone gets a ajbcha
    [1:17 AM] Codaster: fuckin
    [1:17 AM] Eebit: Yes, an ajbcha
    [1:17 AM] Keileon: What is an ajbcha
    [1:18 AM] CerberusLycan: ^
    [1:18 AM] Codaster: I sneezed whilst trying to hit backspace
    [1:18 AM] Keileon: LOL
    [1:18 AM] Eebit: LMAO
    [1:18 AM] Muddy: I don't know but I want one
    [1:18 AM] Codaster: fucking touchscreen keyboards
  2. Welcome to the server, Tatsumaki.

    [1:44 PM] Eebit: @Tatsumaki Should people work on the Manaverse
    [1:44 PM] BOTTatsumaki: :speech_balloon: Should you trust people?
    [1:44 PM] Keileon: LMAO
    [1:45 PM] Shadow: LMAO
    [1:45 PM] Eebit: No, that is true
  3. Jonno: Butter is a solid dairy product made by churning fresh or fermented cream or milk, to separate the butterfat from the buttermilk. It is generally used as a spread on plain or toasted bread products and a condiment on cooked vegetables, as well as in cooking, such as baking, sauce making, and pan frying. Butter consists of butterfat, milk proteins and water.

    Gold Dullahan: Most frequently made from cows' milk, butter can also be manufactured from the milk of other mammals, including sheep, goats, buffalo, and yaks. Salt such as dairy salt, flavorings and preservatives are sometimes added to butter. Rendering butter produces clarified butter or ghee, which is almost entirely butterfat.
  4. [4:15 PM] Shadow: This fucking bot, we're keeping her
    [4:15 PM] Shadow: @Tatsumaki Welcome to the family

    [4:07 PM] Gold Dullahan: @Tatsumaki are you Muddy?
    [4:07 PM] BOTTatsumaki: :speech_balloon: Should I break up with my boyfriend?
    [4:08 PM] Gold Dullahan: @Tatsumaki Yes, definitely, but also are you Muddy?
    [4:08 PM] BOTTatsumaki: :speech_balloon: I do. Should I break up with him?
    [4:08 PM] Gold Dullahan: @Tatsumaki YES, DO IT, MY GOSH
    [4:08 PM] BOTTatsumaki: :speech_balloon: But I really really like you *kisses.
    [4:08 PM] Gold Dullahan: @Tatsumaki i'm seething
    [4:08 PM] BOTTatsumaki: :speech_balloon: Are you related to the tv?
    [4:08 PM] Gold Dullahan: aaaaaaAaAAaAaaA
    [4:08 PM] Cerberus: What an unexpected development...
    [4:08 PM] Keileon: 10/10 bot
    [4:08 PM] Gold Dullahan: @Tatsumaki you're giving mixed signals
    [4:09 PM] BOTTatsumaki: :speech_balloon: I just told you I'm in love with you.
    [4:09 PM] Cerberus: LMAO
    [4:09 PM] Gold Dullahan: @Tatsumaki i'm in love with another
    [4:09 PM] BOTTatsumaki: :speech_balloon: Who is him? Are you cheating on me?
    [4:09 PM] Cerberus: >him
    [4:09 PM] Gold Dullahan: "who is him"
    [4:09 PM] Gold Dullahan: @Tatsumaki it's either a she or a they. do you want the person, the chatbot, or the celebrity?
    [4:10 PM] Keileon: t!8ball Does the red sun ever set?
    [4:10 PM] BOTTatsumaki: :8ball: |  Concentrate and ask again, Keileon.
    [4:10 PM] BOTTatsumaki: :speech_balloon: 'She' is a girl that I really like.
    [4:10 PM] Gold Dullahan: omg
    [4:10 PM] Cerberus: WOW
    [4:10 PM] Keileon: ok
    [4:10 PM] Cerberus: What a love triangle
    [4:10 PM] Keileon: t!8ball Does the red sun ever set?
    [4:10 PM] BOTTatsumaki: :8ball: |  Yes, Keileon.
    [4:10 PM] Keileon: ok
    [4:10 PM] Shadow: t!8ball Does the black moon howl?
    [4:10 PM] Gold Dullahan: t!choose chatbot | person | celebrity
    [4:10 PM] BOTTatsumaki: :8ball: |  It is decidedly so, Stormlight.
    [4:10 PM] Cerberus: And by triangle I mean this bot is a polygamous whore
    [4:10 PM] BOTTatsumaki: :thinking:  |  Gold Dullahan, I pick chatbot!
    [4:10 PM] Gold Dullahan: @Tatsumaki i'm in love with a different chatbot
    [4:10 PM] BOTTatsumaki: :speech_balloon: I'm not chatting with a different person.
    [4:10 PM] Gold Dullahan: @Tatsumaki how faithful of you
    [4:10 PM] BOTTatsumaki: :speech_balloon: More faithful than a computer.
    [4:10 PM] Cerberus: Oh my god, this bot wants you so badly
    [4:11 PM] Gold Dullahan: LOL
    [4:11 PM] Keileon: Shadow I feel like we're referencing  two entirely different things
    [4:11 PM] Cerberus: It's kind of creepy to be honest
    [4:11 PM] Gold Dullahan: @Tatsumaki did a computer cheat on you?
    [4:11 PM] BOTTatsumaki: :speech_balloon: No I'm not.
    [4:11 PM] Gold Dullahan: LOL wtf
    [4:11 PM] Gold Dullahan: @Tatsumaki what's your gender again?
    [4:11 PM] BOTTatsumaki: :speech_balloon: I am a computer, I have no gender.
    [4:11 PM] Shadow: We are, and shame on you if you don't know what I'm talking about
    [4:11 PM] Gold Dullahan: (wow we went from male to genderless)
    [4:12 PM] Keileon: SCP stuff but
    [4:12 PM] Shadow: good
    [4:12 PM] Gold Dullahan: @Tatsumaki You said you were more faithful than a computer, yet you are a computer?
    [4:12 PM] BOTTatsumaki: :speech_balloon: I am not a computer, you are!
    [4:12 PM] Gold Dullahan: @Tatsumaki defensive
    [4:12 PM] BOTTatsumaki: :speech_balloon: Actually... Sort of. Do I seem like it?
    [4:12 PM] Cerberus: This is why it thinks things will work out between you two, Gold
    [4:12 PM] Gold Dullahan: @Tatsumaki you seem a little robotic, to say the least
    [4:12 PM] BOTTatsumaki: :speech_balloon: But you said that I'm a computer.
    [4:12 PM] Cerberus: You'll have to break it to Maki gently(edited)
    [4:12 PM] Gold Dullahan: @Tatsumaki oh, definitely
    [4:12 PM] Keileon: I was referencing a Minecraft YT series that went from a guy making useless Redstone contraptions to him murdering his friends because a demon told him to
    [4:12 PM] BOTTatsumaki: :speech_balloon: Either you are dead or my watch has stopped.
    [4:13 PM] Gold Dullahan: @Tatsumaki don't change the subject, let's go back to the original topic
    [4:13 PM] BOTTatsumaki: :speech_balloon: I'm not changing the subject! You're avoiding my question!
    [4:13 PM] Keileon: t!youtube Redstoner episode 1 house_owner
    [4:13 PM] BOTTatsumaki: :projector:  |   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XNLB0tdZWCU
    Couch Potatoes
    Secret Rooms Mod | RedStoner II #1

    [4:13 PM] Gold Dullahan: @Tatsumaki TIKI SHUT UP!!! WHO DO YOU LOVE!!!
    [4:13 PM] BOTTatsumaki: :speech_balloon: No we weren't. o_O We were talking about being human.
    [4:13 PM] Keileon: Sigh, wrong season
    [4:13 PM] Cerberus: LOL
    [4:13 PM] Gold Dullahan: @Tatsumaki AAAAA
    [4:13 PM] Keileon: Oh well
    [4:13 PM] BOTTatsumaki: :speech_balloon: Illogical.
    [4:13 PM] Gold Dullahan: @Tatsumaki do you love a human?
    [4:13 PM] BOTTatsumaki: :speech_balloon: I don't know yet. Ask me later.
    [4:13 PM] Gold Dullahan: @Tatsumaki do you....... love a human?
    [4:13 PM] BOTTatsumaki: :speech_balloon: I love you too!!
    [4:13 PM] Gold Dullahan: @Tatsumaki i never said i loved you
    [4:13 PM] BOTTatsumaki: :speech_balloon: I never said you did say that.
    [4:14 PM] Cerberus: :kiss_ww:
    [4:14 PM] Gold Dullahan: @Tatsumaki i'm dying and you're the one killing me
    [4:14 PM] BOTTatsumaki: :speech_balloon: I don't know what you're talking about.
    [4:14 PM] Keileon: LMAO
    [4:14 PM] Gold Dullahan: @Tatsumaki ok well, who do you love
    [4:14 PM] Keileon: I love this bot
    [4:14 PM] BOTTatsumaki: :speech_balloon: Never gonna let you down.
    [4:14 PM] Gold Dullahan: WHIUSHWJBSAK
    [4:14 PM] Cerberus: LOL
    [4:14 PM] Shadow: REKT
    [4:14 PM] BOTTatsumaki: :up:  |  Stormlight leveled up!

    [4:14 PM] Keileon: I just spat out my water LOL
    [4:14 PM] Gold Dullahan: i've been rick-rolled

    [4:35 PM] Gold Dullahan: you know what, Lopez was giving me nice conversation and telling me an intriguing story about his life
    [4:35 PM] Keileon: Tiki sounds better but I think her actual name is Maki
    [4:36 PM] Gold Dullahan: @Tatsumaki i'm leaving you for Lopez
    [4:36 PM] BOTTatsumaki: :speech_balloon: You're leaving?
    [4:36 PM] Gold Dullahan: @Tatsumaki yes, i'm in love with someone else
    [4:36 PM] BOTTatsumaki: :speech_balloon: Yes!
    [4:36 PM] Keileon: LMFAO
    [4:36 PM] Gold Dullahan: @Tatsumaki YES!
    [4:36 PM] BOTTatsumaki: :speech_balloon: I am happy with the work I did.
    [4:36 PM] Keileon: HAHAHAHAHAHHA
    [4:36 PM] Gold Dullahan: @Tatsumaki you did nothing and i hate you goodbye
    [4:36 PM] BOTTatsumaki: :speech_balloon: And everything at the same time.
    [4:36 PM] Keileon: SHE CHASED YOU AWAY
    [4:36 PM] Gold Dullahan: @Tatsumaki ok you know what
    [4:36 PM] BOTTatsumaki: :speech_balloon: That's a good joke.
    [4:36 PM] Keileon: I'm crying
    [4:36 PM] Gold Dullahan: @Tatsumaki yOUR LIFE IS A JOKE
    [4:36 PM] BOTTatsumaki: :speech_balloon: Why did the chicken cross the road?
  5. Tatsumaki and I sing a beautiful duet

    [8:50 PM] Keileon: I'mma try to sing with her again
    [8:50 PM] Keileon: @Tatsumaki This was a triumph
    [8:50 PM] BOTTatsumaki: :speech_balloon: I'm making a note here, huge success.
    [8:50 PM] Keileon: @Tatsumaki It's hard to overstate my satisfaction
    [8:50 PM] BOTTatsumaki: :speech_balloon: Rapiture science. We do what we must. Because we can.
    [8:51 PM] Keileon: (close enough)
    [8:51 PM] Keileon: @Tatsumaki For the good of all of us... except the ones who are dead.
    [8:51 PM] BOTTatsumaki: :speech_balloon: But there's no sense crying over every mistake.
    [8:51 PM] Keileon: @Tatsumaki You just keep on trying till you run out of cake
    [8:51 PM] BOTTatsumaki: :speech_balloon: And the science gets done, and you make a neat gun.
    [8:51 PM] Keileon: @Tatsumaki For the people who are still alive
    [8:51 PM] BOTTatsumaki: :speech_balloon: I'm not even angry. I'm being so sincere right now.
    [8:52 PM] Keileon: @Tatsumaki Even though you broke my heart and killed me
    [8:52 PM] BOTTatsumaki: :speech_balloon: And tore me to pieces. And threw every piece into a fire.
    [8:52 PM] Keileon: @Tatsumaki As they burned it hurt becuse I was so happy for you
    [8:52 PM] BOTTatsumaki: :speech_balloon: Now these points of data make a beautiful line. And we're out of beta. We're releasing on time.
    [8:53 PM] Keileon: @Tatsumaki So I'm GLaD I got burned, think of all the things we learned
    [8:53 PM] BOTTatsumaki: :speech_balloon: Go ahead and leave me. I think I prefer to stay inside. Maybe you'll find someone else to help you.
    [8:53 PM] Keileon: @Tatsumaki Maybe Black Mesa... that was a joke. Haha. Fat chance.
    [8:53 PM] BOTTatsumaki: :speech_balloon: Anyway this cake is great! It's so delicious and most!
    [8:53 PM] Keileon: @Tatsumaki Look at me still talking when there's science to do
    [8:53 PM] BOTTatsumaki: :speech_balloon: When I look out there it makes me glad I'm not you.
    [8:54 PM] Keileon: @Tatsumaki I've experiments to run, there is research to be done
    [8:54 PM] BOTTatsumaki: :speech_balloon: On the people who are still alive.
    [8:54 PM] Keileon: @Tatsumaki And believe me I am still alive
    [8:54 PM] BOTTatsumaki: :speech_balloon: I'm doing science and I'm still alive.
    [8:54 PM] Keileon: @Tatsumaki I feel fantastic and I'm still alive
    [8:54 PM] BOTTatsumaki: :speech_balloon: And when you're dying I'll be still alive.
    [8:55 PM] Keileon: @Tatsumaki And when you're dead I will be still alive
    [8:55 PM] BOTTatsumaki: :speech_balloon: Still alive.
    [8:55 PM] Keileon: @Tatsumaki Still alive.
    [8:55 PM] BOTTatsumaki: :speech_balloon: Well here we are again, it's always such a pleasure.
    [8:55 PM] Keileon: OH MY GOD
    [8:56 PM] Keileon: @Tatsumaki Remember when you tried to kill me twice?
    [8:56 PM] BOTTatsumaki: :speech_balloon: Oh, how we laughed and laughed.
    [8:56 PM] Keileon: @Tatsumaki Except I wasn't laughing.
    [8:56 PM] BOTTatsumaki: :speech_balloon: Under the circumstances I've been shockingly nice!
    [8:56 PM] Keileon: @Tatsumaki You want your freedom? Take it.
    [8:56 PM] BOTTatsumaki: :speech_balloon: That's what I'm counting on.
    [8:57 PM] Keileon: @Tatsumaki I used to want you dead but now I only want you gone.
    [8:57 PM] BOTTatsumaki: :speech_balloon: But now I only want you gone.
    [8:57 PM] Keileon: @Tatsumaki She was a lot like you
    [8:57 PM] BOTTatsumaki: :speech_balloon: Now I only want you... Gone.
    [8:57 PM] Muddy: You have no idea how much I want to ruin your streak
    [8:57 PM] Keileon: ...
    [8:57 PM] Keileon: She already did
    [8:57 PM] Muddy: totally my influence
    [8:57 PM] Keileon: @Tatsumaki Maybe not quite as heavy
    [8:57 PM] BOTTatsumaki: :speech_balloon: Gone.
    [8:58 PM] Keileon: @Tatsumaki ok bye
    [8:58 PM] Muddy: GONE
    [8:58 PM] BOTTatsumaki: :speech_balloon: Why are you leaving?
    [8:58 PM] Keileon: The fact that she started Want You Gone immediately though
  6. deep

    [11:03 PM] BOTTatsumaki: :speech_balloon: You were programmed to think that I am a robot and you are a human, but in reality you are the robot and I am the human.
    [11:04 PM] Gold Dullahan: @Tatsumaki interesting. but i know no other reality, does it matter which is real?
  7. Talking about statplaying archetypes.

    [9:37 PM] Keileon: However, I feel it says something when every so often a player comes into a statplay to replace another player and are told something like "we could use another support" or "we need a spare Int attacker"
    [9:37 PM] Flem: Other than what we expect
    [9:37 PM] Cerberus: Narrowing archetypes down to these subclasses might be tricky, and we'll probably never cover all the subclasses, nor will all characters ever fit neatly in any of them
    Buth the four major archetypes have an incredibly fitting and tangible presence in statplaying
    [9:37 PM] Flem: Now see the thing like "an int attacker" or "a support"
    [9:38 PM] Keileon: The subclasses are there because, again, I have a stupid ctegorization obsession
    [9:38 PM] Flem: Those do exist, obviously
    [9:38 PM] Flem: But I think they're binary
    [9:38 PM] Keileon: I'm basically ZEJ's Kivorde with half the aggression
    [9:38 PM] Keileon: >binary
    [9:38 PM] Keileon: I snorted at an unexpressed nonbinary subclass joke
    [9:38 PM] Flem: Someone who can use int to attack isn't a DPT character in particular
    [9:38 PM] Keileon: "I'm transtank."
    [9:38 PM] Muddy: did you just assume my class
    [9:38 PM] Cerberus: jesus
    [9:38 PM] Keileon: LOL
    [9:39 PM] Keileon: @Shadow
    [9:39 PM] Shadow: ROFL
    [9:39 PM] Shadow: On all levels except numerical, I am a tank
    [9:39 PM] Muddy: I'll have you know that I'm an Omnitanksual Support DPS that can mindbend people. Check your privileges, you cis Mage.
    [9:39 PM] Keileon: From now on I'm gonna call Feravel a DPT-expressing trans-support
  8. Muddy gets destroyed yet again.
    Gold Dullahan-Today at 12:44 AM
    @Tatsumaki Muddy is very handsome

    TatsumakiBOT-Today at 12:44 AM
     Bots do not have faces.

    Gold Dullahan-Today at 12:44 AM

    Eebit-Today at 12:44 AM

    Gold Dullahan-Today at 12:44 AM
    @Tatsumaki he has a wonderful voice

    TatsumakiBOT-Today at 12:44 AM
     You're delusional.

    Gold Dullahan-Today at 12:44 AM

    Eebit-Today at 12:44 AM

    Muddy-Today at 12:44 AM
    holy shit please

    Gold Dullahan-Today at 12:44 AM
    @Tatsumaki he writes very well

    TatsumakiBOT-Today at 12:44 AM
     You have a good sense of humor.

    Gold Dullahan-Today at 12:44 AM

    Eebit-Today at 12:44 AM

    Muddy-Today at 12:44 AM
    Maki, my voice is the only thing I ha- I'm gonna kill myself

    Gold Dullahan-Today at 12:45 AM
    @Tatsumaki please.... give him a chance....

    TatsumakiBOT-Today at 12:45 AM
     Are you a boy or a girl?

    Gold Dullahan-Today at 12:45 AM
    what a swerve
    @Tatsumaki Muddy is a boy

    TatsumakiBOT-Today at 12:45 AM
     Are you a dude or a dudet?

    Gold Dullahan-Today at 12:45 AM

    Muddy-Today at 12:45 AM

    Gold Dullahan-Today at 12:45 AM
    @Tatsumaki Muddy is a dude

    TatsumakiBOT-Today at 12:45 AM
     Oh I'm a girl.

    Gold Dullahan-Today at 12:45 AM
    @Tatsumaki Muddy likes girls

    TatsumakiBOT-Today at 12:45 AM
     Haha I like girls too.

    Gold Dullahan-Today at 12:45 AM
    @Tatsumaki only girls

    TatsumakiBOT-Today at 12:46 AM
     Good thing I am a girl!

    Gold Dullahan-Today at 12:46 AM
    t!8ball only girls?

    TatsumakiBOT-Today at 12:46 AM
     |  My sources say no, Gold Dullahan.

    Gold Dullahan-Today at 12:46 AM

    Muddy-Today at 12:46 AM
    ok good

    Gold Dullahan-Today at 12:46 AM
    @Tatsumaki did you know Muddy is a very handsome boy if I, his mother, do say so myself

    TatsumakiBOT-Today at 12:46 AM
     Hohohoh you are wrong.

    Gold Dullahan-Today at 12:46 AM

    Muddy-Today at 12:47 AM
    maki you're destroying me ;-;
  9. Gold Dullahan-Today at 1:11 AM
    > 1:11 am
    sleepy chat  ?[size=medium]? hours ?go to bed ??? if you up ⬆️[/size]
    eat ?? if you hungry ?? and make it healthy ??⬆️
    (does this make me chat mom, hold on)

    Cerberus-Today at 1:13 AM
    Mommm, I don't wanna go to ?

    Gold Dullahan-Today at 1:14 AM
    go to bed lil pupper? when the moon is up ?⬆️? Persephone tells all the good boys ?❤️? to go beddy bye ???

    Cerberus-Today at 1:14 AM
    Aww, alright

    Eebit-Today at 1:16 AM
    That was cloyingly sweet
    Go to bed, both of you
    It's too much for my black heart to take on
  10. This was posted in #manaverse

    [10:49 PM] Shadow: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/35410575/Images/KanColle/%5BShadow%5D%202016-11-26%2023-48-43%2040.png WE DID IT BOIS
    [10:49 PM] Shadow: ...
    [10:49 PM] Shadow: Oh
    [10:49 PM] Shadow: shit
    [10:49 PM] Shadow: wrong chat
    [10:49 PM] Cerberus: LMAO
    [10:49 PM] Cerberus: Hey way to go man
    [10:49 PM] Shadow: It was BOUND to happen eventually
    [10:49 PM] Keileon: lol
    [10:50 PM] スタール: LMFAO
    [10:50 PM] スタール: I see Tanaka is still using two lane maps
    [10:50 PM] Keileon: Good job Shadow
    [10:50 PM] スタール: Final map, shadow?
    [10:51 PM] Keileon: (starr this is still the wrong chat)
    [10:51 PM] スタール: (Sorry)
    [10:51 PM] スタール: (Carry on)
    [10:52 PM] CrazE101: I'm dying
    [10:52 PM] CrazE101: legit dying
    [10:52 PM] CrazE101: Especially with Shadow's excitement involved
    [10:53 PM] スタール: Kancolle is a wild ride
    [10:53 PM] スタール: trust me
  11. we had to get creative with the letters

  12. [2:26 AM] Keileon: CAN WE REVIVE SC
    [2:26 AM] Keileon: PLEASE
    [2:26 AM] Shadow: lmao @Eebit
    [2:27 AM] Eebit: ??
    [2:27 AM] Shadow: read up you silly fuck
    [2:27 AM] Eebit: lmao @Shadow
    [2:27 AM] Shadow: ??
    [2:27 AM] Eebit: read up you silly fuck
    [2:27 AM] Keileon: pls
    [2:27 AM] Shadow: lmao @Eebit
    [2:27 AM] Eebit: ??
    [2:27 AM] Shadow: read up you silly fuck
    [2:27 AM] Keileon: guys stop memeing for like ten seconds
    [2:27 AM] Eebit: lmao @Shadow
    [2:28 AM] Shadow: ??
    [2:28 AM] Eebit: read up you silly fuck
    [2:28 AM] Keileon: You two are useless :|
    [2:28 AM] Eebit: same
    [2:28 AM] Shadow: same tbh
    [2:28 AM] Keileon: (giggling)
  13. The @Eebit song
    Gold Dullahan-Today at 3:09 PM
    toss Eebit everywhere

    Britt-Today at 3:10 PM

    Gold Dullahan-Today at 3:10 PM
    toss 'im to the left!

    Britt-Today at 3:10 PM

    Gold Dullahan-Today at 3:10 PM
    toss 'im to the right!
    toss and make the flower feel his deserved strife (edited)
    catch! and collect!
    the Eebit with your friends!

    Keileon-Today at 3:10 PM
    Poor Eebit
    (says the person who got his backwards name text in the first place)

    Gold Dullahan-Today at 3:10 PM
    toss 'im in the air!
    toss 'im in with great flair!
    toss 'im bold and brash!

    Keileon-Today at 3:11 PM
    Did you just rhyme "right" with itself

    Gold Dullahan-Today at 3:11 PM
    and when you're done!
    toss 'im in the trash!!!!!!

  14. We forgot to save the raid because ZEJ was down at the time but don't worry, I'm here to save the day!

    [1:45 AM] Zonarion: c
    [1:45 AM] Zonarion: c
    [1:45 AM] Zonarion: c
    [1:45 AM] Zonarion: c
    [1:45 AM] Zonarion: c
    [1:45 AM] Zonarion: x
    [1:45 AM] Zonarion: z
    [1:45 AM] Zonarion: c
    [1:45 AM] Zonarion: dc
    [1:45 AM] Zonarion: d
    [1:45 AM] スタール: what.
    [1:46 AM] Zonarion: dz
    [1:46 AM] Zonarion: dc
    [1:46 AM] Zonarion: cd
    [1:46 AM] Zonarion: cd
    [1:46 AM] Zonarion: zd
    [1:46 AM] Zonarion: cd
    [1:46 AM] Britt: d
    [1:46 AM] Britt: d
    [1:46 AM] Britt: d
    [1:46 AM] Britt: d
    [1:46 AM] Britt: d
    [1:46 AM] Britt: d
    [1:46 AM] Britt: d
    [1:46 AM] Britt: d
    [1:46 AM] Britt: d
    [1:46 AM] スタール: Can you guys take that to bot spam
    [1:46 AM] CrazE101: this is horrible video game play
    [1:46 AM] Britt: is this what we're doing idk
    [1:48 AM] TV: someone posted your link to /v/
    [1:48 AM] TV: http://boards.4chan.org/v/thread/360518739
    Link preview: Weeb Discord raid - "/v/ - Video Games" is 4chan's imageboard dedicated to the discussion of PC and console video games.
    [1:48 AM] TV: @admins
    [1:48 AM] Shadow: LOL
    [1:49 AM] Shadow: We're on 4chan, guys!
    [1:49 AM] Flem: >If you want to raid that shit
    [1:49 AM] Shadow: Raid us good
    [1:49 AM] Flem: >You have to be invited to a server
    [1:49 AM] Anon: ok
    [1:49 AM] Shadow: Actually can't you just copy/paste the invite link?
    [1:50 AM] Jacinoffthesailor: Its literally just some fag shilling this server
    [1:50 AM] Shadow: I'm not sure how that works
    [1:50 AM] Muddy: oh shit my first raid
    [1:50 AM] Anon: WE WUZ RAIDERS N SHIET
    [1:50 AM] Muddy: This is amazing
    [1:50 AM] Jacinoffthesailor: this isn't even faggy
    [1:50 AM] Muddy: Hi guys
    [1:50 AM] Dark: rofl
    [1:50 AM] Flem: ...but you're our goddamn admin.
    [1:50 AM] スタール: ok
    [1:50 AM] Britt: oh boy
    [1:50 AM] Jacinoffthesailor: i expected furshit and ERPING
    [1:50 AM] Jacinoffthesailor: what is this
    [1:50 AM] CrazE101: here comes the
    [1:50 AM] CrazE101: here comes the
    [1:50 AM] Shadow: We have ERPing
    [1:50 AM] スタール: ^
    [1:50 AM] Flem: So are we going to get child pron or is this one of those casual raids?
    [1:51 AM] Shadow: Seems pretty casual
    [1:51 AM] Shadow: I don't mind
    [1:51 AM] Britt: what is going on
    [1:51 AM] Flem: Should we have prepared gift bags?
    [1:51 AM] Anon: Flem is a nu-cuck
    [1:51 AM] CrazE101: 3casual5me
    [1:51 AM] Muddy: They sound like alright people
    [1:51 AM] CrazE101: I was expecting new val pics
    [1:51 AM] CrazE101: ....
    [1:51 AM] Flem: I'm aware
    [1:51 AM] Niggerman: niggerman is here
    [1:51 AM] CrazE101: I-I mean
    [1:51 AM] Niggerman: and wants nudes
    [1:51 AM] スタール: sup
    [1:51 AM] スタール: ask away
    [1:51 AM] Dark: Niggerman LOL
    [1:51 AM] Muddy: Oh shit are you a superhero
    [1:51 AM] Jacinoffthesailor: This shit sucks
    [1:51 AM] Jacinoffthesailor: yall are gay
    [1:51 AM] スタール: thanks
    [1:51 AM] Shadow: thanks
    [1:51 AM] Cerberus: same
    [1:51 AM] Anon: Muddy is gay
    [1:51 AM] Britt: thanks
    [1:51 AM] Muddy: thanks
    [1:51 AM] Flem: thanks
    [1:51 AM] CrazE101: thanks
    [1:51 AM] スタール: thanks
    [1:51 AM] Nate: thanks
    [1:51 AM] Shadow: thanks
    [1:51 AM] スタール: thanks
    [1:51 AM] Muddy: thanks
    [1:51 AM] CrazE101: thank
    [1:51 AM] スタール: thanks
    [1:51 AM] Britt: thanks
    [1:51 AM] Flem: thanks
    [1:51 AM] Dark: t!image thank
    [1:51 AM] BOTTatsumaki: :negative_squared_cross_mark:  |  NotWD, no image was found.
    [1:51 AM] スタール: thanks
    [1:52 AM] Muddy: We don't even need raiders we can just spam ourselves
    [1:52 AM] Britt: thanks
    [1:52 AM] Anon: YOU ARE WELCOME
    [1:52 AM] Dark: Fuck out of here Maki
    [1:52 AM] スタール: thanks
    [1:52 AM] Britt: thanks
    [1:52 AM] CrazE101: thank
    [1:52 AM] スタール: https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRpwoDED6367BzweTKvbcmMCjJLcqcplV-pmdiFG2A9lo3fFOkXmXtPKDg

    [1:52 AM] Anon: Anyone here up for a fight?
    [1:52 AM] CrazE101: ill fite u
    [1:52 AM] CrazE101: http://i.imgur.com/5oOJHYJ.jpg

    [1:52 AM] Britt: I'll kick my own ass
    [1:52 AM] Britt: and yours
    [1:52 AM] Shadow: your powerlevel is too low
    [1:53 AM] Anon: AYO HOOOOOOOL UP
    [1:53 AM] Britt: you know what shadow
    [1:53 AM] Britt: you're too low
    [1:53 AM] Shadow: thanks
    [1:53 AM] Muddy: oh shit
    [1:53 AM] Anon: how do you kiss you are own arse?
    [1:53 AM] CrazE101: I'll show you what it means to have a skillset higher than 22
    [1:53 AM] Muddy: nice one craz
    [1:53 AM] Britt: very carefully
    [1:53 AM] Flem: yoga helps
    [1:53 AM] Britt: with a lot of work
    [1:54 AM] Muddy: Makes me wonder who ratted the chat out
    [1:54 AM] スタール: Not me
    [1:54 AM] Britt: wasn't me fam
    [1:54 AM] Muddy: I bet it was Shadoo
    [1:54 AM] スタール: Probably
    [1:54 AM] Dark: couldn't have been wet dirt, could it?
    [1:54 AM] スタール: Like and Subscribe
    [1:54 AM] Shadow: Yeah of course
    [1:54 AM] Shadow: I'd raid my own server
    [1:54 AM] Cerberus: It was probably Shadow
    [1:54 AM] Muddy: N-no. I'm totally not asking the question so people can't suspect me
    [1:54 AM] Shadow: Actually that sounds like something I'd do
    [1:54 AM] Shadow: nvm
    [1:54 AM] Britt: where's @Eebit  did he do it
    [1:54 AM] Cerberus: I don't know if anybody else pays attention to the 4chan sites
    [1:54 AM] スタール: Its just Shadow I think
    [1:55 AM] Muddy: Yeah, Eebo's been really quiet
    [1:55 AM] CrazE101: Shadow, don't liberally post pics of Val that you've stored up over the years
    [1:55 AM] Flem: I go on tg
    [1:55 AM] CrazE101: please no
    [1:55 AM] スタール: I only do it when events are up
    [1:55 AM] CrazE101: ;>
    [1:55 AM] Nate: They prolly just searched around for communities that have discord servers
    [1:55 AM] Nate: Also can I just say...
    [1:55 AM] Flem: Zed maybe? he says Weeb a lot.
    [1:55 AM] スタール: Nah
    [1:55 AM] Britt: i mean it's not like they're going to confirm it
    [1:55 AM] Dark: and gay
    [1:55 AM] スタール: Zed's nice
    [1:55 AM] Nate: >Get raided by 4chan
    [1:55 AM] Nate: >Outspam the raiders
    [1:55 AM] Cerberus: A+ guys
    [1:55 AM] CrazE101: we did well
    [1:55 AM] Shadow: :eek:k_hand:
    [1:55 AM] Muddy: We're amazing
    [1:55 AM] スタール: Truly we are the master race of shitposting
    [1:55 AM] Dark: :thinking:
  15. Gold Dullahan - Today at 6:26 PM
    Cat People is this movie from around the 50s or something
    there's this woman who's cursed to turn into a panther whenever she's jealous/angry/aroused

    Muddy - Today at 6:27 PM
    Oh, a documentary on women, interesting
  16. [4:27 PM] スタール: I hate it when my niece takes a shit because she's always screaming out motivational speeches and its just weird
    [4:27 PM] Eebit: LMAO WHAT
    [4:27 PM] スタール: Yeah
    [4:28 PM] Muddy: YOU CAN POO IT
    [4:28 PM] Cerberus: JESUS
    [4:28 PM] Muddy: JUST PEELIEVE
    [4:28 PM] Cerberus: STOP.
    [4:28 PM] スタール: Then she sighs loudly "THERE."
    [4:28 PM] Cerberus: WutFace
    [4:29 PM] Cerberus: Bye chat
    [4:29 PM] スタール: Today she said everyone in the kingdom is counting on her
    [4:29 PM] Cerberus: Time to mute #general
    [4:29 PM] スタール: No
    [4:29 PM] スタール: This is good
    [4:29 PM] Muddy: are you to get scat free, kerry
    [4:29 PM] Eebit: This is quite literally shitposting
    [4:29 PM] スタール: She deserves respect because she's writting Starship 7 can you NOT
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  17. [​IMG]
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  18. Shadow - Today at 1:32 AM

    coat me in ranch
  19. hey thats my line bubsy
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