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Recursion [Strategy + Out of Character Thread]

Discussion in 'Out of Character Discussion' started by CerberusLycan, Dec 25, 2014.

  1. Alright, ladies and gentlemen, this is where you can discuss Recursion and make your strategies and choices in advance of posting them in the Roleplay Thread (which is, itself, to be posted). I will also use this thread to provide/inform you all of various updates. I encourage you to ask questions here if you need assistance or have any thoughts.

    ~ Current Iteration: I ~

    Iteration I
    <Jericho, the Enforcer>
    <Auntie Em, the Baker>
    <Yume, the Drive Engineer>
    <Judit Staunton, the Pawn>
    <Sashna Karoseike, the Fortune Sewer>

    Current Iteration: Version 1.0.3

    Last Updated: November 01, 2015

    <General Changes>
    • [BALANCE]: Item Conductive Cords effect changed from 8% Max MP Damage to Target. MP is Recovered by User ⇒ 12% Max MP Damage to Target. MP is Recovered by the User. MP Recovered capped at 12% User's Max MP.
    • [BALANCE]: Item Shocking Lens effect changed from Adds Chance of Spasm (Mod. 0) to Target's Next Basic Attack or A-Skill ⇒ Chance of Spasm (Mod. +1).

    <Jericho, the Enforcer>
    • [ADDED]: Added Innate Property Repulsion Field with effect "Using an A-Skill grants Jericho a Shield equal to [ceil(0.50 * (Atk + Def))]. Shield fades after 2 Turns. 3 Turn Cooldown."
    • [REMOVED]: Removed S-Ability Prototype Power Source with effect "10% Chance to add +20% Electric Damage Output on hit"
    • [ADDED]: New S-Ability Blast Shield added with effect "When Jericho receives a Shield, his next outgoing instance of Damage is Increased by 30%".

    <Auntie Em, the Baker>
    • [CLARITY]: Weapon Rolling Pin Range property moved from Profession ⇒ Weapon.
    • [BALANCE]: Weapon Rolling Pin Range decreased from 4 Cells ⇒ 3 Cells.
    • [BALANCE]: Innate Property Grandmother's Touch effect changed from Increases the Healing Output of all A-Skills and Items used by the User by 10% passively ⇒ Increases the Healing Output of all A-Skills and Items used by the User by 15% when the User uses them from Range: Adjacent Cell. This effect is reduced by 5% per additional Cell of distance between the User and their Target.
    • [BALANCE]: S-Ability Labour of Love effect changed from 5% Max MP Recovery at the end of the User's Turn ⇒ 5% Max MP Recovery at the end of the User's Turn. When the User activates Innate Property Grandmother's Touch from Range: Adjacent Cell, the Target also recovers 5% of the User's Max MP at the end of the Ally Phase of that Turn (Cooldown: 1 Turn).

    <Yume, the Drive Engineer>
    • [BALANCE]: X-Ability Ultima Drive activation parameter changed from Ignores current Drive Cooldown ⇒ Ignores current Drive Cooldown if the Turn Counter is less than or equal to [floor(BOOST/2)] Turns.

    <Judit Staunton, the Pawn>
    • N/A


    Version 1.0.2 (August 05, 2015)

    <Jericho, the Enforcer>
    • N/A

    <Auntie Em, the Baker>
    • [CLARITY]: S-Ability Labour of Love will no longer be erroneously referred to as an Innate Property in combat logs.
    • [BALANCE]: S-Ability Labour of Love MP regeneration reduced from 8% ⇒ 5%.
    • [CLARITY]: S-Ability Labour of Love now activates any time during the Turn ⇒ at the end of the User's Turn.

    <Yume, the Drive Engineer>
    • [CLARITY]: Properly defined Overheat status as: Overheat ~ User's Drive Cooldowns cannot be Decreased by any means, except by natural countdown. Cannot be Dispelled, except by properties or effects that specifically refer to it. Default Duration: 3 Turns. Status Tier: II.

    <Judit Staunton, the Pawn>
    • N/A

    <Sashna Karoseike, the Fortune Sewer>
    • N/A
  2. Alright, this is how this should go. We should focus on one of the Security Drones at a time; getting rid of them quickly minimizes the cumulative chances of Spasm/Paralyze and the Def Reductions. Yume's Sonic Drive plus Judit's augmented Pawn Strike will deal 11 Damage in a single turn, so we should save that for the second Player Phase when both can plausibly get in range of one of them... possibly ARMATROID. Sashna should cast a Thunder-Elemental Stamping Thread on the first turn, and then switch to Basic Attacking. She will start dealing upwards of 4 Damage per Basic Attack due to a combination of Pinpoints and her Innate, not to mention the possibility they have a degree of vulnerability to Thunder, so it's important she makes full use of every turn of Stamping Thread.

    Remember we have no elegant way of dealing with Spasm or Paralyze--if someone gets Paralyzed, they might as well be considered out of commission for the time being.
  3. RE: Recursion II [Strategy + Out of Character Thread]

    I'll have Auntie Em put up a shield on Yume since she has to get up close and personal. Then she'll switch to basic attacks.
  4. RE: Recursion II [Strategy + Out of Character Thread]

    Jericho also has his bulwark augment. If we could get aggro drawn to him, putting Auntie Em's shield on him would make him a great damage sponge.
  5. RE: Recursion II [Strategy + Out of Character Thread]

    Suggested Course of Action: Jericho to E5 then Augment; Yume to F5 and Wait; Judit to F4 and Wait. Sashna should try to get into preliminary range (G6?) and then cast Stamping Thread. Auntie Em should remain behind this formation and support as needed.

    The problem here is that the Security Drones can literally Electropulse anyone in this setup, but at least we can scout out their AI and/or provoke them into moving within range. The probability of them landing Spasm (or Paralyze) shouldn't be that high, either, considering they're Added Effects... but it's still a risk. Another issue is that they'll gain a 5-HP "shield" that we need to break every turn before inflicting real damage, but two Basic Attacks from anyone should be enough to achieve this.
  6. RE: Recursion II [Strategy + Out of Character Thread]

    Okay, okay, that went rather well. Praise the RNGods. The AI left a lot of clues in this update; I suspect that they won't Electropulse so as long as they have someone they can (try to) puncture their face adjacent to them. Their position is rather advantageous to us as well... so, down to business.

    Jericho should move between ARMATROID and IKAZATOR; even with the Def reduction, he will take 4 Damage at most in the worst case scenario involving both of these. Judit and Yume are ready to use their combo, as well. Unfortunately, even if everyone attacks, ARMATROID will survive with 3 HP... well, unless the RNGods grace us with a Critical Hit from Judit or the enemies turn out to be vulnerable to Thunder, but we shouldn't take either for granted.
  7. RE: Recursion II [Strategy + Out of Character Thread]

    I'll  just have Jericho draw Ikazator's attention (or try to)

    praise RNGesus
  8. RE: Recursion II [Strategy + Out of Character Thread]

    Although we can KO ARMATROID next turn, the plan involved is rather risky and requires nearly everyone to break formation. Not exactly plausible, so we'll focus on DAFTRON instead. Judit has one more usage of Pawn Strike, so we'll leave ARMATROID alone for the time being and save said A-Skill for when we can deal 12 damage in one turn. I think it's wise to let Yume use Coolant Flow to get Drive Cooldown out of the way--it'll allow her to Basic Attack next turn, followed immediately by a Sonic Drive during Player Phase V.

    That said, the most damage (in HP) we can do to /either/ DAFTRON or IKAZATOR is 4, even if we take into account Yume and Jericho attacking. As such, I think Jericho should continue tanking IKAZATOR for the time being, while Judit and Sashna can attack DAFTRON for 6 Damage to Beta Block. Or rather, 1 Damage, considering it'll regenerate next turn. Not good. Adding Auntie Em's assistance makes this 9, and a lucky Critical Hit from Judit can break it and scratch it for 2 HP. Not good either.

    Whatever the case is, Judit should move to F5 and attack, Sashna should also attack, and Jericho should continue pursuing IKAZATOR. It's also up to Silver whether he wants Auntie Em to begin taking support duties or assist Judit and Sashna in trying to break Beta Block. It's also worth noting that Sashna can get in range to "interact" with the Screen Cells, whatever it means. Since we're not going to accomplish anything noteworthy this turn, it's something of a possibility here, as well.
  9. RE: Recursion II [Strategy + Out of Character Thread]

    praise RNGesus
  10. RE: Recursion II [Strategy + Out of Character Thread]

    No one has taken any /serious/ damage just yet. I think I'm just gonna help out with damage. If anyone gets hit too hard this turn I'll throw up a shield and work on healing them.
  11. RE: Recursion II [Strategy + Out of Character Thread]

    Alright, fair point. By the way, Judit's already in F5, so you might want to edit your post.
  12. RE: Recursion II [Strategy + Out of Character Thread]

    why does pinpoint have a duration ;_;

    Mmm... nothing particularly special in this Player Phase, either. This time, Judit needs draw ARMATROID's attention with a Basic Attack, to prevent it from Electropulsing anyone. Other than that, this turn's schematics are the same as the last. Combined attacks from Yume, Sashna and Auntie Em should break DAFTRON's Beta Block, and Yume's position should allow her to reach ARMATROID for a Sonic Drive next turn.

    As a note, we'll need an attack from either Sashna or Auntie Em to KO ARMATROID next turn, so make sure you don't place them too far away from it.
  13. RE: Recursion II [Strategy + Out of Character Thread]

    Oh shit was it not meant to have a duration? My bad. I can fix that later.
  14. RE: Recursion II [Strategy + Out of Character Thread]

    Alright, so Em's gonna heal herself just to be safe. Can anyone else help take down Armatoid?
  15. RE: Recursion II [Strategy + Out of Character Thread]

    Actually, I have a way to ensure Em's HP remains untouched no matter what the Security Drones do in the next Enemy Phase. Yume and Judit's attacks will inflict 11 Total Damage, or 1 point away from killing ARMATROID. We need that one extra attack to ensure it's KO'd this turn, and Critical Hits are too unreliable for this purpose. If Em attacks ARMATROID this turn, Sashna can recast Stamping Thread and set us up to kill the remaining enemies.

    DAFTRON and IKAZATOR have essentially become non-issues, on that note. Even if they have access to Cycle Mana, we have one more turn until IKAZATOR is able to use Electropulse. Suffice to say they will stick with relatively harmless Basic Attacks for the remainder of the battle, even more so if you consider that their Def Reductions are fading.

    Suggested Course of Action: Yume to D4, and use Sonic Drive. Judit to E4, and use Pawn Strike. Auntie Em to C5 for covering purposes, and Basic Attack ARMATROID for the kill. Sashna to D6, and recast Stamping Thread: Thunder (on self). Jericho to E5, and Augment: Blade. This will prevent DAFTRON from attacking Em by blocking the enemies, and allows us to immediately go all-out in the next Player Phase.
  16. RE: Recursion II [Strategy + Out of Character Thread]

    Cody, could you hold off that post until Silver responds/acts? Em needs to move from E5 first if we want to stay in the aforementioned formation.

    EDIT: Alright, Cody, we're going to need Jericho in E5 now that Em's in the "backrow" of sorts.
  17. RE: Recursion II [Strategy + Out of Character Thread]

    Okay, feel free to have Em heal herself now, Silver.

    The proceeding turns should be fairly straightforward; just make sure to position yourselves correctly so that everyone (who is able) gets an attack on DAFTRON, rinse and repeat until it either dies or pulls an ARMATROID on us. On that note, I'm going to need either Jericho or Sashna to move in order to have Yume attack.
  18. RE: Recursion II [Strategy + Out of Character Thread]

    Cody, hold on. We need Jericho in E5 to prevent IKAZATOR for heading straight towards Sashna/Em, so wait until Yume's moved out of the way first.

    EDIT: Oh, and Em should move to C4, just to be on the safe side. DAFTRON's mobility range can still get her, but we can effectively surround him for the kill if he takes the bait.
  19. RE: Recursion II [Strategy + Out of Character Thread]

    Just to be sure (since I've been waiting to ensure that this is the final course of action you guys will be taking), I want to let you guys know that I'll be updating this afternoon after I'm finished with house tours somewhere between 3pm and 6pm EST. If you guys are going to make any changes to your actions, then please post here so I know not to update until that time.

    Edit: lol nah disregard the above suck it nerds im updating now kek rofl
  20. RE: Recursion II [Strategy + Out of Character Thread]

    Em and Sashna need to GTFO. Not looking at stats here, but this is the basic idea of what needs to happen this turn:

    Em will heal Sashna and move elsewhere. 

    Sashna should GTFO and probably hit DAFTRON to help kill him.

    Whoever can finish DAFT-y off should do so; the move actions should then box the last robot in for the most part. Judit to D4, Yume to E5, and Jericho to F4.

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