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Recursion [Strategy + Out of Character Thread]

Discussion in 'Out of Character Discussion' started by CerberusLycan, Dec 25, 2014.

  1. @Muddy @CodasterTheDisaster Don't forget to use the extra Command from Quicken this turn.
  2. Oh, could I go before you @CodasterTheDisaster? I don't want Judit impaling Jericho again.
  3. Almost exactly 11 months later, we see the true impact of
    Good luck, and remember the Objective.
  4. lol shit

    Yume's Sonic Drive plus a Basic Attack from Em will kill RUMOID, leaving KAIZOR as Judit and Jericho's target. The Evictors are extremely slow so we don't necessarily have to target them now, but one of them will definitely reach us during Enemy Phase IV with the use of the Conveyor Belts.
  5. haha we're so screwed

    Let's just get rid of these two and book it.
  6. I agree. Throw RUMOID and KAIZOR into scrap heaps, then run into the next room and see if we can find something to combat the evictors with
  7. mfw the next room has more Evictors...
  8. but there's gonna be a control panel bet

    We just gotta turn this fight into a shonen
  9. I'd encourage you guys to consider your environment if you don't want the Robotic Evictors on top of your face in the next Turn.
  10. I'll open the sliding door. Someone hit the switch so that we have a few extra turns to run from the punch-o-trons
  11. So like, what are the chances of Jericho's spike damage aggro'ing the slugs?
  12. If he's in Range for Static Field to Damage them, he's likely already provoked them. The Charge Slugs' Innate won't redirect Static Field in any way, since it's not Targeting anything, but they'll still absorb that Damage if it hits them since it's Electric Element.
  13. and thus Jericho tames the charge slugs and sets them on the big bots
  14. Very tempted to activate Em's E-Trigger so we can, at the very least, finish off KAIZOR this turn. My only reservation comes from not knowing it requires an Act Action to activate.
  15. It does, although by ruling she should be able to act again on the same Turn she's been bestowed with additional Commands (unless specified), but with that Turn being counted towards the Duration.
  16. Tetteros is my waifu.

    And this is a really shitty situation. A shituation if I may. I guess we should just keep heading for the door then? I just hope my waifu doesn't end up standing in front of it...
  17. Of note is that a full Basic Attack combo from Em (4 x 100% Int) will inflict 24 damage upon an Evictor. Provided Em attacks ZERGON during the two remaining turns of her E-Trigger, we can completely incapacitate one of them if Yume also happens to attack it.

    With how Motion Detector works, Em can afford attacking and then moving to J4. This will most definitely proc the +1 Movement bonus, but provided Yume stays in place it will not be able to either target Em or gain increased damage against Yume. We can then finish it off immediately on the next Turn and retreat to the second room.

    For this to work, of course, we need Jericho and Judit to make some preemptive headway into the new room, otherwise the retreat won't be exactly smooth. This also increases the chances of them reaching the door in a reasonable timeframe in case anything goes horribly wrong. Also, try interacting with the lockers and tables while we're at it, but try to not get within Adjacent Cell range of the slugs, at the very least. We don't need any more enemies at the moment.
  18. Obligatory 'grabbin' pillz' joke here. (I wonder what they do)

    You know, this really sucks. I have no idea how to proceed aside from simply moving up and hoping for the best. Maybe attacking Omyon too so we can get some preemptive damage on it.
  19. Now would be a very good time to start heading towards the door, I think. Unless the slugs become suddenly hostile, make sure the lockers and tables are still being investigated en route to the exit.

    Another BA flurry from Em plus an attack--any attack--from Yume will finish ZERGON off.

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