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Recursion [Strategy + Out of Character Thread]

Discussion in 'Out of Character Discussion' started by CerberusLycan, Dec 25, 2014.

  1. At this point, I need to make another change to Em's Labour of Love...

    [CLARITY]: S-Ability Labour of Love now activates any time during the Turn --> at the end of the User's Turn.

    For the duration of the statgrind, this is how I intend to treat it. I didn't recognize sooner that the timing could be variable (and the wording allows this, at the moment!) so it's totally a flub on my part.

    Basically, I intend to allow it for this Turn, but in the future (i.e. after this battle, as per the previous 'Patch Notes' I added) the S-Ability will only activate at the end of the Turn. Too many loopholes otherwise!

    Another thing: I've added a section for "Patch Notes" in the first post. While I don't believe there will be too many updates involved with me tampering with the characters involved in Recursion, it makes it easily accessible.
  2. @Eebit I probably should have talked to you about it or at least responded with it being impossible after I read what Shadow wanted me to do, but I decided to be lazy. Pretty much intended it to happen at the end of the turn! Apologies. Will edit the wording!
  3. It's no problem -- the wording of the S-Ability doesn't put you at fault, just me. :)
  4. I'd like to purchase an A-Skill. This one specifically:
    + Castling: An evasive maneuver that can only be used on Allies on the same row or column. The User moves up to the Target and swaps Cells with them. Only consumes Move command if used before moving. Can only be used if the path is unobstructed. 8 MP.

    This was made for the 1v1 but it may need to be nerfed, recosted or whatever the heck.

    Or kerry could just be a cool guy and make a map that is 90% obstructions.
  5. Just to be clear on the wording -- the intention is that it can be used as either a Move or an Act Command, but the User can still use an Act Command if Castling is used as a Move Command? And the User and the Target swap locations?

    If the answer to both of those questions is "yes", then go ahead and add it to your profile. I don't think Shadow's cost for that will have changed drastically since the Tournament.
  6. Yep, that's exactly what it does. I guess the wording does seem a bit odd, I'll fix that later. If I remember.
  7. @Starrie @Silver @Shadow @CodasterTheDisaster

    Pinging you all down to let you know that you need to update your profiles / let me know if you're purchasing any A-Skills, Upgrades, or Abilities before our next battle. I've probably mentioned it independently to all of you but consider this a formal reminder.
  8. I thought Sashna permadied though
  9. I guess you weren't following the battle after she was KO'd. The way I was planning on handling permadeath for Recursion was that, if a unit was KO'd at the end of the battle, then they would be permanently out of this iteration of Recursion. Since Sashna was revived by Judit's use of the Heartstarter at the end of the battle, she will be in the next battle (although she received an Experience penalty for having been KO'd).

    I might change this for future iterations, but for now this is where we're at.
  10. I will be purchasing an A-Ability

    but give me a couple days to get things figured out pls. I estimate it'll be good by Wednesday
  11. Updated the first post with the new "Patch Notes" (Version 1.0.3). Cerby and I have been making balance changes here and there with each of you (aside from Muddy) independently, but the update to the first post should make you all cognizant of these changes to your allies' profiles. We've also gone and updated the items you guys have. Should be a little extra incentive to bother using them rather than just let them collect dust in the storage area... wherever that is.

    Also, you might notice Sashna's absence from the Patch Notes section. This is not a mistake. As Starr mentioned, she thought that Sashna was permanently KO'd in the last battle, in spite of the Heartstarter. She also expressed to me that she wasn't really interested in continuing with Recursion at this point in time, so I've respected her wishes. The next battle will continue without Sashna's presence. I've refunded the Heartstarter to your inventory accordingly, since it is only fair that I do so.

    At some point in the next couple days, I think Cerby intends to make a post in here. Stay tuned for that -- as well as the next battle.
  12. There remain just a few more changes in this round of patching; namely, the Excess Processes of Jericho and Auntie Em. Those of the former need some tuning downwards, while those of the latter could perhaps use just a little help. For Jericho, reducing the Damage Output buff on his E-Trigger by half should bring it closer to a normal E-Trigger's power level, and the first two hits of his X-Ability should have their Damage Output reduced by 20%. @CodasterTheDisaster if you could change Jericho's profile accordingly, that'd be appreciated (also Eebit went ahead and changed his Innate to the formula we intended, 50% of his Atk. + Def rather than 25%, while the shield's Duration is a set 2 Turns unless destroyed before then).

    For Em, some changes are already reflected in her profile-- her E-Trigger got a slight boost in that the Statuses cannot be removed by conventional means (Enemies don't often remove Positive Status Effects, but if they did and negated the entire E-Trigger on her just like that, it would feel pretty bad, man), and the X-Ability seemed somewhat comparable in power to an E-Trigger before, so we're allowing it some more power by, firstly, having Labour of Love's effect doubled for the Duration, and secondly, it would appear, giving her healing a buff while Em is reliving the days of her youth. @Silver, I see you just made that a 15% buff to her Healing Output, but how would you feel about just changing that and her Magic Damage Output buff to a 30% Int. increase?

    As for the context behind all these changes, the long and short of it is that Recursion is a good place to enforce and analyze the current state of the statistical system, and having balanced Player Units is more useful towards that end. Aside from that, I also personally believe in striving for balance in statistical characters, whether that involves buffing or nerfing them. Using Recursion as a way to observe the meta of the ShadowSystem is more coincidental, however, and should ideally not become the top priority at any point in comparison to having Recursion be Recursion. On this note, though, we are hoping to switch to the new Experience curve for Players after this next battle.

    And speaking of, the next battle is up now! Go die, you beauties! Also, try mousing over the Security Drones...!

    Finally, a little clarification. Some of you may have noticed the lifeless bodies of both Ally and Enemy lying around (or maybe you've even bumped into them once or twice). Corpses are, at present, staying, and that's because we (or at least, two out of three of my heads) think it provides an interesting avenue for interaction. Corpses change the way both Allies and Enemies position as the battle progresses, and in the future, they may serve as mediums for other interaction (they make the act of reviving more clear for both sides, and can also serve as specific targets for Skills-- like a corpse explosion!). However, they no longer count as Units, per say, or at least not as far as the majority of Abilities will go (largely to prevent possible abuse-- knock that out, it's gross and illegal). They do still take Damage, however, which leads to a little mechanic for them; if they are brought to negative HP equal to the Overkill threshold, the Corpse is destroyed (an Overkilled Unit will also not leave a Corpse behind). Generally, however, just think of them as being similar to a Wall Cell as far as Ability interaction goes. So enjoy seeing those rotting, decaying piles of flesh lay about! Try not to think about how easily your own precious Unit might become one :)
  13. A large room behind an almost symmetrical hall. I wonder what's inside. (i bet it's a playroom full of treasure)

    And cool stuff with the mouseover thing, I'm a fan of that!
  14. It may or may not be filled with treasure.
  15. nah man, that'd be too obvious
  16. I guess you're right. The factory boss would be out with all those robots :U
  17. Hug your children tonight and enjoy life while you can. The RNGods have seen fit to grant their many blessings on you worthless heathens.

    A 10% chance, and three Players hit it in one Turn... *sighs*
    Why have you forsaken me, once-vicious lords of chance...?
  18. Judit misses. Are you kidding me, this is like the tenth time. I bet it was going to be a crit too.

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