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Recursion [Strategy + Out of Character Thread]

Discussion in 'Out of Character Discussion' started by CerberusLycan, Dec 25, 2014.

  1. Smack dab on 2%. Looks like someone among you has forgotten to make their offerings to the RNGods of late...
  2. what the fuck you had ONE JOB
  3. inb4 yume misses twice next turn
  4. Interested in seeing this moving again. If you guys ever hesitate in posting because you're not sure if I'm still interested in running it, just know in your hearts that I always will be. This is a bond that cannot be broken, much like the tie between Poosh and Clom. A bond that cannot be hacked apart even by death at the edge of a new Drive Blade, or the cruel impact of a rolling pin. This bond, much like the cold mechanical corpses you have left behind you in a trail of ruin, will be there forever. Decomposition is for the weak.
  5. ZERGON is down if Yume's Basic Attack doesn't get RNG'd, though VEKTOID is now exceedingly dangerous to her. I'm confident we can OTK Poosh (or any other Charge Slug) if we get at least 3 attacks on it (one of them being Yume's buffed Sonic Drive), though we should probably start bolting really soon. Probably right now in this turn. It also seems that unless we get a Quicken for Judit or Jericho, we won't reach the exit until Ally Phase 10, so that's something to keep in mind.
  6. I can use Judit's Castling to at least block VEKTOID from getting in while also moving Yume away. Judit's at full health so I guess she can tank while you guys try to flee? VEKTROID doesn't have enough MP for a buff attack combo so Judit should be okay for a while. Em of course needs to move first since she's next to Yume

    Edit: Derp. Didn't see Shadoo's post. Well, blocking VEKTOID from entering is still an option I guess.
  7. So lately I've been considering implementing deadlines for Recursion and Recrudescence. I find the paces at which they've been moving to be extremely dissonant to the paces they could be moving at, especially when you look at Kel en Miir and its relative success with its weekly (or at least as of late, bi-weekly) updates. If a normal statplay is capable of moving that quickly, then a statplay that has no character interaction or pressure to contribute to an overarching story whatsoever should certainly be able to. I've avoided the idea in the past because I viewed Recursion (and, by extension, Recrudescence) as a statplay that should be challenging, that provides a somewhat competitive environment where players can test their abilities, and I thought skipping people to adhere to a schedule didn't mesh with that. At this point, however, I really think both statplays and ZEJ as a whole could use the activity. If instituted, it would be a weekly deadline, and if there were players who had not posted by the specified date, their Unit's Turn would be skipped. If players were to contact me with a compelling reason as to why they could not post before the deadline, I would be more than happy to extend it so that they can have their Unit take action. If everyone gets their Unit's actions in before the deadline, I'd try and update shortly thereafter.

    One of the other main reasons I didn't want to attempt this before was that I felt like it would make posting in Recursion seem more like a chore or duty, which would take some fun out of it, and in the end I feel like Recursion and Recrudescence should be all about fun-- they should give players the chance to statplay without having to worry about maintaining the integrity of their character or a cohesive narrative, so that they can focus on and enjoy the combat elements. They should really just be considered complex forum games. I don't really know how to end this tangent, but I know I enjoy even updating Recursion and Recrudescence, and I'm the one having to run the games. I guess I ultimately hope the players of  them appreciate the opportunity to play them as much as I would.

    All this being said, however, if the players advocate against a deadline system, I couldn't implement one in good conscience (and even if I did, that would naturally just create an extremely horrible situation for everyone involved). So @Shadow @Muddy @Silver @CodasterTheDisaster @Keileon @Flimzy @whitesubtitlesoncanadianwinter how would you guys feel about a weekly deadline for both Recursion and Recrudescence? Any suggestions or questions in this vein are welcome.
  8. I totally support adding a deadline. I look at Kel en Mir and kind of feel kind of jealous of their activity. >.>
  9. I'm totally fine with a deadline.
  10. I'm fine with that. Would get me off my ass to post.
  11. Thanks to everyone for replying. Since the majority of the playerbase is in favor, we'll go through with the deadline system; I'll be updating Recursion next Wednesday (the 5th) and Recrudescence the following day (the 6th). Remember to pray and make a sacrifice or two to the RNGods before then!

    For now, assume they'll update every week on these respective days-- if either of them are ever updated before then, the next deadline will be the next Wednesday/Thursday that occurs after the span of a week.
  12. Though I already said it in KeM OoC, PSA that I'm going out of state for two weeks on the eighth, so...
  13. Alright, to make sure everything's squared away before we get into it, first and foremost I'll notify everyone that I'll be keeping the current deadline for both Recursion and Recrudescence in the original post of Recrudescence's Out of Character Thread seeing as how that's the one I can edit. The idea should be to get your actions in before the specified date-- if you try to post the day of then you'll want to be doing so ASAP. As soon as the update's posted, I'll edit the deadline in Recrudescence's original post-- most of the time this'll just be the same day of next week, although you'll want to make sure to check your respective statgrind's next deadline after this round of updates. Although Silver almost certainly doesn't know about the deadline, I'm going to go through with updating Recursion tomorrow because we have no indication as to when he'll be returning, and I strongly believe it's about time Recursion got moving again. Until he comes back, however, I'll update Recursion every week-and-a-half to hopefully give him a little more time. As for Recrudescence, after this update the next deadline will be the 22nd of October due to Kuda's hiatus. 

    I'll tag everyone involved for this one last time, and then we'll most likely go back to keeping Recursion and Recrudescence's Out of Character Threads to themselves. @Shadow @Silver @CodasterTheDisaster @Muddy @Keileon @Flimzy @whitesubtitlesoncanadianwinter

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