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Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | Rogues

Discussion in 'Roleplay Archives' started by Spaughtyena, Nov 9, 2012.

  1. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    ~A.R.K.N.E.T. Library~ (Naru)

    The weasel let out a quick cry before being torn apart by the formerly dormant air that had delivered precise lethal cuts, striking the weasel dead before she even knew it. Vueiri lay dead in the middle of the fiction section, her own demise real enough to give a bit of irony to the whole situation. The library fell silent as blood seeped out of her throat as she sputtered incoherently through the red that bubbled out from between her innocent lips.

    Murderer... good... you heard the vixen's voice in your head as you slowly made your way back to her. Aurella stood tall, arms crossed with a look of amusement and dominance across her red lips as they stretched across her muzzle in a sadistic grin. ”Good boy, see that wasn't so hard now was it?” She had a mocking tone, speaking to you as if you were a child, too stupid to comprehend technical thinking. ”I suppose I should apologize again for 'invading' your mind, but it was the only way to ensure that I get what I want...” She twirled a strand of crimson hair between her fingers, letting her gaze go to the ceiling as she gave a short monologue. ”If you didn't know it already – I'm a part of you now. You were so easy to tap into... it's as if you wanted to be with me... intimacy really does open people up... doesn't it? she gave a spiteful laugh. ”You see, this never was about a simple book, I'm Drake's scout, I kill, spy and find people I believe would be adequate for A.R.K.N.E.T. Work; and you fit the bill perfectly..."

    Aurella walked past you, letting her paw slide along your back. ”We're connected now, my pleasure is your pleasure – and my pain is yours... She looked at you with a cynical gaze, lips curving into a smirk. ”I don't expect you to be smart enough to understand – however if you were wondering why your thoughts were so... well, torn, it was because I was giving them a read, just checking what was going on in that... feeble mind of yours. Let's just say this... You'd only be killing yourself – honey...”

    She continued walking to the doors of the library, smiling in a sickeningly content fashion when she passed the weasel's corpse. ”Now Hiring...” she said on account of the recent events before she opened the doors for you, ushering another thought into your mind. ”I'm parched... you're going to buy me a drink at the pub... handsome.”

    She made her way down the street entering the pub – not necessarily waiting for you and pushing the saloon-style doors open, in full swing of he confidence.


    ~A.R.K.N.E.T. Pub~ (General)

    ”What's with you guys?” Jackson said with a laugh. ”You don't seem to have any initiative... ”I'll go if there's room... blah blah...” He said with a mocking tone as he stood up from his stool and jingled his keys. ”We haven't even determined who is going, like obviously there's room. There's me in the drivers side, my GF in the passengers side. Then we got Andrew and room for 3 other people – long as one of you don't mind sitting in between me and my GF.” He twirled the keyring around his finger, moving over to Kelyren. ”Hint: Andrew's more irritable when he's in the back – and if that doesn't suit you, my GF is bisexual...” He burst out laughing as he slapped her on the shoulder playfully. ”Ha, I'm just joking, you're a good sport!”

    Jackson's laughter stopped as the doors to the pub burst open. A slim, ample chested vixen wearing a long elegant dress, revealing a slender left leg. She walked in with confidence, easily gaining the attention of the bartender as he froze midway into cleaning a glass. "C-can I get you something... Ma'am?”
    The vixen shook her head as she swished her tail to the side as she seated herself on the center stool. ”Oh no, a man will be here shortly – he will be buying my drinks.” It was clear Keb had little understanding of this woman. His gaze followed her as she smoothly moved off the stool, walking to the center of the pub. ”Oooh, what do we have here?” she said as she touched a finger to Lacuna's forehead, giving a playful and haughty gaze. ”You remind me of a librarian who recently died... only you're much more masculine than she was, and might I say you smell -- unique... She let herself trail off as she went to associate with the rest of the bar-goers.

    She payed little attention to Jackson as he conspicuously eyed her chest. She kept her gaze on Jack, narrowing her eyes as if she sensed some form of familiarity – but to no avail. She turned her head as she instinctively found herself sliding into a chair next to the Kitsune. ”I like something about you.” she said amiably as she tapped Kelyren's nose. ”It seems we have a bundle of newcomers here. Could it be that they are interested in employment?” she said rhetorically. ”I can help you... if you like. After all, Drake's been nagging me to death after the loss of two of his most favourite playthings.” She tapped a claw on the table as she looked around again, her red lips and flowing hair perfectly aligned like the rest of her as she sat with the kitsune – almost daring someone to say something.
  2. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    "Then shove him in the front. I don't particularly give a shit where I sit, as long as I'm not sitting around in the bar for an eternity waiting for something to happen." Jack said to Jackson, about to head towards his car, "Besides, she might find it creepy that there's a random-ass skeleton sitting between you and her, and my situation is crazy enough as it is."
  3. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    John frowned as she spoke to him condescendingly, now realizing that his situation was just getting worse and worse by the second. Apparently, she could both control him, and read his mind, and to make matters worse, it appeared he was now tied to her, which he didn't like one bit. He hated being controlled as if he was just some puppet, and the only thing about her that John didn't hate, was her body. He now realized that she was now mage, as this was a power of a very different kind. This vixen was most certainly a Psionic, and a dangerous one at that.

    John let out a sigh, before trying to clear his mind, trying to block off any mind-reading she could be trying. As he did this, he followed her out of the building, as she told him that he was going to buy her a drink at a pub. John frowned, but did not raise a complaint, as this woman was still his guarantee into ARKNET, and sides, he had cash to spare at the moment. Without saying another word, he followed the sexy bitch into the bar, where a number of people were. He actually recognized a few as some of the people who had been on the same ride as him to the city.

    Aurella wasted no time at all in socializing, as she went straight to the bartender, and told him how he would be paying for her drinks. Then she went onto talking to a nearby Thenast, casually mentioning the librarian he had just killed as she did so, while flirting the whole time. She then sat down next to a somewhat attractive kitsune, before addressing the whole group of people, who also appeared to be here to join ARKNET, from what Aurella said. With a sigh, John sighed, and walked up to the bar. Might as well get this over with, I guess...
  4. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    Kelyren sat back against the counter as people seemed passively willing to go along with Jackson. She remained silent until the Thenast- Lacuna as he introduced himself- asked her what she thought of going. Violet eyes swept the inhabitants of the smoky bar, none of which she knew well. Sure, she had teased a couple like they were toys, but that was part of the problem. A gun was so much more deadly than a retractable katana, after all. She yawned, putting her hand up to her mouth so as not to inhale a lungful of cigarette smoke, and lazily turned to Lacuna.

    "Actually, on second thought, I wouldn't want to intrude," She replied smoothly, almost in a drawl. "As much fun as it sounds, it's not of my concern and there's so many more interesting things to do in this city." She looked around the room, glancing to the side as a fox lycan and a human she vaguely recognized walked in. Paying neither of them any attention, the kitsune went back to speaking. "Perhaps some other time, though I can't wait to get out of this disgustingly smoky room myself."

    And then Kelyren was promptly interrupted as the vixen began speaking to Lacuna. She merely watched the two for a couple of seconds before her gaze slid to the human- who seemed rather disgruntled, and not in the sense that his girlfriend was being a flirt. Something was up, she could tell, but- not her concern. At that moment she almost wished she had a drink in her hand just to have something to do, but beer wasn't exactly one of her favorite things. One too many instances of dealing with drunken idiots, the latest of which had gotten repeatedly humbled... She grinned at the thought...

    The vixen was suddenly next to her, speaking to her. ”I like something about you.” This statement was followed by a tap to the kitsune's nose, making her pale lavender ears press back against her head in an expression seen in most canines when annoyed. Kelyren drew back slightly and eyed this lycan as she turned to address the group as a whole. ”It seems we have a bundle of newcomers here. Could it be that they are interested in employment? I can help you... if you like. After all, Drake's been nagging me to death after the loss of two of his most favourite playthings.”

    Kelyren sat back and considered for a moment. It was true, she had come here primarily seeking employment. But something stuck in the back of her mind: something wasn't right. The human's displeased expression, the way the vixen merely walked in with the offer and especially her last comments... Her ears perked up again as she swished her tail to catch her hair so that it wouldn't dangle too low. Said tail ended up resting on her lap. "I don't know about these guys, but I'm not too inclined towards the idea of becoming a "plaything", as you put it," Kelyren said dryly, not even looking at the fox.
  5. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    "That's completely fine; I was about to suggest we shove Andrew in the back just to piss him off anyway." Jack said, clearly wanting in on the Andrew trolling session. "But that wouldn't be the best idea. Besides, I'd be one to think that Jackson's girlfriend would find it weird that there's a skeleton in between the two of them. Am I wrong in assuming such a thing? Anyone?" He then turned to Jackson again, continuing his previous thought regarding tagging along to go get his girlfriend. "Initiative? Ha! The way you worded your initial statement was as if there was barely any room for anyone to tag along. Now that you've actually taken the effort to explain it instead of being lazy about it like so many others at ARKNET, then I'd be glad to come along. Hope you don't mind me sitting in the back." he said, paying no mind to the vixen and human before starting towards Jackson's car. Initiative. What did he take him for, a timid boy? No matter, as he stopped just shy of the back door on the driver's side and turned around again to face the others. "You three slowpokes actually coming, or are you going to stand there until you topple over in the wind like standees? Come on, we've got important shit to do." Important shit, like finding Sly and killing Saki. Yes, this was mostly the only reason Jack wanted to come. He knew that the more numerous a group is, the higher chance it had of defeating an enemy, and although he didn't agree with this fact, he'd have to accept it as he now knew where trying to fight Saki alone had gotten him.
  6. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    Hmm... now there are two offers to go about... Take up employment with this vixen here...? Or keep the promise and go with Jack. Well, a promise is a promise... I had better honor that. WHP-01 then looked at the man who had followed in behind her. He didn't seem very confident in himself, and did not exactly look like he wanted to be here. Wit wouldn't question his relationship with the vixen though. Perhaps things simply happened differently here in A.R.K.N.E.T. Either way, WHP-01 was going to go with jack. "Well, doesn't really matter where you sit me, but I would like to go either way." WHP-01 then checked his power again quickly. Battery Charging... 95%... Remaining Time... 3m 1s "Anyway, I'm ready to go. Sorry to keep you all waiting." WHP-01 then unplugged himself, and got up, waiting for a response.
  7. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    Keb smiled as he saw a rather unenthused customer approach the bar. These were the good kind of people, the ones with no emotion, not afraid to drain the bar and fill Keb's pockets. Keb set out a glass, automatically readying a strong drink, as he set the now cleaned mug on the counter. "Hello sir, can I get you something to drink? Or are you the fellow that lovely vixen gal told me about?" he said as he leaned on the counter with his elbows, smiling eagerly at the knowledge of crisp bills.

    Meanwhile, Jackson looked to the Kitsune with a puzzled look. Wondering why it was that she would want to stay in the city, after all, he thought they were all together. "Uh... really? You want to stay here? I mean, sure but I just figured you were... you know... somebodies GF... namely his." he said, pointing to Lacuna. "You guys have been pretty close to each other since you guys came in, save for the few times the weasel went over to Jack Skull or whatever - sorry I don't know your names, In that case, I'd say nicknames are better anyway." Jackson moved his finger to each patron, beginning with Jack.

    "Alright, you can be 'Skelington.' Weasel, you're now 'Ron Weasel-E' and robot.... well you're Tin-Tin, you know, the movie about the kid who... ah fuck you get it anyway..." Jackson laughed as he spun around.
    "And you can call me Sexy..." Aurella said as she ran a finger down Jackson's chest, causing him to give her an awkward look.
    "Look, I'm in a relationship - you look nice, but you're too.. umm... Whore *cough, cough*" He said as he made his mockery loud enough for her to hear.

    For a moment there was a deep fire in the vixen's eyes, ready to tear his throat out at a few choice words, however her sadistic look faded as her ears perked up and she smiled apologetically. "Of course, I shouldn've have assumed I could've just been so forward about that sort of thing." Aurella began exiting the bar, done with being mocked and relatively unnoticed. She pushed the doors open, almost forgetting about her human pet. "Mr. Grayson, come." She demanded as if he were a pet. "Don't forget my drink either you stupid twat... and make sure you don't spill any. We're leaving." With that, Aurella began leaving the bar, making sure her human pet followed with her, if he didn't she could surely make him...

    Jackson wiped off his vest where the vixen had touched him, laughing at her expense. "A real bitch that one... never understood her, always trying to, well... manipulate men? Is that even what she does? Whatever... anyway, I'm getting in the car, everyone who's coming aboard lets go. My GF's place isn't too far off anyway." He walked outside, moving towards his car, not realising he had left Andrew alone outside, he probably needed the time alone anyway.

    Keb sat at the counter, watching the movement inside the bar as he stared at the Kitsune. "Well, well, if you're staying, could I get you a drink? or are you gonna wander the streets sober like a pansy?"
  8. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    "Yes, I'm the guys the vixen told you about." John said, pulling out his wallet to pay for the drink. The look on his face said plenty well that he'd rather have his eyes clawed out then do this for her, but he had no choice in the matter. He waited calmly, with an annoyed look on his face, all the while, trying to keep his mind clear, to prevent her from reading it, as he tried to recall what he knew about Psionics. He vaguely remembered a few details, but did his best not think about them, so as to not let his captor figure out what he knew.

    He listened in as the nearby group talked about girlfriends and nicknames, before Aurella started flirting with the one talking about the subject of nicknames. He gave a noticeable smile at the guy's whore comment, and wow did that piss her off, but then she put on an act of being nice. He then frowned as she talked to him as if he was a pet, and then proceeded to insult him. The look on his face would clearly tell anyone that was looking, that he really wanted to kill the woman, and would gladly accept help doing so, but he just sucked it up, took the drink he had paid for, and followed her out.
  9. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    Kelyren watched the vixen rather impassively as the fox lycan looked deeply offended by Jackson's "whore" comment. She even chuckled a little at her expense before she put on a sickeningly sweet act. Curious, devious orchid eyes scanned the lycan's body language, her ears even pricking up as the vixen called the annoyed-looking human as if he were a pet. This was definitely an interesting couple. The human seemed as if he was with the vixen against his will... But what does this entail...?

    "Well, well, if you're staying, could I get you a drink? or are you gonna wander the streets sober like a pansy?"

    Kelyren looked back at Keb as the bartender asked this, interrupting her thoughts but snapping her out of them as well. Glancing at the pair as they walked out, the kitsune quickly decided she had enough time. She gave a teasing grin, in the mood to do just a bit more mischief. Her tail swished through the air behind her as she turned to face the older lycan, locking eyes with him. "Well, Keb, I'd love to order a drink..."

    There was a sudden crash as a nearby shelf fell over, spilling its alcoholic contents all over the ceramic-tiled floor. Upon closer inspection, one would see that the tiles the shelf had stood upon were jutted up and forward, the sudden inexplicable shift obviously having caused the shelf to fall. Kelyren grinned almost sympathetically, but her eyes showed her enjoyment. "... but I don't want to prevent you from cleaning up. The smell might attract roaches."

    With this she stood, walking out the door. She had given the vixen and human quite a good head start, and so they should be far enough ahead of her to follow. Spotting them in the crowd after a moment, she slunk towards them, keeping a safe distance and using her adept skill at stealth to stay unnoticed. Time to crack this code.
  10. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    "Eh, crap. Alright, let's see here..." Larsa muttered, watching Kelyren slip past the door-- most likely after the strange pair who had just visited the bar. Larsa had observed the one vixen with a bemused expression after she had approached and gave him the oddest remark about looking like a late librarian. 'Yeah, there goes my New Year's resolution to not resemble a dead person...' It was the man who accompanied her, however, that had surely piqued his and Kelyren's curiosity. He had been treated as her pet, but had looked hateful all the while of his mistress-- if they were, of course, in that kind of relationship. It was hard to tell. If so, the vixen sure was a bitchy partner. Something about the pair, though, brought to mind the idea of some manipulation taking place... The man had looked sort of desperate...

    The black-furred Thenast took the next few moments to weigh his options. Sure, he had thoroughly committed to Jack's party, but since when did Larsa ever put the greatest regard to responsibility or honor? Kelyren already seemed ten times more enjoyable a companion than everybody else he had met today combined. And that might be sugarcoating it. Besides, he recalled hearing something about bounteous combat sure to be in store for those who went with Jack-- and Larsa's vein of expertise was far more in the stealth and reconnaissance category. 'Black sheep, white sheep, have you any wool? ...Wait, that doesn't sound exactly right...' 

    Incorrect mental recitations of nursery rhymes aside... Larsa instinctively knew which path he would have to take unless he wanted to end up with a feeling of regret. Standing from his seat, he grabbed a slip of paper from one of the pockets of his padded vest. "Hey, Keb," the weasel snickered, turning to the counter and seeing the mess of liquor all over the floor again. Larsa deftly twitched his whiskers, sending a signal to the Indolent Scent that most assuredly still existed in the bartender's brain, laying the slip of blank, white paper down a second later. "Twenty bucks. I didn't pay for that drink you got me, and the big tip is for the, uh, entertainment you've provided." He could hardly keep the laughter out of his voice as he said the words. With a smug tone, he concluded, "Have a nice day." The lycan would probably only get more frustrated when the illusion wore off and the $20 bill would appear as the blank scrap of paper it really was.

    As he exited the bar-- relieved to finally get out of the smoky, dingy place-- Larsa walked over to Jack. "Hey, Jack," he greeted, maturely dropping the 'guy' suffix finally. "Know I went on about accompanying you, and I still hope you get Socky and thrash him, but I gotta' do something else right now. You wouldn't really want me anyways, I can't put up a decent fight worth two cents. So, uh, have a nice trip. Good luck." He stepped backwards as he finished his explanation, and with the last word spun around and started off. He spotted the perplexing pair from the bar, and rushed discreetly after them, dodging smoothly around people until he was at the perfect stalking distance. 'I've gotta' go after the black sheep...'
  11. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    "Thank God." Jack muttered under his breath while walking towards Jackson's sedan. He obviously wasn't too fond of Larsa, and for good reason. He seemed like a tremendous piss-off and an even bigger third wheel. Stealth and recon were Jack's strong suit as well, what with having been in Blackhawk, but right now they weren't his main concern, at least, not until he got to that shitheap Saki called a dojo. He reached the back door and heaved it open, positioning himself on the far right side so he could talk to Jackson easily. He didn't exactly care that they were essentially leaving Andrew here if he didn't get in the car with them, as it was his fault he was too busy in a pissed off rage fit to notice that everyone else was ready and about to take off to get Jackson's girlfriend... whoever that was. He let his curiosity get the better of him for a short moment, as he genuinely wanted to know who his girlfriend was. "Hey Jackson, what's your girlfriend's name, anyway? Kinda curious as I like to be able to put names to faces when I meet people." he asked Jackson. As soon as he was fully in position, he reached around to his right, grabbed the seat belt and pulled it down over himself, buckling it in. Like it'd help him if they crashed. He was already dead anyway, so what would it matter?
  12. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    Keb flipped the crisp bill into the register, happy to receive some money, even if it was from awkward emotionless humans with seemingly no attraction to their partner. Keb smiled as he waved the many people out, leaving only the mischievous couple in the bar. Keb tapped his claws on the counter in an awkward fashion until he heard the Kitsune say the word 'drink'. Keb reached his hands behind him without taking a glance at the falling cabinets. after a moment of feeling the effects of gravity and a heavy object almost breaking his arm, he turned around. "Holy mother of--"

    Keb was cut off by the sounds of smashing bottles and spilling liquid, his face was in a mixture of horror and sudden realization that the many hours of mug-cleaning were in vain. "My god... how the fuck..." He muttered to himself as he rubbed his forehead. Slowly the bartender's ears folded back and he slipped off his stained white apron, letting it drop heavily to the floor. He stared at the mess, seeming unsure of what he should do.

    Keb's ears perked up as he heard the weasel call his name. He turned around and saw the weasel holding a slip of- no a bill, a perfectly clean $20 bill. Keb practically ripped it out of the weasel's hands, seeming almost crazy as he held the bill in his paws. "Well, thank you my good man, I'll remember to get you a few drinks... after this bullshit is sorted out." He said as he stared back at the mess behind him. The bartender nodded and waved the two off. "Alrighty you two, I've got a mess and a half to get to, so the bar's closed... maybe for a while, those two cats always bring shit to this place..."

    Meanwhile, Jackson had already taken a seat inside his car, turning the key, causing the car to rumble loudly - spitting off a cloud of smoke out the exhaust. Not long after the car had started Andrew could be seen turning around the corner, as he tossed a cigarette butt onto the ground, stomping it out as he wore an unamused expression. "Ok, let's just get the fuck outta here Jackson, unless you have some other fucking retarded thing to say."
    Jackson smirked and began rolling up the window slowly. "Ok, if you don't have anything nice to say - my windows are sound proof..."
    Andrew rolled his eyes and went around to the back, opening the door and barely squeezing himself into the car on account of his height. The car shook as he finally managed to force his way in, almost losing his balance as he popped into the car. He gave a quick glance at Jack, narrowing eyes. "Say something funny boney, I dare you - I'll take that skull of yours and use it as a fucking ashtray..."

    Jackson adjusted his mirror and slipped on a pair of black shades, raising an eye brow and giving a smirk into the mirror. "Shut it white-trash, I don't want to have to deal with two bitches when we get my GF." Andrew buckled himself in, not saying anything more save for a exaggerated sigh. "Hmm?" Jackson said in response to Jack's question. "My girlfriend? Her name's Camo - kinda self explanatory, she wears it a lot. Though with the little she actually does wear it makes me wonder how effective camo is when your navel is exposed; not that I'm complaining..." Jackson leaned an elbow on the dash impatiently. "Now where the fuck is Tin-Tin?"

    Not too far off, Aurella and her pet were walking down the busy streets, headed towards the A.R.K.N.E.T. building. Aurella grabbed her drink, almost tearing it out of John's hands and popping the cap off. "Oh god, you've no idea how good it is to get a drink again eh Mr. Grayson?" she gave a giggle at the man's expense and took a long drink of whatever had been bought - it seemed to be whiskey. The vixen took a glance over to John, her left eye gave a bitter green glow, causing his body to feel warm and slightly buzzed - from the alcohol. "No point in a well refined lady in being drunk... I'll let you have that portion of the drink - I just like the taste. After all, I say you deserve to get a little drunk, pets do need to be rewarded for good behavior..."

    She walked for another block, unaware that two individuals were silently stalking her. She continued talking to Mr. Grayson, or was she really talking to herself? "So, I see you know about Pscionics, how quaint. However it won't help you now - remember, we share a brain now, basically your fucked. Pardon my french." She said devilishly as she covered her eye with her hair once more, disguising her Pscionic abilities. "Yes, I am perfectly aware that I cannot hope to break free of your dominance master..." John said unwillingly as they rounded a corner, only a couple streets before the A.R.K.N.E.T. building.
  13. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    Jack looked over at Andrew. He was asking for it in the most hilarious way possible, and by golly, he'd get it. "Say something funny? You'd best watch yourself, lest your face end up on the curb." he said tauntingly, knowing full well he was quicker than Andrew. He did this more as a joke than anything serious, as he didn't want his mission to end before it had actually even started. He shifted once more, making sure his katana was within easy reach should Andrew retaliate to what was honestly a pretty bad mean joke on his part. Not that he cared very much, as he had bigger things to worry about. "Camo, eh? I used to be the king of that. Though, it was less what I wore and more what components they shoved in me. Cloaking devices, heh." he said to Jackson, genuinely intrigued about his girlfriend and the way she acted, "It wouldn't be very useful if it didn't cover most of your body, though. You're right on that one." Jack chuckled at Jackson's last comment regarding him not complaining at her skimpy dress. Typical dude. He was slightly jealous that Jackson actually had a girlfriend, however, as even if Jack were alive, he'd be utterly useless around women of any sort, what with not having a semblance of a fulfilling childhood and all. He looked out the window as Jackson let loose the profanity-laden question of Wit's whereabouts. "Oh, you mean Wit?" he asked, himself wondering what was taking the Prometheus so long, "Not a clue what's taking him so long. He said he'd be coming with us." He then opened his window and leaned out, yelling in the direction of the bar. "HEY TINHEAD, GET MOVING!"
  14. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    WHP-01 was just on his way out of the bar, when he heard a large noise behind him. It sounded like a couple hundred bottles and glasses, smashing their way to the ground. Hmm... Someone has got a grudge... WHP-01 thought to himself, as he gave a small glance behind himself to see what had happened. Just as the sound had lead him to believe, there was quite a bit of smashed glass. WHP-01 just let out a little bit of a sigh, and continued on his way out of the bar. If that is what it is regularly like at that bar... Well, they wont be getting too much buisness. Just as he was heading out the door, he heard Jack scream something out. "HEY TINHEAD, GET MOVING!" WHP-01 walked a bit closer to the car so they could hear what he was saying, and then said "Hey! Sorry I'm late on my way out, just saw a little... Accident take place back in the bar." He opened up the car door, and hopped into the free seat. "Anyway, ready to go now!"
  15. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    Kelyren didn't even try to stay hidden. Even if she did not have her impeccable ability to remain hidden from the eyes of her targets, the crowd would surely have disguised her. And even then, she was following them in the direction of the ARKNET building- which she had intended to check out in any case. Taking the opportunity by the throat as she always did, the Kitsune darted forward to dramatically lower the distance between herself and the couple she was tailing. She crossed the lines of sight of several pedestrians, who looked at her like she'd just appeared out of thin air, before most lost sight of her again. The few that didn't edged slightly away, almost as if paranoid.

    It made her grin. She wasn't even in ARKNET yet.

    Kelyren slipped back into the crowd to avoid the unneeded complication. She was now quite easily close enough to hear her quarry... Pricking her ears forward, she caught the tail-end of the exchange between the strange vixen and her unwilling escort.

    "... know about Psionics, how quaint. However, it won't help you now - remember, we share a brain now; basically, you're fucked. Pardon my french."

    "Yes, I am perfectly aware that I cannot hope to break free of your dominance, master..."

    Kelyren blinked before composing herself. She'd been right about the human being with the lycan against his will, but she hadn't considered mind control. A psionic... an interesting development, She considered silently. It made revealing herself even riskier. Glancing around quickly, Kelyren continued to pursue the pair with no real intent in mind other than information.
  16. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    It was definitely one of the easiest stalkings he'd been involved with, so far. Larsa had thought the vixen might've been more aloof or cautious-- but she seemed too enraptured with her boy toy to even get so much as a paranoid feeling. The subtle Thenast steadily increased his pace, curious since the vixen seemed to be speaking to her male companion frequently, but also with a sort of smug tone. It was only when Larsa caught the word 'psionics' that his interest perked up enough to make Larsa attentive. He grew a smirk when he overheard the consequent exchange. 'Mind control. It's been a while since I've seen this... A.R.K.N.E.T. City, eh? A place for all types,' the weasel mused somewhat sardonically.

    Upon spotting Kelyren, Larsa grinned discreetly. He almost wanted to ask her what she thought of the psionics revelation, but didn't wholly feel like exiting 'silent stalker' mode. Besides, he felt slightly troubled-- irritated, in the way he did when he recognized a repetetive pattern. It dawned on him after a moment of speculation; he remembered the vixen had mentioned A.R.K.N.E.T. and employment in said organization back at the bar. 'We're headed back towards its' headquarters; no wonder I had a familiar feeling...'

    No wonder the weasel had felt he was going in a tight circle. He had, of course, been there quite recently. Although, Larsa would never have anticipated he would return via tailing a mind controller and her newest victim.
  17. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    Finally... now that everyone is ready we can get going!” He placed his large paw over the gear-shift and with a loud crank; it was placed into drive. He rolled out smoothly, taking a glance back at the bar with a smirk, noticing through the clear windows the spilled beer and remaining chaos their visits often caused. Jackson gave a hiss of laughter and lowered his shades slightly as he looked back through the rear-view mirror at the group. ”Well fuck, did I ever tell you that every time me and Andrew are in that place at the same time – shit gets real?” He asked rhetorically. ”Cause it does.” He pushed his shades back down and turned a corner, heading out of the downtown area.

    Andrew shifted in place uncomfortably. He was squished between the left side window and a Prometheus, and he definitely wasn't enjoying it. He grumble as he made feeble attempts at making more room for himself, eventually trapping his arm underneath the side of the seat in the process, making him more angry. ”Fuck Jackie, couldn't we have just put the skeleton into the trunk? It'd make more room...” he started angrily. ”Better yet, why don't we just take apart that robot and throw his metal ass in the trunk!” Jackson gave a slight sigh, saying nothing to Andrew, content on letting the situation handle itself, sick of dealing with the equivalent to a bulky ten year-old. ”Well?!”


    Back downtown, Aurella and her pet were making good progress, the A.R.K.N.E.T. building was only another ten minutes walk away. Aurella smiled as she finished off her drink, feeling a little buzzed; definitely not what she wanted. She scowled and looked at John. He still seemed to be an emotionless pile of lard – that was for sure, he hadn't said anything since she had forced him to, so how could this be happening? ”Oh...” The sound came through parted lips, an unconscious action even she was not aware of, she had a worried look, but quickly masked it with a sly grin to her partner, giving her fingers a snap as to reprimand her stupidity without giving her emotions away. I forget that we share John... I get half the pain, you get half the pain... well, in this case alcohol, but you get it – or don't you? My little zombie.... Her thoughts were planted into his mind as he perceived the words. Aurella frowned. ”You're no fun, I'm going to have to get Drake to... 'liven' you up a bit.” She gave  short cackle, not dissimilar to an evil laugh as she continued down the street.

    The pair walked equally down the street, paying virtually no attention to the streetlights as cars passed by them, the air whipping the vixen's dress to and fro, but not enough to affect her composure as she remained hauntingly beautiful. Not two steps after they crossed the street, a high-pitched buzzing could be heard coming from the vixen's location. She took a slight glance around, noticing nothing out of the ordinary she lifted her hair, revealing a headset. She pressed an 'A' colored button and continued walking. ”Hello? - Mr. Drake, yes, I'm just heading there now... - Oh, yes it was simple really, he so adorable! she looked to John's emotionless face as she emphasized, quickly turning back to the conversation. ”Yes, I'll make sure he does. - WHAT?!” she exclaimed taking a look at one of the may cameras that buzzed by, surely positioned everywhere in the city. ”Yes, I suppose that's why they are there... yes sir, I'll make sure... east wing? Of course. - Dinner tonight? Um, I'm sorry Mr. Drake I've a previous engagement... - Oh, yes never mind, I'll clear the schedule... always a pleasure...”

    Aurella pressed the button again and whisked her hair back over, concealing it, with no trace of evidence. She gave an exasperated sigh as she patted John on the back. ”The things people do to keep their promotion eh? Never mind puppet...” She focused her gaze forward with an air of paranoia about her, as her high-heels clacked hastily towards the building.
  18. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    John was deep in thought, thinking about how he would get out of this situation, doing his best to overcome the buzz she gave him, and despite what the bitch made him say, no matter how much she said that it was impossible, there was no doubt in his mind that he would find a way to get out of this situation. Maybe it was his pride, maybe it was ignorance, but he was absolutely certain that he would come out on top in this situation. He noticed her looking at him for a second, and for some reason, she had a buzzed look on her face, but why? He thought she had transferred it all over to him, so why did she have it as well. And that's when it hit him.


    ”We're connected now, my pleasure is your pleasure – and my pain is yours..."


    Maybe...Maybe that goes both ways. And if that was true, then this situation was not as hopeless as he thought it was. Her thoughts being transplanted into his head then confirmed this, and he smiled after she turned back around, leading them towards the ARKNET building, commenting about getting Drake to liven him up. For the rest of the trip, he did his best not think about anything until the chance showed itself. Finally, when she stopped, and pressed a button on her headset, and began talking, he began thinking about what to do.

    Knowing that she would be too distracted to read his thoughts, he immediately formed an idea, and searched his large mental list of spells for an appropriate one. One that would not cause much damage, but still be incredibly painful. He finally settled on an electric spell. He stopped his train of thought as soon as she was done with her call. He had listened in, but only just barely, having being focused on the spell. After she patted him on the back, and mentioned about what she did to keep her promotion and then calling him a puppet, he set his plan in action, and cast the spell on himself.

    "My pleasure is your pleasure..." He said, before the intense pain of electric shock went throughout his body, causing him to shake, but he endured it all, and smiled, knowing what was about to happen to his captor. "...my pain is your pain, bitch!" He finished, before stopping the spell. He then cast another spell on himself, a minor healing spell, that he used often for minor injuries and knew by heart, to heal the minor damage done by the electric shock, but did nothing to relieve the pain.
  19. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    Kelyren nearly faltered in her stealthy glide-like pace as the human suddenly was electrocuted. She blinked for a minute until realizing that he had cast the spell on himself, then almost laughed as she realized why. Clever, clever human, She thought with renewed interest, stealing a little closer to the pair. Not clever enough to avoid the psionic's tricks, but all the same... Her ears pricked up fully, the kitsune was now just over five feet behind the odd couple. The risk of her being noticed was precariously balanced with how much more information Kelyren could get at this range, and how much more easily she could hear the two over the crowd. Only now did she look up and see just how close they were to the towering ARKNET building; she'd either have to cut the tailing short or sneak in with them. The former would definitely be safer.

    She never really did care much for her safety.
  20. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    "You know what I think?" Jack started, talking to Andrew without actually looking directly at him, "I think we'd be better off shoving you back there. We wouldn't have to deal with your butthurt complaining, then." He'd grown tired of Andrew's bitching at this point. In his mind, it was Andrew's own fault that he'd been failing on such monumental levels since they'd met, and if he kept up with his bitch and complaining,  he may as well be seated where nobody would be able to hear him. Though, at the same time, he couldn't help but wonder more about how this Camo chick acted. He did agree with Jackson that it wasn't very useful to have the variety of garb that you draw your name from covering only a small portion of your body, but there was so much more he wanted to know. He figured it'd be odd to ask her directly in his current form, after all, who ever heard of a skeleton asking personal questions? Instead, he looked to Jackson again, offering a suggestion of how best to shut Andrew up. "Cameron Complainer here is getting annoying. Think we could stop for a moment, get some tape and tape his mouth shut?" Of course, he didn't expect the answer he wanted, and he had no problem with shoving Andrew on the roof if need be. He really just wanted a little peace. He'd've been able to ignore Andrew properly if he wasn't seated right next to him, and if Andrew weren't so loud about his silly complaints and "suggestions."

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