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Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | Rogues

Discussion in 'Roleplay Archives' started by Spaughtyena, Nov 9, 2012.

  1. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    Kelyren leaned back against the counter, violet eyes scanning the room for a bit. The skeleton had- finally- gotten fed up and walked away, proceeding to ignore a Thenast that had attempted to speak to him. A Prometheus had walked in, looking for a place to recharge, while the bartender and Felidi aided the robot's search. Kelyren had merely given the bartender a glance and a nod at his question posed before the interruption, mind not so much on conversing as it was on cracking a couple of mysteries... to get to the marrow of them, as it were.

    The Kitsune glanced around again before focusing on the Thenast who had attempted to strike up conversation with the Lycan skeleton. "I wouldn't try that, Thenast," She called to him in an amused yet cordial tone. "Bone-boy isn't too much of a talker, it seems." She chuckled slightly. Then she turned back to the counter and shot the bartender a look. "Not much a fan of beer," She said smoothly, well aware she was in a bar. "What else might I find in here? Any recommendations~?"
  2. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    John had followed after her, looking around the library as he did so. The area they went had cream colored wallpaper, with images of beans on them. He could also smell a small tinge of tea in the air. So it seemed they would be going to get the tea first. Though John wanted to get to the books soon, he was willing to wait a bit longer.

    He watched as the weasel set about making the tea. The smell of tea soon increased, and he could make out a slight bit of cinnamon. When she asked her question of either one or two, John let out a small smile. "I'll have two," he said. While he didn't seem to be the kind of person to, he had always had a bit of a sweet-tooth.
  3. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    "Ha ha, well thanks. I guess a slow charge is better then none at all, considering I would not even be able to get the charge at the electrical station... A bit low on money. Anyway, I guess Ill just plug myself in then." He said, thanking both the Felidi and "Keb" WHP-01 walked over to where they had pointed out, and plugged himself in. Battery Left... 34%... Estimated charge time... 2h3m10s "Yikes! You were serious when you said it would take a while... still, I can hold up a conversation with you two while I charge. Really, I wasn't really sure of where anything in this city was. Only arrived about a couple of hours ago... so I decided to visit a public place, figured directions could be gotten here." WHP looked at the other people sitting there... a Thenast and the Kitsune he had seen earlier... he had heard the Kitsune say something about Recommendations for an alcoholic drink, and he decided he would tell her what he knew from when he was alive. He said to the Kitsune "Looking for drink recommendations? Well, I'm not sure if they serve anything other than Alcoholic drinks at this bar, but when I was still in my human body.. and well, able to drink. I recall my favourites being drinks of the spirits type... of course, everyone has different tasts..."
  4. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    Jack, now finished his deliberation for the time being, sat upright and looked irritatedly in Kelyren's direction. "Mhm," he began, intent on corecting the kitsune's demeaning jab at his state of undeath, "and my name isn't 'bone-boy,' it's Jack. Care to tell me yours, oh great, annoying person? Because I'd sure like to know who was following me here." He looked from the kitsune to the Prometheus and the Thenast, glazing right over the Lycan with the bionic arm as he didn't exactly care about anyone except those who either followed him here or took the initiative to actually approach him themselves, and it appeared that the Lycan didn't particularly care about him either. He looked to Larsa, then to WHP-01. "And you would be..?" he said, more out of curiosity than irritation as had been the case with Kelyren. While he asked this, he wondered when Sly would show up, as despite his seeming urgency in wanting to know who these people were, they still couldn't hold a candle to her in terms of importance. It would have seemed an obsession to anyone but him and the people who knew how his mind worked, but he was waiting for her for a reason. His reasoning could be compared to one's search for a long-lost relative or a friend someone hadn't seen in years, though it was closer to the latter than the former. There he sat, waiting for a response from any or all three of those he had just asked.
  5. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    "Hmm, me? Well, I guess you could call me WHP-01, but that is simply my serial number. Something a bit easier for you to say would be 'Wit'. My human name." WHP-01 said to the skeletal man. You know, I am actually wondering a bit about him too... After all, he did help me get to this place...  "So, other then your name, I don't really know anything about you... although I thank you for directing me towards here, Jack." WHP-01 checked his battery power again... Charging... 40% After checking, he looked up at Jack, and said "So... I know you arrived here about the same time as me... what are you doing here in ARKNET?" WHP then waited for a reply from the skeletal figure known as Jack.
  6. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    Kelyren gave a content grin, satisfied for the moment at having riled Jack up a bit. She leaned back against the counter, giving the undead Lycan a look that was half amused and half analytical. Her tail flicked like a cat's would when toying with a mouse. "You're certainly lively for a skeleton, Jack," She quipped, unable to resist making one more joke. Kelyren paused briefly, then let out a short laugh. "But, I'm just being annoying. It gets fun sometimes." She chuckled.

    "Anyway~" The kitsune continued, keeping her amused tone. "The name's Kelyren Nenellra." The syllables rolled off of her tongue with ease, accentuating a slight, barely noticeable accent that was likely inherent in the name itself. "Friends and family call me Kel, but I prefer Kelyren. It's so fun to say~" Another chuckle; it was clear Kelyren was enjoying the encounter, and quite a bit as well.
  7. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    Jack looked in curiosity at Kelyren after she uttered her rather strange -- at least, in his opinion -- name. Strange names. He then remembered that Jack was not exactly his real name, but rather what his name was changed to upon adoption by Dean. He couldn't quite remember what his real name was at the moment, though he knew it wasn't an English name by any stretch of the imagination. Thinking back, he instantly remembered his birthplace and hometown in Japan. His name was Japanese, as were his long-deceased parents and missing brother. Shoving those thoughts aside, he finally addressed her. "Kelyren, huh? Interesting name. If you're wondering, my full name is Jack Evans." he said. He tried to stop himself from letting slip what he said next, but it proved to be quite the impossible task, "I am -- or, I was, in a way -- one of the many, many assassins from that Hellhole in the center of town. Went out fourteen years ago to kill someone, made the mistake of going alone. Didn't come back alive, obviously." He stopped, realising what he'd just let slip. Well, shit. This'd be hard to explain away, almost not even worth the effort. Deciding not to bother trying, he instead turned his attention to Wit. "Wit? Another interesting name." he said. Remembering that inside a Prometheus is usually a brain from someone previously living, he posed a rather unorthodox question to Wit, "So, how'd you die? I mean, I died to another samurai, but what about you?"
  8. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    Marcus always enjoyed a good laugh, and he enjoyed stirring up a bit of chaos..right now..everything was to boring and dull for his tastes..he needed to liven it up, he needed some real entertainment..and he knew just the way to do it, eyeing the white tiger for a moment a smirk before then looking over to the drunken bum near the far wall, and waved him over, riffling through his jacket for some of those hard earned bills.. "yo buddy..i got a proposition for ya.." the lycan had him lean in close. "i will pay you, two hundred dollars..cold hard cash right now..if you make today the worse day..of that guys life.." he gestured briefly to the somewhat imposing individual sitting for a drink.. as he casually handed the bills over to the hobo, letting his greed do the rest.

    Leaning back in his chair, and propping his feet up onto the table the contract hitman chilled out, and got nice and comfy, to watch the ensuing chaos this simple act would surely cause in the bar.
  9. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    "Me? Well, you see when I was still human, I was quite into... Exotic animals. I would preform in my home town, taming them with my mighty whip... just about anything from Lions to Bears... I enjoyed my life. Anyway, my life ended one day when I tried to take on an undefeated beast... figured I might finally be the one to tame it... But sadly, it instead took my life. To be honest, I'm just glad I got my second chance in this universe. Not everyone is lucky enough to be able to." WHP looked around for another moment, checked his Battery power, and then looked back at Jack. Charging... Remaining Power 48% "Anyway, not exactly the way to go out in glory, now is it? Ha ha... it was hard getting used to this body at first, but now I can hardly imagine life without it." He looked over his body, his glass casing, just about everything around him. The only thing that seemed non-mechanical about him was his brain, and well... that was the case. "Anyway, that is just about it... So, whats your story Kelyren? Any reason for you coming up to ARKNET City?" WHP looked over to the Kitsune, and waited for a response.
  10. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    'Seems like someone's out for revenge... or just plain amusement,' Larsa observed, having ditched out of fraternizing with the Fallen Angel who apparently was called Jack to watch a tall, combat-ravaged Lycan enter and bribe a drunken fellow to do something with the white Felidi who still lounged around the bar.

    "Hey, nice talking with you, Jack-guy," Larsa muttered noncommittally, in a voice so faded even the Thenast himself didn't hear it. He slid from the booth, taking in the scene as the monstrous creature with the robotic arm settled back, looking smug, as the intoxicated, compensated man stumbled towards his new goal in life. 'Poor losers like these, always being taken advantage of,' Larsa mused indifferently as he traversed the bar, crossing right in front of the drunkard and making sure to release a more generous dose of his musk. The sly Thenast kept his muzzle pointed forward-- made sure to give no indication he so much as acknowledged the hobo. Such acting was at least good discrepancy, if not the height of true tavern etiquette.

    When he had inconspicuously reached the opposite side of the bar, Larsa settled in a seat and glanced around nonchalantly, keeping only a casual eye on the swaying man he had affected. 'Your new employer doesn't really seem like the type to appreciate nonsense...' Larsa narrated in his head, contacting the invasive musk he had released to infiltrate and manipulate the hobo's brain. 'Nonsense like his hard-earned money turning into cockroaches...'

    Deftly communicating to his odor, Larsa caused an illusion, manipulating the drunk man's sight and nerves. In a second, the hobo was shouting incoherently and frantically, waving his limbs around and throwing the money he had received on the ground and stomping on it. In essence, he was doing what any intoxicated man would do if he thought he was clutching a clicking, crawling mass of cockroaches. 'Let's see how tall, grizzled, and ugly will handle that...'
  11. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    ~A.R.K.N.E.T. Pub~ (General)

    Moments into the Homeless man's train of thought he was shocked to see that the money he held sprawled out and became a mass of writhing roaches. His first reaction was to shake his hand violently while yelling at the top of his lungs, in an attempt to notify someone of his plight. Keb, the bartender immediately looked over, gaping in a face that could only be described as 'WTF?!' "Get them off, get them off! the Hobo screamed as he stomped wildly at the floor, staining and ripping the bills he had mistaken for bugs.

    Keb walked over to the man with a calm attitude. "Sir, calm down. There are no roaches in here... now just sit down and I'll call you a cab, I think you had a little to much to drink. The Hobo seemed enraged that the bartender couldn't see them. "Who the fuck do you think I am man? I can't be drunk, I can't even afford alcohol here!" he grabbed the bartenders collar. "Can't you see them?! they're on the fucking floor!"

    Keb gave in, giving a long sigh of annoyance. "Andrew-- could you help me with this, um... issue?" Keb said, looking at the White Felidi. "Sure, anything you say Keb." The Felidi named Andrew said calmly as he produced a sawed-off shotgun from his coat. Andrew walked over to the Hobo, putting the two barrels up against his eyes. "Alright buddy, I don't care if you're flippin' shit... My friend here wants you to leave, matter of fact, so do I. So you have two choices. He cocked the gun. One: You get your ass outta here before I make your head higher than a hippie... He placed his hand on the trigger, making a 'click.' Two: I blow your fucking head off...

    The Hobo stammered, giving off a cold sweat. "I'll count to three before I make the decision for ya." The Hobo raised his hands up. "N-no sir I--" "One." The homeless man stood up, and looked around the room for assistance. "I was only joking, I can--" "Two." The homeless man quit arguing and got up to his feet. "I'm sorry, I guess I'll just g--" "THREE!"


    In an instant the Homeless man's head was blown into bits, splattering across all the walls in the Pub, resulting in frantic high-pitched screams from the women in the back. The bartender smirked as he watched the body drop. "Good shot as always Andrew, however I hate it when you make a mess..." he said with a slight frown. Andrew blew off the smoke from his gun and placed it into his pants. "Holy fuck, that was the best one I've done all week! I swear they're like fucking flies. No matter how many you kill...


    ~A.R.K.N.E.T. Library~ (Naru)

    The weasel nodded, eagerly placing two lumps of sugar into your tea. She waltzed back to the table and placed the tea down. She took a long look at you, seemingly captivated in your eyes. "So, tell me about yourself. What is a man like you doing in such a crowded place like this?" She said nicely, seemingly forgetting about your request for books.​

    Moments later, the Library door swung open, causing the door to chime again. Entering the library was a sleek red-haired, ample-chested vixen. She wore a long red dress, the lower left side left open, revealing a slim, pair of legs atop two needlepoint high-heels. "Sorry to bother you Vueiri, but I need to renew 'the lost contact' again. I do admit I'm a slow reader... she said with a flip of her hair. ​

    Vueiri-- The Librarian, looked at you for another moment. "Sorry sweetie, but I'll be just a moment." she said as she gave your hand a soft pat. The weasel walked away for the moment, going to help this vixen renew her book. But somehow, it didn't feel right. Something about this vixen made the calm and soothing feeling of the library shatter into a million pieces, as if she was here for a different reason...​
  12. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    Jack was jolted in the other direction to Kelyren and Wit as the hobo began to freak out at what he perceived as cockroaches. Cockroaches. Only there weren't any cockroaches at all; the hobo had been stomping on the wad of cash the the Lycan had given him. "Holy SHIT. This is the best thing I've seen in a good long while!" he exclaimed through huge fits of jovial laughter at the supposed "plight" of the vagrant. Obviously, nobody but the hobo in question was able to see the "roaches," and of course the bartender took notice and tried to calm the man down. That had proven futile within a few minutes, however, as he then asked the Siberian felidi to make an attempt. Jack could hardly hear the Felidi, whom he now knew went by the name Andrew, over the incoherent babbling of the crazed bum, but he did manage to make this out: "I'll count to three before I make the descision for ya." "N-no sir I--" "One.""I was only joking, I can--" "Two." "I'm sorry, I guess I'll just g--" "THREE!"


    ... and then the hobo's head just ceased to exist, as it had just exploded into several hundred gory pieces. This prompted what could be best described as the single biggest laughing fit in the history of the universe from Jack as he got up to congratulate Andrew on a job well done in turn. "My GOD, man. That was the greatest thing I've ever seen!" he said jovially, holding out his skeletal left hand for a handshake, "By the way, name's Jack. I'd assume from what just happened that you'd be Andrew?"
  13. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    John smiled as he watched her put the two lumps of sugar into his cup of tea, and began making her way back to him. He promptly sat up when she got back to the table was at, and placed the tea down in front of him. He reached out, and promptly picked the cup up gently, before bringing it up to his lips, and taking a soft sip of the drink. John grinned a little at the taste, very sugary, just the way he liked it, but the tea itself was quite good as well. After finishing taking the sip, he placed the cup back down on the table, and looked back up at the librarian, who was in the middle of asking her question. John was about to answer, when he heard the door chime.

    John turned around, and watched as she came in. She was a vixen, with a very ample chest, as well as sleek red hair, and was wearing a long red dress, that showed off her slim legs, and complimented her figure greatly. John would have very much liked to have a night with this vixen, that was for sure. He watched as she came over, and addressed the librarian he had been talking to with familiarity, refering to her by name, asking for help renewing something called 'the lost contact', which raised his attention a bit more, by how important it sounded. Vueiri, the librarian then told him she had to go help her, and John replied with a smile. "Of course, my matter can wait." He said, before watching the two walk off.

    The atmosphere had been completely destroyed by the woman, and John was very curious as to why she was here, feeling that there was a lot more to it then what meets the eye. His eyes concentrated on them, as they left the room, not leaving them for a second. John began whispering a small chant under his breath, casting a small spell he had learned awhile ago from an old sage he had met in the woods, a few continents away. It was a listening spell, that allowed John to hear what others could hear, and now that he was done, he could now hear what the vixen and Vueiri could. With a smile, he picked up his glass of tea, not taking his eyes off of them, and took another sip.
  14. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    "I'll count to three before I make the descision for ya." "N-no sir I--" "One.""I was only joking, I can--" "Two." "I'm sorry, I guess I'll just g--" "THREE!"


    WHP heard nearly every bit of that conversation which the Felidi had with the Homeless man... right down to the final bit. "Jesus Christ!" He yelled, so loud you could nearly hear his speakers blow. A bit of blood splattered on the side of his casing, and he attempted to rub it off. "That was a bit... well, messy, wouldn't you say? Still, I can say good riddance to that man. One less homeless to stink up the world." WHP does not exactly like homeless men, always out stinking up the streets. As far as he is concerned, they can all go rot somewhere else. If your not smart enough to keep yourself off of the streets in the first place, then your not smart enough to live. Hmm, wonder why Jack is laughing at this so much? Sure, I guess it was a bit laughable from the way he had seen it, but still. If anything, the funniest part of that was the coating of the wall in blood. WHP thought to himself, while watching Jack congratulate the man. "He he, well, at least it was a job well done. No coming back from that."
  15. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    Kelyren looked on in mild interest as the homeless man freaked out over what, in his mind, was apparently money turning into cockroaches. She kept her violet eyes on the man; there was no way he could have afforded the amount of alcohol needed to create a hallucination of that scale. It didn't sit right in her mind; there was easily the possibility that he was simply insane, but he seemed to have his wits about him as the Felidi--


    Kelyren was torn from her reverie with a sharp, startled noise that could only be described as a mix of a hiss and a snort. The Felidi had literally blown off the vagrant's head. Making a scoffing noise in disgust and distaste, she let the others get through their laughing fits before speaking up, a gleam in her eye like a cat who'd just found another mouse to play with.

    "Rather brutal there, don't you think, tiger?" Kelyren asked, an undertone in her voice so well disguised that it was impossible to tell if she was teasing, disgusted, or angry. "Clearly the poor man was about to leave. Now you've gone and stained everything with his blood." She chuckled. But then she gave the bartender a glance. "Not such a good shot if the gun is pressed up against the target's head." She sat back, leaning against the counter, aware that she was about to play with fire upon her next comment.

    "Such a... cowardly move, wouldn't you agree?"
  16. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    ~A.R.K.N.E.T. Pub~ (General)

    The Felidi gave a quick nod to the Skeletal Lycan, who thought his display was an absolute riot, before turning to the Kitsune. He rolled his eyes as he heard her remark how his actions were cowardly. "Listen, I don't really care what you think." he said as he took out his shotgun again, and placing 2 more bullets into the chamber, "You think I did that out of spite? Nah, I was just bored and felt like killing someone. Honestly, It's really no harm anyway, most of the humans in A.R.K.N.E.T. City are clones anyway, on account of humans being almost extinct." His gun made a loud clicking noise as he snapped the barrel back into place. He took another swig of his drink before sitting down, turning himself away from the crowd.

    The bartender did his usual, occasionally looking about awkwardly, expecting a member of the strange group to want a drink instead of standing about while calamity occurred. Moments later the door chimed; signaling someone else had just entered the bar. It was another Tiger-esque Felidi. He had the typical tiger markings; orange with black stripes. His right arm was completely mechanized, as well as both of his legs, looking more like hooves than hindpaws. He wore a long white trenchcoat overtop of a thick black vest.

    He made his way over to the counter after stepping over the body nonchalantly, taking glances at every other patron in turn, starting with the Thenast, who had a strange air about him. "Good day Keb - Andrew, it's good to see you!" he said to the white Felidi with a quick one-arm hug. "I just stopped in to see what you were up to... but based on the nice new paint job and the corpse over there, I'd say I'm a bit late on the action!" He said with a laugh.
    "It's good to see you again Jackson. Though I must admit, I thought you'd be out longer, on account of your recent relocation. Keb said as he turned almost knowingly to serve the man a drink.

    The orange Felidi, or Jackson as he was now known, eagerly grabbed his drink and leaned on the counter. "Well Keb, you know what they say, 'There's no place like home' and I couldn't just drive away from where I was raised. A.R.K.N.E.T. City is where it all happens!" Jackson turned around and sat on the barstool, facing the crowd. "So, what are you fuckers doing here? I don't think I've seen you guys before, here to join ARKNET?"


    ~A.R.K.N.E.T. Library~ (Naru)

    The library gained a still, breathlessness as you sat in your chair. The two had left the room, seemingly unaware that you could hear what they were about to say. At the beginning, you could only hear footsteps. The soft pads of the Librarian's slippers, coupled with the solid clats of the vixen's heels. "Alright dear, you said you were looking to renew this book? You heard the librarian say thanks to the use of your magic.
    "Yes, I found some of the context very inspiring, could I get an 'extended renewal'" there was an obvious emphasis.
    "A-again? I'm not sure, I mean... I can really only keep things on hold for a week. Any more and my boss will get suspicious..." The weasel said with uncertainty.
    "Listen Vueiri, I just really need a little more time. Please?" By the sounds of it, the vixen was trying her best to seem cute; butter Vueiri up.
    "Well-- Alright! another week's extension, no more. The weasel said suddenly, sounding oddly enthusiastic about the whole thing.

    You heard the vixen thank the librarian as your spell wore off. The library was still as it was, silent and eerily still. You feel a small hand press against your shoulder suddenly, before it moves across your back, the sleek orange arm coming withing your view. "I don't think I've seen you round here-- not that it surprises me. Humans like you are almost extinct, making them quite rare... and exotic. The vixen said seductively as she gracefully put herself in the chair across from you. Here eyes were a deep shade of red, almost glowing. "My name's Aurella, Aurella Cross..."

    She looked at you with a smirk and leaned forward a bit, causing her crimson hair to cover her left. eye. She gave you a haughty gaze before moving her hair away from her eye, flipping it with a smooth motion. "I'm sure the librarian will be back shortly, I had her run a few errands." She said. Her left eye seemed different, the pupil was dilated much more than the right, arousing some suspicion.
  17. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    Jack returned the nod, then briskly turned his attention to the newcomer, having little to no reaction to Andrew's near-spazzing on Kelyren. As the Felidi, now known as Jackson, walked over to a floating stool and sat down to have a drink, Jack took up his old seat two away from the white one and attempted to make conversation with him. He took note of the snide comment about the blood all over the floor and the hobo that was now missing a head lying there in the middle of it. "That? Serves him right for pissing him off, haha." he replied, still almost doubling over at the memory of that comedic event. Roaches. On the floor. Stupid hobo, it was his own money! Jack eyed the alcohol enviously, suddenly remembering his drink of choice as a "living" being -- he was a cyborg like quite a few within their ranks, but he still enjoyed the taste of warm sake. "Man, I wish I could drink alcohol right now. Being dead is the absolute worst experience I have ever had." he sighed, remembering he hadn't technically left ARKNET for the second time in less than an hour. As much as he wanted to forget this, he just couldn't. Not while she was on his mind. "Join ARKNET? I did that years ago, before I died." he started, disregarding his earlier commitment to himself to not spill his life story to anyone else. "Well, don't judge me too harshly on it. I didn't really have a choice, being adopted by an insane criminal and forced to join at five years old after my parents were assassinated." He stopped here, realising that Jackson didn't even actually have a name to put with the skeletal face yet. "Look at me, spilling my guts all over the room without giving so much as a name to you." he said, chuckling out of embarrassment, "My name's Jack, and I guess from the fact that Andrew already seemed to know you, you're Jackson, is that right?"
  18. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    Kelyren chuckled slightly at Andrew's words. She was actually having a fair amount of fun today, first teasing the skeleton who hadn't had very interesting reactions, and now this Felidi before her was an even more possible target. Let's see how much I can get away with poking the tiger with a stick. She leaned forward, watching Andrew with general amusement.

    "Did I say anything about spite?" She asked, a deceptively playful tone in her voice. One of her ears rotated slightly, picking up Jack's words. Focusing back on the white tiger, Kelyren continued. "If anything, it's just a worse character flaw to kill someone out of boredom than out of spite." She gave a shrug, turning away from the Felidi, her tail swishing in a disregarding motion. "But, whatever. I suppose not everyone has the skill or self control to keep their urges in check."

    She glanced back at Andrew, an amused yet unreadable light in her violet eyes. Her ears were perked completely up, not only to catch Jack's words but also to pick up any sound of movement from the Felidi she was so set on teasing. Stirring the waters is so fun. Let's see how long this one can last~
  19. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    Battery Charge left... 36%... WHP checked his battery charge again, mostly out of habit, but a bit out of his eagerness to get to ARKNET. Part of the reason WHP-01 had even come here in the first place was to join ARKNET, and to hopefully get himself some mercenary work. It had been a while since he was able to test his whip, however he was quite sure that he would still wield it expertly. After Jack, WHP-01 introduced himself to the man. "As for me, I'm WHP-01. Of course, that is my serial number... so you can call me Wit, if you like. T'was my human name. For the question, I am definitely here to join ARKNET! "Really, its the entire reason I'm here. Life has been getting boring, and being around for a couple thousand years... well, you run out of things to do! That's why I joined, for the mercenary work!" 

    After introducing himself to the man, and answering his question, WHP-01 became fairly interested with him. "Anyway, enough about me. How about you? Where are you from?"
  20. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    As soon as the man was shot, Larsa put a paw up to his mouth, restraining a mirthful look of guilt and a tremendous smirk. 'That could have gone just a little too far,' he chuckled in his mind. He glanced around as everyone seemed to have a different reaction-- and felt a little remorseful for causing the hobo's death when nobody seemed particularly concerned. On the contrary, most of them seemed thrilled by the murder of the deadbeat. 'Guess these's no room for compassion in a pub. Or is it the city as a whole?' Larsa cringed at the thought. Amicable pantywaists were always easier to manipulate... and if nobody in this city were to fall for a trap that preyed on compassion... 'This'll be a tough place. Heh, I got to step it up...'

    The Thenast's ears perked up at the mention of 'join ARKNET'. Larsa descried the speaker-- an orange-colored Felidi, who acted companionably towards... what's-their-faces... Keb, and Andrew! He knew he had heard the names of the Lycan bartender and the murderous Felidi subconsciously. Yeah, them. Larsa should have gone straight to the counter in the first place; none of these apparent tourists were any help.

    Larsa was about to slink over to the bar stool next to the Felidi named Jackson when that Fallen Angel piped up. Leaning back into his seat, the black Thenast listened as Jack relayed his story. 'Taken in by a deranged man and pushed into an assassination business at age five? Geez, and I thought I'd heard it all.'

    Sliding forward, Larsa whisked over to the bar and stole the seat next to Jackson. Looking up at the Felidi, he was about to start a conversation when the Prometheus in the corner began replying. Closing his mouth and glancing around a little awkwardly, Larsa tasted his mouth and decided that he could use a drink. "Hey uh, Keb. Could I get something light and fizzy? Much appreciated."

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