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Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | Rogues

Discussion in 'Roleplay Archives' started by Spaughtyena, Nov 9, 2012.

  1. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    Of course it didn't work.

    Swishing her tail with an apparent casual indifference, Kelyren entered the elevator calmly, casting a glance back to see if Lacuna was following. It wasn't that she was being careless; at this point, the kitsune was going on her normally reliable gut instinct. She'd gotten out of worse situations before, but of course she couldn't speak for her tagalong. She didn't even usually have a partner working with her. In some ways, having one was good; in other words, it was bad. Having two heads to think instead of one was a plus, and if it ever came to a fight then having a teammate was almost invaluable. At the same time, Kelyren would have to look out for the Thenast, not that the mustelid wasn't capable of fighting for himself.

    Her thoughts were interrupted as the vixen spoke, but she'd already been only half-listening for the first half of the lycan's tirade. Waiting for the other fox to finish her taunts, Kelyren leaned against the wall of the elevator, her bored expression masking just how much she was paying attention to her surroundings. Movement, facial expressions, key words in the fox's slick tongue that would give Kelyren hints and edges should it indeed reach a violent point. Once the vixen stopped speaking, the kitsune raised an eyebrow. "I hate to burst your bubble, but neither breathing nor heart rate are controlled by thought," She said plainly. "That's all part of the autonomic nervous system. If it relied on thought alone, everyone would die in their sleep and we would not be here to talk about it."

    She went on after getting some brief satisfaction out of the teasing. "I can't speak for my Thenast friend here, but I just followed you out of curiosity." Kelyren shrugged nonchalantly. "It's not every day a mind-controlling lycan ragequits a bar with her puppet."
  2. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    Demurring momentarily at the loud mechanical hiss the elevator doors issued, Larsa trod into the elevator with a nonchalant air. Danger's repugnant face was now right before the sly duo, leaning against the hand rail on the back wall, and seemed to intend to pose confrontation in the form of sarcastic diatribe. This was a game the weasel could play with more assurance.

    Entering the elevator behind his companion, it occurred to the Thenast-- as the opportunity presented itself to do so discreetly-- to mark Kelyren as a non-receptor for his Indolent Scent. He didn't need an ally to be inhibited by the derogatory musk he produced, nor did he fancy a friend incidentally becoming a slave to one of his illusions. Kelyren might not have been noticeably affected by his olfactory presence thus far, but loitering in a small, enclosed area-- in essence, an elevator ride-- was the perfect situation for his odd scent to come into play. While filing into the elevator, Larsa surreptitiously leaned his head forward, stretched his neck slightly, and brushed his whiskers-- willingly topped by chemicals which would stave off his own scent-- against the edge of Kel's cheek. 'That should keep most of my influence off of her...' the weasel mused as he took position at a vacant side of the elevator. 'Her, though...' he zeroed in snidely on Aurella, 'She might get just a little scatter-brained. Just a little...' Even in his mind, the Thenast gave a sly chuckle. Despite his eagerness, nothing about the situation called for any sort of extent from his unnatural ability, though; the temptress seemed content to stick with tossing out allusions to counter-culture romanticism and trying her best to tease and gloat at the same time.

    "I'd like a 'taste' in the same way I'd like to get run over," Larsa retorted disdainfully, having been inexplicably reminded of his earlier close call while crossing the street when the vixen mentioned being drawn to red lights and getting stricken down. The weasel quirked a brow as Kelyren assailed a closing remark of the lycan's with logic, and quipped thereafter, "What a nice sentiment." Turning to take his own shot at the temptress, Larsa commented, "It's funny that you mention the world's cruel chemicals, and then go on to talk about your own love. Scientemogically speaking, the sensation of 'love' is caused in the brain by the chemicals dopamine and endomorphin-- one creates pleasure, and one paradoxically causes pain. Coin phrases such as 'love hurts' have sprouted from this convoluted mixture, and scientists have been searching for a way to negate the painful downside to the heart's keenest call for ages. Unsuccessfully."

    Moving on from his extemporaneous sagacity, the black-furred Thenast paused for a moment to marinate in his own sarcasm, and then finished, "And as for me, I only tagged along because this guy," gesturing at the glassy-eyed, unresponsive 'puppet' man, "owes me a pretty penny." For, of course, any one god forbid the day when Lacuna should ever tell anything but the truth.
  3. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    ”Whatever.” Aurella said as the pair corrected her. ”You'd die all the same if I wasn't being told to show you into Mr. Drakes offices, he wants to speak with you – let you live... apparently.” The elevator continued to hum softly as it ascended the shaft towards the top of the building. Slowly, Aurella looked about the room and wrinkled her nose, sensing something odd, due to her puppet flipping from not thinking at all – to giving outward thoughts about trying to not think. Come to think of it, she had a headache.

    Aurella was confused, in more ways than one. Her eyebrows furled as she tried to figure out why her head suddenly hurt, and it was becoming troublesome. Eventually she got a break as she managed to remember her quick encounter in the bar. ”You remind me of a librarian who recently died... only you're much more masculine than she was, and might I say you smell – unique...”

    Aurella set her gaze on the Thenast. ”I take it back, you smell disgusting.” she said as she folded her ears back, and tapped her foot impatiently, staring at the the elevator screen with a look of thankfulness as it hit 100, and gave a short 'ding' followed by another hiss of steam. ”Finally.” she said as she quickly fixed her hair, and looked down at her dress, making sure she looked acceptable.

    Th elevator opened, revealing a small room with a large metal desk in the middle. The desk was littered with small papers and a few empty glasses. Sitting on the other side of the desk, opposite the elevator was a tall, firmly built Felidi, panther-esque, with golden eyes wearing a black suit, as he sipped from a large wine glass. ”Slightly late, but still expected.” He said in a smooth, deep tone, seeming to rumble out of his throat despite talking somewhat quietly. ”Aurella, I can always count on you to catch the fish can't I?”

    Aurella smiled almost forcefully as she turned to the Felidi ”Yes Mr. Drake, this is the pair that followed me, and tried to sabotage--” Aurella instantly silenced herself as Drake held up a finger while sipping from his wine. ”Mmm-- Yes, yes – 'trying to ruin me, something, something execution' right? I've heard all that before my dear – you can just have a seat while I converse.” He snapped his fingers and four chairs materialized from no-where and positioned themselves perfectly on the other side of his desk. He looked to the pair with an honest expression. ”You as well please, were going to have a nice long talk...” he said as he shuffled some papers in his paws and put on  pair of glasses.


    The sound of Andrew's shotgun followed by the dying squeal of the tabby put a smile on the white Felidi's face. ”Thanks boney!” Not long after, the quick succession of attacks from Wit, Camo and Jack easily overpowered the unfortunate quarterstaff wielding tabby, his corpse falling limply to the ground.

    Meanwhile, Jackson suffered a few more kicks from the tabby as he struggled to stand. The tabby drew a knife, and lifted it above its shoulders. ”Now you die, tiger!” He swung the knife down, aiming for Jackson's side. But before the tabby could peirce Jackson's lung, he stopped in place, dropping the knife absently before letting out a yowl of pain as he convulsed violently. ”How about I taze your ass? That work?” Jackson said as his claws dug into the tabby's skin, and sparked with electricity, stopping the tabby's heart easily.

    Jackson removed his claw from the smoking tabby as he stood, getting out his gun as he watched the group of four land on treetops a ways away. The drew long poled from their backs and put them up to their lips, sending almost invisible darts, no doubt poisoned, at the group. ”Shit, get to cover – except you Jack-skeleton... right?” Jackson said as he watched Camo position herself behind a tree, and Andrew hide behind a large bush, reloading his shotgun.
  4. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    Jack turned around quickly upon hearing Jackson's warning to the others. Knowing that whatever these darts may be laced with wouldn't exactly affect him at this stage, he simply nodded, replying, "Yeah, I'll be fine. Knowing these goons though, they'll miss a lot. Best to get cover anyway, though." He then jumped to the tree immediately behind him, then to an upper branch of one to his left. Reasonably concealed, he peered around for traces of the undertrained goons. "Hmm... one appears to be so dumb as to stand on the topmost branch about 20 metres from me, I'd say. Wouldn't be hard to send that loser flying into plain view of the others. Just gotta dismantle his little toy first..." he mumbled to himself, jumping yet again to a lower branch of the tree across from him, then finally to the ground, landing in a sprint destined for the bottom of the tree the poor fool was standing on. He then vaulted himsaelf to the tree trunk next to it and proceeded to engage in a series of alternating jumps from tree to tree, before finally springing up from behind the tabby. "SURPRISE, COCKFAG!" was all the poor cat heard coming from behind him as a hard series of kicks to the back and head made him lose balance and were quickly followed by a full-on trip and later a leg grab-to-throw that sent the tabby sprawling and flying through the air in the direction of Jackson. "Hey Jackson, catch!" Jack said as he threw the goon in Jackson's direction, "Free goon, care of boney!"
  5. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    Kelyren raised an eyebrow in outward confusion- which for once matched her actual thoughts, as she sat down, as told. Her tail swished slightly as she glanced at Lacuna with amethyst eyes, and looked back at the panther. "'Trying to ruin you'?" She asked, the confusion evident in her tone. Apparently the other fox wasn't as sharp as she seemed. The kitsune sat back, leaning her shoulders against the backrest. "It seems your source of information is flawed," here she looked pointedly at Aurella, "or simply does not listen." Always fun to shoot a side insult at people she didn't like.

    She looked back at the Felidi, eyes half closed as if bored. "The only thing I sabotaged was the door into this place." Kelyren paused, and chuckled a bit. Though she'd made her intention clear earlier, there was no harm in stating something they already knew. And something was telling her this Felidi wouldn't be the best one to tease... not that that meant anything to her, there wasn't any fun in taunting someone if there wasn't some chance of consequence. She'd wait and see. "Anyway. You wanted to talk, so talk."
  6. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    Wit knew what to do with the situation, even before Jackson ordered them to get to cover. Wit manoeuvred himself quickly, dashing to the back-end of one of the near by trees, never losing  view of the tabbies. "Thanks for the warning! Not to hard to spot these clumsy goons manoeuvring within the trees though." Positioned behind the tree, the darts where barely missing Wit. Just sticking into the bark, they were just begging to be used by a more accurate opponent. Coiling his whip around the tree, Wit grabbed a handful of the darts, and loaded them into his blaster. Then, without actually charging a plasma blast, he simply fired the darts out, letting out a shotgun like blast of darts toward the tabby cats. "Lets see how partial these tabbies are to their own poison!" Death was likely assured for the poor Tabby to be hit by that many poison darts.
  7. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    As Aurella began to act peculiarly, Larsa decided to ride out the somewhat awkward elevator trip by observing the plus one-- the mind-controlled man, whose situation had been the thing that had interested both the Thenast and Kitsune enough to follow this heinous she-Lycan right into the foreboding gullet of the A.R.K.N.E.T. building itself. He seemed average-enough a guy, save for the knowledge of magic Larsa had watched him display not so very long ago, so the question was, why him? Did he fall prey to Aurella's unsavory ability out of misfortune, or had she been sent specifically to recruit him? Furthermore, and out of the necessity of his own safety, Larsa needed to know how exactly the vixen's mind-control worked. 'What have I seen, what have I heard...? He had control over himself when we first saw him at the bar-- or he was sentient, at least. Along the way, he tried to break free by dropping some lightning on himself... and now he's a zombie.' Something about that middle event bothered Larsa-- the man had shocked himself using magic in an attempt to also injure his mental captor. At the time the weasel had dismissed it as a pathetic layman's attempt to escape the mental oppression, but thinking back on the words that had accompanied the attack introduced a new layer of mystery. '''My pleasure is your pleasure, my pain is your pain"-- that's exactly what he said. Doesn't sound like mind control, unless this guy is more screwed up than we thought. Sounds more like a mental link.' In that moment of musing, the answer struck the Thenast. At the same time, the manipulative Lycan glowered in his direction and stated, ”I take it back, you smell disgusting.” A bemused grin popping onto his face, Larsa acted offended and replied, "Well, then!"

    'Now the situation's improving. I know your trick, bitch. It's not mind control, it's mind assertion. Mental dominance. You establish an empathy link and than ya' pervert it and use it to overpower the guy's mind.' Gazing at John with a twist of pity in his eyes, Larsa concluded, 'and this poor sap right here tried to resist it in all the wrong ways.' Eying the scandalous Lycan and noticing how much his Indolent Scent affected her, the night-pelted weasel resolved to prevent her from smothering any more minds so long as it was within his power.

    A few moments passed silently in the elevator, impatience and anticipation mingling lethargically in the enclosed space. With a ceremonious 'ding!' and another rendition of the obnoxious steam sound, the doors opened to reveal the 100th floor. The truth of the scene nearly disappointed Larsa as he took the small room in-- he had expected a large, dramatic conference room filled with hard-ass higher-ups mumbling in an entirely conspiratorial manner. This reality only shared one similarity with the vision the Thenast had anxiously developed, and that was the likeness of this "Mr. Drake"-- some smooth-looking, direct-talking, suit-wearing businessman pretentiously sipping some refined alcohol as he eyed his guests with an air of confidence that felt to border on smugness. 'Bingo.'

    Observing the interaction between Aurella and Mr. Drake, Larsa noted the Lycan's deference to her Felidi boss, as well as the obsession with conspiracy in Aurella that Drake seemed to regard as routine. When the chairs materialized, Larsa didn't hesitate to grab a seat by it's top rail and flip it around, sitting in it with his chest to the chair's back and his arms crossed on the crest rail. As Kelyren began speaking, the weasel discreetly tilted his head this way and that, trying to glean a potential glance at an important document on Mr. Drake's desk. "Yeah, and her hair's bad, too!" the Thenast put in as his companion applied some invective to Aurella. Not having a particular opinion concerning Aurella's paranoid accusations about sabotage, Larsa let Kelyren finish uninterrupted, and then spoke, "May I say, Mr. Drake, you see to run a, uh, very comprehensive business here." The weasel glanced around the room for a moment, both for effect and as a casual way to try to spot anything notable or potentially helpful. "Structuring of your headquarters is a little weird, though." Finally settling his eye-line on and locking gazes with Mr. Drake, the weasel finished by saying, "But go on."
  8. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    Aurella's ears folded back as she was forced to hear the pair embarrass her in front of her employer. She turned her head and gave both an angry glare before turning back to Drake, and began stroking her puppet's hair in an attempt to relieve herself. At the same time, Drake cleared his throat after taking another sip of wine. ”Now, now – Aurella has some wonderful assets, and she managed to lead you two here – However I won't hesitate to say that assuming a pair or sneaks could  sabotage ARKNET, let alone the door displays a lack in intellect nonetheless.”

    Drake then took a look at the pair, his eyes scanning them up and down as his brow was furled into a thoughtful position before he spoke. ”Now, before we begin, I'm just going to read off some general information – and please, don't hesitate to ask if you're in need of a beverage – I have plenty.” He lifted the paper in front of his eyes as he began to read. ”You.” He said, pointing to Kelyren ”You are Kelyren Nenellra; Female – obviously, Age 19, weigh roughly 150, and have a knack for opening things – useful.” His finger moved to Lacuna. ”You are Larsa Kuron; Male, 36 years of age, and weigh around 100 pounds. But as far as I can tell--”
    ”Scent sir, his obnoxious scent effects people psychologically.” Aurella said interrupting.
    ”Why thank you Aurella, I'll be sure to write that down as the most useful interruption yet.”He said in annoyance and sarcasm, ”Unless he was deficient, I would've assumed he could have answered himself – but I'll let it go for now.” He took off his glasses and set the paper down, finishing off his glass of wine.

    Aurella continued to stroke John's hair, ears seeming to be stuck to the back of her head in distaste of the current situation. Drake however leaned down and grabbed a trio of envelopes he had stored in his desk, before pressing a button. After a second or so, neon lights flowed through the desk's surface. They were so bright in fact, that nothing atop the desk could be seen. After the lights faded, the desk was clean and clear, and under control. Drake placed the envelopes on the desk, each one sealed, numbered 1 through 3. ”You are both intriguing, and I'd like to see you develop your talents – these are contracts, not major, not formal – they don't pay much either, but they'll keep you busy.”

    He spun the contracts so that they would face the pair, and looked to Aurella. ”Aurelle, fetch me Kharri.” Without another word Aurella stood and walked to the back of the room – the back wall opening into a larger room that had red-carpeting and smelled of potpourri. ”I want you each to pick a contract, then, I would like you to pick one of my wonderful ladies – when they come back, and I'll send you on your way. If you succeed, you'll be my new Rogues.” He leaned back in his chair, and awaited the return of this 'Kharri.'

    A few minutes passed, eventually the wall re-opened and Aurella returned with another woman. She too was a Lycan – or was she? Her basic structure matched that of a Lycan, but her arms and muzzle were covered in scales that matched her fur tone. Her green eyes had slitted pupils, and curled horns adorned her head. Much like Aurella, she had long hair, reaching the middle of her back, but she wore no clothing – she didn't need to, her body was blank. The coating of scales hid any semblance of nudity. ”Drake.” she said quickly, giving an affirmative nod in the Felidi's direction.

    As Aurella sat down, Kharri took a moment to examine the pair – he eyes taking a moment to lock onto Kelyren's, then Lacuna, before she sat in another stool that appeared on the side of the desk. ”As you can see,” Drake started, ”These are the exceptional women that will be watching you – making sure you don't run off and do something... off-task.” He cleared his throat briefly, and his face got a lot more stern. ”Now, lastly... I little bar-fly told me that you'd been in the company of a certain – Jack Evans. If you see him along your travels – kill him – please.”
    ”What about Sly?” Kharri chimed in, her voice was naturally rough sounding, but not enough to hurt the ears. ”I thought Jack was looking for her.”
    ”Mmm, yes.” Drake looked to the pair. ”A blue-furred bitch, kill her too – she has... unwanted intentions.”

    Drake once more gestured to the envelopes, more so to remind himself, as he had gotten slightly off-task. ”This is your task, first, pick an envelope, then, a lady to accompany you – After you exit this building, open the envelope, the instructions will be inside. - So what will it be, One, Two, Three? Aurella, or Kharri?” Drake smiled as he finished the rhyme, eager to see what the pair would do.


    Meanwhile, Jackson had no trouble catching the fallen tabby on his claws, and sent electricity once more, though his claws, stopping the cat's heart. He threw the limp body aside, as he watched another fall out of a tree after being hit multiple times by it's own darts. Jackson looked to where they had been shot, and gazed upon Wit in a respectful manner. ”That was cool, do that more often.”

    Andrew hid himself behind a big log as a dart could bee seen heading for him, and sticking itself in the stump, only inches from his head. Noticing this, Andrew spun around, leaving his cover out of sheer annoyance and shot off his gun into the distance, blowing a tree in half, the tabby on top falling to its demise.

    ”Not too shabby.” Camo commented as she pulled out her own guns. ”Let me show you how its done though.” She said before spinning her leg around, gaining momentum as she flung herself into the air in a corkscrew, firing of her guns as bullets were lodged into the final tabby's chest, causing him to collapse from the treetop. ”Kay, not to ruin the moment... Camo said as she regained her balance on the ground. ”But why isn't this a challenge? We're basically doing some awesome shit – and these guys are dying on-cue... what the fuck...”

    Jackson and Andrew shrugged in unison, as a voice boomed from the distance on a loudspeaker.
    ”Jack EVANS!! I know.. you.. you come for... me. But you are too late! I have dr..drunken myself onto unsober behavior... I am drunk, therefor, in good honor of combat... you must... you must come back at a more convenient time – so go away... *HIC*” The voice could only be coming from one man – Saki. However, in his seemingly drunken state, it was no wonder his goons had had little to no coordination in their attacks. ”And as a final note – I say, FUCK TO YOU Jack, you are dead, how dare you have the audacity to haunt me and kill my beer-runners-- I mean failures—I mean assistants!!”
  9. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    Jack wheeled around upon catching wind of Saki's voice. A few seconds later, he facepalmed so hard that his skull almost flew off his spine. "You're drunk? Seriously?" he said, sorely disappointed that who was currently the premier samurai in the region would stoop so low as to come to an honorable duel fucking smacked out of his mind, "I swear, the one time fighting this chode actually matters he makes it too easy..." With renewed resolve and a healthy dose of what could essentially be equated to a Laughing.png on a skull, he spoke up again. "'Come back at a more convenient time?' Why, this is the most convenient time to show up and kill your sorry ass... for me!" He then wheeled around and walked out of the trees, heading for the others, picking one of the goons' mouthpieces and a dart on the way. On his way out, he posed a question. "Hey, anyone have a piece of paper? There's probably a pen in the truck. Going to send this idiot a message then blow his brains out, which means, Andrew..." he said, turning to the white Felidi, "... that I need your shotgun. Here's the overall gist: I write a note and stuff it on a dart, which one of you fires through his window -- the one on the third floor above the entrance, which tells him to come fight me out front." Jack then poined to a concealed spot in the trees near Saki's front door, "I hide there, and since he's fucking hammered beyond being capable of complex judgement, he'll walk out in the open. I'll then blow his brains out. Got it?"
  10. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    Just as expected, the darts from Wit's blaster all stuck into one of the tabbies, causing it to fall out of the tree, likely dead. ”That was cool, do that more often.” Jackson said, giving Wit a respectful look. "Heh, thanks. This blaster is good for more than just plasma, you know." As this little conversation went on, the moves preformed by Camo also caught Wit's eye, Wit being impressed by the move. And of course, all of this just seems way to easy... was thought, right before Saki came up on his little intercom there. Drunk as Jarate, and likely incapable of combat. Yep... Too easy. After the intercom went off, Jack was quick to speak about what was said by Saki. Making a little remark about how easy this was, and as to how we would not come back at a more /convenient/ time. Listening to the plan, Wit thought it was a fairly good one. "Well, we have my blaster for the dart, and as to what else... well, all I can do is shoot out a couple blasts during your easy fight. Unless you would prefer to fight him alone, of course.
  11. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    Having apparently been suddenly recruited, Kelyren perked her ears forward. Seemed that everyone was misinterpreting her ability today, but that suited her fine. The less they knew, the better. The easier it would be to get out of a tight spot should she need to. If they all thought her ability was simply to open doors, she could surprise them at a later date, with something else. The kitsune casually glanced at the other fox, giving a vague, complacent smirk at Aurella's obvious annoyance. It almost seemed that the enslaved human was more or less a security blanket for the lycan, a thought that Kelyren had to suppress a slight chuckle at.

    Her attention was drawn away, however, as the felidi across the desk drew out three envelopes and sent Aurella away to "fetch" someone else. The kitsune swished her tail in slight boredom as she listened to Drake telling her and Lacuna something about contracts; even though she was only half-listening, she picked up the meaning of it all fairly well. Finally glancing away to what appeared to be a half-reptilian lycan entered the room with Aurella. Assuming this was Kharri even without Drake announcing her name, Kelyren gave the newcomer an acknowledging nod before looking back to Drake. Her eyebrow raised slightly at the mention of killing Jack and someone named Sly, but once the felidi's tirade was over, she shrugged.

    Arbitrarily picking up the envelope labelled "3", Kelyren sat back and looked over to Lacuna. "I don't particularly care who goes along with me," She drawled casually as she looked toward her options. As she usually flew solo, neither option truly appealed to her, and she shrugged. "I'll let my friend here have first pick, I suppose."
  12. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    'And now they're trying to recruit some random schmucks in a casual way they think will magically work. Typical big, skeevy business operation.'

    "Hold on, hold on. Let me stop ya' there," Larsa reprimanded Drake once the panther had finished his spiel. Regarding the businessman superciliously, the weasel began, "You think we'd just come in, listen to your chatter, and then go on our merry way, when we--" and he paused as Kelyren unconcernedly accepted one of the envelopes. Inwardly giving a sigh of exasperation, he quickly adapted and continued in a less belittling tone, "--don't know anything about your healthcare benefits?" "I don't particularly care who goes along with me," the Kitsune nonchalantly notified Larsa, going on to say he could pick between Aurella and the bizarre Kharri. 'Wonderful, thanks for that,' the weasel replied in his head, dumbfounded by Kel's detached entrance into A.R.K.N.E.T.'s procedures. 'I mean, I came to this city wondering about A.R.K.N.E.T.'s workings too, but I wouldn't have accepted any position without finding out their motivations beforehand.'

    A nondescript look on his face, and a stoic--if uneasy-- mood in his heart, the night-pelted weasel stretched a paw forward and took the first of the two remaining proffered envelopes. 'I couldn't have walked out if I wanted now, though. If we had both rejected, sure, but with one in, there's no telling what might happen to the other if they refused. I'm not about to be counted out like that.' Resigning to the situation for the moment, the weasel took on a caustic tone to try and make himself feel better. "Alright, let's see... Reptile freak, psychopath puppeteer," he murmured aloud, pointing a claw between Kharri and Aurella. "Reptile freak, manipulative maniac... Reptile freak..." he let his words hang for a moment, one paw raised to his chin in a contemplative gesture. He already knew which one he'd pick, though-- which one he had to pick. With decisive emphasis, he announced with a smirk, "Controlling bitch."

    Extracting himself from his seat, Larsa crossed carelessly over to Aurella and put his elbow on her shoulder. "No offense," he commented to Kharri. Leaning towards his new partner's ear, he whispered, "Offense meant." Taking a glance at the envelope marked with the number '1' in his grasp, the weasel put on a sarcastic smile, looked directly at Drake, and finished by saying, "Well! Shall we get this shady business on the road?"
  13. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    Drake smiled contentedly as he slid the number two contract back behind the desk, and sat up. ”You're all expendable – easily replaceable.” he said in answer to Lacuna's question. At the same time, Kharri had already made her way around to Kelyren, and Aurella had a pleasant smile that did nothing to veil the unfavorable look in her eye. ”Is it time Drake?” She said eagerly, as she moved herself to the edge of her seat. ”Yes.” Drake said simply as he pressed a button on the underneath of the desk, sounding a beep somewhere in the back of the room. ”Serial Burns and implants time kiddies.

    With that, two machines materialized in much the same fashion as the stools, and hovered to either side of the desk. Each machine was slightly different, the one on the right had a large flat surface underneath some form of lens. The leftmost machine was equipped with numerous amounts of varied scalpels and needles, each looking more unpleasant than the last. ”Now you're faced with another choice – In which I mean where you'd like me to assign the serial burn.” he said as he pressed a few more buttons. ”'Nowhere' is not a correct answer.”

    Aurella seemed very pleased, and exited as she gazed at the machines, then to her new partner. ”I have a suggestion Mr. Drake. How about the forehead for my partner – maybe something like 'Ell-zero-ess-three-arr?'” She looked to the needle machine. And maybe a testicular implant would be appropriate.
    ”I'll leave the decision between you two” Drake said, half ignoring Aurella while he pressed a final sequence of buttons into place. ”Aurella – your slave needs to be registered – Just a burn, not like he's going to be running anywhere now.”
    ”At least not willingly.”Aurella said deviously as she held her puppets arm under the flat machine.​

    After a few seconds, the machine lit up, and produced a high-pitched humming sound as smoke could be seen diffusing out from the bright light. The puppet remained emotionless, save for a few facial twitches, as the sound of gritting teeth could be detected from Aurella. After the procedure was done, Aurella removed the puppets arm from the machine, his pale skin now bearing '90EY97' along the forearm, written in a dark black bold font. Aurella let out a sigh as he released her puppet, and clutched the same arm that had been burned for her puppet, and in an attempt to soothe the pain, rubbed it gingerly. ”Next.”

    Kharri looked to Kelyren with a serious expression, and leaned on the desk with an arm. ”Back of the neck hurts least for implants – don't get a burn anywhere you wouldn't want to flash in public.” she said quickly as she tapped a claw on the table impatiently. ”Let's get this over and done with.”


    The trio of felidi's and one lycaness seemed fairly understanding of Jack's plan, and nodded in unison as he finished. Jackson gave an affirmative salute before heading in the direction of the car, and Andrew reluctantly handed his shotgun to Jack. ”You sure you're allowed to use that? I thought you were a ninja – aren't those bound by some oath to not use anything but nature?”
    ”That's a Druid fucktard.” Camo said condescendingly as Jackson returned with a small blue pen.​
    ”Congradulations, a half-dead, 99-cent pen – all for the singular purpose of killing a drunk – yep, we're professionals The orange felidi said jokingly as he handed Jack the pen. ​

    Not moments after did the intercom go off once more. ”Jack – you... are s-stupid! You come to kill me – but all my goons, and soon me... will be dead anyways! You are five...  err... too late!” The sounds of coughing could be heard through the intercom, As a final note... I still hate you – last time... YOU BROKE ALL MY FINE CHINA... or... JAPAN!”

    Once more the trio acted in unison, but this time it was a look of confusion, followed by an arbitrary ”What the hell is happening?!”
  14. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    Jack looked at Andrew after taking the shotgun. "I'm not strictly a ninja anymore, more a samurai. And besides, fuck the rules, Saki's honor went down the pan when he became a drunk and I don't think it's even possible to stoop to his level at this point anyway." He then took the pen from Jackson and tested it on the side of the paper he wasn't going to use by scrawling his name in kana. It took a few tries to get it to work consistently, but after he got it to, he began scrawling the following on it first in English, then Japanese:


    Meet me outside if you wish to settle our differences in true Japanese fashion. Bring no other weapons, only the katana you stole from me when you cheated in our last fight. This is a fight to the death.
    To reiterate, come out the front door if you wish to settle our differences in battle. I will be waiting.


    On the reverse side, he wrote in Korean, which he knew Saki wouldn't be able to read correctly:

    I never said I wouldn't cheat. All's fair in war.

    He showed the reverse side to the others. "This is my little disclaimer. It's in Korean specifically so he can't understand it." Jack started, "I spent five years in Korea after I lost to him, so I managed to pick up on a few things while I was there. Basically it says that I never said I wouldn't cheat." He then rolled the note up, stuffed it on the stripped dart, then handed the dart to Wit. "Load this into your blaster then fire it through the window. It should land on the desk in front of him; his intercom is on there so he has to be at his desk to use it." he said, turning around, "As for me, I'll go wait in the trees next to his front door. He's drunk, so he'll unconditionally follow instructions as if it were a breathalyser test." Jack then dashed for the trees, stopping only for one final remark, "Oh, and for the record, he's had nothing to do for the past fourteen years so that's why he's drunk off his ass."
  15. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    "Well.... retarded mumbling from the drunken samurai aside... Saki seems like a pretty big douche. Lets end his life, before his drunken ass decides to climb on the roof." Wit states, after Saki finished more drunken fanatics on his intercom. The dart was then handed to Wit, stripped clean, and filled with the crumpled up note. He just hoped the weight of the note wouldn't off-set the balance of the dart. "Nothing to do for the past fourteen years? Man, that bastard needs a hobby. Too bad he only has about 5 minutes to find one." Wit then charged his blaster up, and fired the dart into the window at high speed. It crashed through the glass, shattering it into several tiny shards. The majority of it that fell outside landed on Andrew, probably Karma from the horrendous car ride that they had to take. Wit then dived behind the bushes, as to not be noticed by Saki when he came outside to duel Jack.
  16. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    ”Now you're faced with another choice – In which I mean where you'd like me to assign the serial burn. 'Nowhere' is not a correct answer.”

    Kelyren sat back in her chair slightly, already knowing what she was going to do. Beside her, she could tell Lacuna wasn't entirely pleased with how things were going, but then, she wasn't stopping him from leaving. Her ears perked forward as she listened to Kharri give her advice, then her attention turned back to Drake. As if in response- in fact, it was- the nogitsune's tail swished up into her lap, exposing the voluminous pale lavender fur for the serial burn. "As unpleasant as the scent of burning fur is, I feel it may not hurt much to get burned on an area with no nerve endings." She chuckled.

    Following this, she offered her arm, the one which had a bracelet of sorts around her wrist. "I'd like the implant here- but I must ask, what is it made from?" A look of curiosity crossed Kelyren's face. "You see, my skin reacts badly with some metals- I actually had it reject a piercing once- and I'd just like to know what I'm getting myself into." She ended her statement with a casual shrug. Lying came so easily to her. Telling the truth in a way that got her the information she wanted was even easier.
  17. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    'Easily replaceable,' Larsa repeated snidely in his mind. 'When is anybody not to guys like this?' Upon the topic of serial burns and implants being brought up, however, the weasel once again regressed into a state of pessimism. 'I could fool them into thinking I've gotten it...' the Thenast mused. In the span of all his intergalactic misadventures, Larsa had never once accrued a permanent physical memento of the trouble he had gotten into-- no matter the situation, he always departed looking the same as when he had arrived. To have that immaculacy ruined so casually made derision well up beneath his passive facade, the worst part of the offensive scenario being the futility about it all. 'Even if I could pull off an illusion, I can't trick everything... sooner or later, with all the eyes A.R.K.N.E.T. has, they'd find out I didn't follow the stupid procedure.'

    'You're all expendable-- easily replaceable.'

    'And I don't like my chances for when they mark me as a maverick,' Larsa concluded bitterly. Vaguely acknowledging Aurella's taunting, while her puppet-victim was getting his serial burn Larsa mustered some sarcasm in an attempt to lighten his own mood. "Where's all this animosity coming from, eh?" he addressed the vixen teasingly. "If we're gonna' be partners, you gotta' start treatin' me with respect. Now, that includes my forehead." Leaning towards Drake, he commented in an audible, sidelong tone, "Didn't get enough attention as a child, this one." Straightening up, and with his decision in mind, the Thenast proffered his right arm. "I'll take 'em both right here. I, uh, wouldn't be adverse to getting a nice, sharp tribal design around the serial burn-- just something to, you know, make it less... corporate."

    Reluctantly approaching one of the depraved machines, Larsa inquired with the casualness of someone waiting to receive a root canal surgery, "So, earlier you mentioned that Jack Evers guy. What's a skeleton like him gotta' do to make it on your kill list?" Even if he was already stuck inside the deranged beast, Larsa was determined to discover what its intentions were; beyond the simple prerogative of hunting down those that seemed like threats, why did A.R.K.N.E.T. operate in the first place? Sure, assassination organizations could be profitable, but no man would ever have the entrepreneurial desire to run a shady business like this with a noticeable, miniature-empire on the side like A.R.K.N.E.T. did. At the top of the ladder, there must hover the compelling clouds of ulterior motive. Learning about something as small as why some Fallen Angel is on the knock-off list could help the night-pelted Thenast discover the higher reasoning.
  18. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    As the two subjected themselves to the upcoming procedures Drake's lips curved into a devilish smile as he tapped a claw on his desk with anticipation. He leaned himself back casually as he got himself comfortable in his chair, seeming to embody smugness itself. Reaching a paw under the desk, he input a familiar sequence of beeps, as Lacuna and Kelyren inquired about various aspects of the business at hand, as well as inquiring about the fallen angel Drake so despised, and having a bit of fun with the vixen.

    ”Oh you'd love to know many things wouldn't you?” he said snidely as he pulled a large, lit cigar from below the desk and pushed it in between his lips. ”You know, you should just be grateful I didn't kill you two – the ease of it is astounding really – but I digress.” With that, the small needle laden machine lifted an arm, and lowered itself into the Thenast's skin, the cold metal like an iron earthworm easing it's way into the vein. ”Deep breaths – possibly one of the most painful experiences you've had in a moment here.” With purposeful suspense Drake's paw moved slowly to the underside of the desk, and sounded a light beep. It would be then that the Thenast would feel a gut wrenching pain that shot throughout his entire arm, making its way up to his neck muscles as the veins in his arms and lower neck bulged to the surface followed by instant soreness, and a remaining numbness in the hand as another arm lowered itself and cauterized the small hole that now leaked with a greyish fluid having the consistency of thick paint.

    Turning slightly to Kelyren, he shot her a quick look before the needle machine made its way towards her. ”Don't worry, you won't reject this – you can't reject this.” The machine followed the same lowering procedure, as the needle followed an intravenous path into her arm, much like the Thenast. ”Again – deep breath.” This time, Drake didn't wait in suspense, as he quickly pressed the button, and the same agonizing pain followed, as the second machine rounded it way to Lacuna while Kelyren's arm was being cauterized.

    ”Sorry, no tribal – machines aren't really good at anything other than Times New Roman.” Drake remarked sarcastically as he input a few buttons, consequently moving the machine closer to Lacuna, so much so that the side bumped into his hip. Not a moment later, the weasel's arm was forcibly slammed under the light of the machine by a thin orange furred arm. ”With friends like us – who needs enemies?” she remarked to Lacuna as the machine hummed to life, and sent an intense heat onto the weasel's arm. It was to note that the pain was marginally less than that of John, but that was mostly due to the large amount of fur absorbing the heat. After a minute of slight pain (however it was bliss compared to the implant injection) the machine turned off, leaving a dark branding of 6B6B58 on the Thenast's arm fur. ”Onto the pink one!”

    Another sequence of buttons later, the machine was stationed beside the Kitsune, not long after that, the painless procedure of the serial burn was placed into the Kitsune's tail. '9W1YL4' ”There – not s'bad eh?” Drake said as a low hollow beep signaled the machines to dematerialize and leave the room. With a creak, Drake leaned forward looking intent to say something sly before a sharp ring entered the room. With surprising reaction time, the now materialized phone, no bigger than the Felidi's paw sat between his neck and shoulder as he held up a finger. ”Mm yes? I'm very busy.” With a look of surprise and annoyance the Felidi ran a paw down his face and sighed. ”Yes Frank – I'll be sure to let them know, but don't make a huge deal of this, a little hair loss never killed anyone.” The Felidi grunted in irritation. ”No I-- No-- Just listen for me... We.. do not have any. Fucking. Cereal. WE DON'T HAVE ANY... No... they're not great – now stop wasting my time!” Slamming the phone down he huffed in anger, before looking back to the quad of individuals on the other side of the desk. ”*Ahem* Well then...” he said tightening his tie in slight embarrassment, ”Now that the annoying phone-call is out of the way, how's about you all go on your merry ways – and take the envelopes with you. Open them only when you exit this building.”

    This time it was Aurella that raised a finger to Drake. Aren't you forgetting something Drake?” She said.
    ”Am I? Oh yes!” He quickly leaned under the table and pressed 3 buttons in secession, calling a large pistol onto the table, complete with glowing sections and sleek sights. ”One S.E.P. Just for you.” Sliding the pistol over to herself, Aurella gripped it tightly, admiring the shiny finish the black gun had, before turning to Lacuna, and handing it to him. ”You'll need that sugar.” She placed the pistol on his lap as Drake made another, knowing instinctively that Aurella would request another.

    Meanwhile, Kharri shifted impatiently left to right, growing bored of the situation. Sensing this, Drake turned to her, and raised an eyebrow.  ”Eager to leave? Good – let me just get you a pistol.”
    ”No.” She stopped Drake halfway through reaching under the desk, ”I'm confident me and my partner don't need your petty weaponry – Although she can take one anyways if she likes...” Kharri turned away from the desk, her tail whipping Kelyren's face as it trailed behind her. ”I'm going to wait outside – hurry your ass up.”


    Aside from the breaking of glass, a moment of suspense followed the dart that had entered the room. It lasted so long, that one may think Saki was dead – or at least passed out. The elongated silence warranted confused looks from the party of five, and almost begged to have itself broken. ”What happens if he's passed out?” Camo said, lazily placing the sub-machine gun on her back, and bent down to tie her shoe.
    ”Baby, I love it when you bend over like that.” Jackson said, admiring the view
    ”You're a real perv you know that?” Jackson waved her off as the few sat quietly for what seemed like an eternity.

    Eventually, the sound of crunching glass could be heard from the intercom, followed by a spark of static. ”Get your ass up here – you'd better hurry Saki's about to kick the bucket.” The strange, imposing female voice was slightly distorted over the intercom, but carried a strange familiarity to Jack in particular – was this who he was looking for? Soon after, another crunching sound could be heard – however this time, it was the sound of leaves under the white felidi's feet as he made his way towards Jack. ”If we aren't waiting for him here – gimme my fucking shotgun... please.” he hissed, holding out a large paw.

    Jackson held a look of slight confusion, mixed with  curiosity after hearing the strange woman's voice, but didn't voice any suspicions if he had any. Instead, he let his paws flop down to his sides as he looked to Jack ”Who do you suppose that--”
    ”I dunno.” Camo said abruptly, cutting him off, ”But I want to find out, cause whoever it was, they stole our kill – and I don't like that – Let's go Tin, Jack?” With that she began a quick jog up towards Saki's Dojo, Jackson and Andrew following after. What could this stranger want with Saki, and what do they want with the party?
  19. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved


    Jack's flame-eyes widened in shock. That voice. Could it be? Why here, of all places? Why now? There was a chance it could be recorded, but there was only one surefire way to find out. "Here, take it!" he said in a rush, simultaneously throwing the firearm at Andrew's chest while bolting through the door and up the stairs. "Fuckfuckfuck I have to be the one to deliver the final blow!" he stammered midsprint on his run around the second floor. He always wondered how drunk Saki had to have been to have stuck the stairs to the third on the complete other side of the building to the stairs to the second, but then he remembered how much of an idiot Saki was. This was basic design; you needn't be gay to figure out where to put a fucking set of stairs. Though, that was unimportant at the moment. What was important was killing Saki before he killed himself. More important still was figuring out if that voice belonged to who he thought it did, and if it did, how she knew they were coming here now.

    Rounding the corner, he made a mad dash for the staircase leading to the third floor. Saki's personal "office" (which at this point would be littered with empty beer bottles and moldy old pizza) was around the other side of the building yet again. He was surprised that there weren't any beer runners to stop him, or at least none had climbed out of the woodwork yet. Maybe he and his team had killed them all? Who knows.

    Rounding the corner once more, he saw the door to Saki's office. It was open. It was open. This could have only meant one thing -- if the voice coming from the intercom was indeed who he thought it to be, that she had somehow known he would be coming here to kill Saki. That Sly had known the whole time he wanted to be back in his original body. But how did she? How did she know all of this? He had so many questions, but nobody to answer them. It would remain that way until he crossed the threshold of the doorway a few minutes later...
  20. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    Kelyren rolled her eyes slightly at Drake's words, an air of nonchalant confidence surrounding the kitsune. While she looked on with a raised eyebrow at the machine giving Lacuna his implant- the procedure looked painful enough- she calmly watched the very same machine move over to her. With what would surely look like remarkable self-control on her part, Kelyren took the implant with no sign of pain except for splayed clawed hands and an unreadable, concentrated look on her face. The iron needle moved away from her arm and she immediately shifted position slightly, reaching for her arm as if to rub it- but soon retracted it as the machine cauterized the wound despite it being invisible from the angle she had her arm at now.

    Now able to rub her arm, she did so as if to soothe the pain, her eyes annoyed and her ears flat against her head. She glanced at Drake briefly, only to idly correct him on her color; "Lavender." She let go of her arm as her tail was branded, now impassive as there was no pain to deal with. A momentary distraction arrived in the guise of a phone call; having let go of the envelope during the implant procedure, she picked it back up. A moment more of waiting led to Drake handing out pistols; the kitsune glanced at Kharri as the strange lycan refused and voiced her own refusal. "Never been good with guns. I'll make do with my sword~" Without another word, she turned, looked briefly at Lacuna, and followed her temporary partner.

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