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Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | Rogues

Discussion in 'Roleplay Archives' started by Spaughtyena, Nov 9, 2012.

  1. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    John listened intently at the conversation the two woman had. Whatever they were talking about, he understood it was more complicated then a simple book renewal. And then something odd happened, the vixen just made herself sound a bit cuter as she was asking the librarian for help, and all of a sudden, Vueiri was more then eager to help the sexy vixen. John suspected some kind of magic at play, maybe a spell that made the voice was interwoven with some sort of hypnotic magic or the like. He continued to ponder this as his spell ended, and he could no longer hear the women. A minute later, he reached out, and took another sip of his tea, wen a hand touched his shoulder, and the vixen woman came into view.

    She began talking to him seductively as she moved to the opposite end of the table, and sat across from him, before finally introducing herself. "Well, Ms. Aurella, if I may call you that, it is a most enjoyable pleasure to make your acquaintce, my name is John, John Grayson, and before you ask, no I am not a clone." He said with a light smile, introducing himself politely while at the same time flirting, as his eyes examined her from behind his shades, enjoying the look of her body, but also looking for any hidden weapons or any other threats. This woman may be a beauty, but she was still very suspicious.

    "I see, then I guess I'll be waiting here for a bit then." John said, after Aurella told him where the librarian was. "In the mean time, I guess I'll have the pleasure of talking to you." He said, continuing to flirt. In his mind, he began to cast another spell, this one of another nature then listening in on people. This was a spell to see if a certain person was currently, or had been up to a short time ago, using magic, and what kind of magic it was. He stared straight into her eyes as he cast his spell, before taking another quick sip of his sugary delicious tea.
  2. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    ~A.R.K.N.E.T. Pub~ (General)
    Jackson listened intently to the Skeletal Lycan and the Prometheus in turn, taking sips of his drink as he did. "Well, I'm a Felidi - if it wasn't already obvious. I work for ARKNET. It's pretty good business, basically gives me a permit to kill anybody I fucking please." he said confidently, facing the Prometheus. "Although I only kill people who really deserve it, rapists, serial killers- all those nice people." He took another sip, as he listened to the Skeletal Lycan introducing himself "Wait, Jack? Like, the Jack?! Jackson said almost spitting his drink out. "You took a fucking risk coming here, Drake's been looking for you. He thought you went AWOL. You'd better hope he's in a forgiving mood, or else your a dead fucker..." he said, chuckling to himself. "Man, suck to be you. So, how'd you uh... die?" He asked having a general interest in the subject as he leaned back again, looking to Andrew, who seemed a tad annoyed with the Kitsune.

    The White Felidi tensed, turning himself around slowly as he heard the Kitsune's remark. A loud 'click' could be heard. "Andrew..." Jackson scolded, placing a hand on Andrew's shoulder.
    Andrew sighed heavily, letting the gun lay ominously on his lap. "Shhh..." he whispered, "I'm hunting foxes..." He stood up quickly, pointing the gun towards the Kitsune's face. "Start running..." The Felidi wasn't kidding either. "One."
    "Andrew, c'mon--" Jackson said sarcastically.

    Meanwhile, Keb perked his ears as he heard the Thenast ask for a drink. "Something light and fizzy? You're joking, right?" The bartender said, while pulling up a glass, obvious disdain in his voice. "You one of them faggots? cause I don't sell any of those Martini's or whatever the fuck they are..." Keb said bluntly. "But whatever, you want something light? Here." He poured a Bud Lite into a large glass, and dropped some ice cubes into it."Oh, and the Gay-Bar is that way." he said mockingly, pointing down the street to nowhere in particular."Ten dollars... please." he said with a hiss, extending a paw. Funny enough, it didn't seem like the two tigers had payed for their drinks, in fact, neither did the brown Lycan that had put the hobo's tragic demise into effect.


    ~A.R.K.N.E.T. Library~(Naru)

    Five minutes - Nothing. the weasel still hadn't returned, making the vixen's presence more questionable. However,the library seemed to return to normal, it's awkward state being pushed away by the gorgeous young face across from you, her daunting eyes and petite form taking up most of your attention. She twirled a lock of crimson hair around a slender finger, as she brushed her foot against yours under the table. She giggled slightly, breaking the moment of silence that you had been entranced into.

    "It is naught but a pleasure, Mr. Grayson." The vixen said, batting her eyelashes. She placed her elbows on the table, leaning in slightly, you smelled a sweet floral scent she must've been wearing. "So what's a man like you doing here? clearly for more than just a few library books no?" She said in a deep, seductive tone. For a brief second, the vixen flipped out a small cell-phone, looking at the screen with determined eyes before setting it down in a professional manner. "Apologies, simply checking the time, Vueiri can be a little slow at times. Weasels and their stubby legs..." she said jokingly, with a slight malignant tone.
  3. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    Jack was taken aback by Jackson's reaction to his name. "I guess people remember you more easily after you die..." he said, chuckling nervously. Then Jackson asked him how he died. "That,"he started, intent on trying to explain his death to the best of his ability, or, at least, as much of it as he could muster up the appropriate level of memory for, "is a bit of an odd story." He looked in a mixture of paranoia and doubt from left to right a couple times before looking back to Jackson and continuing his explanation. "I was on a contract, see, that involved going out to that shithole Saki called a dojo. I was contacted by the higher-ups at the time -- not Drake himself, mind -- who told me that I was to kill one of his goons. Given that I was his 'nemesis,' if you will, at the time, I gladly accepted. Being a bit reckless, I tried to kill him while I was there, and... well..." he sighed, frustrated at his own reckless stupidity -- the same reckless stupidity that had pitched him into this mess in the first place. "let's just say I was an absolute moron for trying alone. I think my body's still there, and since I never came back from the contract, I'd assume it's still active, even after fourteen long years of being dead. I could use some help in getting it back, if you're available." he said, more in general than specifically to the Felidi, "I was also going to ask that one chick -- I'm sure you've heard of her -- but I don't exactly remember what she looks like. I have a name, but I'm not sure if she would recognise me in this state. She was in my section though so I'm sure I can get her to remember me somehow." He looked around the room at everyone else, from Kelyren and Andrew to Lacuna and then back to Jackson again. "So, what do you say? Saki's killed a lot of people, myself included, so I'd consider him a serial killer. We can even bring the others if you want."
  4. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    Kelyren's grin melded into a smirk of satisfaction when she heard the audible click of the gun. And the tiger took the bait, She thought amusedly. Her tail swished in apparent ignorance of the fact that the gun had clicked at all, and Kelyren held her hands in her lap, seeming to look around and admire the smoky scenery. If one looked closely, however, her ears were standing completely to attention and the anticipation was making the fur on her tail bristly ever so slightly. She even followed the muttering of the two Felidi.

    "Shhh... I'm hunting foxes..."

    The bladeless katana handle was in her right hand before the white tiger had even moved in front of her to point the gun at her face.

    "Start running..."

    She smiled, as if not taking him seriously. That's it, Andrew, keep going.

    "Andrew, c'mon..."

    Her hand moved with startling swiftness. A sound of sliding metal accompanied the Felidi's next word.



    A thirty-inch katana blade suddenly pressed up against the tiger's neck, sprouting from the seemingly ordinary handle. Under extremely close inspection, there were very faint grooves- the blade was segmented, retractable, but razor sharp. Kelyren's expression had not changed from her seemingly innocent smile, but one could see in her eyes that she was trying very, very hard not to laugh. Andrew had played right into her hands.

    "Down, kitty," She quipped brightly. "All you're doing is proving my point. 'Sides, one false move and this blade slices right into your carotid artery."
  5. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    One could almost tangibly smell the hostility that appeared within a single moment. The Felidi that had murdered the hobo appeared intent on eliminating the amusing Kitsune next, and the barkeeper suddenly switched to condescending jack-ass mode when Larsa asked only for a specific kind of drink. Everything, even through the haze of smoke that drifted around the bar, became sharper. In the presence of spontaneous antagonistic behavior, the black-furred Thenast became more focused and confident.

    Producing and directing a strong amount of his Indolent Scent to the three pub mainstays near him-- Keb, Andrew, and even Jackson-- Larsa gained an easy, almost swaggering smirk. "Not feeling very hospitable, are we Keb? Or are you just a little slow today?" Adeptly, the Thenast induced an illusion in all three of them; one compounding on the one he had caused in the hobo earlier. 'Black and brown motes scuttling along walls, chased by their peripheral vision. And the horrible, oh so faint clicking and other grotesque noises... Gentlemen, I do believe this bar will have to be fumigated soon,' Larsa summed in his head.

    Cockroaches everywhere, scant and existing only on the edges of their senses, but unsettling to say the least. Even if they weren't preternaturally uneasy about roaches, the Thenast's unique odor could brush subtly along the amygdala of their brains, eliciting a more disturbed reaction.

    "I mean, how long have you been tending this place? Beer is the first thing you think of when you hear 'light and fizzy'?" Larsa pushed the offending glass back across the counter, slipping backwards out of his seat. He stepped back and perused the shelves along the back wall of the bar, stepping sideways. Intrigued when the Kitsune suddenly unleashed a long katana on Andrew's neck, Larsa put his nose near the steady tip and peered along the blade. "Nice sword," he commented, stepping back and returning to his own conflict. 

    Raising a paw to the shelves lined with casks, he pressed onward flamboyantly, "Don't you have any wine, at least, around this joint? Not a single muscat spirit to be found, is that how it is? No wonder so many roaches like this place, it's crap in here." Larsa wondered if he should just create a gap in the barkeep's memory. It would save him a few dollars, at least. On that subject... "Ten dollars for beer-- and I didn't even want the drink? I haven't seen your buddy Andrew paying yet! And I bet you're even getting him what he asked for."

    Earlier, he had assumed they had a tab of sorts, but upon being asked to pay immediately, when money didn't even come into the conversation with anybody else...

    "It's because I'm not in A.R.K.N.E.T. isn't it? It actually happens, I am. I'm on a mission right now, with Jack-guy over there." Hurriedly piecing together a suitable comment from what he had caught of Jack's speech, Larsa added, "We're going in search of his sweetheart, Socky."

    Crossing the pub-- neglecting to make the void in the bartender's memory relating to the owed money-- Larsa leaned on the table Jack was sitting at and asked, feeling as if he had resolved the situation nicely for himself, "Isn't that right, Jack?"
  6. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    "We're going in search of his sweetheart, Socky."

    That was the last straw. If Jack had eyes, this would have been the point where a vein would have popped in his left, that's how much this pissed him off. He snapped and quickly drew his blade, turning to face Lacuna almost instantly. "'Sweetheart?' 'Socky?' Just who the fuck do you think you are?!" he hissed, a mixture of anger and venom present in his tone of voice, pressing his katana against Lacuna's solarplexus. "'Socky,' is, if you and I mean the same person, most definitely not someone I could even come close to tolerating, let alone be on such... intimate terms with. In fact, I hate his guts. He killed me!" He lightly pushed the tip of the blade against Lacuna's chest, as if to say "I'm this close to killing you right here, right now." He then turned to face Andrew. "Andrew, you're fully in the right to kill this asshole. He's tricking you anyway." he said, clearly very angry with Lacuna's blatant ignorance of his situation. 'Socky?' Seriously? As if the fact that Saki had killed him already wasn't enough to make Jack angry at Lacuna's sheer ignorance, but calling him Jack's sweetheart made Jack even angrier, to the point where he didn't even care if Lacuna died. Lacuna was probably doing this on purpose just to get this exact reaction from him, but Jack didn't exactly care at the moment. If Andrew or any of the others wouldn't kill him for this, Jack himself had no problem with simply sliding the katana blade straight through Lacuna's exposed chest.
  7. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    "We're going in search of his sweetheart, Socky."

    This was what seemed to be the straw that broke the camels back. As soon as Lacuna had said this, Jack had sprung up out of his chair, and was holding a blade to Lacuna`s chest. It took a second for WHP-01 to figure out just what was going on here, but again, it was only a second. WHP extended his metallic hand, and placed it on Jack`s shoulder. "Hey man, I don't think he meant that in an offensive manner. I can tell that you don't like what he said though, but that is still no reason to kill him." WHP-01 then took his hand off of him, hoping that his weak attempt to calm him down would work.
  8. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    "I have come here looking to see if I can find any books, old scrolls, ancient texts, anything that can help increase my knowledge of the subject of magic." Mr. Grayson said, explaining to the vixen why he was there, with a smile on his face. He took another sip of his tea as the effects of his spell began to take place. It sometimes took a moment to work, but the results should come, even if the results that she had done no magic at all. In any case, he was still interested in what she had been talking to the librarian about earlier. "If I remember correctly from what you said when you first came in, you're here to renew a book you checked out earlier, correct?"

    "And I see." John said with a calm expression. "While I do have somewhere to go after this, I am not too much in the rush, and waiting can be easily handled when you have good company, such as you." He finished with another charming smile, as they waited for the librarian to return. He laid down his cup in front of him, now finished with the sweet drink. He would enjoy the time he spent in this library reading, he already knew that.
  9. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    ~A.R.K.N.E.T. Pub~ (General)

    Jackson seemed intrigued when Jack offered to have him along for the killing of this Saki. "Sure, it's been a while since I've had some fun, I'm in." He said as he pulled out a small blue cell-phone. He opened it up with a flick of his thumb and began to dial. "Don't suppose you'd care to have one more? My girlfriend will probably want to tag along - if not just want to nag me to death on the way there."

    Jackson held the phone up to his ear, tapping his foot as he waited for his girlfriend to pick up. A moment later he perked up. "Hey babe - No, no... I'm at the pub - Yeah, I just got back, I needed a drink. - Yes, but I just needed-- NO, no..." Jackson turned himself away from the crowd, placing a paw over his mouth, trying to give some courtesy during his argument. "You know that already - Yes, but it was an accident, people like that blow up all the time babe, don't sweat it - Yes, yes... anyway, there's a guy at the bar, he was going to kill someone and wanted to know if I'd tag along... I said yeah and wanted to know if you were interested." Jackson paced subconsciously, eventually making his way to the center of the pub. "Yes - No... NO! Babe, it's not like that... remember, I saved your ass at Faylake, so you owe me... Yes, I'll pick you up in ten minutes - I love you too... bye." Jackson closed his phone, placing it into his pocket and looking to the Skeletal Lycan. "Alright, so my GF is into going, long as you don't care... anyhow I'm ready to get this going."

    "You little bitch..." Jackson turned. Andrew's ears were pinned back, as he had a long blade pressed against his neck.
    "Owned." Jackson remarked as he downed the rest of his beer, dropping the bottle onto the counter loudly, hoping to get Andrew's attention. "Alrighty Andrew, Jack-Skeleton says we can help him kill Sucky or whatever his name is... I'm game, you?"
    "Yeah, sure..." Andrew said unenthusiastically as he moved slowly away from the blade, slipping the gun back into his pocket. The white Felidi grabbed his beer and practically inhaled the rest, throwing the bottle onto the counter, resulting in a loud crash as the bottle rolled off and crashed onto the floor. "Normally I'd take you up on your offer Jack-skeleton... but I want to keep my rounds for something more meaningful than another bar fight..." He said to the Fallen Angel. "Let's get this shit over wi--" Andrew stopped,moving his ears slowly as he heard slight chattering noises. "Uh... Jackson, you hearing that?"
    Jackson looked around the room, listening for the noise carefully before shrugging. "Uh, nope, how much have you had to drink? Because I don't hear anything." Jackson raised an eyebrow as he leaned onto the counter, giving himself a moment of thought. "Wait..." He tapped a claw against the counter, small discharges of electricity arcing from his claw to the counter top. "Nope, nothing electrical... What does it sound like?"
    Andrew listened again, hearing the same sounds. "Like fucking...Roaches..." The white Felidi came to a realization. They're on the fucking floor... He remembered the homeless man's words. "Ok, which one of you fuckers is an illusionist?! Ain't no fucking way I'm getting screwed over again" He looked to the kitsune, narrowing his eyes.
    "Pffft, again..." Jackson laughed. "It was Kharri wasn't it?"
    "Don't fucking say that half-breed's name, if she were here, she'd tear your balls off."
    "Actually, as I remember, it was yours..." Jackson said, seeming to enjoy poking fun at the overly self-conscious Andrew.
    "Shut the fuck up Jackie..."
    "Wanna make me?" Jackson said with a smirk. Andrew didn't answer, instead he walked outside without saying another word, obviously quite angry. "That's what I thought bitch..." Jackson taunted.

    In the background Keb payed slight attention to the other events that transpired. Mostly fixated on cleaning the many mugs that needed washing, as if that's all he did other than serve drinks. "You're going out again Jackson? You just got back, don't you want to rest your feet a little?" Keb didn't get a response from Jackson; so instead Keb simply leaned on the counter with his elbows, giving a slight sigh of boredom.


    ~A.R.K.N.E.T. Library~ (Naru)

    The vixen placed her paws on the table, giving a sly smile as she heard the mention of 'magic'. "You're looking for magic? That's interesting, I know of a place not too far from here, I used to visit it when I was younger - I could take you there." She licked her nose, before raising an eyebrow. "Oh, yes I was looking to renew a book. Mr. Drake wanted it for another week, he finds the context very intriguing." Her ears twitched as she realized she had let her tongue slip. "I'm... an assassin, I work for A.R.K.N.E.T. as if that wasn't obvious, were you thinking of joining? Drake's allowing.. new recruits. Of course, that's assuming you want to kill people, if not, try applying for any of the other businesses - hell, even the bakery is owned by A.R.K.N.E.T...."

    Soft footsteps could be heard as the librarian came back, holding the book, and a small cardboard box, and handed it to the vixen. "Here you are honey..." Vueiri said as she rubbed her forehead, squinting uncomfortably.
    "Are you alright?" the vixen said with a sly smile in your direction.
    "Oh... yes I just have a bit of a migraine, that's all..." The weasel turned to you, composing herself. "Now, umm... what did you want again, I seem to have forgotten...
  10. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    "Yes, magic is what I specialize, and what I find the most entrancing of all subjects in this world, and what place do you mean?" Mr. Grayson asked the vixen with a curious smile. "And yes, I was going to head to A.R.K.N.E.T. once I finished here, and join, and don't worry about the killing, I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty to do my work, and I take it Mr. Drake is one of the higher personelle at A.R.K.N.E.T.?" John finished, before he heard the librarian walking back over to the two of them. It seemed this Mr. Drake would be the one he would have to talk to about joining.

    "Why hello there." John said to the librarian with a smile. He watched as the weasel handed the sexy vixen the book and the cardboard box, before noticing the look on Vueiri's face and hearing Aurella ask her about it. His face turned a little concerned when he heard that she had a migraine. "Why yes, I originally asked if you had anything related to the subject of magic, but first, may I ask, do you need any help with that migraine? I know some magic that could help." He told the woman, his mind going through a great many spells that could help her.
  11. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    Kelyren gave Andrew a lazy, somewhat smug grin, before withdrawing her sword. She pressed gently on the dull edge of the blade with two fingers, and with a faint click the segments of the blade began sliding back into each other. With this done she simply pressed the tip of the sword against the counter, all the segments fitting back into the handle as if there had been no blade in the first place.

    This is when her ears pricked up. Just as I figured. She turned in her seat to peer at the white tiger slyly. "Sure you haven't had too much to drink, Andrew?" Kelyren asked with a deceptively sweet tone in her voice. Her violet irises gleamed in general amusement. Flashing a slightly fanged grin- just a further hint to the mischevious nogitsune that she was- she waved airily.

    "At least, now, one of your friends can aim a gun at your head and shoot you for insanity." Her gaze flicked to Jackson, who was now also reacting to the apparent sound of cockroaches. The kitsune grinned again. "Or, perhaps..." She sat back, still seeming amused but a more sober emotion gradually fading into existence. "Someone in here is having even more fun fucking with you than I am."
  12. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    "Girlfriend, eh? As long as she's willing to come along and can handle herself well, I don't see a reason to complain. The more, the merrier." Jack replied, silently chuckling at Andrew's situation. Getting owned by a kitsune, and a girl no less. Then he remembered why he had come here in the first place. Through all the commotion and hulabaloo that had just occurred, he had forgotten that he had come back here to find Sly. He waved his hand for Jackson to sort of lower his head below the counter for a moment, then lowered his voice to a whisper. "So, this person I'm looking for -- her name is Sly. Perhaps you've heard of her? I mean, I'd assume she'd have been at least a little more well-known than me at the time I ran off..." he whispered to Jackson, "If you're wondering why I'm looking for her now after all these years, it's because she sorta saved my ass back when they had just torn me apart and put me back together with robotic parts. Probably a bit hard to believe now that I'm dead, but that's why. I never got the chance to return the favor at least in the sense of thanking her, I was too caught up in foolishly running off on my own as well as numerous contracts that Dean had somehow felt the need to pile on me of all people." His eye-flames flicked from right to left nervously as he said this. He clearly didn't want anyone else to know, as if Drake got wind of his return through anyone, it could mean a permanent death for him, and he didn't want that. "Thing is, as I said earlier, I don't quite remember what she looks like. Having your spirit transplanted into a skeleton does that sort of thing. This is why I'm asking you if you've even so much as met her once. I want her to come too -- we were friends for a while up until I died, so I'm sure if I can get her to recognise me somehow, she'd come." he said, finishing off that thought with a few final words. "Of course, you probably think I'm being obsessive, don't you? Well, these things happen once someone saves you from a crashed stealth plane. All I'm asking is you hear me out and maybe help me if you've seen her." He then raised his skull again, looking about the room at the others present -- well, except Andrew, who had stormed out in a fit of rage and assmangling over getting owned first by a girl and then by Jackson himself. Since Andrew had already agreed to come, he figured he'd ask the others if they felt like tagging along as well. "Kel, Wit and random weasel I never bothered to get the name of due to me being pissed off at you. Want to come along too? There'll no doubt be tons of shit to kill." he started, "And who knows? Maybe if you're not into murdering things like we are, we'll surely meet now people along the way? So, what do you say? You guys into it?"
  13. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    A snide, mental chuckle resonated within Larsa. 'What's with this city? You got biased barkeepers, constipated Fallen Angels... oh, dear, and even a few roaches,' came an amused inner remark as Andrew shouted "Which one of you fuckers is an illusionist?!" 'Right here, my good sir! And may I say, you seem to be dealing with it sans any psychosis; good on ya!' is what Larsa could have-- and normally would have-- declared in response. The surplus of hostility and ruthlessness among the bar-goers, though, reduced his response to a discreet smirk.

    Stepping past Jack-- whom Larsa recently decided was not as nice a person to know as he had previously imagined-- the Thenast paused in front of the Prometheus. In a casual, yet not insincere tone, Larsa acknowledged, "Hey-- er, Wit, was it?-- thanks for trying to put a leash on bone-boy back there. You took the words right out of my muzzle." 

    Moving on with a slight inclination, Larsa didn't wait for a response from the Prometheus. Instead, he smoothly approached the intriguing Kitsune. "Or, perhaps... Someone in here is having even more fun fucking with you than I am." Noticing she was talking to one of the three he had cast his illusion on, the Thenast allowed a brief sly grin. Taking a seat near the fox girl, Larsa greeted her in a companionable voice, "Hey, Kelyren, right? I apologize in advance if that's not your name-- I seem to be mishearing all sorts of things today..." In a slightly hushed tone, he quipped, "Although not as much as those aggro cats are, huh? I, personally, haven't seen so much as one roach the whole time I've been in here."

    Delaying further conversation for a moment, the weasel listened as Jack asked Kelyren, Wit, and he if they would accompany him. "Hey, you got it, Jack-guy! You already know I'm in this mission. Gotta' go make that Socky bitch pay for what he's done, 'specially to you." 

    'Kheh. Yeah, right. I wouldn't blame anybody for trying to get rid of Jack, if the guy has always behaved like this. It's a good way to get in on A.R.K.N.E.T. though... and I'm already so emotionally invested in these people.'

    Larsa turned back to Kelyren. "You should really come with us. Seems as if it would be fun to have you along." A good acquaintance in chicanery-- Larsa had missed one for quite awhile. And the fox seemed skilled enough to handle herself in a fight. No doubt she would make a worthwhile companion.
  14. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    Kelyren gave both Jack and the Thenast a sly look. The Thenast seemed interesting enough; his words seemed almost toying. Putting the retracted sword back into her jacket, the Kitsune stood to stretch. Her tail swished slightly in the air, the white-lavender fur rippling with the movement. Adjusting the jacket and absentmindedly tugging at the ring around her neck, Kelyren looked from one to the other; the Lycan skeleton and the so-far-nameless Thenast.

    "I wouldn't mind coming along~" She stated. "It definitely sounds better than hanging around in a smoky pub, watching drunks yell at each other over imaginary cockroaches." She chuckled, then looked at the Thenast. "Sorry, but what was your name again?"
  15. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    Battery Charge... 70.45%.... WHP-01 had checked his battery charge again, and was surprised at the result. It was charging quite a bit quicker then he, or what the bartender possibly expected. Of course it was an old battery, weathered over time, and having less energy space than some of the newer batteries. Of course to compensate for this, he also did not exactly need as much energy to run himself. WHP-01 looked back up at Jack, and responded to him. "Hmm, sounds like it would be quite a bit of fun! To be honest, the only reason I even came to ARKNET was to get out on the field, and this would be a great way to start off... even if it's not exactly official ARKNET work. So I'm basically saying I'll come with you, as long as you wait here for my battery to charge... which at this rate, will be done in about... 30 minutes?"
  16. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    ~A.R.K.N.E.T. Pub~ (General)

    Jackson gave a short hiss of pain as he whacked his head on the counter attempting to get at the same level as Skeleton-Jack. He placed a paw on the edge of the counter to keep his balance, as the Felidi was practically all muscle and heavy weaponry. "Um.. OK, I don't really know much about her... last I heard, she did this last contract, and didn't come back. There have been rumors that she's in the city, but camera's ain't picking up anything - and they're heat sensitive, so I don't know... He put his head back over the counter, looking around. Seeing little movement, he ducked under again. "OK, I'll tell you something. I didn't come back here just cause', I had to come back because some Rogues were chasing me... so, I'm kinda feeling safer back in my hometown - more people to vouch for me y'know?"

    Jackson parted his lips to say something else, but he stopped, looking over Skeleton-Jack's shoulder at Keb, who could easily overhear the conversation seeing as he was behind the counter the whole time... "You men are aware I can hear every word? I'm a Lycan; if we can be known for anything - it's sharp senses... now, Jackson, you'll buy a drink and I'll keep my lips sealed?" Keb's question was practically rhetorical as Jackson nodded and slipped a five - the first time he had payed today.
    "Uh... thanks Keb..."
    "Very good, now, scurry along before I need you to pay me for the rest of your drinks." Keb gave a menacing smile. Maybe this bartender wasn't who he appeared to be...

    On the other side of the bar, the door opened. Andrew stood outside the door with a cigarette, still not looking pleased. "Fuck guys, what's taking so long?"
    Jackson stood, and moved himself to the stool on the other side of the counter, seating himself on his stool again. "Well, the robot here says he'll be charging for like... half and hour or so?" Jackson rubbed the back of his head, looking around the bar aimlessly, his beer still untouched.
    "Fuck..." The white Felidi extended his curse, making his annoyance to the situation obvious. "Can't we just ditch the tin-can? If he takes that long to charge--"
    "It's the connection Andrew, it isn't always the best here - sorry Keb, but it's true--"
    "One for the road Andr--"
    "NO!" The Felidi attempted to slam the saloon-style doors, neglecting that they swung both ways. The door, boomeranged, slamming the back of his knee, knocking him to the ground. "Son of a..." He started, looking ready to explode. "I'll wait for you in the car..." The white Felidi said, defeated and humiliated . Andrew trudged off, heavy stomps moved him as he turned around the corner of the pub, out of vision.

    "Well... that was, interesting..." The orange Felidi placed his beer on the counter subconsciously. "I have a six seat car, so we can pick up my GF, and meet two of you guys back here, so let's take a vote, who wants to stay with Bar-offender here?" He said raising his hand as he referred to Keb - who wore an unamused look.
    ~A.R.K.N.E.T. Library~ (Naru)

    Aurella held her paw out. "Oh, no - Vueiri will be fine, she gets this a lot
    The weasel giggled swiping her paw playfully at you "Oh, you people are so silly magic!" She said skeptically, before taking your tea-cup. " Now, lets see if we can't find you some nice fantasy books, or even some history texts!"
    Aurella shook her head, glancing at you, her pupil dilated - blinding you momentarily. The sensation was strange. You forgot everything - and remembered it all again in an instant, seeing only a shade of dark red before your vision slowly faded back to you; the vixen leaning on the table, completely alone, no weasel to be seen. "Mmm, now..." She swept her hair back over her left eye, covering any evidence of hat had happened. "Now, let me show you the best books.
    "Yes. It would be an absolute honor for you to show me the best books as I am most intrigued." You heard yourself say involuntarily, unable to control your movements as you began walking with the vixen over to the opposite side of the library.

    As you walked, you could see the veins in you eyes glowing a bright orange through your own vision, the world around you was like a haze. If you had a thought, it was ripped from your mind, replaced a second later the same as it had been created, but still keeping you on a straight path for a large brown bookshelf. "Here we are, safe and sound..." Aurella said ominously. "You're so open-minded." She said wickedly before releasing her domination over you, causing you to collapse to you're knees, head throbbing in agony.

    "Now, now, don't look so upset, I took you to the books. All I wanted is for us to speak privately." She lifted you up, placing her muzzle near you ear, giving a playful nip on the corner. "Now, I need a favor from you, okay honey?" she started, handing you a small, label-less tome from the shelf. "I want you to Kill that weasel, maker her bleed... you do that, and I guarantee you'll be a member of A.R.K.N.E.T. faster than you can say: 'Domination...' she walked two fingers up your shoulder, looking into your eyes. "Make your choice sweetie..."
  17. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    Jack looked a bit stunned that Sly would have been just as reckless as he had been, or so he assumed based on the fact that she hadn't come back from a contract yet. He could only hope that she hadn't made the same mistake he had fourteen years ago, and that the rumors Jackson had told him were completely truthful. He needed the help of a friend, and if said friend was no more, then it would have been that much harder for him to cope with his lonely, miserable life. He looked to Jackson, about to respond, but then Keb cut him off with his stating the obvious about how the hearing of the average Lycan works. As if he didn't already know that. In fact, his old body's own hearing was probably a darn sight above average anyway. He resisted the urge to make a snap back at Keb -- he didn't want to get kicked out of the bar just yet. For all he knew, she could randomly decide to show up here, and if he were to be kicked out now, he'd probably not get to talk to her. Instead, he nodded at Jackson, got up from his chair, and walked outside to meet Andrew.

    When he arrived outside, he found the rather impatient white Felidi just standing there smoking a cig. "Depends. I'd say we'd be more apt to leave you behind, what with your--" SLAM. "... recent track record of failing at everything you try and do. Case in point, forgetting that these doors don't close like normal doors and proceeding to slam one into your shin. Good job, mate." he said, further taunting Andrew about his awful luck. He suppressed a chuckle before watching Andrew storm off to the car, and only when he was out of earshot did Jack burst out laughing again, this time directly at Andrew himself. "Man, Jackson, first he gets owned by a girl, then by you, then by an inanimate object. This stuff is comedic gold!" he said, doubling over. Composing himself again, he looked at Jackson almost straight on, and with a sort of determined tone, he told him the following: "I'll come, if there's still space available."
  18. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    John clutched his head in pain, the 'dominance' she used on him had quite a kick to it. This confirmed his suspicions, this sexy bitch was a magic user, just like himself. After a moment, he looked up at her, his face returning to a completely neutral expression, but his eyes gave off a cold and murderous aura, even though they were mechanical. John Grayson was not a man who liked to have control of his own body taken away from him, even if she did bring him to the books he wanted. That cold aura continued, even as she pulled him up, and whispered into his ear, while still flirting the whole time. His expression didn't change as she explained to him that she would get him into ARKNET, if he killed Vueiri, all he did was take the tome, and say one thing. "That's it, huh...?"

    Without another he walked away from her, while in his head he scryed for the weasel woman who had given him that sweet tea. It wasn't long till he found her location, reordering books in the non-fiction section. He quickly made his way across the library, his mind going through many spells in his head, until he finally settled on one. When she was in view, John raised his hand up, pointing in her direction. He then whispered a faint phrase, and the air in the hallway began to tense up. In the next second it was over, the weasel fell dead after a dozen blades of winds tore her apart. Sorry, you're a nice gal, but work is work. Nothing personal. He thought, before making his way back to the vixen.

    "Done." He said to her, the cold look still in his eyes. There was no doubt in his mind, that by the time he was done at ARKNET, he will have killed this vixen as well. Though what happened until then, was another matter completely. "I expect you will hold up your end of the deal as well? If so, let's get going, I know where the books are now, so I might as well sign up now." He said to her.
  19. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    Hmm... Tin can? Last I checked, there wasn't a piece of tin in my entire body... Still, that other guy is right about this connection. I swear, I might be able to charge faster with a couple of rocks, continously making sparks by bashing them together... WHP-01 thought to himself, after hearing the smug comment about the contents of his body. WHP-01 watched the man walk out the door, it knocking him down on the way out. "Heh, true Jack, it is pretty funny, but one thing that is not is this charging rate... I think I'll do you guys a favour and unplug at about 85%. Should be enough to keep me going for a while." He said, in response to Jack's comment. "As for the ride, If there is space for me... then I will come, but seeing as a couple people have asked already... I don't necassarily expect to get the ride."
  20. RE: Original A.R.K.N.E.T. | A Galaxy Enslaved

    Watching all three of the men whose minds he had inlaid with an illusion, Larsa gave a wry grin. They seemed capable of ignoring the effects adequately. 'Whatever. The scent'll circulate out of their body in near a dozen minutes, and the illusion with it.' The Thenast would almost be disappointed, if he were prone to such a feeling. Besides, the illusion was a half-hearted one anyway; a mirage borne of scent rife with fear or some other strong emotion would have done far better. "Sorry, but what was your name again?"

    Larsa turned his attention back to the vivacious vixen. "Eh," he muttered noncommittally. "Just call me Lacuna." As if he wanted to be called Larsa by anyone but those who already knew him by that name. Among his family, the name-- to put it mildly-- wasn't the most masculine. Granted, "Lacuna" wasn't any more tough-sounding, but Larsa had a special preference for the word.

    Upon hearing Wit's estimate regarding when he'd be completely charged, Larsa frowned a little. Having taken notice of Keb's coercing money out of his friends, the black-furred weasel was even less entertained at the thought of staying longer in the bar. Strains of impatience making his legs restless, Larsa looked at Kelyren. "Hey, you feel like getting out of here for a little while? There have to be a few good attractions in this nice city," he proposed, his current displeasure at his first experience in A.R.K.N.E.T. City showing in the sarcasm-soaked uttering 'nice'.

    Noticing the Felidi again when Andrew shouted, and then proceeded to get assaulted by the shutter-doors, Larsa leaned back in contented laughter while overhearing Jackson's summary of transportation. "I'm already in tight with Jack-guy, so I gotta' go with him!" Larsa interjected, in truth merely not wanting to miss anything. His new companions seemed not to forgive mistakes so easily. Glancing sideways at the amusing Kitsune, Larsa observed, "It would seem we're actually departing soon. We'll have to check the city out more later." 

    'Assuming we have the misfortune of returning here again.'

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