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The Chatlog Thread

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Conjectures' started by Shadow, Oct 9, 2011.

  1. Excuse the fact that emoji weren't left intact, sry

    [7:10 PM] Keileon: http://puu.sh/u52MZ/79bdf15b0b.png

    [7:13 PM] Cerberus: LOL Careodry's Note
    [7:13 PM] Keileon: yes
    [7:14 PM] Eebit: It took me way too long, the other night, to realize that "Shovelderg" referred to Spade
    [7:14 PM] Keileon: LOL
    [7:14 PM] Keileon: Wasn't it shovelfish
    [7:14 PM] Eebit: Yeah maybe
    [7:14 PM] Cerberus: "BREAKING NEWS: Local :fish: fish :fish: fucks up timelines! :man_in_tuxedo::skin-tone-1: More at :clock10: ten :clock10: !"(edited)
    [7:14 PM] Keileon: call a fish a derg
    [7:14 PM] Shadow: Seeing that list I'm glad I didn't end up making a memewalker
    [7:14 PM] Keileon: You still have permission to
    [7:15 PM] Shadow: :wave: no thanks :wave:
    [7:15 PM] Keileon: I mean half of them are mine and most of the other half were adopts
    [7:15 PM] Keileon: Besides there are about as many Voidwalkers as there are developed Diclonii :x
    [7:15 PM] Cerberus: Check and mate.
    [7:16 PM] Shadow: that's exactly why
    [7:16 PM] Shadow: if the market becomes oversaturated, we get a meme
    [7:16 PM] Eebit: The meme economy is bumpin'
    [7:17 PM] Shadow: no
    [7:17 PM] Keileon: Still
    [7:17 PM] Shadow: I have a perfect image for what I'm feeling right now
    [7:17 PM] Keileon: I'm going to keep bugging you like once every six months about that scrapped red Voidwalker
    [7:17 PM] Shadow: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/35410575/Images/Reactions/1486345571265.jpg

    [7:17 PM] Eebit: Alright, stay tuned for my half-Diclonius, half-Voidwalker reality manipulating character. They wield a sword
    [7:17 PM] Keileon: LOL OH GOD
    [7:17 PM] スタール: RIP
    [7:18 PM] Cerberus: :guardsman::skin-tone-1: Please, sir, all images have to be approved by a Moderator first :raised_hand:(edited)
    [7:18 PM] Shadow: W I P E T H I S M E M E
    [7:18 PM] スタール: Also I realized that Némaki riding on the back of her mother means she's a Void-Taco.
    [7:18 PM] スタール: I'm gonna go dig a hole and fall in now
    [7:18 PM] Dark: :digahole:
    [7:18 PM] Eebit: A Void-Taco?
    [7:18 PM] Lord X-Giga-X: tbf Shadow, they already tried that with the Diclonii
    [7:18 PM] Cerberus: :guardsman::skin-tone-1: One could say they have to be
    :guardsman::skin-tone-1: accepted. :middle_finger:
    [7:18 PM] Keileon: Hahahahaha
    [7:18 PM] Lord X-Giga-X: Unfortunately, we have survivors
    [7:18 PM] Shadow: :thinking:
    [7:19 PM] Keileon: Giga has a point!
    [7:19 PM] Eebit: When's the chatplay? :thinking:
    [7:19 PM] Shadow: Hardcapped survivors, though!
    [7:19 PM] Keileon: GARNET CP pls
    [7:19 PM] Shadow: That was my way of stopping memetic propagation
    [7:20 PM] Eebit: Kuda's way is hiding them behind a paywall
    [7:20 PM] Dark: LOL
    [7:20 PM] Eebit: DLC species
    [7:20 PM] Keileon: Another way is to put Diclonii behind a pay--
    [7:20 PM] Dark: Next voidwalker should be called Monotype Corsiva
    [7:20 PM] Keileon: :thinking:
    [7:20 PM] Shadow: yeah but the paywall is a softcap
    [7:20 PM] Eebit: Corsiva would make a good name for a Voidwalker
    [7:20 PM] Eebit: It's like... sun-claw... va
    [7:20 PM] Keileon: Okay tbf it would
    [7:21 PM] Cerberus: Do it Eebit
    [7:21 PM] Keileon: that'll be $50
    [7:21 PM] Dark: LOL
    [7:21 PM] Eebit: :new: | This Just In: Eebit the Alchemist is now a Voidwalker
    [7:21 PM] Cerberus: :eek:k_hand: So worth :eek:k_hand:
    [7:21 PM] Keileon: LOL
    [7:21 PM] Lord X-Giga-X: but my house is on fire
    [7:21 PM] Dark: Since this is Corsiva, we can't forget the tracking code, Khya!
    [7:21 PM] Shadow: half-Diclonius half-Voidwalker half-memester alchemist named Eebit
    [7:21 PM] スタール: Amazing
    [7:21 PM] Shadow: the fans will love it
    [7:21 PM] Keileon: Voidwalkers have a homing instinct does that count
    [7:22 PM] Dark: LOL
    [7:22 PM] Dark: remember to include homing.js on your page Eebit
    [7:22 PM] Dark: or risk lawsuits!!!
    [7:22 PM] Shadow: Although in retrospect maybe I should have hardcapped at 5
    [7:22 PM] Shadow: :thinking:
    [7:22 PM] Shadow: Too late for this
    [7:22 PM] Shadow: Maybe in a different timeline
    [7:22 PM] Keileon: half of the survivors die in drei
    [7:23 PM] Lord X-Giga-X: Omen does what he wants because idc about drei
    [7:23 PM] Keileon: then omen can die in drei
    [7:23 PM] Keileon: without consequence
    [7:23 PM] Shadow: Then again, 6 other people playing hide-and-seek makes Prime postgame kind of fun
    [7:24 PM] Eebit: That seems like a bad
    omen for that timeline
    [7:24 PM] Keileon: Aaaagh
    [7:24 PM] Lord X-Giga-X: Go away
    [7:24 PM] Shadow: fuck
    [7:24 PM] Dark: I applaud you, Eebit
    [7:24 PM] Dark: shame you still get reamed though
    [7:24 PM] Eebit: Hey, sometimes you're Team Eebit with the BIG plays, sometimes you're EebitGetsReamed
    [7:25 PM] Lord X-Giga-X: Great team with only you on it
    [7:25 PM] Dark: Respecting Eebits is an additional $20/month, sorry
    [7:25 PM] Shadow: he's the only MVP because that way he can't be the worst player
    [7:25 PM] Keileon: How much does it cost to subscribe to the Manaverse
    [7:25 PM] Shadow: Your free will
    [7:25 PM] Eebit: As many fucks as you can afford to give
    [7:26 PM] スタール: Sounds legit
    [7:26 PM] Keileon: Oh okay good, I thought it'd be expensive like $19.99 a month or something
    [7:26 PM] Shadow: Actually, it's your free will plus a hidden tax on fucks given
    [7:26 PM] Shadow: But that's the small print
    [7:26 PM] Lord X-Giga-X: "Plus an additional 12 shiny rocks."(edited)
    [7:27 PM] Keileon: No that's for the premium currency
  2. [​IMG]
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  3. Starr || *I will not bandy-words with a teenager* Vale pushed through while Jason and Giga argued, feeling his blood boil with indignation with every step he took towards the demon. He could speak up and call Zio everything bad under the sun, but his fingers grazing the trigger wanted a turn to speak. The future of Emma was hanging on a thin string about to snap. A lifelong friend...ruined because of this animal, he thought. As he stopped directly in front of the demon, he whispered as his desert eagle rose....pointing at his head. A strange black and red smoke was lightly pouring out of the barrel "...Gaangalut." Vale spat with the most cold, merciless eyes he had ever had. The venom of revenge. And despite the commotion behind him, the shot fired...echoing in the silence. Vale's face went blank for a moment, but then morphed into a grimace. A brief, wry amusement.

    Lord X-Giga-X ) Elsewhere in the universe, someone tripped.

    Jason || And a short fat yellow kid pointed at him and yelled "HAH HAH."
  4. So, this had to be immortalized

    [12:36 AM] Shadow: unrelated but I just realized that Giga's reappeared
    [12:36 AM] Shadow: did you respawn
    [12:36 AM] Muddy: He finished consuming the hurricane for power
    [12:36 AM] Shadow: Makes sense.
    [12:38 AM] Keileon : ... Wait, you just NOW realized he's back online after the hurricane?
    [12:38 AM] Shadow: Yeah
    [12:38 AM] Keileon : God you're unobservant
    [12:38 AM] Lord X-Giga-X: Woooow
    [12:38 AM] Shadow: I don't want to hear that from you, of all people
    [12:39 AM] Shadow: Well
    [12:39 AM] Keileon : Then stop being dumb
    [12:39 AM] Shadow: Not ALL people
    [12:39 AM] Shadow: I have to give you that
    [12:39 AM] Keileon : He's been back since last week
    [12:39 AM] Keileon : ffs
    [12:39 AM] Shadow: jesus fuck
    [12:40 AM] Shadow: Oh yeah no wonder, he's only posted ONCE in #general over the past few days(edited)
    [12:40 AM] Lord X-Giga-X: I was here talking about the new UBs! How'd you just now realize I was here?
    [12:40 AM] Shadow: I don't check this channel very often
    [12:41 AM] Shadow: haha
    [12:41 AM] Lord X-Giga-X: You posted here when that happened though!
    [12:41 AM] Shadow: Then I'm a retard
    [12:42 AM] Shadow: brain damage
    [12:42 AM] Lord X-Giga-X: What the hell man? This is the kind of shit I'm supposed to make fun of crazE for
    [12:42 AM] Keileon : This is worse than some of my fails
    [12:43 AM] Shadow: Guess who I've been speaking with for the past few days
    [12:43 AM] Keileon : LOL that'd explain it
    [12:43 AM] Lord X-Giga-X: Worse than yours? Kuda, this is worse than half of mine
    [12:43 AM] Keileon : Agreed
    [12:43 AM] Keileon : But you just forget words
    [12:43 AM] Keileon : I have mental seizures half the time :V
    [12:44 AM] Shadow: nah, it's rare of giga to forget events... he does fuck up a lot in terms of saying things though
    [12:45 AM] Keileon : tl;dr Shadow's retarded
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