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OA Arc 0 ~ An Aurora in the Night Sky

Discussion in 'Roleplay Archives' started by Shadow, Sep 24, 2011.

  1. RE: Arc 0 ~ An Aurora in the Night Sky

    The light came rapidly closer, until he was suddenly on something very soft. The air was now moving through him in a different direction, a more horizontal one. His mental computations instantly told him he was flying atop something, something that seemed extremely similar to something he had seen.

    Fyuren didn't have much time to enjoy his ride as he was suddenly falling again, but it was short. He collided with the snow and tumbled a few feet before he stopped, laying in the slush. For a few moments he simply lay there, grateful that he was privileged with life in a moment of certain end. Finally he rose, slowly as he ached almost everywhere. Sitting up in the tundra, he turned his gaze to his savior, and was quite amazed at the sight.

    A golden wolf with bird-like wings, with piercing eyes, fixed on the man at rest. It seemed curious that the creature was not only around when he fell, but it made the decision to save him from it, almost as if it were a sentient creature. Fyuren could not help but wonder where it had come from. After a short time of simple admiration, he finally rose to his feet and gave a slight bow. "Thank you, my friend." He stated as one would say to a common house pet, oblivious to the true nature of the beast.
  2. RE: Arc 0 ~ An Aurora in the Night Sky

    Aniu snorted. Was this human truly so stupid to believe that the spirit would think him to be an ally after his display in the treetops? Or was there something more? "'Friend', you say, but that did not seem to be the case when you attacked me moments ago," he replied dryly, before thinking to himself, Besides, I don't make friends. He tilted his head to view the man before him. He was tall, at least from what he knew of human standards, and looked rather rough. Almost as if he'd been in the wilds for a while. Was he even in that group staying in the shelter he'd taken Kaneli and Devis to? "But fortunately for you, I make it a point to aid those who are in need of it. Had I not, well..." He nodded vaguely to the dark green treetops. Then he shuffled his wings, making the chain on his neck rattle softly against his white-gold fur. "But, enough of that. My name is Aniu, should you wish to know." He blinked quietly, sitting on his haunches in the snow, and waited for a reply.
  3. RE: Arc 0 ~ An Aurora in the Night Sky

    Bryce gripped the bed harder as he felt a warm touch on his shoulder. He pulled away instinctively, not wanting any comfort. He couldn't understand.....

    "I know how you feel,"

    Bryce felt an unknown anger rise in him, one that he was surprised he felt toward this stranger. How dare he try to say he knew? "You don't know!" he coughed out between sobs. "I have nothing, not even ruins to look upon!" He suddenly felt pure bitterness, hatred, and longing. The very sentence he spat out was completely true, and he felt his heart simply rip apart in agony.

    Bryce suddenly let out a powerful yell, a thin blast of raw mana slamming and shooting up the wall, leaving an obvious scorch mark up the wall and melting half the ice supporting the roof. It did him no good though, the pain he thought he could let out of his body failed miserably, and he simply dove farther into his bed, his whole body trembling from the effort, grief, and pain.

    Stu walked to the table and sat down quietly, sitting quietly and staring at the wall as if in a trance. It was as if he was waiting for something, but several minutes passed by and it seemed more that most likely his small brain had been overworked.
  4. RE: Arc 0 ~ An Aurora in the Night Sky


    Seeing as Bryce's eyes changed expression, Kaneli paused and noticed the anger and agony building in his eyes. Who could really compare their situations with his? He lost everything without any trace, Kaneli on the other hand, still had ruins of her home...but did not dare to even return to there. Nobody was crazy enough to return there if there was a warrant for their heads waiting at the border of their old civilization.

    Oh great Luftengarsen........I pray to thee that this man....finds peace in his mind...and in this shelter we call home for now....amen..

    Suddenly, the blast of the energy made Kaneli jump back in total astonishment. Her face growing pale with the scare. As the tears Kaneli was accumulating in her eyes began to subside suddenly, all she could do was stare carefully.

    Kaneli kept her distance away from Bryce, yet, she felt a strange connection....a need to comfort a fellow friend who has lost so much like herself.


    Meanwhile, Scott made his way to the storage room and opened it up quite cheerfully, a strong puff of frigged cold air soon blew in his face revealing piles of untouched meat stacked up against eachother.

    "Ja!" He said with quite an excitement, grabbing a slab or two and making his way out. Was he actually going to make breakfast? Or what was this visitor actually thinking about doing?
  5. RE: Arc 0 ~ An Aurora in the Night Sky

    The creature seemed displeased. Then it spoke. Something he was not expected, but did not seem surprised about. It a was a moment after the recoil of such a bizarre circumstance sunk into his mind, was processed, and eventually accepted. Then he began registering the words spoken.

    "Attack you...?" Well that was a strange thing for the being to say. Cycling through his elite memory capabilities, he found nothing of the beast prior to this point. Still, there were always problems before, and the wolf seemed quite serious in its remarks. Strange indeed.

    The wolf continued, revealing its name to be Aniu. It was a few moments after Aniu had finished speaking that Fyuren replied, as formulating a response to such strange tales would be difficult and easy miss-handle.

    "If I've ever caused you harm, I fear such an instance is forgotten to me; and I apologize for whatever it is I may have done."
  6. RE: Arc 0 ~ An Aurora in the Night Sky

    It could be some more people. Perhaps someone who knows where we are.

    Ramiro smirked coldly at Solera’s sudden optimism, and decided it best to make a backhanded comment, “Well, Solera. Why the sudden change in attitude?” He questioned whether or not the remark fell on deaf ears, seeing as how the Kaichronan had already turned on her heel to make for the direction of the pillar of light resting upon the horizon. He thought to himself, I wonder what sorts of mystery we shall find here… the closest thing to civilization I’ve seen here has been Micayla, Solera, and those blasted apparitions… the thought trailed off immediately as another, much smaller pillar of light pierced the skies. “I s’pose we’ll keep going then… but first, we break camp.” He stated plainly to Micayla, hoping she, at least, would assist him in the task at hand before running off in search of mysteries.

    Micayla had been dazed by the light. It drew her attention, as though she had some odd need to travel to the source of the light. She wasn’t entirely sure what the cause of this was, but she mindlessly took a few steps toward it… before Ramiro firmly grabbed her shoulder. “Micayla, we need to break camp first.” His commanding voice immediately returned her to reality, shattering the trance-like spell that had overtaken her in the first place. “Oh… Sorry, sir… I-I just…” she stammered out, before trailing off… “…Sorry.” She began to help Ramiro with his task in breaking camp, but not without one last look in Solera’s direction. “Solera… are you going to help?” She called out.


    The task was done in a matter of minutes. Ramiro took the pack containing the lean-to upon his back, bearing its heavy load upon himself, though it was impossible to tell whether or not he strained under the heavy weight. His motions were as fluid as ever, as the trio made their way off towards the source of the ambiguous light. Thoughts swirled about in the head of the witch hunter as he questioned what unspeakable monstrosity could have caused the column of such radiance to appear. Twice. Whatever it may be, I’m ready for it. He clenched his fists, causing his grip on his pack to become that of a vicegrip; his knuckles growing so ghostly pale that they could easily have been mistaken for the snow on the ground.

    This did not go unnoticed by Micayla, though she made no comment on it. She was fearful of Ramiro, for inexplicable reasons. She knew he was someone she was to follow. Perhaps he knew something of her past… No, that was impossible. Her past had long been buried under a mountain of amnesia. She shook her head in an attempt to clear her thoughts. Nobody had spoken since they left the campsite; the silence was roaring in her ears as the only sound was the boots of the three, crunching the snow beneath them and leaving telling footprints in their place.

    What do you think we will find…?” she asked, tentatively, unsure of the level of tension that she was about to cut with her question…
  7. RE: Arc 0 ~ An Aurora in the Night Sky

    Nositch rose from his position, looking down to the floor as he stood. He knew the boy's sadness; his anger. "Neither do I, Nositch whispered, knowing that Bryce would most likely not hear. In reality, Nositch had no idea if there were ruins of his childhood home. He had never returned there since he left at such a tender age. If there were ruins, they were most likely overgrown with weeds and vines by now, most likely just a pile of rubble on the ground. A pile of rubble and ashes that most of the populace of Phantasia would wonder what it could have possibly come from.

    Raising his head, Nositch walked back toward the group. "The best thing we can do for him now is leave him be," Nositch said softly enough so that the only group crowding around Bryce would hear, "he'll never forget this, and he never should, but with time, he'll be able to handle the memory." Nositch stood looking at the group a moment, seeing sympathy in all, even empathy in some of them. Then, he walked past them and into the main room of the shelter. Proceeding to the large door, he opened it up softly, and walked outside into the cold morning air.

    It was a day much like this one that his village was destroyed. Nositch stared out into nothing, memories flooding back to him. He did not know who -- if anyone -- had started that fire. If it was an act of a person, it was no accident, but arson. If it was nature, then he had no idea how it would have started. Nositch simply continued to watch the morning air, taking joy in its subtle movements and changes.


    Solera turned as the one named Micayla called out to her. She thought for a moment, then started walking back toward the ramshackle shelter that the others had let her stay in the night before. She figured that it was only polite, but the two had finished breaking camp before Solera could get there. As she neared them, she heard Micayla ask about what they might find. Before Ramiro could say anything Solera cut in.

    "As I said before, it could be a person," she said, then looked up ahead to where the light came from, "but from what little I've seen of this place, it could be some terrible magical beast of some kind, or perhaps some dangerous type of geyser. This cold land is impossible to predict." Solera knew that this would give the girl no comfort, but it had to be said. She knew both of them were most likely thinking of the same things, if not specifically than to danger in general.
  8. RE: Arc 0 ~ An Aurora in the Night Sky

    Sharra sighed. Nositch was correct. Bryce would never forget the traumatizing experience of his planet being consumed forever, vanishing into the stellar maw of a fallen star. There was something amiss she could not quite grasp yet, but she figured she would ponder in-depth about the matter sometime later. She watched as Nositch left the room, glancing at Kaneli and Stu when he disappeared when turning the corner. With a single hand motion indicating for them to follow her, and a simple "You heard him.", she turned and left the room. In the state Bryce currently was, it definitely was the best to leave him alone and let him handle the internal situation himself.

    The Trained Sniper made her way through the hallway, soon arriving into main room, stopping once she got there. She wondered where everyone else was, given it was morning already... Sharra yawned as she said out loud, to no one in particular,

    "What a way to start a day."
  9. RE: Arc 0 ~ An Aurora in the Night Sky

    "You heard him."

    As Kaneli thought, it was best to leave the grieving man alone as it was a heavy burden to carry such a heavy loss. Only Kaneli and Nositch could actually understand his loss, as they themselves have lost their people as well.

    "A-Ah, yes." She stuttered under her breath, observing the scene before herself once more and composing herself. A deep atmospheric chill of grief flowed, an unforgettable feeling made itself present. Nobody, absolutely nobody would ever forget this event....Since this was very much an odd way to start a day. But Kaneli had enough time to observe, she had to obey Sharra's command to leave the room. Making her way out of the room, she stopped briefly and glanced at Bryce with a pitiful look.

    Scott looked over as Kaneli came by and smiled slightly. "Ja! Kaneli-fa caure`?" He asked with such enthusiasm, his voice was much happier and less mysterious. Something somehow consumed him- joy? Or maybe a way to pay back the apperant group for causing them trouble the night before. As Kaneli paused and glanced at Scott, the enthusiasm soon drained out. 'she looks worried' he thought, 'Did I say something to offend?'

    Clearly, Kaneli wasn't feeling good. But Scott knew what would make her happy. He grabbed her by the arm and pulled her to the stove where shockingly enough, Scott was preparing a breakfast stew. Her eyes opened up a little more at the surprise the Celafloran was apperantly making.

    "Blondie?" Kaneli smirked, "You did this?" Scott nodded yes and pointed to the pot, then the cut up pieces of meat on the table.

    "Huh...this is actually quite nice. Let me help you with that if you want."
  10. RE: Arc 0 ~ An Aurora in the Night Sky

    Bryce curled up further, trying to disappear from the room, trying to disappear from this world, from existence.....

    Bryce felt a slow swathe of sleep comfort him, trying to pull him into a slumber. But it wasn't aggressive or like what he felt before. This one was welcoming to him, and he accepted it gladly as his slow sobs turned into steady breathing, flowing into a well-deserved blissful sleep.

    Stu still sat silently at the large table in the kitchen, watching Kaneli and Scott working on the stew... stew! Stu stood up, walking over to them and observed slightly, then suddenly said something no one would have expected.

    Stu smiled and asked, "Can I help?" and with a sudden act of aid, he summoned a small bit of vinegar into the stew, suddenly creating a better aroma from the stew.
  11. RE: Arc 0 ~ An Aurora in the Night Sky

    With quite the attention going on, Scott smiled with slight joy that at least two residents here didn't smash him about what happened last night. The celafloran looked at Kaneli and nodded politely with a slight smile, then looked at the pot and pointed at it.

    Kaneli laughed. "Let me guess, Ja?" Scott looked at Kaneli seriously for a moment, then shrugged. As he was about to grab something, he saw Stu do....what Stus do.....and tilted his head. Obviously, Scott was somewhat more alert when Stu was around due to his erratic behaviour. But even with that, he had to be with every stranger on here. Maybe excluding Kaneli.

    Meanwhile, the hammer-wielding woman looked at Stu and snorted slightly at his random act. "What are you even doing...and...What exactly shot out into the pot? Are you crazy?" Her voice toned a little higher, "Don't be pulling that over food, kid. You're sure to poison someone."

    Then Kaneli paused for a moment. She thought to herself and kept thinking. This wasn't right for her, yelling out at someone who wanted to help. Kaneli sighed slightly and looked down, knowing that she herself broke something she had always advocated; Accepting any kind of good aid. Anytime, anywhere. She looked up at Stu and sincerely whispered. "Sorry....You can help if you'd like. Just make sure not to mess this up, alright?"

    Meanwhile, Scott just stood there. Actually clueless on what to do next since he was indeed....

    Not a cook at all.
  12. RE: Arc 0 ~ An Aurora in the Night Sky

    Aniu blinked. Did this human... truly not remember? They must have the attention span of a rabbit, he thought rather irritably, then shook his head. "No harm was done, except to a tree." Now he looked at the man. "Would you happen to be part of the group that seems to have settled here? I haven't seen you around prior to today, but your appearance seems to say you've been out in harsh conditions for a long while." He nodded vaguely in the direction of the shelter he'd been at a few nights ago. Then he remembered the human hadn't returned Aniu's introduction. "By the by, you didn't tell me your name." No pleasantries, no unnecessary questions, straight to the point. Aniu was careful not to get too friendly with humans.
  13. RE: Arc 0 ~ An Aurora in the Night Sky

    The sun was higher than it should have been. More time had passed than Fyuren had remembered. Which adds credit to... Aniu's... claim. He observed to himself, stumbling a bit as he found the name difficult to remember. Although Fyuren was not familiar with the body-language of wolves he could not help but notice its irritant appearance. Something I needs resolve. I do not wish for enemies, especially in a land I know not of. He let the wolf speak until, yet again, he was forced to guess at the creature's finishing.

    "Assuming you refer to those of the primi- the shelter under the direction of the stern woman with the firearm, then I answer in both the affirmative and the negative. I simply stay among them and assist to earn my keep. I am not apart of any faction as of late. As to your notice, I have indeed suffered many a hardship, but nothing, I feel, beyond my capabilities." He paused a moment as he came to the final question. He knew a name was more powerful than most would believe, yet he decided to trust the golden hound. "I am called Fyurendryl, come to be known as Fyuren, if yo-"

    Something triggered as he gave his name to Aniu and a sudden, sharp pain crossed through his head, causing him to drop to a knee and place his palms upon his skull as if to tear the pain out. It lasted for a few minutes, as he remained in his agonized pose, unmoving. His mind seemed to be trying to escape his head. Finally, the pain subsided and he slowly returned to a stand.

    To his surprise, he saw before him a golden wolf. It seemed familiar somehow, yet he ignored the feeling as the two had clearly never met. "Why hello there. I must say that if you wish to eat me, I am quite unfavorable." He chuckled and with that, he turned from the bizarre creature and walked toward the shelter, unsure of how he had arrived in his current location. I suppose I'll take care of the hides later, I feel a bit dizzy.
  14. RE: Arc 0 ~ An Aurora in the Night Sky


    Devis let out a quiet yawn as his right hand reached for the hood of his coat which at the time had be covering his head. He grabbed the hood and yanked it back, revealing that not only were his eyes half open, but he was also wearing a pair of silver noise-reducing headphones. He had hoped to get a decent amount of sleep during the night, and decided to wear the headphones just in case Stu had somehow removed the duct tape he had placed on his mouth to avoid being woken up during the late night.

    His half-opened eyes glanced around the room before completely opening up. Now fully alert, Devis removed the headphones...

    And was startled by the sound of someone yelling. "Ugh... So much for peace and quiet..." He quickly reached for his briefcase, and opened it. He then shoved the headphones inside of the briefcase and closed it. He then pushed the briefcase away from him, rose to his feet, and began to walk away from the corner of the room.
  15. RE: Arc 0 ~ An Aurora in the Night Sky

    As the patience began to boil under Scott's skin, the Celafloran anxiously tapped his damaged fingers over and over on the hard counter surface in which many of the supplies for stew were place neatly in line. To him, this was quite a new experience as a man since he had never previously placed his hands near a kitchen item in his entire life. His older brother usually took care of that. While his emerald eyes gazed upon Kaneli's working hands, he began to think off into the strange world of cooking.

    Ideas, many odd and exciting ways to make stew then swarmed around Scott's head like flies, giving him the sudden urge to grab a bottle and give off a slight smirk of accomplishment.

    "Eah!" He suddenly placed his hand out in order to make Kaneli stop. She placed a spoon down and stared at Scott's hand in which he held a sort of suspicious-looking bottle.

    Kaneli raised a brow and looked closely "Whats that 'ya got there, Blondie?"For some reason, Scott somewhat understood what Kaneli was asking and took a good look at the bottle, then sounding off the small print on the bottle. "r-r-raaaaaah........keeeeeeeeeeeet...f-feeeeeee...uhmm.."


    Again, Kaneli kept a suspicious eye on the bottle as Scott opened it, then pouring it in the stew rather carefully. Suddenly, her eyes widened at a realization.

    "BLONDIE-" She yelled, then grabbing Scott and pulling him away. Badly enough, Kaneli pulled him just in time as the pot violently boiled and bubbled, then...


    Violently exploded.

    With that, the now fail-worthy Celafloran looked up with his unchanging emerald eyes and took a good look at the mess he had caused. Meat sticking all over the walls, liquid litering the floor. Again, the man has caused yet another problem. And with that, he looked down and flushed with embarrassment. All Kaneli had the chance to do was to gaze- look all over the now ruined kitchen with shocked eyes.

    Without a moment to lose, Scott ran out in an embarrassing way to the winter-washed outside world of Phantasia where he then ran quite a distance while cursing to himself. As his boots stomped on the fresh blanket of white snow, he then stopped and heard faint voices from afar. He crept closer and closer, then seeing a group of sorts near a ramshackle of a campsite. He shook his head and squinted slightly, then pulling out his bow and conjuring a couple of arrows between the spaces of his fingers, letting out a slight murmur.

  16. RE: Arc 0 ~ An Aurora in the Night Sky

    The sky dimmed in brightness. Clouds began to form, cutting the light from the brilliant white snow and turning down its white intensity. To anyone outside, one could see from the corner of their eyes shadowy figures dashing swiftly by, yet to no prevail could one try and see what was flying just barely out of their view. To all, a sudden silence could be heard. No more animals could be heard. Birds stopped their singing. Any sound or touch of a breeze was gone. It was as if time held itself.

    The ground above Sharra's underground house was held in complete suspension of any noise or movement, until miraculously a moment later stood a young girl and several dark shadowy wolves, all of them baring fangs maliciously as they await for what they were here for.


    The young girl couldn't help but smile with glee as she pulled out two large semi-automatic 1911 .44 magnum pistols, looking around a moment at what possible interferences there could be. The people in the distance couldn't be a problem; they were already surrounded by awaiting shadow wolves and would be too far away and pre-occupied to be able to come back in time to stop what Isabelle was about to do....

    Isabelle stooped low to the ground next to a large hole, looking inside to see directly into a large room. She saw a curled up young man, held in distraught and pain. "Bryce..." She cackled, "So weak.... No wonder my master kept you. You feed him so easily...." Isabelle stood up, brushing off her black miniskirt and high boots. She took in a solid breath, then let it out soothingly just before a calm swathe of dark bands overcame her being along with the rest of the shadowy wolves with her, the mass of darkness forming and conjoining together into a thick cylindrical compound before sliding down the hole with ease. The darkness rounded Bryce's room silently before finally settling and separating, recovering the bodies of Isabelle and the shadow wolves on the other side of where Bryce lay. She smiled and raised her pistols up to her face.

    Meanwhile within the frozen forest where Solera, Micayla, Ramiro, and Scott all converged at, a dark and amorphous mass distantly surrounded the group, shadow wolves silently manifesting from the black mist and creeping their way toward the unsuspecting persons....
  17. RE: Arc 0 ~ An Aurora in the Night Sky

    Sharra turned sharply, reacting almost instantaneously to the booming noise in the kitchen area. Muttering a what the fuck only those close enough would have managed to hear, she approached the aforementioned location with an unreadable expression--a mixture of annoyance and surprise--just as the Celafloran rushed past her embarrassingly. Sharra sighed as she inspected the damage from afar, finding out the room was a complete mess, not to mention the waste of resources they had to hunt for nearly daily. No. She would not destroy her own nerves with matters as insignificant as this.

    "Hey, Kaneli?" she called out to her as she watched a blur disappear into the frozen outside of Frigihiem. It was early in the morning, so it was safe to roam in the harsh region of Boreana, by Phantasian standards, "Do tell Little Guy to clean up this shit-"

    The Trained Sniper's expression contorted into one of immediate uneasiness. She had felt it again. The perceptual medium was not bodily or mental in nature, as she had come to the conclusion years ago it was something beyond even that, one that be might as well related to the living essence of a person--the soul. It was disturbingly familiar, in the sense her own sister happened to frequently trigger the feeling. It was one of innate malice, hidden beneath countless layers of generations that concealed their banished origins. But this one... it was different. It was intense. It was wicked.

    Something was horribly wrong.

    The Trained Sniper felt her trusted weapon resting almost faithfully between her hands, she had drawn it instinctively. Completely ignoring the fact she was interrupted mid-sentence of saying something to the hammer-wielding girl and then further setting it aside in the imaginary process of priorities, she looked around almost wildly, to no avail. It had subsided to a point of forgettable subtlety, she knew best that something had to trigger it. And it had to be near. Perhaps dangerously closer than she could have expected for it to be.
  18. RE: Arc 0 ~ An Aurora in the Night Sky

    Aniu stood, baffled. This human had very clearly forgotten everything that had happened in the past several minutes. He'd moved toward Fyuren when he had fallen, as if to help, but now he didn't know how he could help or, frankly, what was going on with the human that he would forget important details so quickly- and, it seemed, so frequently. But as Fyuren walked away, Aniu snorted and followed.

    "Now wait a moment," he said almost irritably, shuffling his wings as he trotted after the human. His tail swished with what looked like agitation, but fit more into unease. "We just met a moment ago-- you seem to have forgotten-- do you know of any mental issues associated with memory that you might have?" Each part of the sentence was spoken very quickly after the previous, as if Aniu wasn't sure what he wanted to say. This isn't like me, He thought to himself. But it was like him to attempt to help- he marked it as his duty- if Fyuren suffered from memory loss as frequently as this, then he'd not last long out in the open.

    Quite suddenly, his fur involuntarily bristled, by some instinct left over from his days of life. The feathers on his wings puffed out. He looked around warily, ears against his head, sapphire eyes narrowed. What is this...? He wondered quickly. Something wasn't right, his instincts were screaming at him that danger was near. The area was suddenly eerily silent. More reason to make sure that Fyuren got back to the shelter safely. Calming himself- he hadn't bristled for more than several seconds- he looked at the man. "I will accompany you, if you are going back to the shelter. Danger lurks every corner in this land and I feel it to be my duty to protect."
  19. RE: Arc 0 ~ An Aurora in the Night Sky

    Fyuren stood within the center of multiple rings and sensors. Multiple beams were trained on multiple locations. With a slight ticking sound, his Master and father-figure activated the time machine, before positioning himself immediately next to it. A lazy hum began to fill the air as the contraption awoke.

    "Don't ever forget your goal. I expect to see you in precisely 10 seconds."

    "Don't worry, Master. I have the memory of a trained hawk."

    "Fyuren." He spoke quieter this time, that none may hear. "Don't ever forget."

    Before he could ask what his master meant, the time machine took action. In a dazzling display of multicolored lights, many programmed to go off just for show, Fyurendryl was gone.


    He had not gone far before a voice stopped him. Turning around, he could find no one, save the wolf that seemed to have not left. Discrediting the voice as a trick of the wind, even though that made no practical sense, he moved to leave again. This time he saw the wolf speak. Strangely, he didn't not feel surprised that this creature that appeared seemingly from nowhere was not only speaking, but insisting they hey met already an-

    Fyuren ceased his endless pondering immediately. It would explain his passive nature toward the wolf. It wouldn't be the first time his elite memory had failed him, but never before with a person. Maybe this wolf was erasing his memories somehow? But then why would it insist upo-

    He cut his thoughts again, but this time not to change his chain of thought. The air was quiet. The trees were quiet. The squirrel at the base of a fallen branch, trying to crack his nut just moments ago was gone. Everything... was silence. He jumped slightly when the golden beast spoke for a third time.

    "I am unsure if I can trust you, but I do not find myself surprised at the capability you have to form words. Either you are a clever beast, or I am as you say will have to wait. This air drips of unpleasant feelings. To the shelter we shall go."

    Without waiting for an answer, but allowing his new-found comrade to catch up, he turned and hurriedly made his way for the hold of slush.
  20. RE: Arc 0 ~ An Aurora in the Night Sky

    Despite the beams of luminosity that had periodically been lighting up the sky of their destination, Ramiro noticed that the sky was growing ever bleaker by the moment. He puzzled over this within himself, confused as to the signs that this was giving him. The Gods of this realm must be furious… the witch hunter thought, We need to hurry, then. He quickened the pace he was walking at ever so slightly, noticing the consistent change in the brightness of the area. The snow was no longer unbearable to look at, for one thing. “You’re right, Solera,” Ramiro called out to the mysterious woman who had joined their companionship, “this world IS impossible to predict.

    At this very moment, Micayla had been twisting her head in every which way, beginning to grow fearful of the world around her. The darkness was coming back, and with it would be those formless beings that brought the sense of familiarity… and dread. She had to keep watch for those… things prowling all about. As the darkness descended, Ramiro was fleeing from the group. It seemed almost as though he were trying to outrun something that was coming… and that is when she saw it. A beast hiding in the shadows. Micayla shrieked in terror, falling back into the snow as she attempted to twist away just a moment too rapidly…

    Ramiro immediately drew his scythe, dashing in a heartbeat back to defend Micayla. He brandished it in the direction she was looking, as his eyes grew accustomed to the new balance of light and darkness… and he saw it. A great beast with canine features, though its size was much more comparable to that of a horse. Its vicious teeth made it quite clear why Micayla had been startled… though it seemed relatively tame. Ramiro knew that it was certainly not in league with the amorphous beings that came in the night. Not knowing of its level of intelligence, Ramiro asked semi-rhetorically in a voice so level that it could almost be compared to the vicious gale of a windstorm, “What is it,” a brief pause, “that you want.

    Micayla was recovering herself, and clinging onto Ramiro’s right arm - the arm that was not grasping his scythe with dominance. She was still unsure of the thing that she was looking at, but it seemed to emanate an aura of curiosity, not one of viciousness. “Ramiro... I-I... don’t. It’s gone... must have been a trick of my eyes...” Ramiro lowered his scythe for the moment, but did not relinquish his grasp. The witch hunter knew what Micayla said had some level of truth too it, and if she was no longer afraid, then she could deal with it on her own. His mask veiled his emotion, but when he spoke, there was a tinge of irritation in his voice. “Then so be it.” He shrugged her off, and stepped back, allowing the creature a shot at Micayla if it so desired. He hoped for its own sake that it would not attack the girl who seemed to radiate death…

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