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Ellon Chronicles: Dreams on the Horizon

Discussion in 'Statistical Roleplays' started by Silver, Jul 12, 2015.

  1. With the day's grime washed from their bodies and a good night's rest on the way, our heroes are able to relax. They sleep in just a tad later than Asima did the day before and awake to the same rustling and bustling coming from above. Mayella, they find, is at it again, having whipped up a tasty breakfast platter for the both of them. The jolly woman does not stick around to talk, however, for things appear to be a little busier at the inn today – there are several men and women who look a little rough around the edges (perhaps they are mercenaries?) staying for the next couple days and Mayella is anything but a poor host.

    When the duo finishes breakfast they are left to their own devices.

    Vargas' Armory

    Nifty Dagger (Small dagger bearing a particularly sharp edge that makes it good at opening up wounds. Increases Atk by 1; equippable by Asima; Chance of Bleeding) / Gold: 45 / Stock: 3

    Longsword (Fairly standard sword made of a mixture of low-grade metals. Increases Atk by 2; equippable by Asima) / Gold: 60 / Stock: 1

    Pot Lid (I don't even know if this can qualify as a shield. It's a leather strap attached to a dented old pot lid. Increases Def by 1; equippable by Asima; 1% Block Chance) / Gold: 15 / Stock: 1

    Buckler (Round shield that bears a knock-off symbol of the Royal Knights. Increases Def and Spr by 1; equippable by Asima; 5% Block Chance) / Gold: 75 / Stock: 1

    Tailored Dress (Soft to the touch yet fairly durable dress worn by some of the townswomen. Increases Def and Spr by 1; equippable by Asima) / Gold: 60 / Stock: 1

    Chainmail (Made of low-quality metal interlocking chains, this mail provides an adequate amount of defense. Increases Def by 3; equippable by Asima) / Gold: 100 / Stock: 2

    White Robes (Pristine robes made of a durable white fabric. Increases Def and Spr by 1; equippable by Theo) / Gold: 60 / Stock: 1

    Magician's Vestments (Robes tailored with a magician in mind; there's magic in every stitch. Increases MP by 5 and Spr by 2; equippable by Theo) / Gold: 100 / Stock: 2

    Melinda's Incantations

    Lulling Chime (Smaller bell usually rung to help babes fall asleep at night. Increases Int by 1; equippable by Theo; Chance of Sleep) / Gold: 45 / Stock: 1

    Crier's Bell (Loud enough to create distinct cacaphony in the city, this bell is commonly used by town criers to grab people's attention. Increases Int by 2; equippable by Theo) / Gold: 60 / Stock: 1

    Aqua Shard (Tiny fragment filled with water mana. Material Grade: D.) / Gold: 15 / Stock: 5

    Earth Shard (Tiny fragment filled with earth mana. Material Grade: D.) / Gold: 15 / Stock: 5

    General Bazaar

    Herb (Restores 5 HP upon use.) / Gold: 5 / Stock: 10

    Medicinal Herb (Restores 10 HP upon use.) / Gold: 10 / Stock: 5

    Mana Shard (Restores 5 MP upon use.) / Gold: 10 / Stock: 3

    Poisona Herb (Removes Poison upon use.) / Gold: 5 / Stock: 5

    Vox Herb (Removes Silence upon use.) / Gold: 5 / Stock: 5

    Skeleton Key (Unlocks target door/chest upon use.) / Gold: 20 / Stock: 2

    Life Shard (Revives the target with 5% Max HP upon use.) / Gold: 50 / Stock: 1

    Synthesis Galore

    Item Synthesis*: Provide gold and materials to receive an item in return.

    Equipment Synthesis*: Provide a base piece of equipment, gold, and materials to receive a piece of equipment in return.

    *Higher amounts of gold and better quality materials yield better results.

    Request Board

    I. Infestation – "Please help! There are so many rats in my house and I don't know where they keep coming from! The smell is awful and they've driven me out of my house. I have children to take care of, I can't raise them in Mayella's Inn forever." Commissioner: Lena the Kind / Reward: 25 Gold, Juniper Berries

    II. Potion Ingredients – "I need some help collecting a few select ingredients for this potion I'm trying to concoct. Some of the ingredients can only be found in the River Plains by Lake Horren––I'm not strong enough to take on the monsters living in the plains. I need a strong warrior or two to help me out." Commissioner: Curious Wesley / Reward: 40 Gold, ???

    III. Familiar Assessment – "I think I've finally perfected the incantations supporting my new familiar. Help me test them!" Commissioner: Matilda the Foul / Reward: 100 Gold

    Freeroam Choice Instance


    +Go check out the Request Board
    +Approach the rough looking visitors
    +Explore Arcedes
  2. Asima practically leaped out of bed, poking Theo once on the face to make sure he was awake, before walking briskly up the stairs to wolf down a hearty breakfast. It was only the second day but she was already feeling like this was a routine. "Thanks for the breakfast, Miss Mayella!" she could out with a beaming grin as the innkeeper left to deal with her new patrons. She shoveled a few more bites of food into her mouth, then turned to her comrade. "I know that there's a request on one of the boards to help someone with an infestation. They're staying here in the meantime, so maybe if we can get her out it'll also help out Mayella," she said, her energy still high but no longer bouncing all over the walls.

    The dark-skinned girl rounded up her dirty dishes, then moved to Theo's side, folding her arms across her chest. "What do you think? It shouldn't take too terribly long. Plus, we'll get a little bit of money." She snapped her fingers suddenly. "Oh, by the way," she started, plopping down a small brown bag on the table. The sound of clinking coins came from within. "Here's what I've collected so far. I was gonna go buy a sword today, but you're welcome to use as much of this money as you need. Besides, if we get payed for a job we do together we can just toss it all in here." Asima flashed a bright smile at him, then stuffed the bag in her pocket. "I'm gonna go check out the shops and the request board, you're completely welcome to come with me if you'd like. I don't know the town all that well or I'd show you around."

    The aspiring knightess' first order of business was to head to Vargas' Armoury and look at the inventory. She wished she had enough to buy a full set of equipment--buckler, mail, helmet, but it was the simple swords that were drawing her eye. She had her trusty knife in her boot still, but there was no way she was gonna be a shimmering figure of justice with a rusty knife in hand. She quickly counted her coins again, before approaching the smith. "Excuse me, sir," she grinned. "I'd like to buy that sword, please!"

    +Asima purchases Longsword for 60 gold! (24 gold remaining)
  3. The girl's face absolutely glowed as she held the sword in her hands. She inspected it carefully, giving it a test swing through the air before sticking it back in the sheath and tying it around her waist. "Thank you so much, Vargas!" she called out with a giant grin on her face, before exiting the armory and briskly walking back to the requests board. She'd lost Theo in the hustle and bustle (and in her giddiness of buying a real sword she forgot that he might've been following her) but she wasn't concerned--if she didn't find him by sundown she'd go run around until she found where he'd run off to.

    Well, it's the same requests from yesterday, minus the one I did for Wesley... she thought. I want to take the request from Matilda the Foul, but Miss Mayella is swamped at the inn, and the extra room might really help her out... The refugee tapped her chin thoughtfully, deciding on what course of action to take. I may be able to make both today, if I take care of Lena's request first, she figured. "It's settled then," she declared, ripping the flyer off the board and marching back to Mayella's inn.

    Rather than take her normal entrance, Asima walked to the tavern side, and began poking and prodding around trying to find her commissioner.
  4. Another lonely night, pouring over musky tomes. Such were many nights Theodahn spent ignorant of the problems outside the walls of his voluntary prison, slaving away at dried ink on vellum for knowledge that had no use to him. Once again, he nodding off where he worked, his mind repeating the same sentence his eyes were fixed on before they began to close. They would've remained that way, but it was not long til the foundation of the entire building shook, startling the boy. A loud banging rapped at the walls until they finally gave way, revealing-

    A finger...? Theo's eyes shot open at the sight, seeing the dark-skinned finger prodding his cheek. He had nearly forgotten that he was in Alsonde now, and that he was in a modest inn-room with his new acquaintance and fellow refugee, Asima. It didn't mirror his life in the Winoan Empire in the slightest. "O-Oh, sorry. Uh, good morning," he spoke nervously, realizing saliva was still present on his mouth from his slumber.

    The meek young man followed the girl downstairs, being greeted by the smell of the breakfast Miss Mayella made filling his nostrils. He joined her for the bounty of food provided for the two, listening to Asima's proposition. I don't normally picture myself an exterminator, but, I have to do whatever I can to get by, he thought, I need to be able to pull my own weight. He turned his thoughts to words as he looked toward his benefactor, "I think that is a wise plan. Besides, it'll be a good way to pay Miss Mayella for her services."

    Theo was humbled by the refugge's offer, but he would rather she spend her hard earned money on something she desires. Though, he decided to follow her on her trip; even if she didn't know the town very well, at least he'd get a better idea seeing the streets for himself. That, and he wasn't sure how else to spend the time.

    After a few moments of shadowing Asima and looking around left and right like a lost child, they made it to the armory. Seeing his friend's face beam with delight at the sword felt a little inspiring to Theo. Clearly she had aspirations beyond dealing with drunks and getting rid of vermin with that sword, even if he was adversed to violence himself. She wants to do some good with that weapon, and he could see that. I still never much thought of what I was going to go from here... I honestly never thought about what I was doing back home, either, he reminisced, pondering on the fact that everything before was mostly decided for him rather than him deciding for himself.

    It wasn't much longer til his comrade went to fulfill her request either, ripping the note right off and declaring this is what they were doing. He had no qualms with the idea and followed Asima to the inn.

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