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Discussion in 'Freeform Roleplays' started by ShadoeMayari, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. Grimacing at the sight of the demented rabbit, Claire made a slight shriek (for theatrical purposes) and pulled back her blade. She swiftly cleaved the damned thing's head in on. She wasted no time in changing her target to one of the other crates––she had to move quickly now! If this one didn't have an orb inside she might have to take matters into her own hands. Hoping that this was the end, she began to pry open her second crate.
  2. The rabbit let out a little squeak as it was crushed into a pile of goop. As Claire hacked open her next crate, she would've noticed some light leak out, signifying that there was an orb inside. Someone else appeared to notice as well. A boy who seemed to be a little desperate to get an orb tried to knock her over by charging straight into her with a spiked shield. His shadow appeared to move beneath him, grabbing at Claire's ankles.

    What a surprise! When Zein pried open another box, not one, not two, but ten rabbits hopped out of the box, swarming towards her. Eight of them were smaller than what Zein had seen before. I guess you can say that there were breeding like rabbits. Somewhere in the audience, Thadius was chastising Anya for "accidentally" putting two in the same box. Oops?

    After dealing with rabbit after rabbit, Sydney finally managed to find an orb inside of her crate. Quick, get it before someone notices!

    "...What's up with her?" Marcus gestured to Riley, hearing bits and pieces of what she said to herself. Did something happen? He dismissed it with a shrug and returned his attention to Roxanne. He noticed how pale she was and gave her a worried look. "You okay? Maybe you shou' lay down f' a bit."
  3. Claire smiled as an orb was revealed to her. Now all she had to do was touch it and- "!" she gasped as a boy charged into her with a spiked, his shadow grabbing at her ankles. On her ass, she sat blinking, her world still spinning. She had very narrowly dodged the spikes, but... She cursed––under her breath, mind––and looked up to see her attacker reaching for her orb. Instantly a vein in her head spasmed in rage. "Oh hell no," she bit under her breath, pupils dilating for a split second. In an instant the particles in the boy's arm started to slow––his arm spasmed in a weird manner. Taking this moment as an advantage, Claire tossed one of her throwing knives at him, the blade practically missing its intended mark and instead just nicking his side. Claire cursed once more, although this time mentally, and tossed another. This one too missed its mark.

    The particles in the boy's hand sped back up to normal and he grabbed the orb. "Hey!" Claire shouted, throwing herself back onto her feet, she looked around wildly. Her eyes hit three crates stacked together. Okay, fuck this, she thought bitterly, focusing on each one. Instantly they exploded. If anything other than an orb was inside, it surely died.

    "Oh god!" Claire cried in false astonishment, stumbling backwards before regaining her footing. She watched as the smoke cleared––hopefully one of those crates had an orb in it.
  4. Sydney laughed, grasping the orb and falling onto the ground as soon as she teleported. She needed so much relaxation after those damn furballs.

    Riley neared Marcus and Roxanne, looking as brooding as ever. When she was certain no one was watching, she spoke in her normal voice (but still kept her body language) "I'm trying to be... Intimidating. I talked to an adult and they said that depending on what happens... I could end up in some becoming an assistant. Get close and strike, ya' know. Also- seeing as I'm trying to be tough, I'm gonna threaten you Marcus. Buts its OK- I swear not to hurt you."

    Suddenly Riley had the falcata at his throat. She glared into his eyes, as if he had said something to her, before scoffing, sheathing the sword, and walking away.
  5. "I'm fine," she answered Marcus before Riley came over. She proceeded to mock-threaten Marcus, and Sydney appeared moments after. Why was she still pursuing getting closer? What if she was faking it here and actually working with them? She needed to keep an eye on her for now, and as she walked away, she looked back to Marcus. "You should keep the act up then. If they think you don't like each other, they'll be suspicious if you keep being friendly unless in secret. If there even is such a thing as secret."
  6. The boy yelled out a panicked "Sorry!" before teleporting out of the stadium. He reappeared in the dining room, trying to catch his breath. His shield fell to his side and his shadow grabbed it, keeping it from clanging against the floor.

    One crate was filled with a whole lot of nothing, another blew up in a pile of black goop, and the final one had an orb in it, which was flung into the air thanks to the explosion. Nice, Claire, nice.

    Marcus did falter a little as Riley's weapon was pointed to his throat. Once he processed the information, however, he shrugged and gave her an overly conceited smirk. It quickly became obvious that Marcus was not a good actor at all. Once she left, he sighed in relief and spoke quietly to Roxanne. "Hope that we don't have t' keep this up for too long, then. 'm shit at this acting stuff." He personally found it really difficult to even lie, much less keep up this entire act. He was just too easy to read.
  7. Claire blinked once. There it was, high in the air! I'm not losing it this time! she thought harshly, eyes dilating as she focused on the flying orb. Instantly the airborne object was locked in place––frozen in the air, its particles unmoving. Without wasting a second, her pupils dilated further and the orb started to slowly return to the earth. The second it was within arms reach, Claire grasped it and warped back.

    She blinked again. Her gaze fell to the boy who had grabbed her first orb––the desire to stab him to death almost overpowered her. But Claire did not stab him. She didn't even move toward him. "I hope that was worth it, jerk," she said, trying to sound hurt.
  8. Zein hissed in surprise, a look of annoyance crossing her features before she swung her falx around, violently hacking at the army of bunnies that was now assaulting her. "God dammit you old farts!" she yelled, her teeth bared in a ferocious snarl. Once she'd slashed and stomped the rest of the bunnies to death, she headed to another box, setting to work cracking it open. An explosion grabbed Zein's attention for a split-second. "The fuck?" she said to herself, then turned back to the box, desperately hoping that an orb was inside so that she didn't have to spend any longer in the daylight.
  9. Abal spun, scowling as attacked three crates at once, his sword moving even faster, making a soft humming noise as it passed through the wood. Moments later the crates slid apart, revealing their contents. He raised his left hand, a soft click coming from it as an orb of fire formed in his hand.
  10. On the floor, the boy looked a lot smaller than he did just moments before when he rammed Claire down with a shield. He had a baby-like face and looked like he was a little tall for his age. "It was pretty worth it." Although the deep and distorted voice sounded like it came from the boy, his mouth did not move at all as those words were said. The boy pouted and glared down at his shadow, which was moving around him like it was laughing. "Shut up." The boy stood up and he was an entire foot shorter than Claire, and his shield that was leaning on him was up to his waist. His head was bowed like a scared puppy fearing his punishment for doing something bad. "...Sorry."

    Zein's gonna be covered in dead rabbit goop by the end of this, because the next thing she found was yet another demon rabbit. Hey, at least it wasn't an entire family this time!

    One of Abal's crates slid open to reveal yet another rabbit, but the other two both had orbs in them. Lucky! Might as well leave someone a little present while you're at it.
  11. "Zein! To me!" Abal roared, toasting the rabbit with a rush of flames from his orb. Reaching out, he touched one of the orbs, appearing with the rest. He saw the kid that had stole Claire's orb and with a roar, the flames grew into a serpent that rushed around the kid, close enough for him to feel the heat. "People like you are the reason the world was destroyed...always willing to take from others, but incapable of earning your own....You're not even worth the effort it would take to crisp you...." He snarled, the flames dying out with a sigh as he turned to look at the rest.
  12. Riley sighed, she had an angry look to her face but in actuality she was just sad. Sydney didn't even like her because she was her, she couldn't talk to her friends, and the stupid falcata- Oh that damned blade!
    How ironic that she was using the falcata- his falcata. She couldn't save him, yet here he was, in a sense saving her. She knew Sydney could recognize the blade too, as she was staring at it. of course- not only did she like him more than Riley- She liked his damn sword more than Riley. Memories of his smile lingered in the back of her head and she felt an unknown emotion in her heart. Love- she admitted as she clenched the hilt of the blade. A filial love for the monster who made her who she was- and she didn't mean her happy go-lucky self by that.
    She meant the her trapped deep down. The her that shown through in the form of this ruse.
    (Hmmm... Probably going to finally add the Riley story into their History.)
  13. Zein nearly roared with anger when she found yet another rabbit. Before she could  even heft her blade to cleave the little beast in half, she heard her name being called. Her eyes darted to Abal, and a ball of flame came soaring through the air, roasting her tiny adversary. Then, Abal disappeared, having taken an orb. However, she could still see the light of another gleaming from an opened box. She dropped her blade, knowing she wouldn't be able to reach the orb in time if she was forced to carry it. She put  every ounce of strength she had into her sprint, and launched herself as hard as she could once she was close enough to the box. She landed hard on her belly, but her fingertips just managed to scrape the edge of the orb, and she was teleported back to the lobby, still on her belly.

    "Ugh," she groaned, rolling on to her back and looking up at Abal. "Thanks pal," she panted, groaning again and closing her eyes. "At least it was cloudy, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to make it to the orb in time," she chuckled. Zein cracked open one eye lazily and looked at the short, baby-faced kid with the shield. Some of the people seemed upset with him. "What'd he do?" she questioned nonchalantly. "You know what...I really don't care. Nevermind." She closed her eyes again, waiting on everything to be over so she could go shower and find a new blade in the armory.
  14. Claire wanted to rupture the boy's spleen without batting an eye. She frowned mentally, however, because Claire wasn't exactly the one in control here. Sweet, timid, non-grudge-holding Lara was this boy's keeper, and unlike Claire she didn't have the heart to do anything to the boy. Claire wanted to gag at the very thought. She should have gutted the boy and been done with it. But it seemed she didn't have to. Abal had appeared, clearly having gathered his own orb and quickly set about scolding the smallish boy––rage given a physical form in that of a fiery serpent. Claire blinked once and let out a gasp for good measure. When the flames died down, she frowned mentally once more. Stupid kid didn't even have it in him to finish the job!

    Or he's just obeying the rules. Ya know I– Claire shook her head the slightest bit as she realized that sickly sweet voice echoing in the back of her mind. Oh hell no. You're not real. I'm not crazy. Don't fucking talk again! she reprimanded herself harshly, eyes directing just a little bit of that internal conflict at the boy with the strange shadow. "You'll make a lot of enemies like that," Claire answered, still doing her best to sound hurt but she allowed her voice to take on a rather displeased undertone. "I may not have it in me to hurt you, but piss off the wrong person and you'll be sorry." And with that said she turned her gaze away from the boy, having nothing more to say and no desire to look at his pathetic face.

    Watch yourself, kid. Cross me again and you'll be in a million pieces before you can even utter an apology. Lara be damned.
  15. Abal offered a hand to Zein, hauling her to her feet. "No problem. We gotta stick togethor, after all." he said, letting the last of the flames die out as he tossed a dirty look at the kid. "He stole an orb from Lara. I almost toasted him...but he's not worth the effort." He growled faintly, sheathing his sword.
  16. Roxanne saw Abal's fire snake and shot up. She went over to see what was happening and saw the boy on the ground being threatened. "What the hell? What did he do to you?" she demanded irritably. Her chest was still hurting, and her complexion hadn't changed as far as her still being paler than usual. She just didn't want to admit something was wrong. It wasn't a pride thing, she just didn't want to be looked at as weak with Vanthus still wandering around near her. She was strong. She would get through this. She just needed to chill.
  17. Riley saw the fire and remained calm. She saw the commotion- everyone seemed to be getting a little riled up. Sydney tried to defuse the situation, ignoring Riley and especially ignoring the falcata "Guys, let's all chill. He did what he had to. I know it sucks, but who knows what might happen if he ended up losing."

    Riley glanced at them, wishing to join in. Her life was just destined for failure. The true Riley was... Well... yeah. Then Sydney never saw her for her. And now she was risking everything just for a small chance at somehow winning against impossible odds. She twirled the falcata carefully as she watched the group. She felt bad for the boy in the middle, he was just trying to survive in this place. Riley looked to see if the adults were there and then signaled Roxanne to come over. Why Roxanne? Well her best friend and her were not prepared to talk so soon, Lara and Abal were still new, Dick (very unfortunatly) was dead, and Marcus was nice but- well sometimes his kindness reminded her of the true Riley's acts, even if the boy was probably genuine. Also Roxanne was cute looking a little pale, Riley was worried.

    She would pretend she was getting closer (though still acting intimidating) so she could gain the upper hand- but honestly, she was just going to try to have a normal conversation. Have body language that suggested that her words were angry- have her (quiet) voice and words show her true intentions to who she spoke to. That was her plan.
  18. The boy stumbled backwards, grabbing for his shield. His shadow grabbed it instead, holding it in front of him, but it appeared to shrink away due to the intense light of Abal's flames. The shield fell on top of the boy and he was knocked off his feet just like that. As soon as the flames died down, the boy looked up at Abal with fearful eyes, but one could hear his shadow mumbling underneath him saying that he probably felt otherwise. That he didn't care about what he did and wouldn't hesitate doing it again. Which one are you going to believe?

    Another girl approached him and he immediately recognized her face: The same face of the boy who was disqualified by Vanthus just a few days back. He looked away from her, unable to erase that memory from his mind. Meanwhile, his shadow underneath him was mocking Richard's defeat, saying that he very well deserved it. "I...I--" He sounded like he was about to apologize, but his shadow interrupted him. "I didn't do anything wrong."

    Marcus stood back, eying the kid curiously. He wasn't quite sure what to believe, the kid's mannerisms or what his shadow had to say. He looked around at his comrades, as if to tell them to be cautious around this kid.
  19. Abal turned his back on the kid, hand settling on his sword hilt. "Regardless. Taking what you haven't earned isn't right, no matter what the consequences if you don't. He could have easily broken open a few more crates and found an orb, but he chose to steal Lara's instead." he said, informing Roxanne. He looked over his shoulder at the kid. "So which is it? Is your shadow telling us what you're really thinking? Or visa versa?" He asked, his voice cracking like a whip.
  20. Malik had spent his week training, mostly with his bow until his shoulders were sore. Despite the challenges that he knew would lay ahead of him, he was really enjoying just being able to shoot his bow in peace and not have to worry about surviving out there. He became determined to make this tower his own and make the bosses pay for their crimes.

    After sleeping in Zein's room for a while, Malik decided that it was past time to get his own room Sunday evening so that he could get some good sleep in his own bed the night before the contest was to begin. Monday morning he ate breakfast alone to prepare himself mentally for the challenge to come. His father had always told him that if he was prepared in his mind, the body would follow. He had also mentioned that it was best to eat easy foods if you knew you had to put a lot of stress on your body. Malik followed that rule and ate dry granola and nuts for breakfast. By the time the adults appeared and announced the first challenge he felt confident and ready for action. Based on what the adults announced he felt that it would be best for him to act alone on this one and did so.

    His face was wrapped completely, with only his goggles showing where his eyes would be, as the contestants walked into the arena. He felt that the horns would be a bit too much to wear, but he still had them stored in his pack. As the first crate fell into the area, Malik ran for the other side of the arena and began hacking at the wooden crates furthest from the crowd. It was taking way too long for him to hack through the wood, so he took the back end of the tomahawk and began to try to pull a panel off the crate. He only managed to pull it open for him to reach his hand into, which he quickly regretted once he felt something bite him. A demonic looking rabbit had bitten into his left hand. The beast was slain with a blow from the tomahawk and thrown the the ground.

    He soon noticed that the others in the room were finding rabbits or disappearing according to what they found in the crates, and Malik was clearly not doing very well. His plan have more crates for him to go through had obviously back fired, and he began to go from crate to crate as fast as possible hoping to find an orb. Fire erupted from the corner of his vision as he saw someone shoot flames across the arena, but he didn't look long enough to notice who or what had been fried as he continued to move from crate to crate trying to find one of those stupid orbs and not one of those stupid rabbits.

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