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Discussion in 'Freeform Roleplays' started by ShadoeMayari, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. As soon as the girl left, she stiffened her posture and a stony look replaced her usual expression. She stood in silence before she was addressed by ol' Crow Mask. She about-faced with practiced ease and met the figure's red eyes for a moment before gracefully falling to one knee and bowing her head.

    "I am unsure whether or not you would care, but my name is Riley Arc." Her voice was more monotone than before "I... I have great interest in this utopia you spoke of. I understand there is most likely no place for one like me among your ranks- but I wish to serve."

    Would she die where she kneel? Would the plan work or fail miserably as she expected? Despite her nerves she somehow kept her calm.


    Sydney huffed, pulling up her cloak to examine her bruised legs, she plopped down and sighed "Riley, where the fuck did you go... Hey- Malik! Uh- can you do stuff with bruises...?"
  2. The crow-masked adult was silent for quite some time, but then something in the atmosphere changed. It was hard to figure out what exactly changed, but it felt like something was...missing. They picked Riley up by the back of her shirt and peered at her closely: the beak of their mask kept them from getting too close. Finally, she dropped Riley quite abruptly, and the atmosphere reverted to what it was before. "We have no need for outside help, especially from a child." There was plenty of emphasis on that last word, as if they were purposely trying to belittle Riley. "...But, depending on what happens from now on, we may consider it. For now, you may only be a contestant, and nothing more than that." They shrugged and turned to leave. "Well, thank you for effectively wasting my time. Adieu." Their voice was dripping with sarcasm as they said their goodbye and left. Thanks, Crowface, thanks.
  3. 09:30
    Monday, November 30, 2122
    -10ºC, Light Snow
    Waxing Crescent

    The weekend passed quickly with days filled with training, eating, sleeping, and plotting (for some folks). Some of the contestants began to dread Monday, just like it was for most of them before the Storm. The looming threat of the tournament and the first challenge left quite a few of them anxious for what was to come.

    Well, Monday finally came. The contestants woke up as per usual and had breakfast as per usual. The adults had greeted them as they first entered the Main Hall, and as soon as they were finished with their meal, gave them the low-down on how the challenges worked. The first week's challenges will be retrieval challenges, as in "get X amount of Y". Vanthus will be the one presiding over this week's challenges, and all the challenges will take place in the Training Room unless otherwise stated. Challenges will work on a points system. In this case, the first five to finish the challenge will receive 10 points, the next five will receive 9 points, the next five will receive 8, and so on. The last 50 people to finish will not get any points. The ten contestants with the most points by the end of the week will receive an advantage for the Friday challenge.

    After explaining everything, the adults ushered the contestants into the Training Room. For those who were expecting the wide room they spent their last few days in, it was quite surprising to be suddenly shoved into complete darkness. Some of the contestants began to panic, until the ceiling began to open up, revealing the dreary, cloudy sky. As the stadium's ceiling slid open, several wooden crates began to fall inside and in front of the contestants. The adults appeared in the audience, and Vanthus stood up to speak.

    "In front of you are three hundred crates. In a hundred of them are orbs that will teleport you back to the tower once you come in contact with them. The other two hundred are either empty or have small monsters inside of them. The faster you find an orb, the more points you'll get. Good luck, and begin."
  4. Sydney awoke, stretching- barely even remembering when she got into bed. She looked but Riley wasn't there. Sighing, she completed her morning routine and went down for food. She spotted Riley at another table- completely astonished by the way she looked and acted. In silence, Sydney numbly ate and listened to the adults. She searched for her friends but it seemed as if her mind wouldn't focus. As the challenge started, Sydney examined the room with care- she could hear boxes breaking, people had already started. Not wanting to be left behind, Sydney smashed the first crate she saw with a simple kick.

    Riley awoke, standing and dusting herself off. She had removed her bags and belongings from her shared room and had moved to a new one. She brushed her teeth and washed up before opening a bag and pulling out a falcata- a remnant of past days. It had been a while since she'd used a sword- she had become used to Sydney's short range. But it would do. She reached into the bag and also pulled out a scabbard- simple but with some decorative detail- with a shoulder strap. She sheathed the falcata, hanging the scabbard cross-wise. Riley fixed her hair to seem straighter and more professional, though mostly in the same style, before going downstairs. She sat and ate in the same confident, regal, and intimidating manner she had when she spoke with Ol' Crowface. (She was still quite intimidated by the encounter, but it had gone better than expected)

    As the challenge began, Riley kept her falcata in place- breaking a crate using the heel of her shoe. (a simple enough trick she was shown by Sydney)
  5. As soon as the challenge started, Marcus immediately tried to bust open a crate. He thrusted with his spear, but he managed to just barely graze the surface. There was a loud clang! as Riley and Sydney's feet made contact with one of the boxes.

    Despite appearing to be made of planks of wood that were haphazardly nailed together, the crates themselves appeared to be quite durable, as if they were made of extremely tough metal instead. Breaking them open with just blunt force didn't seem to be an option. However, hitting them a couple of times opened some gaps between the planks, wide enough to stick your hand or a weapon inside.
  6. Sydney groaned, forming all her fingers into blades and trying to hack away at the surprising durable box. When she formed a gap, she attempted to reach inside while her other hand tried to expand it. She could see Riley and Marcus and she smiled at the boy- She did her best to ignore Riley. She felt dumb, but seeing Riley with a different weapon made her somewhat jealous.

    Riley could see Marcus and Sydney from the corner of her eyes, but decided against acknowledging either. "Suppose I'll just have to use this..." She unsheathed her falcata, attacking the box quickly- though the weapon was larger, she was able to twirl it around much like a butterfly. Her blade spun much akin to a windmill, working to slice the top of the box as she examined the other boxes before her.
  7. Prying it open seemed to do the trick! A plank fell off of Sydney's box as she widened the gap and stuck her hand inside. And, immediately, something chomped down on her hand. With the planks falling off, the little creature would stay clamped onto Sydney's hand even if she pulled it out. It resembled a black, mangly rabbit with thorns for fur and layers of razor sharp teeth. Yikes.

    Whatever was keeping those planks nailed together were pretty tough as well, as Riley's falcata would have gotten caught by them if she was trying to cut the top off. However, attacking the box quickly created many wide gaps between the planks. If there was anything inside of it, it probably would've fallen out by now. But nothing did. Try again! As she observed the other boxes in front of her, she would find that it would be impossible to discern the boxes from one another with just sight.

    Marcus was too focused on opening his box that he didn't notice Sydney's little wave. He stuck his spear inside of the gap and turned it so the head would get stuck on the boards. Using his foot to keep the box in place, he tugged on his spear, causing the planks to fall off and reveal...nothing at all! Nice!
  8. Roxanne had been crying herself to sleep each night following the death of her brother, and her exhaustion showed. She had barely eaten anything that weekend, combined with training with Abal and Zein, she was exhausted and almost fragile looking. But she refused to let that stop her as she watched the tactics for the first challenge. She saw weapons were a good thing that were helping open the crates, so she ran and got one of the blades from the rack she had been training with, and ran to a crate.

    The first crate she got to, she stuck the blade between two of the planks and started prying with it like Marcus was.
  9. Sydney yelped and pulled her hand out, using her the bladed fingers on her other hand to cut through the creature. She shook her bitten hand and ran to another crate, using her blade fingers to try and open another.

    Riley sucked her teeth- as it seemed like something this new persona would do- and quickly windmilled over the top of another box with the falacta. She noticed Sydney's bite but dare not so a reaction and risk breaking her ruse. 
  10. Abal's saber was a steel-colored blur as he hit a crate several times in quick succession with it, finally driving the tip down and wrenching to the side, using the least effort to obtain the maximum result. Not stopping to see what came out of it, he spun and attacked another, his blade a swirling dance of steel as he his expression never changed from blank determination.
  11. The odd little bunny blew up into a puddle of black goop. Nice. Upon opening another crate, Sydney was pleased to find...another monster! Nice! It was attack of the killer rabbits as one hopped out of the gap she made and began to gnaw at her ankles.

    As Riley opened another box, yet another little rabbit fella jumped out and latched on to her face, scratching and trying to bite her nose. Yikes.

    The first box Abal opened was filled with a whole lotta nothing, but the second box had yet another demon bunny. It jumped at him and tried to cling to his hand, trying to make him drop his weapon.

    Marcus had his foot on another crate and thrust his spear inside, trying to pry it open. As soon as he pulled it out to make a gap, he noticed a little light leak out of the crate. Cautiously, he stuck his hand inside, and he disappeared from the stadium. He stumbled a little, and found himself in the Main Hall of the tower. Nice.

    Either Roxanne's luck was going for her today or somebody's pitying her for the loss of her brother, because the very first crate she hacked open had an orb inside. Nice!
  12. Roxanne stuffed her hand in the crate and appeared in the main hall moments after Marcus, and looked around bewildered. 

    "Whoa. That was insane," she said, looking at Marcus. "Are we the first two?" she asked him. "How many crates did you end up opening? I somehow got lucky. I don't think that luck will last that long though. I hope everyone else gets in soon."
  13. "ACK-" she kicked off the rabbit and stomped onto it with unbridled rage. She began tearing apart another crate with anger.
    Riley pulled off the rabbit calmly, smashing it into a nearby crate. She decided to windmill between two crates, trying to damage their sides.
  14. Abal sidestepped and his blade snicker-snacked the rabbit in half as he went after a third box with vigor, not slowing down in the slightest.
  15. Zein's face paled as she teleported to the arena. Thankfully, the sky was cloudy but there was still a minimal amount of sunlight. She wanted to find Malik but she knew that she couldn't rely on him, especially not now. She unsheathed her worn falx and used the dull side to bludgeon a box until she could grab the top and wrench it open. She struggled with the opening she made for a few seconds before she finally managed to widen the hole enough to reach in. Hopefully it wasn't filled with one of those damned demon bunnies that everyone else seemed to be getting.  "I fucking hate the daytime," she grumbled to herself as she reached in the box.
  16. In the end Claire found herself ignored. The slightest wrinkle on Lara's face implied disappointment and fear, but really all the facial change signified was the dangerous amount of rage being held back behind a steeled composure. Right then and there the teen had wanted to blow everything up. Let all of their guts rain down around her and be done with this mess. But that would be against the rules, she huffed internally, choosing instead to take up training with one of the other kids who happened to be nearby.

    Despite putting on an act, Claire successfully managed to best the boy. He wasn't much more skilled than she was––she just happened to make a show of the ordeal. She faltered with her blade a little, lost her balance a few times, tried to make Lara look like a pushover. In the recesses of her mind, Claire pitied anyone who she would be forced to fight later in this little tournament. When the time was right she would show them all just what she could do.

    However, when the time for the first challenge began, the rather angst, rage-filled girl found herself faltering. Should she show off her flow now or keep it a secret? Deciding it best to forgo letting people know, for just the moment, she took a separate, heavier blade from the rack and began to pry open a box––she fiddled with her flow a little bit, using the force of the particles in both the crate and the blade to push against each other and, thereby, make forcing the damned thing open a little easier. But it wasn't totally noticeable. From what she could tell, no one here would be able to see particles. If she had blown something up... that would be a different story.

    But she wasn't desperate enough for that... yet.
  17. Wow, Sydney, luck is not on your side today, because got another rabbit! Nice!!! By the time that you're finished with this, you'll be covered in dead demon rabbit blood. The little rabbit reared back, and spat a pitch black liquid in Sydney's face. Was it stinging a little? Ouch!

    The first box Riley managed to hack open had nothing in it, but the second one had a pretty shiny orb in it. Nice!

    No luck for Abal still, but at least there weren't any demon bunnies.

    Didn't anyone tell Zein not to stick her hand blindly into strange objects? Because a rabbit clamped down hard on her hand. Nice.

    As Claire pried open her box, she would see a little light leak out of it... Except it just turned out to be the glowing red eyes of a demon rabbit. Nice. The light quickly disappeared as the rabbit reared back and tried to spit in her face.

    "'t was my second one, I think," Marcus said, nodding. More people reappeared in the Main Hall, some even appearing on top of the tables that were set up for lunch, causing quite the spectacle. "'t's only a one-in-three chance tha' they'll find 'n orb, so 't shouldn't take 'em too long."
  18. "I HATE RABBITS." Sydney practically roared, squeezing the rabbit in one hand while fiercely kicking a box in front of her- Oh Syd, if you only just hit more than one crate...
    Riley sighed in relief (on the inside) as she reached for an orb. Within seconds she was with the others who had gotten orbs, falcata lazily held in one hand and the other hand stretching it's fingers. "Too late..." she grumbled as she looked around. Honestly, Riley was glad she even made it this soon- but her persona would definitely be irritated to not be among the first. With an extravagant twirl, Riley sheathed the falcata and then adjusted the shoulder strap. "I wonder what this would test..." She thought aloud, leaning against the wall nonchalantly "It's based mostly on luck whether or not you find an orb... Unless...? No, that couldn't be it."
  19. Roxanne's chest hurt. She didn't want to say anything to Marcus or the newly appeared Riley, but they could see she was visibly pale. Instead of talking about it, she pulled a nearby chair out and sat down. "I hope it doesn't. So Malik, Zein, Sydney, Lara, and Abal are still in there." How would Richard have handled this? she wondered. He probably would have done something similar to what she did. Maybe helped Roxanne open boxes. They would have worked together. Having Vanthus run the challenges pissed her off. But maybe she could talk to him later and get her brother's body. Have a proper funeral for him. Hopefully they didn't fuck him up too much. Killing him could come later.
  20. Zein grunted, shaking her hand violently to loosen the rabbit's grip on her hand, then stomping on it once it hit the ground. She followed up by slamming her sword down on top of it. Things were still too hectic for her to see if anyone found an orb already, so she hurried over to an unopened box and once again beat it with her falx until she could yank off a plank and see inside. Hopefully she wouldn't have to deal with another one of those goddamn rabbits. Where did the adults get those anyways?

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