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Discussion in 'Freeform Roleplays' started by ShadoeMayari, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. Zein just stared at Marcus incredulously. "Well...Okay, I guess. I was just kind of poking around, something seems off about this room. I was considering tearing apart the room a bit but I don't know. I'll leave it up to you if you want to search around or not." She crossed her arms and leaned against the wall, staring at the boy. She hadn't had any alone time with the boy as of yet, so she wasn't sure what she should say. Then again, she'd only really carried on conversations with Malik. And those were mostly one-sided, since he was mute.

    "Something's up with the sheet, and then there's the ceiling tiles..."
  2. "I would say t' just leave the shield 'ere, but Rox'll prob' get pissed if we come back with no information." Marcus picked the sheet off the floor and held it it in front of him. It was much larger than the bed, and it looked as if the length was enough to stretch from the ceiling to floor, maybe even a little bit more longer. He looked up at the ceiling tiles and then back down to the sheet. "Bet the kid used this to climb up there. There might be a secret passageway or somethin' that leads up to the higher floors." If the kid was really closely associated with the adults, then that would make sense, right? His gaze returned to the ceiling. Now, how were they to get up there? It would be one thing if the bed sheet was already attached, but it wasn't and it was too high for either of them reach alone.

    He knelt down with his back to Zein, looking over his shoulder at her expectantly. "Get on my shoulders. C'mon, up, up."
  3. Zein sighed. "Yeah, well I don't really care if Roxanne'll be mad," she said, but crossed the room to stand next to Marcus anyway. She stared up at the ceiling for a moment. Her eyes then traveled back down to Marcus. "Alright," she grumbled, taking a deep breath. "Thank god I'm lightweight." She placed her hand on his shoulder and pushed her weight down, to give him a moment to brace himself before not-so-gracefully clambering up to his shoulders. Thankfully, they were both somewhat tall, because she could now easily move aside the tiles. "Once I get up there, hand me the blanket so I can pull your ass up."

    She shoved aside the first tile and reached up, feeling around for something she could use to pull herself up with.
  4. As Zein moved aside the ceiling tile, a strange fog flowed in from the gap into the room. As soon as the fog came in contact with the two of them, something strange happened to them both, but it was hard to say exactly what happened. The change was much more obvious with Zein, as the light she had when she was supercharged with moonlight suddenly disappeared. The fog made them unable to use their Flow.

    Suddenly Marcus wasn't so sure about going on with this. But, he already made the decision for both of them, so he's not really in the position to chicken out now. "What's up there?"

    Zein would find that there wasn't any rope or anything past the panel to pull herself up with, but the area around the opening was surprisingly sturdy, so she could just push herself up if the height and her strength allowed it. It was hard to see what exactly was there due to the fog, but the faint outline of many bookshelves could be seen.
  5. Zein hissed and made a strange assortment of coughs and hacks  before realizing that the fog wasn't choking her, and didn't particularly have a smell. It only sapped away the tingling throughout her body from the previously absorbed moonlight. "Uhhh..." was her main response to the question of what lie above. "I can't see," she replied. "Looks like...bookcases, maybe? Toss me the bedsheet." She stretched her arm towards Marcus as far as she could.

    Her eyes quickly darted around the room once more, trying to take in some details. Apparently the ceiling tiles were much more durable than she had previously thought, since she hadn't fallen through yet, despite standing on top of them. Maybe they were made of carbon, or something, since they were also very light. "Hurry!"
  6. Marcus threw up the bed sheet and once it was steady enough for him to climb, hoisted himself up through the hole. Even though it was difficult to see past even just a few feet ahead of you, it felt like the room was a lot bigger than what they imagined. Marcus held his hand out and walked forward a little bit, until he felt hard wood ahead of him. Looks like he found a bookcase. He stole a look at its contents, and found thick packets of paper crudely bound together to form books. He grabbed one off the shelf and flipped through it, but he quickly found that its contents weren't for his eyes: The book was entirely written in some sort of code.

    He did notice certain items in the book's inner cover that were not in code; he only figured as such because he recognized some of them as names. "Acerbus", "Thadius", and "Shima". This was...probably some sort of clue, right?
  7. Zein followed Marcus after a few seconds, walking up behind him and peering over his shoulder, trying desperately to make out the words written on the page. She didn't pick up much, but it didn't seem to be in English, and she caught the word "Acerbus" at one point. She took a deep breath and tugged on Marcus's sleeve. "I think," she began, "that we should get the fuck out and never speak of this." With that said, she walked over to the hole in the floor/ceiling, dropped the sheet down, and turned to face the boy once more. "I will ditch your ass if you're not coming with me. I really don't think we're supposed to be here, and now definitely isn't the time to be pulling this shit. We'll come back later, when we can talk to the boy again."

    She eased herself halfway through the hole, then took a deep breath and let herself drop to the floor. She landed rather loudly in a crouch, but she didn't hurt herself or break anything. She dusted herself off and leaned against the wall with her arms crossed, waiting on Marcus. "Don't forget to replace the tile if you can," she called to him.
  8. Marcus nodded and followed Zein down through the hole--but not before stashing the book inside his jacket. This could be a good clue and he wasn't just going to leave it behind like that. Before dropping through, he slid the tile so he could just barely fit through the resulting gap. He landed quite softly, in comparison to Zein, since he was pretty much very used to falling from rather high places. He looked back up at the gap in the ceiling--there was still quite a bit of fog flowing out, but not enough to completely neutralize their Flow if they just stood in the room. The moonlight returned to Zein, albeit somewhat weaker than before.

    "Don't think I can put 't back all the way..." Marcus scratched his head, glancing at the tile. "'f no one sees us leave, I think we might be okay." That was some awfully wishful thinking, but the adults seemed to be out of action right now anyway. It may not be a problem at all.
  9. Zein looked at the gap for a moment, then back at Marcus. "I got it," she said, the lunar energy ever-so-lightly surging through her body again. She jumped at the bed, then used it to gain extra height so she could touch the ceiling. Her fingers brushed against the ceiling and slid it forward just enough to make it fall back into place. "I didn't think my Flow would return. Anyway, let's dip." She pushed through the door, eyes darting left and right, then made a beeline for the elevator. "I'm heading back to my room. We'll talk about this later."
  10. "Nice," Marcus grinned as Zein put the tile back. He followed her out of the room, looking around cautiously for any onlookers. "Seeya." He nodded to Zein as she headed to the elevator and he headed towards the stairs. His room wasn't that far, after all. He stopped by his room to drop the book off in a rather well-hidden place before taking the elevator the rest of the way down to the main hall. He tried to keep himself from searching for the others and headed straight for the training room with his spear in hand. And so proceeded to rip some training dummies into pieces, only to have them regenerate over and over again.
  11. The day passed by slowly. The adults weren't really seen after the end of the challenge and the moon still hung in the sky thanks to some still unknown reason. After all that had happened, questioning it further just brought more headaches to the contestants, so some of them just decided to accept it for now. Dinner soon passed by, along with the usual curfew. The static from the bracelets continued to buzz until midnight.

    Thursday, December 3, 2122
    15ºC, Sunny
    Waxing Crescent

    The next day, the sun rose and the moon set properly. The adults made an appearance during breakfast, ensuring everyone that everything was now working fine and they'll continue the day as normal. Anya still looked awfully frightened and it looked like Vanthus was on the receiving end of a beating, but the other three were the same as ever. The little girl in the white dress was stuck behind the Crow-Masked Adult, holding their hand tightly like a young clueless child following her parent. When Crow Face left to do whatever, the little girl followed, refusing to let go of their hand.

    Breakfast passed by as normal as well, and soon the contestants were ushered through the training room door. The door opened into a large, open-air arena, reminiscent of the ancient Roman gladiatorial arenas. There were several doors along the walls of the arena, and sounds of growling and scraping of claws could be heard behind them.

    The adults (minus Crow Face) appeared in the audience of the arena. Vanthus stood up to explain the rules. "Behind each door are several monsters. Each monster will have a string of teeth around their neck. Your goal is to retrieve one tooth from three different kinds of monsters. Now, go ahead."

    The first door to the right of where the contestants emerged from opened, and immediately several cat-like creatures spilled out from the door. They resembled cheetahs, but with massive tusks and claws. Their tails were that of a scorpion's and they glared at the contestants with red eyes, preparing to pounce. Around each of their necks was a necklace of five sharp teeth.


    As soon as the cats came out, Marcus readied his spear. One immediately pounced at him and he held of his spear in defense, taking care to avoid the stinger on its tail and easily pushing his attacker away. When he saw that they had multiple teeth around their neck, he called out to his friends for assistance. It was probably a better idea to take one out in a group and then split the reward.
  12. Roxanne tensed up with the sword she had been practicing with as the monsters were released from the doors. Wow, there were a lot of them. And damn, they were weird looking. She imagined they would get more difficult with each passing door, so she figured it would be best to get them quickly and get out before it became too much of a challenge. She heard Marcus call out for them, and wonder what the hell he was thinking as she swiped an attacking cat away. She saw how there were multiple teeth around their necks. Huh. Oh wait, now she got her plan. Safety in numbers, split the reward. She could work with that.

    She fought her way over to where he stood. "Safety in numbers?" she asked to confirm her suspicions.
  13. Riley was about to unsheathe her sword to attack a cat that had jumped at her- but then she heard Marcus. She rolled out of the way, running towards Marcus and Roxanne. Riley (with more strength than she had intended) shoulder-checked Marcus while unsheathing the falcata "Always glad to help!" She glanced at Roxanne, mostly watching the cats around them"Nice sword, by the way." It was a pretty simple sword to her, but a boost of confidence for Roxanne a teammate was never bad. (Level Up! Friend>Awkward Ass One-Sided Bad Flirts! *slow clap*)
    Sydney ran out of the way of a cat that clambered towards her, thankful when Marcus called for them. She reached and, gently (With the subtlety of a subtle thing), stopped any possible swaying or falling that might have occurred. Of course, if Marcus was perfectly fine after Riley's action then Sydney didn't do that. Either way, she moved, standing in the forming line "Hate to break it to ya' but there's only 5 teeth."
  14. Marcus nodded in response to Roxanne's inquiry. "'f we separate one from the rest of the pack, we should be able t' take it down easily." He briefly lost his balance (thanks Riley) and allowed Sydney to help steady him again. "Didn't y' hear? Three different kinds." He tapped the end of his spear against the ground sprinted forward, targeting one of the big cats. The wind wasn't so strong today, so he wasn't able to do any fancy tricks with his Flow, but there was enough for him to get a bit of speed boost ahead. He looked back at his allies, as if to tell them to get ready. The cat had focused on him, rearing back and ready to pounce. Marcus stopped once the cat was right in between him and the others, holding up his spear defensively. The cat pounced, but a quick swing of his spear (and some help from the wind) was enough to send the cat flying towards the others. It hissed while it was falling, unaware that there were more people behind it and instead continued to target Marcus.
  15. Malik had his bow strung as he entered the arena and  was glad that he did. He waved at the group of people he knew and pointed to his arrows, trying to convey that he could shoot one of the beasts pretty easily as long as they didn't have some kind of projectile proof skin. A cat pounced at the boy with the spear and was knocked away, it was still focused on Marcus though. Malik drew his bow and loosed an arrow at the cat before it could jump again and struck it just behind the front legs. He didn't wait to see how the beast reacted as he heard a hiss from behind and threw himself to the ground to avoid being caught in its claws. Being ripped apart by some freak house cat was not a part of the plan for today. As he drew his knife he prayed that someone would come help him out of this situation.
  16. Zein seemed more annoyed than frightened or excited. Cats were...annoying. And just her luck, too, she still hadn't found a weapon to replace her falx. At least she still had the dagger strapped to her thigh. She allowed the group to take down the first one. Marcus suggested separating the beasts to kill them, which seemed like a great idea to Zein. She crouched slightly, trying to watch everyone's backs while Marcus was doing his thing. Malik seemed to be supporting them from afar, but after Zein got her tooth she was going to go help him out. He was separated, so if he got jumped on he would be seriously hurt.

    She was the first to react when Marcus flung the cat towards the group. It lunged, and so did she. Noting the scorpion-like tails, Zein grabbed on tightly and jammed the knife in between the cat's shoulder blades. Not giving it any time to recover she yanked the knife out again and plunged it into the monstrosity's back once more, severing the spinal cord. She sliced the necklace off, snatched a monster tooth, and shoved it into her bra. "I'm gonna help out our isolated archer," she shouted, sprinting off in Malik's direction.
  17. Riley watched as Zein took a tooth, deciding to get started on the next cat she ran past Marcus. Sydney followed, and after a signal from Riley, jumped onto Marcus- she stepped so as to make him bend forward, running along him as a ramp before promptly jumping forth.
    "Thanks Marcus!" She laughed, Riley catching her by the ankle as she transformed.
    Deep breath, aim, launch- Sydney-Blade was hurled at a cat nearby, Riley stepping back towards Roxanne and Marcus. She gathered the remaining teeth from Zein's kill, tossing them to the duo next to her "Free teeth, Free teeth, get yer' gross monster teeth~"
  18. Roxanne was about to go after the cat that attacked Marcus, but Zein got it first. She took one of the teeth from Riley, and put it into her pocket. "I'll go help Malik too. Then I'll be useful." She ran after Zein, sword ready to attack. But another one of those cats locked its sights on her, and pounced. She whirled around and whacked it away from her, but the cat wasn't down and out just yet. 

    It snarled at her, and jumped again. Roxanne's next parry ended up missing, and the cat managed to get a good scratch at her arm. She shouted out in pain, but then she felt something on her leg. She looked down, and the now grounded cat managed to sting her. "Fuck!" she shouted as she slammed the blade down on the creature. "Of course it had to be me..."
  19. Marcus stumbled forward as he was used as a ramp and struggled to regain his balance afterward. "'least tell me if y' gonna do that, goddamnit!" He grabbed the tooth and stuffed it deep in his pocket. He was going to go and help Malik out with his cat, but Roxanne and Zein beat him to it. He was just going to let them do it, until Roxanne ended up getting stung. He immediately ran over to her, thrusting his spear into the cat to make sure it was down before checking to see if she was okay.

    Around where the cat stung her, Roxanne would have felt her body quickly heating up. There was a tingling sensation around the wound, but other than that, she seemed rather okay...

    Looking around, it seemed as if the group were among the first to get their first tooth. Well, they seemed to be the only "group" anyway, as everyone else seemed to be working completely on their own. But, soon enough, more people got their first tooth and so the next door swung open...to reveal nothing inside. Trails of rising dirt formed in front of the door and crept towards the contestants, circling around those who were silly enough to remain stationary. After making a complete circle around their target, the creature sprung out of its hole and latched to its target, trying to pull them underground. In the brief moment of which they emerged from the earth, one could see that these mole-like creatures also had a necklace of five teeth, but theirs had a noticeably different shape compared to the cats' teeth. These moles didn't seem to be very strong, either, as they only pulled contestants down to their knees, but with the cats still pouncing on unsuspecting children, they had the potential to be extremely dangerous.

    Marcus clicked his tongue upon watching some poor bloke go under and offer Roxanne a hand. "You okay? We gotta keep movin'."
  20. "Ah shit." Riley watched a mole drag someone down. She signaled to Sydney and then ran towards Marcus and Roxanne "I'm afraid Marcus is right, you guys!" She lifted Roxanne up with ease and tapped her heels on the ground, the wheels of her roller skates making a metal clink, before skating with haste towards Malik and Zein "Hey guys- Good to see you- but uh, moles popping up randomly? Probably not safe to stay still!" She skid past the pair, unsheathing the falcata and dragging it along the ground "Hey Roxanne, time to put the long-reach of a sword to use!" She mentally face-palmed "Shit- and uh, you can walk if you want. Probably shoulda' asked you first!"
    "Marcus, my man!" Sydney tugged Marcus off the ground by his arm, forcing him into a piggy-back before dashing off "Mind using your lance? Thanks." She turned the lower half of her legs into blades, prepared to slam down onto any moles with them. Of course, Sydney (being Sydney) didn't care about forcing Marcus around.

    Man these girls are kinda dicks.

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