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Discussion in 'Freeform Roleplays' started by ShadoeMayari, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. Rattling chains, hmm? Sydney was certain that there was mention of something living inside when she had accompanied Malik during his practice. The girl took a quick and quiet intake of breath, steadying a finger against the cabin before carefully transforming it into a blade- Perhaps she could cut out a small hole, just enough to peek inside from. "This is a terrible plan..."
    Riley laughed- how she did it, she had no fucking idea, but she did it! She did her best to lean away from the fire- a bit of her hair ended up being singed in the process, whoops. Riley pulled the bird closer, attempting to flatten it's frantic wings back against it's body- Hopefully she remembered how to hold birds.
    All the while she twiddled an out of key and ungodly tune.
  2. Zein's smile widened as the birds began to drift towards her. Oh yeah, this was definitely in her favor. She waited for a few more seconds for a bird to drift closer, then she leaped at it. Her hand closed around the lantern's handle and the birds legs. She landed on another nearby rock, dropping to her knee rather hard. She grunted, then got up and jumped several more times, until she was standing at the water's edge again, ignoring the squirming of the bird and the fire within the lantern. She held it slightly away from her body, just in case.

    "So what do I do with this?" she called out to nobody in particular, snapping her fingers with her free hand and dousing the flame in lunar light, which did little, but the fire seemed to die down a little. Her theatrics done, Zein could now stare at the abomination of a bird she'd just captured. She noticed that they didn't have eyes earlier, and that something was on their torso, but...an eye? Zein was slightly concerned for whatever happened to the animals that the adults had been experimenting with. At least...these had to be alive, right? The feathers flying around Zein's arm seemed real enough. Even before the collapse she doubted that technology would have been strong enough to create life. Even with the manifestation of the Flows, she didn't think it would be possible to just create hordes of mutants like this. What in the hell were the adults doing?

    Zein stared into the eye on the birds torso, her look of triumph slowly melting away to a neutral look that masked her mixed feelings of disgust and curiosity. Well, after the tournament maybe they could publicly execute some of the adults...Well, at least Vanthus. Maybe Thadius, but definitely not Anya. Maybe it was because she was naive and immature, but Anya was always nice to everyone. Maybe that was just a mask too...Zein took a deep breath and decided she wasn't going to trust any of the adults, or even the kids that seemed affiliated with them. Not anymore.
  3. Sydney would find that she would not be able to transform her finger while it was within the cabin's strange air. Even if she transformed it away from the cabin, it would just return back into a normal finger once it got into contact with the strange air.

    Even though the bird seemed to be struggling with Riley's grip, it still didn't lose any altitude. The bird was awfully strong--moving its wings back to its body was more trouble that it was worth.

    As soon as a bird approached the shadow kid, his shadow reached out and grabbed the bird, blocking the light from the lantern form reaching its eye. The bird fell into the boy's hands, fast asleep.

    Dousing the flame with Zein's lunar light appeared to calm down the bird a little. When Zein returned to the ground, well, see below.

    Watching the results of the shadow kid and Zein's attempts, Marcus easily climbed the rocks and grabbed onto a bird by its lantern. The wind was working in his favor, so he used it to slightly tame the fire. The bird began to glide slowly down to the earth. When his feet finally reached the ground again, the bird's lantern flared up suddenly and dropped to the ground, With its talons now free, the bird picked up Marcus and they were up in the sky with one big flap. With the boy in tow, the bird flew over the mountains to the west, back to where the tower was.
  4. Sydney huffed- It seemed like her flow wouldn't work here or something. She resorted to her other skill- kicking. She stepped back, bracing herself and gathering strength, before delivering a heavy kick to the cabin- She hoped the noise wouldn't attract anyone.
    Riley watched Richard and Shadow Kid and realized what had to be done "Sorry if it hurts, bud." She covered the eye or whatever on the bird's belly with her hands, jumping from rock to rock until she was back on the ground.
  5. Malik rushed through the training room door behind Zein and was amazed to see her jump gracefully up the rocks. He knew he wouldn't be able to climb up those rocks fast enough to get any significant amount of points, but another idea had popped into his mind. It took only a moment to string his bow, Zein was at the top of one of the taller rocks by the time he was ready and the lanterns gave the birds away pretty easily. The boy found the lowest flying bird and loosed an arrow, aiming for the right wing of the bird. Two more arrows followed soon after. He figured he could heal the bird once he brought it down and be just fine. The only problem would be hitting the bird, but he was a good shot so it was only a matter of time. There was another minor problem with when the arrows he shot came back down and possibly hit someone, but he would deal with that issue once it happened.
  6. It was like she just hit a brick wall when Sydney kicked the cabin. This thing wasn't going to go down very easily, apparently. Somebody really doesn't want you to go inside that cabin. Well, maybe things will change at a later date that will make this place a little bit more accessible. Until then, you should probably leave it alone before you get into trouble. (Or else.)

    The bird screeched as its eye was covered by Riley's hands. The area around its eye was unusually hot--maybe because it was staring at the lantern this entire time--but soon Riley would reach the ground and the bird would fly off with her.

    The arrow bounced off the bird's wing harmlessly. Looks like they're immune to physical damage. Nice! Unless you can somehow find a way to extinguish the flame from the ground, there doesn't appear to be any way to bring the birds down without getting some altitude.
  7. Roxanne was not very good at jumping high, and she was TERRIFIED of heights. Birds were okay and all, but heights? Flying on birds? Fuck that. She intended to keep her feet firmly on the ground for this challenge.

    Now, having looked at the arena, she wondered why they had placed the pond in there. She watched some of the flames out and thought that water put out fire. Fire brought the birds down lower. Okay, got it. Now to get the water up there. 

    She took off her shirt, and dunked it in the pond to get it soaked. Quickly, she jumped on the rocks and climbed up to one of the higher ones while mentally having large amounts of anxiety because heights fucking sucked, and she sat down on top of it to keep herself feeling a bit more secure. She twirled her shirt a bit and started flicking it at the birds that were low enough to reach, sending a small stream of water at the lanterns to try and extinguish it. Let's see how that works. Just don't look down.
  8. Sydney stepped back, slightly shaking the leg she had used for the kick "Son of a-" She examined her leg for damage but found none, turning her attention back to the cabin. Someone would find her soon, she knew that. Sydney turned her back to the cabin, breathing in and out before kicking and punching the door- What she wanted to accomplish, she didn't know.
    Riley whistled as the bird carried her off "Challenge over, did done diddely did-it." She watched the ground below, wishing her friends the best of luck. 
  9. Frustrated by the lack of damage done to the bird and seeing how people were being carried off after the flames were being extinguished, Malik changed his target from the bird's wings to the flame the bird was carrying. He retrieved his three arrows, thankful that he didn't have to dig them out of a corpse, and firied them up towards the same same bird, confident that he could extinguish the fire.
  10. "What are you doing?" The sound of a bird's caw pierced the air as a familiar voice rang in Sydney's head. But, if she were to look around, she would find that there was no one else there. But somehow, she could just feel the little girl's presence.

    The bird began to slowly glide down as Roxanne whipped water at its lantern. It's super effective! Now to actually get to the bird.

    The arrow jabbed underneath the fire. Apparently, the fire was situated on some sort of disc separated from the rest of the lantern, so when the arrow jabbed into the disc, it was knocked completely out of the lantern. The bird immediately fell asleep and fell out of the air. (You should probably get that disc, or that bird's not waking up anytime soon.)
  11. Roxanne grinned as the bird began to descend, and now she had to keep an eye on it. She started climbing down the rocks slowly, pausing sometimes to whip her shirt at the flames again to speed it up. Her own climb was slowed by her fear of heights, so she clung to the rocks just a little bit tighter. Her hands were clammy, which made things way more not fun.

    She noticed a girl looking at her bird, and the girl started climbing up near her. Oh hell no. Roxanne was faced with the choice of fight or flight. Literally. She hated that choice. The bird was falling far more rapidly, and she wouldn't have time to grab it if she spent her time fighting this girl. So, she looked at the bird, and jumped. She was screaming in fear as she snatched the bird out of midair and landed in the pond.

    Roxanne had to hold on to the bird as she swam her way back to the surface and gasped for breath. After a few seconds, she brought the bird and now very extinguished lantern to the shore.
  12. "I don't know." Sydney whispered, she felt somehow that the girl would hear her anyways "But I'm not stopping."
    "Are you gonna be like the others?" Blood spilled as she continued to hit the cabin.
    "You gonna' Richard me?" If she kept hitting the cabin like that, maybe the adult's wouldn't even have to finish the job.
    {SHE SAYS "TTYL M8"}
  13. Roxanne's bird's flame quickly flared out again, drying itself off. It grabbed onto the girl, and off it went.

    "...Not yet." As those words rang in Sydney's head, she would feel her wounds healing on their own. No matter how much she hit the cabin, she would just come back unscathed with her wounds continuously healing. For a brief moment, the sun flickered in the sky, rapidly changing between the eternal night and the normal day. The little girl appeared behind Sydney with her presence "flickering" as well. "Not yet, n͍͍̥o͎͟t̰̝̱ ͅy͏̥̝̳e̼̳͈̩̱̥̕t̲̻ͅ." There was an extremely powerful aura radiating from the girl. Her brown eyes flickered a bright blue as Sydney was swiftly teleported back to her room. And then, the girl disappeared and the sky returned to its eternal night.

    The sky suddenly flickered as some of the contestants were flying back. Marcus held his arms in front of his eyes to protect himself from the sudden brightness. The bird carrying him appeared to notice that something was wrong and sped up its landing in front of the tower. As quickly as it started, the flickering ceased. Marcus lifted his head from his arms to see Anya kneeling in front of the tower, pale and shivering with fear.

    ...What was that all about?
  14. Roxanne screamed as she was flown off with the bird. "I don't like heights! Put me down! Put me down right now! I swear to god if you drop me I will make you into a delicious roast chicken! A CHICKEN! WITH LOTS OF DELICIOUS SEASONING!" She kept repeating this to the bird as she clung to its talons to keep herself from falling.

    What the fuck...? The sky was... flickering? She squinted and looked away from the flickering so it didn't hurt her eyes. She felt the bird speed up its landing and she panicked. "Ah! Slow down! I take back what I said about the chicken!" she shouted before the bird landed and deposited her on the ground near Marcus. Ground. Sweet, soft ground. Ground. Yes. She laughed in delight as she laid down on the ground to try and calm herself down. "No more heights goddammit," she snapped, and sat up.

    Her hands were shaking. But Roxanne looked over at Anya and saw how frightened she was. It kind of put her to shame. Shit, something big just happened with the sky flickering. "What the hell just happened, Anya?" she asked.
  15. "Wha-" Sydney blinked and she found herself back in her own room. The girl flung open her door and angrily made her way down to the main hall- The tower seemed emptier than it should have been... Ah shit, did she miss the challenge!?
    Riley whistled as she landed on solid ground. She gave Marcus a nod and then turned to give Anya one as well. The sky had flared up on there journey and Riley could still see the little shadowy blobs clouding her sight. Roxanne had already asked the big question- Not knowing what else to do, she turned around to watch for others who might be coming back.
  16. "Ffffuuuuuuck...A-again, i-it's happening again...S-s-sh-shiiiiiiiii..." Anya was crouching, holding her head in pain. The shadow kid had just landed as well and he quietly observed the scene in front of him, visibly disturbed by this turn of events.

    Thadius appeared in the doorway, holding his mechanical arm which appeared to be sparking. "Anya! Calm down." He grabbed the woman by the arm and tried to support her the best he could with one of his arms not working, after all. "Don't worry, it's not him..." He shook her gently, trying to snap her out of her panic. He turned his attention to the contestants that just landed. "The Flow in the air appears to be very unstable today. I can't say exactly why, but it's best if you all return inside for now." He nodded to the kids, before going back inside the tower with a frightened Anya in tow.
  17. Roxanne started heading inside and saw the shadow kid looking sketchy. Having seen that thing earlier... Answers. She picked up her pace and grabbed him by the arm, dragging him inside and towards the storage room. She slammed the door behind her and glared at him. "Alright. You know something. You know more than the rest of us. Anya won't talk to the rest of us. Now, who the hell are you and what the fuck is happening here?!" she demanded. "I'm not letting you leave until you talk." Roxanne grabbed a sword and held it out at him.
  18. Zein's face remained neutral and bored as the bird flew off with her in tow. Halfway through the flight, the sky flickered, turning night to day suddenly, which cause Zein to hiss and growl loudly. She brought her other arm up and clenched the bird's leg tightly, the sun already burning her pale skin and sapping her strength rapidly. She landed harshly, and immediately lie face-first in the grass, groaning. Roxanne and Riley arrived not long after Zein did, but the girl wasn't sure if Marcus and Amir had beaten her back or not. She wasn't entirely sure who was in first place at this point, but she didn't care, not with the sun beating down relentlessly on her exposed back. She let out another grumpy, angry groan, and the lights flickered back off.

    A sweet sigh of relief.

    She rolled on to her side, looking up as Anya was escorted  back by Thadius. No reaction, just two turquoise orbs following the adults' path. Her eyes closed again, another deep sigh escaping her lips. "What was that all about?" she mumbled to the other contestants grouped nearby. "And when do you think we'll have our point total?" Okay, she was really eager to see if she could lose her current shackles of 6th. Not even in the top five. It abhorred her to think that all of her time spent barely surviving would end in her doing shitty in the contest, with no bonuses or favoritism from the adults. Zein Tsukiri--the girl who'd bested most of those ranked above her in a sparring match. Her inferior score enraged her on the inside, because she knew that her physical abilities, sun or no, were better than many of those names. Perhaps it was even just the suddenness of being covered in vile sunlight that were making her pissy and unreasonable. Perhaps it was the fact that the adults still weren't letting her go out whenever she wanted. At least she had a tiny window where she could stare at the night sky...

    Her eyes closed again, a third sigh escaping her lips; silent and hushed and full of disappointment. Her expressions softened slightly, as if her anger slipped away, leaving behind a sense of defeat. That sigh wasn't meant to be heard. She steadied her breathing and let the wind drag over her face, tug and pull at her clothes and body. Maybe she'd just let herself relax for the time being...
  19. "I don't know anything." The boy's face remained defiant even as his shadow spoke for him. "Whatever happened then is something beyond our knowledge and control. Adults are more sensitive to changes in the Flow like that, so they probably know more than we do. Plus, they're not just adults who survived the apocalypse--" The boy flinched and stomped on his shadow. "I-I told y-you everything I k-know. L-let me go now."

    With no other choice, really, Marcus headed back inside the tower, casting a glance back at the moonlit landscape. Today was a wild ride, wasn't it? The food and the tables were still out, but it didn't look like the menu changed at all since breakfast. Did it have to do with whatever the fuck was happening today? Heh, maybe if this weird stuff kept on, they wouldn't have to do any more challenges. That wouldn't be half bad.
  20. "I'm not done with you yet." Roxanne moved between him and the door. "I don't believe you. They obviously know something, more specifically someone who would be responsible, and you seem quite cozy with Anya. Now, care to share how you know her?" she asked. "And how can I find out more about the Flow?" She wasn't playing around now. Something was up. She wanted to know more, and something told her that it would help her figure out the tower, and figure out how to kill Vanthus.

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