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Reclamation OOC Thread

Discussion in 'Out of Character Discussion' started by ShadoeMayari, Nov 16, 2014.

  1. LOL- Sydney is a fucking mermaid at swimming. 
  2. Just want to make sure this is still A Thing because I like it being A Thing.
  3. If we're all ready and good to go then we can timeskip tomorrow later today
  4. I'm ready to skip is Gold doesn't want to post.

    Edit: She toasted. ily platonically gold.
  5. I'm extremely bothered b/c I don't know if those are real errors or purposefully done as a joke.
    What is happening?

    ALSO, yes- I'm ready.
  6. Okay so challenge stuff.

    You can finish this challenge in two posts if you're clever enough, since it doesn't involve the whole random luck thing this time.

    There is one enemy that will keep you from completing the challenge. They are fish that will latch onto you and then transform into stone, weighing you down. Your character will not be able to swim up to the surface if they have these fish attached to them. They are also more abundant around the scallops, so avoiding them is near impossible. You can easily say that your character got all their pearls, but you must figure out a way to get rid of the fishies. They have a very specific way to be destroyed, so try to figure that out first.
  7. Methinks attempting to blow them up won't go over very well! LOL
  8. \ ༼._.༽ /
    who knows
  9. Ehh... Claire's straining enough to keep her shield up. She can find some other way to kill the baddies.
  10. That rabbit is important and I don't know why.
  11. mfw we have to feed rabbit to the fish to make them die.
  12. Oh god- That's clever. But how would we get rabbits if we're stuck in a moat?
    OH. WAIT. IDEA- WHAT IF WE FEED THEM THE SCALLOP!? Sharing is caring- If you guys want to try, next poster in the RP thread can use this!
  13. [12/25/14 11:36:53 PM] Brittany [Masato Mun]: because rabbits jump
    [12/25/14 11:37:07 PM] Addlez: no
    [12/25/14 11:37:23 PM] Brittany [Masato Mun]: Damn. I thought I had it figured out and I'd feel clever.
    [12/25/14 11:37:44 PM] Brittany [Masato Mun]: it has to do with the stew though right
    [12/25/14 11:37:56 PM] Addlez: the stew has nothing to do with anything
  14. Apparently it's just "Smack them into things and break them".
    Apparently Riley is the first of our group to figure this out. (Hilariously, I would have expected Riley to fail this challenge.)
  15. I'll post a timeskip post tomorrow, so finish up your stuff before then. Things will happen...
    • Marcus Hickson: 15 [Tied for 2nd]
    • Amir Reese: 13 [3rd]
    • Richard Brightwood: 0 [Disqualified and Deceased]
    • Roxanne Brightwood: 15 [Tied for 2nd]
    • Malik: 9 [Tied for 6th]
    • Riley Arc: 18 [First!?]
    • Sydney De Sangue: 10 [5th]
    • Abal Nightengale: 3 (Day 1) [Last/7th]
    • Zein Tsukiri: 9 [Tied for 6th]
    • Claire Holiswill: 11 [4th]
    rILEY*evil cackling* (Also I put everyone's rank next to them, to make it easier to tell) 
    ALSO- The important question- Who do you ship if you ship anyone at all!?
  16. X
    is totes canon

    also Sydney has incurred the wrath of
    good job

  17. 1. AMIRxANYA clearly, probably, most likely
    2. On purpose, of course *hair flip* Incurring people's wrath is my speciality
  18. yo dawg that's so wrong on so many levels

    like first off that's at least a ten year age difference

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