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Reclamation OOC Thread

Discussion in 'Out of Character Discussion' started by ShadoeMayari, Nov 16, 2014.

  1. I'm guessing this is hwere we post what character we're gonna use?
  2. Character sheets go in the Info thread. This is just for OOC chat and any questions regarding the game.
  3. Boop.
  4. ahem..just saw that...XD
  5. If we need more estrogen in the hizzle imma raise the roof like my child with another character

    is that chizzle my frizzle
  6. yeah bruh
  7. Finna blast some Estrogen and it'll totally not be with a character you have already seen
  8. Shadow told me to come here and ask you about anthropomorphic characters - R tHEY A tHinGÉ
  9. Anthro Form Flow can be a thing, so. But the closest thing that you'll probably get to a natural anthropomorphic character would be a chimera (which I forgot to mention that they are in fact part of the thing, whoops), but the deal with them is very complicated and getting them to work into the plot as playable characters would be really difficult and I'd prefer you not.
  10. Also, any word on when this thing will happen?
  11. I'll probably get the OP up either tonight or tomorrow. So soon.
  12. RP Thread is up! Also, the Areas and Maps section of the info thread has been updated.

    Also: If you want to write your character’s intro post with them entering the area around the tower, basically they can start anywhere in the world (not just the forest Marcus was in), but then they'll suddenly find themselves in this wide field with a tower in the middle of it. Yeah.
  13. I come back from lunch AND THIS IS WHAT I SEE?! Thanks Maymay.

  14. Why the fuck are  you eating lunch at 6 pm
  15. College. And I missed actual lunch. I'll have dinner at about 10.
  16. About done with the sheet, Mayari will have it soon.
  17. Puns? Puns. I love puns. I don't know why that worked. I don't know why I came to that conclusion besides puns.
  18. Roxanne voice: "Relaxe, Dick, there's no point in being so edgy!"

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