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Reclamation OOC Thread

Discussion in 'Out of Character Discussion' started by ShadoeMayari, Nov 16, 2014.

  1. I think other Riley will have a chance to show up. But I'll talk ore about it when the time comes
  2. we just killed dick so let's bring in dick
  3. But Dick had a dramatic death- if he came back, I feel it'd be too much for Rox's heart.
  5. When we're all ready (cough @"Gold Dullahan" coughcough) we're timeskipping to the first day of the tournament. (Meaning that the weekend would pass in-game.) If you wanna do something during that time, gimme a shout over PM so we don't hold up everyone else.
  6. The Rile's is ready for beddy
  7. Challenge Mechanics: Basically, you post what your characters will do, and I'll write the outcome. In this case, every time your character opens a box, I'm actually gonna use a random number generator to see what they'll get. (That way, everyone won't be the same points-wise). Also, if you get a monster, you'll have to fight it, but they're small and you can probably just step on them to make them die.

    Your characters can work together, but the orbs will only teleport the first person who touches them.
  8. And so the games begin... (By the way- can we break multiple boxes? Like 2-3 at once)

    I gonna start using a new color to differentiate "Normal Riley Voice" from the new "Intimidating-Ruse Riley Voice"
  9. Yeah, but if the first box is an orb and your character checks, then the rest of the boxes they open will probably end up null. Also, beware of swarms of beardlings.

    Also, Reclamation drinking game: Take a shot every time you see "nice!" in a mod post
  10. I'm kinda hoping Claire is unlucky so she gets a little desperate so she messes with everyone else a little bit.
  11. Okay, so... Claire freakout happened. I just hope the RNG doesn't bite me in the ass.
  12. Wow...crystal ball snagged cause she fell....talk embarrassing..<.<

    I really hope a small army of bloody rabbits doesn't come out....
  13. @lordodonnel

    To be fair, she was shoved and the guy's flow immobilized her. :p
  14. So.... nameless shadow kid might just explode if he's not careful.
  15. According to an update in Mayari's Reclamation profile, the kid's name is Amir.
    Also- Other!Riley backstory u gais.
  16. So, Starting on the 19th, I'm gonna be out of touch for a few days. I'll be back on the 23rd, so if we could keep it to like character developement and what not with no earth-shattering developements, it would be appreciated.
  17. Plot twist: Roxanne is Elsa.
  18. I'm just gonna point out right now that the next challenge involves lots of swimming
  19. Methinks Sydney and Claire will have a fairly easy time with the next challenge. :p

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