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Moon Moon's Eternal Scribbling of the Damned

Discussion in 'Creation Station' started by Gold Dullahan, Jun 25, 2014.

  1. RE: BANZAI! Super-Bass' Kawaii Ultra Creative Shiz Attack! Goooo!



    My horrible selection skills are so noticeable, I love it
  2. RE: BANZAI! Super-Bass' Kawaii Ultra Creative Shiz Attack! Goooo!

    I love it
  3. RE: BANZAI! Super-Bass' Kawaii Ultra Creative Shiz Attack! Goooo!

    Got a music program called LMMS on my Mac maybe about an hour ago. Ended up making this poo while playing around:

    d i e s e l

    Title because it makes me think of trains but "t r a i n" didn't seem like a fun title and my next thought was "gee, what about diesel?"
  4. RE: BANZAI! Super-Bass' Kawaii Ultra Creative Shiz Attack! Goooo!

    Here's some stylistic experimenting from tonight! Tonight...? This morning...?
    10 PM - 12 AM (11/27 - 11/28)

    (iphone pictures, warning for size)

    Very proud actually, got a lot of progress done in these past two hours than I have in a long time! I think my style is kind of solidifying a bit more...?

    I'm not sure about the demon's name but the little floating familiar is named Tybalt- Tibbie for short- and I love them.
  5. RE: BANZAI! Super-Bass' Kawaii Ultra Creative Shiz Attack! Goooo!

    Have you ever experienced that worrisome situation when u got them good good beatz but no visual while you listen?
    I know that feel bro
    and I'm here to help
    Introducing the brand new all organic locally farm grown product... Gold's Good-Good Beat Accompaniment GIF 79™


    guaranteed to enhance your music experience by 2000%*
    *satisfaction not actually guaranteed, leemayo losers, l8r
  6. RE: BANZAI! Super-Bass' Kawaii Ultra Creative Shiz Attack! Goooo!

    Decided to do more Fire Emblem splicing, practiced by making myself. Not very much like me, but in general it came out pretty good?
    BREAKING NEWS: I'm a dark magic user! :0




    This was a long time coming, I just couldn't think of anything even mildly nice until now. The other one had to go because it was super long and... a reminder of, uh... an awkwarder part of my life. Cringing at my old ZEJ posts is simultaneously the funnest and worst thing I've ever experienced. But it's super cool to see that maturation, however slight it might be! Damn, can't believe we hit 2 years like, what? Three days ago or something? Good stuff.
    also can't believe I'm still not completely over that one crush I had on a ZEJ member towards the start of my run, somebody shoot me, please

    This was based off a piece I saw online which was used as my guideline for the general pose. It came out... in a much more anime-esque style than intended? I think it might even be the most anime-styled thing I've drawn.
    (Phone Images! Size!)


    I also have more art in my "regular-style" that I have to post here- just stuff I've drawn in class on this one page of my notepad these past few months- which I'll post once I get around to scanning... ahahaha... eventually.... even... tually.... haa aa haa h a a h a  a a a ah a aaa    a...

    Also this thread looks so lonely! Does anyone come here...? I feel like I can spill all my secrets...
    Really though, Rose. It was Rose.
    We all knew it was Rose.
    Let's be real a minute guys, we all knew this was fucking coming.
    It's not my fault- I was 12, I basically just realized that I was a lesbian, she was pretty, she liked my personality.
    It was bound to happen.
    I'm not even embarrassed anymore.
    Random "oMG IT WAS ROSE???" comments?
    B r i n g   i t.   I ' m   p r e p a r e d.
  8. Whoa, a little Eebro told me this was a thing that happened.

    First of all, A+ art. Those look hella rad. Have you been playing Neko Atsume, because the art style of the kitty reminds me of that?

    Second of all... I had kinda suspected it a little haha. I kinda tried to not put out any vibes like that because well I'm an adult and you were like twelve! So I tried to keep it more of a sibling thing. I'm flattered by it though, honestly. Kinda like a celebrity. You're still adorable though, and I'm glad you're finding your way around your love life. You've got a lot of years ahead of you, and many cooler ladies than me to meet!
  9. [​IMG]

    darn you Eebit and your beautiful face and message spreading skills

    Yes, actually! But the kitty was based on a random reference, haha.

    *insert gif of amazing knee-slapping laughter*

    And yeah, it was a very obvious and very awkward thing. I'm glad it became a bit of a joke between everyone tho, makes it less embarrassing to look back on and a lot funner. Also- those notepad drawings I mentioned... I swear you guys... They'll be here soon... just you wait... I'm gonna... I'm gonna do it... yes...
  10. *aggressively makes digital version of the smol bean kitty instead*


    It's basically me as a cat! I mean, it's kind of gold, so yes! It even has a smol 79! ◕ᴗ◕

    EDIT: I don't know how I forgot to mention this but it also my little beauty mark. (Although it's much closer to the eye, as that's how I prefer to draw it, and also somehow on the wrong side god damn it.)

    (Phone, again! Size!)

    If anyone is interested in the actual image, let me know...!

    EDIT: (since this made a new page-) The original kitty + gif on the last page, in case you missed it!
  12. UPDATE: I made kitties of two of my friends who like to call themselves "wives" and then made a wallpaper that's basically mine but has their two kitty drawings together aND THEN I MADE MYSELF A THIRD WHEEL WALLPAPER GOD DAMN IT



    My favorite ones are:
    -The newest ones (not even that new), which are all the ones of that one character at the top-right by the labyr- the first one I drew is the best one of them and it's the one that's top-left in that cluster and has the shoulder going into the other drawing
    -The Equius (husband)
    -The Tavros (The one with the speech, not the one at the bottom)

    Also I done fucked up on that specific Tavros because I somehow put his quirk into his acronym and wrote "aT" instead of "AT"
    gg self
  14. Whoops, forgot to share that I also made a digital version of that!

    I apparently can't stop drawing The Batter from OFF in what is essentially the same pose but it feels so refreshing and rewarding and I don't why, please send help????????
    (phone images)

    (TRANSLATION FOR BATTER #3: "Ce doit être purifié" should mean "It must be purified". Idk, random French seemed like a nice touch since the game was originally in French. Hilariously, Le Batteur doesn't actually even mean "The Batter" in French???? But "Le Batteur/The Batter" are what's given as his names/titles, so we're just gonna roll with it.)
  15. AHAHA more art yes, I've been doodling here and there and thought I should share some stuff from a few minutes ago to make up for my relative inactivity shit this sentence is long ok here we go here comes the period yep right now aaaand there we go.

    1: "Je suis un avion. Vrooom vroom." / "I'm an airplane. Vrooom vroom."
    2: "Pénélope. Le petit feu." / "Pénélope. The small fire."
  16. I love them! They make me think of some of the graphic novels I've been reading for class lately. I'm loving the stuff you've been posting lately; these're super rad. :)

    Have you ever thought about doing little comics? If you have the patience for it, I know that you have the know-how to make great characters and cool stories, and your art seems like it'd be right at home in a comic strip.
  17. Yeah, actually; kind of reminds me a little bit of Scott Pilgrim stuff, as well. There's definitely a style in your artwork that can be easily and pleasantly applied to comics, animation, and so forth - it's all very charming and individualistic. I concur with Eebit, of course, that I would encourage you to flesh out into comic strips to any degree as you might be interested, because I believe that between your stories and your sketches, your mind is made for it; it's just about melding those two things together. Nevertheless, I'm a fan of your work. Good stuff.
  18. Yikes, I was not expecting compliments today

    I have a very love-hate relationship with comics? I love them, I really do? They're one of the many forms of marriage between the drawn and written forms of art, and as my brother majors in animation and I'm sort-of-kind-of-maybe-not-really a "writer", comics have been a big thing for me. I've tried to create several comics over the years for fun, sometimes trying to collaborate with my brother (which never worked because I'm a baby and he's #busy), but they always end up stupid because 1) I can only draw busts of people standing upright and not really doing much of a pose #swag 2) I cant even create narratives, hahah a  h   ah aah??? I take like 8 years to write a "chapter" and also my NaNoWriMo is like over-glorified fanfiction it's all over the place and lacks any sense of a decent narrative??

    I'd have to up my game before any of that, but thank you.
  19. I forgot to say this but also I have an "art Instagram" now so there's that
  20. Yo I hit you with that swift follow B)

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