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I want to see what happens when you CTRL+V

Discussion in 'Спам Oстров' started by LaTyrannia, Sep 3, 2012.

  1. http://puu.sh/2w8DI
  2. 5215B39C 1C301C04
    94000130 FDFF0000
    0215B3A0 E0002000
    D0000000 00000000
    5215B39C 1C301C04
    94000130 FDFF0200
    0215B3A0 F7FF1C39
    D2000000 00000000
  3. http://puu.sh/2wy70
  5. No one else can ever make it all go away
    Or make up, make up for all my mistakes
  6. Ferrin Bishop 16 years old, Onyx

    Unlike most Onyx, Ferrin has always been on the smaller side. At 5'6", he was never particularly big, and he always wore baggy clothes, making him seem even smaller. He had a pretty average upbringing, after his parents thought he would be defunct, they let him live normally. A few years back though, he transformed for the first time. It was at a friend's birthday party, and he had no idea what happened. His clothes had ripped from the sudden height and scales. While short in his human form, his Draki form added a foot to his height. His scales were pitch black, as were his eyes, except they had white slits for pupils. It was as if they reflected light, giving them an intense, almost luminescent look. Claws sprouted from his hands and feet, tearing his shoes. His friends had been terrified, and he quickly fled. He had been unaware of his true nature, and so didn't know how he could tell his parents. He flew away, hiding in a nearby mountain range for a while, before he was discovered by the clan. They took him in, and taught him about what he was, and though he felt a little out of place to begin with, he quickly became a known member of the clan.
  7. http://dragcave.net/lineage/WS2fC
  8. http://nlgo.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/talesmain.jpg
  9. I hope women relize that songs like this is for us men who have been hurt by women just like that song " The Bitch Came Back " i know i'm finished after this last bitch that dumped me for stupid bullshit. Why do women let stupid shit complicate relationships?
  10. HAUTE TU FRIPON! Bœuf, quel m'as-te dit tu n'etais dormant quand je t'ai télé! Tu me dois télér quand tu rétourneras. Ne teufes pas, je te TUERAI IMBÉCILE </3. i will set fucking flamberge on you and you know combien il t'aimerait et baiser. quand je dois ton aide tu m'as éconduit see how I beat you up and you know i am capable of that. j'ai du mal à te croire, tu devrais donne-moi ça télé-numéro. ringard~
    et puis MOVING ON TO les plus plaisant matières, je te tuerai quand j'ai du temps. Tu dois attendre ma mère demain, à de main. Mais j'oubliais, il se passe quoi à fête de gays aujour? Et your dear little best friend <3, comment va-t-il, you know I need to speak to him SOME time soon, can't stash him away from meeeeeee <3, I have a fucking school project to finish and you would have it know he has a thing for me but. He. Doesn't~ Now gimme dat ass. Also did you know Flamberge has a thing for Liam Aiken? I did not, when the fuck is he going to stop having umptybagallion crushes, he already has a fucking boyfriend, litteralement. Vas, tds, back on track. Tomorrow we need to go early for the function and Espy has a fucking exam out of nowhere, so no him, :(, would have been looking towards making him uncomfortable </3, le rabaisser, ça c'est rude pour lui mais c'est notre rigole, quel faire?

    Anyways, par usuel, donne-eux-en tes parents m'amitiés! Also tell them not to forget that they need to take me to Rangoli and stuff, they're salesing sooooon and i need a sari for the next bunfight stampede. And don't you fucking dare forget to phone me tonight, I will beat you up so bad you'll have your foot in your mouth and dick up your arse. <3 xoxo lava
  11. <Keileon> Figure it out!
  12. http://www.pokemonacanthite.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=8967&pid=134786#pid134786
  13. http://puu.sh/2yTyC
  14. http://puu.sh/2zzrN
  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MiEwmiPSmto
  16. "Konpaku Style Phantasm Blade"
  17. http://static.tumblr.com/eo3g5jq/9NBmf50v5/meulin_homestuck.png

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