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I want to see what happens when you CTRL+V

Discussion in 'Спам Oстров' started by LaTyrannia, Sep 3, 2012.

  1. http://store.steampowered.com/app/207230/
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cbyk52H_7Vk
  3. ”You see that Gemri?” The Zo said as it watched the group of individuals slaughtering what remained of the demons the weasel had heard earlier. The Zo took a few steps before crouching behind a rock, near the location of the group. It was not clear whether the weasel was carefully planning its next moves towards the group, or if it was making another childish game out of the wasteland. Perhaps it would do both...

    Slowly, the weasel raised the skull to its ear, the same as one would do with a seashell, listening not for the ocean, but a voice that only the weasel could hear. ”Why... yes, I should! Indeed it would be most wise...” The weasel fidgeted in place, making slight rustling noises. ”But, are you quite sure Einstein? I mean – you could be hurt, and we've only just met each other... you aren't... seeing other people, are you? - No? Of course not, how selfish of me to ask, allow me to make it up to you.”

    The weasel stood and waved its arms, making sure the group could see it as it yelled out to them. ”Bonjour! Hello, and good morning – or whatever time it is... Me and my companions would like to seek company with the lot of you, oh strange and hairless beings... I would've come closer, but it may be that you don't take kindly to things with two legs and fur - as was witness earlier.” The weasel then popped down under the rock again, suppressing its laugh to a giggle with its paws, trying not to burst out in laughter from the strange excitement that meeting other people brought it.

    The weasel was not fully unprepared. If they group should prove to be hostile, it would have a few words with Gemri – and it may well be fatal.
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  5. http://puu.sh/2Fqzd.jpg
  6. function RankShot(
    let x,
    let y,
    let way,
    let speed,
    let angle,
    let time,
    let delay
    let gra = [68,69,70,71,66,67,77,78,80,65];
    let wayAngle = 360/way;
    ascent(let i in 1..10){
    angle += wayAngle;

  7. http://dragcave.net/lineage/RRAhc
  8. The state of the relationship between the public and a company or other organization or a famous person.

    School laptop lol
  9. http://puu.sh/2GyAd.jpg
  10. http://salmonofcapistrano.com/
  11. in her arms as he tried to get a decent view of what laid ahead of them, forcing him to twist his neck akwardly. He squinted uncomfortably, focusing his gaze into the distance. In a subtle but cool effect, Sicael felt a breeze on his cheek, causing his eyes to close, in slight bliss of the cooler air. Sicael felt a familiar feeling; like an echoe, but stronger, seeming to liquify his thoughts – changing who he was. As the feeling escaped the confines of his skull, it washed over his body, seeking to alter him.


    A dream.

    Behind me, I saw the rushing tyrant. A wall of golden death, ready to fall onto us; drown us. Sickening still is the fact that the very sand we walk upon soon gets swept from beneath us, cutting our heels as it becomes conscripted into the engine of death – the tsunami of sand that continued to grow behind me and my pups. I saw my two sons, one ahead and one at my side. It was with grace that we had seen the red bricks, the remains of something that would now prove to be our salvation – but would we make it?

    The thought crossed my mind, but my maternal instincts forced me to think; 'My children will make it, but will I?' I looked into the eyes of my sons. My eldest stood by my side, while the youngest ran with spirit like the wind, but his breeze was faltering. In a sudden, mind-shattering moment, I heard my eldest scream, as his foot was sucked into the raging wall, soon after, tearing the rest of him apart. It would take me, then soon after my now only child. I wouldn't let this monster take away the only thing I had to live for, it had already taken too much.

    With a final thought, and the last tear I would ever shed, I flung myself forward, using my paws to push as hard as I could. I felt my paws connect with my sons back as I used the last amounts of my strength to propel him forward, causing me to lose my balance, and my life. However, as the mountain of pressure fell onto me, I released my wedding band, throwing it to the desert, in hopes that my last son would get the only symbol of me left, and a sign of a mother commitment to her children – I love you.
  12. http://www.zejroleplaying.org/threads/freeform-original-fragments-of-the-deadly-sins
  13. How many times does the group believe you should eat “fast food” in a week? Why?
    Should not eat fast food at all because it provides a lot of unnecessary calories and fat.
    How does this project affect how you view fast food?
    They are good but most of them contain too much of factors that could lead to overweight and health problems.

    -Lol someone who previously used this school laptop-
  14. http://iwantmoar.com/1884
  15. SetShotAutoDeleteClip(Boundary,Boundary,Boundary,Boundary);
    (Warning: Mayari is writing this while on sugar high. Yeah.)
    (Also this is a WIP I’ll add stuff laterz)

    Human: Yeah, these guys. These guys are everywhere and have nothing special to them.
    Elf: Allies with the humans. They’re basically human, but really tall and they have pointy ears. Oh, and they have an affinity to nature. [strike]Elf magic is Hyrulian[/strike]
    Troll: [strike]Hurr durr[/strike] Like elves, they have an affinity to nature. They’re more barbaric and they live in tribes.
    Faceless: A race unique to Eshdao. They are humanoids with no defining features whatsoever. Other than gender differences, there is no way to tell one Faceless from another. They can also change their appearance to copy the last humanoid creature they have come into physical contact with. [strike]they are dangerous mofos[/strike]
    Merges: Indigenous to Amaranthos. They are mixes between humans and animals. (More info on the Amaranthos thread thingy)
    Fairies: Those little sparkly things that live in bushes don't like people that much. They also have a nature affinity.

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