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I want to see what happens when you CTRL+V

Discussion in 'Спам Oстров' started by LaTyrannia, Sep 3, 2012.

  1. So press CTRL + V and post!

  2. Tomasz is awesome and I mean nothing bad against the guy, but this was definitely my single most favorite Tribal Council of the season. Only one other could try for that title but I'll get to that when that TC is uploaded.

    Anyways. This round Tomasz and Nikki were trying to get Trevor and Wendy to flip believing them to not have the idols. Trevor and Wendy of course told everyone on the former Cocheta tribe about this and after some thinking a brilliant scheme was devised. I don't remember exactly who came up with the plan but I think it was Stuart.

    Trevor and Wendy were to then convince Nikki and Tomasz that if they would both vote against Jack that they would stay in the game and they could work with the Cochetas. Of course, this was a lie. We also had Donna pledging her loyalty to Cocheta so the Cochetas + Donna
  3. http://puu.sh/11NDl
  4. He grinned down at her. He was in fact absurdly tall, more than six and a half feet in his definitely sub-regulation hard-light sneakers, and from his point of view she looked- well, not tiny, not like she'd looked when he'd been in Her gigantic omnipotent body, but more like she'd looked all that time ago when he'd first seen her, looking down at her from his Management Rail. Small, that was the word. Smaller than him, anyway. Although, back then it had been an illusion of viewpoint, whereas this...
  5. [8:15:17 PM] Jonathan: I'd rather watch a show about a walking penis and his friends
  6. http://puu.sh/12cyn
  7. http://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn1/155711_470034143868_4986718_n.jpg
  8. http://magnoliaroleplays.forumotion.com/f20-roleplay-education
  9. Welcome to the Cult of Ethanol - Don't FUK with us! || NOTICE: You're all as ugly as a salad. || Owner - Shadow || Operators - Eebit (AOP) || <Shadow> oh-mah-gawd! || <Shadow> we're like, soooo badass.
  10. http://us5.chatzy.com/36798339962842
  11. 9:04 PM BBT D\D Discussing Jenn and the vote to boot Frank NT
    9:04 PM BBT Dan and Dani talking about Frank and Jenn. Danielle telling Dan about her convo with Jenn earlier at the pool. NT
    9:02 PM BBT DD conversation: 1st topic Frank arrogance NT
    9:01 PM BBT dan and dani in skid roe NT
    9:01 PM BBT D\D talk now NT
  12. 君は何を望むの?誰のためにきずつき?
    Lol I was typing out lyrics for the song FALCO (Hitomi Shimatani) for a friend
  13. http://imageshack.us/a/img189/6929/kytonphoenixbrand.gif
  14. Casper
  15. The Nexerus: It raises your power level by at least 9000.
  16. XFD1048576

    The story behind this being that I was bored playing around in excel in class. That cell is the "last" possible cell in a spreadsheet.
  17. http://pokeremixstudio.floatzel.net/Pokemon%20Remixes/Pokemon%20DP%20Champion%20Remix%202.mp3

    (diff | hist) . . m Dragons‎; 12:00 . . (0)‎ . . ‎Kudamon (Talk | contribs | block)‎ (GODDAMN IT WAS SPELLED IGNIS.) [rollback]
  18. god i love this band so much right now. her voice is sajkfgjdfg and his voice is like a combination of jack johnson and the lead singer of the fray
  19. http://pokeremixstudio.floatzel.net/Pokemon%20Remixes/GoldSilver%20Champion2.mp3

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