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Holidays and Vacations

Discussion in 'Comings and Goings' started by Zygardia, Oct 5, 2011.

  1. Sorry guys, I'm going to take a bit of a break. I'm trying to get acclimatized to this university thing, and it's just not an easy adjustment. I'll probably be back in a couple weeks. Really sorry, this isn't easy for me to do.
  2. Going to drop of the face of the internet until my computer's repaired and finals week is over. Someone Acanthite this for me please?
  3. Thanks, but you're not on Acanthite are you?

    Also library computer is not allowing Acan is why I can't myself.
  4. Managed to get myself grounded for the rest of the week, so wont have much computer access until the weekend (except for at school.).
  5. Not really a vacation, but...


    Fucking thanks, uncle. You just basically kicked me off the Internet for two fucking weeks. TIP: Don't FaceTime on capped service.
  6. Gonna go on a trip to São Paulo this Saturday and I'll only be back in early March. So, don't expect to a lot of mud for the next 2 months!
  7. Aw, see ya around, Muddy. Have fun!
  8. I just got accepted to my first choice school, but I was also notified that I won't graduate if my grades stay the way they are.

    As such, effective immediately, I will be going on hiatus.

    This will most likely be indefinite, but I'll try and lurk around and read the work you guys make.

    Best of luck to you all~

  9. Formally withdrawing from ZEJ until I can get my life back in order. Hopefully see you guys sooner than later.
  10. waitwhat

    what happened

    (Good luck with your life, tho)
  11. This is the furthest you get from a holiday or vacation, but I think, for the sake of graduating high school, I have to take a hiatus from ZEJ for about a week or so. I really, really need to complete my online classes before the deadline, and more and more that appears at this point to mean devoting literally as much time out of physical school into them as possible. I'd rather take drastic measures now than fall short with the deadline little more than a week from now. I'll still be visiting the forum daily, and if I really think I can spare it, stop by #CoE or post around (notably for TWEWY SP), but I need to focus on this for now. Hopefully I won't go out of my mind with boredom...!
  12. I wish you the best of luck, Cerby! Enjoy that last little bit as best as you can. You've got this~

    On the other end of the spectrum, @whitesubtitlesoncanadianwinter and I are going camping this weekend. We'll be leaving tomorrow and will be returning on Sunday. So just a little hiccup of inactivity, but I just thought I'd let anyone who cares know.
  13. gg online classes wp no re

    And now to hope that nobody notices I only typed two sentences in the review activities when they wanted literal essays for every question.
  14. Gone for a week for personal reasons. If you need me, Skype is in my profile.
  15. My work here is done.
  16. back from unannounced schoolshit.
  17. You probably won"t see me much for a couple days, even on chat. I have an ear and sinus infection, so I will be sleeping.
  18. Hiatusing for the weekend.

    Mostly from IRC; yesterday in particular was a bit too toxic for my tastes. Only #CoE would manage to kill my two-week-long good mood that comes from getting housing soon. I won't be on ZEJ either, though I'm not removing it as my home page, so if Firefox crashes or something it might log me in on restart.

    I'll still be on Steam, FA, and dA if anyone desperately needs me. I might check Chatzy once a day or so as well. But my frame of mind desperately needs some time away from ZEJ.

    I will ALSO be on Manaverse Wiki if I get the mood to work on stuff, but mostly I'll be taking some time off and working in Photoshop. See you Monday.
  19. Apologies for hellatus—can't say I'll be regular from now on but I should be able to pop in every once in a way:

    [Monday 01:31:15 pm] Espy I haven't had internet for the past three weeks—that might've had something to do with it
    [Monday 01:31:52 pm] Eebit Ahhhhhhh
    [Monday 01:31:56 pm] Eebit Yeah, that'd do it
    [Monday 01:32:14 pm] Espy Parents cut off internet because of… various reasons, really, none too important to recount
    [Monday 01:32:25 pm] Espy Figured out how to mooch off of workplace internet though
    [Monday 01:32:28 pm] Eebit Well, good to have you back~
    [Monday 01:32:40 pm] Espy Don't get used to my presence
    [Monday 01:32:58 pm] Espy Unfortunately I won't be very active, likely, since I'm doing 75% of my work from home now
    [Monday 01:33:08 pm] Espy So… I only get internet when I go to work

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