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Holidays and Vacations

Discussion in 'Comings and Goings' started by Zygardia, Oct 5, 2011.

  1. [video=youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8RUGaLjKjw[/video]

    Instead of clogging up the forum with threads like 'BRB', this helps tone it down, eh? =) So Role Play Asuran from Acan. =D Pretty self-explanatory - if you're taking a leave of absence, don't go AWOL, leave us a small note instead. ;)
  2. I'm off to Egypt next Tuesday (28th of February) for a week. This is the reason I haven't joined any RPs yet, and the DQ time on the ASB fight against Nyumi. And this weekend, there might be a slim chance of me being online, but don't count on it.

    See you guys soon!
  3. Brb 4 Couple days

    My Internet went down, posting via phone, its hard, wont be able to write too much, can someone reff for me while im gone? Ill take back over 1ce I have Internets back.
  4. Hey guys! Im back!, Internet is back up and im ready to take control of the roleplays im in again! Err.... I mean participate... not take control.... you know what, disregard that and just be happy im back!
  5. Heading out of the country (and subsequently, out of a consistent access to the computer) for the next two weeks, so my activity will be VERY spotty, if I get online at all. Fortunately, the flight I am taking will give me plenty of time to catch up in my RPing, which means I should have my posts up at the next convenient access to Wi-Fi.

    Doubtful that I will be at a convenient place to stay and chat for an extended period of time, though. So until then, I'll see you guys later, and I trust that this place won't die without me around.

    See you on (I believe) the 17th, all~
  6. ^Due to exam tension this April I may not be available for loooong times on an end. Excuse me for ASB reffings as well; I don't think atm I could cope, so cf. my post in the respective thread.
  7. ^Adding on to that, this is probably going to be one of my last visits in a long time due to a severe fever and headaches. :(
  8. Well, the computer lost internet connection AGAIN. lol. I'm back now though, hopefully for longer than I was last time. :p
  9. Éspeo...

    Why is this not in the OP?
  10. Leaving to the mainland [lol] for a week and a half, dunno what internet access will be like, but I will have my comp.
  11. Sorry guys, I never, NEVER meant to leave for this long. Also would like to apologize to Nyumi for the match in ASB.
  12. ^Yay, Hak is back here as well! =D
  13. Alright guys, quick message here because I'm on my way out, but I'm just dropping by to let y'all know that I'll be gone for the next ten days or thereabouts. I wanted to get a post in for OH, but the lack of time I had (coupled with an IRL holdup) prevented that... hopefully I can write something at the airport.

    Don't break shit while I'm gone, etc etc.

    and yeah
  14. Going on an overnight thing somewhere, so yeah.

  15. Cid wanted me to inform everyone that, due to him being at 97.5% of his monthly internet usage for October, he can't be as active. Sorry if I freaked anyone out (if you thought I was leaving again).

    E: Fixed phone errors for you, Nate!
  16. Going to tak ~1 week off due to IRL lolshit. ASB - note, please~
  17. Outta here as well, not due to irl shit (yet) but because I am going down to the States for a business trip. If I'm on here, it will be through spotty Wi-Fi from whatever hotel we're at, so don't count on me being around. And if I am, likely no RP posts will be made from my iPod. ^^;

    Catch you guys around Saturday evening.
  18. Alright, taking my long-talked hiatus as of now. I will catch you guys in a week or two. Or more, who knows. But real life is taking its toll on me and I just need time away from here.

    Sorry to the folk in role plays I will be holding up. If worst comes to worst I will throw some posts at you guys later on. But for now, I will just be away.

  19. Back from semi-unannounced! Exams and IRL stuff sooooo yup. Kudos I PROMISE I'll get on to RtW within 24 hours of this post, unless there's another internet shortage (lasted for three days before today, an internet outage did). But, TBF I'm not fully back until 23rd, so hi again, and see you then!

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