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Cult of Ustream ~ Official Roleplay 【Main RP Thread】

Discussion in 'Roleplay Archives' started by Keileon, Jul 27, 2012.

  1. An emaciated yet lithe shadow moved silently and cautiously in what was left of the third floor of cult headquarters. Narrow, gleaming red eyes easily pierced the darkness to see what was beyond, but a whiplike tail lashed in irritation as the creature turned its head and immediately walked into a wall. Sitting back on its haunches, it shook its head to clear the pain and looked up through a hole in the roof, listening intently to the conversation above.

    "Because it's so like you to... go somewhere like this in the night, sit down alone, and then say you're... wandering?"

    Hidden in the darkness, the creature grinned wryly. It looked around quickly, then slowly made its way to the stairs that led to the roof. Taking them slowly, silently, it listened to the rest of the conversation; attempting to ascertain who it was it was sneaking up upon. It stopped just below the roof level, listening.

    "You never listen to me when I say that, so... I might as well."

    Fricai stepped into the moonlight.

    "You should be more aware of your surroundings, Shadow."
  2. Darius, as he continued to survey the area, immediately felt the aura of another approaching. He turned himself slowly to the woman that was confronting him, nodding. "It is alright," he stated, smiling, "We can think any time in the world. Providing service is an opportunity that only comes around by chance." As Gaga then began to explain her need, Darius's smile slowly diminished until it was little more than a curve on his mouth. "Ah... Vale..." he murmured softly, looking upward toward the sky. "He is such a tormented soul... Did you know I can take on others' experiences?"

    Darius continued to explain. "When healing someone's auras, you get the opportunity to 'taste', so to speak, the experiences and feelings of people. It's what helps me define people's innermost intentions when I work with them. Point being... Vale has lost somebody, someone from his enigmatic past... I felt that pain of loss, that familiar feeling that I've felt from crazE as well. It was suppressed severely under years of different emotions and the power of that demon that he holds within himself." Darius looked to Gaga, smiling. "The reason I share this is because he needs to fill the void that demon continues to open within him if one wishes to keep him as well as possible. When I heal his aura, it will only last as far as he wants it to last. I cannot force people to keep the same feelings or the same intentions, and so he must be influenced by someone with greater positive standards and influence, especially with this demon within him is tormenting and suffering him. I do hope that if we are able to revive him, you will help him, because you will do more for him than any one person ever could. He is attracted to your light, drawn to it and seeks it with much hope in his heart. I can only see why-"

    Darius stopped a moment, chuckling to himself before stretching his hand out, signalling her to lead the way. "Well, enough from me, I'm rambling with my thinking. Let's go."

    Upon the stairs of HQ, where Shadow took to visit Espira, a small figure sat silently, a small shiver occasionally moving the feminine figure ever so slightly. Valerie slightly wished she wasn't back in HQ; the ruins of the whole complex really made her shudder, not just from the cold breezes that would frequently billow through and whistle against the corners of the broken hallways. It only made her memories sharper as she recalled most, if not all, of the details of that infamous battle that occurred here. It didn't sit well with her mind; the only thing she wished now was for Shadow to speed this moment along. An hour earlier, Valerie had wandered from Jude's shack on a casual walk, running into Shadow a few minutes later. Apparently they were both looking for each other, coincidentally. They then began to walk and talk for a bit about the experience, Valerie making clear she didn't want to talk about it.

    Valerie then smiled, pulling her thin, knitted pink shirt over her shoulders and pulling her hands from the long sleeves. After a moment when they were in an awkward silence, Shadow brought up the time on the island... the time building that amazing castle and riding the waves... She looked down as she blushed slightly. The time making that fort was never mentioned, but it was hanging in the air like no other. Her smile slowly came to a small smirk, however, as a bittersweet feeling rocketed through her body. The memory of Shadow denying the great times they had and leaving, the days gone by of them not talking. Slowly, Valerie pulled her bare knees close to her, wrapping her long sleeves around her legs and resting her head down. Why do I like him even if he doesn't like me?...

    The dark figure remained stoic, eyes closed in his meditative stance as he sat silently within his prison. The colosseum remained completely devoid of any persons, silent and tranquil. Darkside had spent many days in this confined area, listening to the silence and watching occasional wildlife skip past. However, he seemed completely content in his silence, thoughts blank as he seemed to be waiting...

    "You've finally come down," Darkside suddenly muttered. As if a complete illusion, there were suddenly many dark figures within the colosseum, all at once, surrounding Darkside's location. Although they remained silent as well, a very eerie noise, almost like wind echoing, was heard. most of them were featureless, shadowed bodies masterless. A few had clothing and different features to mimic some humanoid complexions to better fit the form. Namely, the three that were closest to Darkside's prison. The first one in the middle of them all wore a long coat like Darkside, thick black boots and trousers. A shimmering belt buckle darkly reflected any light coming through to it. Two large belts criss-crossed the being's bare chest, connected by a circular metal buckle that split into four separate pieces to connect the the belts in this central point. His hair was spiked forward, jutting out like icicles. Crimson eyes met crimson eyes as Darkside and this figure watched each other for a long moment. It then chuckled softly.

    "Drakis," the being softly muttered, smugly smiling as he took a knee next to the dark prison. "You look... confined. How did this happen?" Darkside narrowed his eyes. "Don't sit here and torment me, Kyba," Darkside spat, shifting his sitting position as his eyes glowed menacingly. The other being's eyes corresponded, having an almost delighted and disturbing joy to them. "Father will be excited to see you again. You will reveal the secret that will open the new era for us, by confession or by absorbtion. And I doubt you can out-absorb everyone here, not like you did at the Kingdom."
  3. Both Diclonius and Crimson Meister turned to the newcomer, though for the difference in proximity and the fact the surprise factor was quite nonexistent for the latter, Shadow nearly jumped in as the dragon's form became visible. Further company, he had pinpointed, would be unexpected... but he never figured the crippled dragon, now that he was allowed out of the confines of the basement, could have followed him there... or simply stumbled upon to sneak on him. Forcing at least three vectors to be withdrawn back into his spinal cord, which were automatically half-released due to the startling stimulus, he turned to Fricai,

    "F-Fricai! Why did you... have to do that?" he hastily replied to his unconventional greeting... Even though they had met through quite unconventional circumstances as well, nearly two months ago, Shadow still was not used to his presence, unlike with Espira's case.

    "Apparently, someone has not learned how to properly do so yet." Espira remarked with a smirk. She settled once again on the edge of the structure, but chose to continue standing as the conversation ensued.

    "How do you do that... anyway?" Shadow questioned, still casting a (doubtfully intentional) wary glance at Fricai, and furthermore, at the darkness lingering beyond the damaged gaps of the Cult Headquarters. It was quite unsettling, for Shadow, being among what remained of the broken roof, but as he had witnessed several nights ago, it looked like the building could still sustain itself.

    "Straightforwardly speaking, simple focus. Adapting your own mind to a state in which nearly every factor and stimuli yields accurate information is a process which takes many years to achieve..." her inspective eyes suddenly flicked to the Diclonius,"Normally, of course."

    There is an exception to every rule. He's already been exempted of many. Just what is he really capable of?

    A few seconds of silence ensued. Normally, Shadow would have been contented with her earlier response, but the fact he had not still not left told her he still had something to say. And by the art of piecing together the data, Espira was sure Shadow had to be lying. He in fact--

    "Umm... Espira?"

    --had something to say.

    "It's..." this time, it was his turn to hesitate. His resolve eventually overcame his doubts and, he spoke, "It's about the... thing with crazE in the morning."

    She imperceptibly gritted her teeth at this.
  4. Gaga's rose pink eyes shifted to the night sky simultaneously just as the spiritualist did so. The ambiance provided by the glistening cosmos adorning the sky like splatters of broken glass fragments soothed her otherwise nervous composure. Perplexing her with the myriad of planets, galaxies, and constellations across the midnight blue skies of Ustream. Briefly, the empress thought to herself as to the whereabouts of her home planet and other planets in it's power up above her being, but the thought soon faded just as Darius took a pause in his speech. A silence between two humans gave way to the natural calls of nature, to which the empress listened to quietly with some degree of amazement-- shes never truly stayed outdoors very long, unless it was for a punishment. She gave a faint sigh to herself at the idea of it again. Although, she could not listen to Darius so clearly until she felt her sitar slip slightly in her grip, causing her hands to swiftly grab hold of the strange instrument and secure it once more. One word from Darius spoke out: Loss. What was loss? She thought to herself while she looked at Darius once more, focusing on what the man said about Vale. "As...far as I know.." began the woman, thinking for a moment before going on, "..Vale has never mentioned to me or anyone about any loss. And Emma; well, shes spoken to me about Vale before I ever met him. Told me that he never had a family to begin with...never spoke of one." Gaga paused for a moment and bit her lip slightly. "I too can always feel what he feels...although at times I can sense a true wave of extreme emotion-- be it a need for violence and death or anger....I still want to help him...he's helped me so much...and I..."

    She blushed for a moment and gave out a light-hearted chuckle, then turning away and walking towards the lake once again. Gaga waved out her hand for a moment at Darius to signal him to follow, although her sudden spout of spontaneity was masking something. Maybe she just didn't like talking about personal things with anyone. Even if that personal topic was about her guardian. "Come on, I can't leave Vale laying around forever...I can't imagine what would happen if he awoke as Oikeus again....I'll just need you to..lets just say 'open' up his spiritual defenses in order to let my Mantra penetrate into his very being-- his true being."
  5. "What the hell are you even doing anyway?" Lord X-Giga-X asked with an eyebrow raised, turning to look at the uninterested Grodisflare.
    "Just looking down," Grodisflare answered in the same bored tone he had previously spoke in. "Seeing whatever pass by. Me no know. Me just bored."
    Lord X-Giga-X simply stared at Grodisflare in complete confusion. The fact that they came up to figure out the particular symbol appearing in the area, and the armored wyvern reduced to this was simply staggering to him. And just trying to come up with a response was rather difficult for him. And just as soon as he thought came up with one...

    "Wait... what the hell?!" Lord X-Giga-X immediately felt an overwhelming amount of darkness coming from somewhere. His eyes had widened as he tried to ascertain the source of it all. What.... what is this... I've never felt this much darkness at once... And quickly he found it. Somewhere to the distant southwest of them. But exactly where was making him grit his teeth. "No... that can't be right.... It just can't...."
    He glared down at the symbols on his hand for confirmation.
    "Huh?" Grodisflare turned toward Lord X-Giga-X, still a look of uninterest on him. But that suddenly went away when he saw the stress his partner was now in. He knew something was up, and suddenly, he turned in the direction Lord X-Giga-X was looking in.
    ".... No...."

    A large gathering of symbols had swarmed the symbol marking Darkside's location. Something was occuring at the colosseum.


    Xibu, Giag and Dexus eventually approached a door further down in the darkened basement of the lab. The former clone of Lord X-Giga-X reached into his pocket, pulling out a black key. "Now then... Let's get down to business..." Xibu then began to put the key in the keyhole within the knob...

    But suddenly, Xibu stopped as began to sense darkness coming from somewhere close by. "... Giag... Are you sensing this too?"
    "Yeah... That darkness... It's like really closeby," Giag spoke, surprise both on his face and in his tone. "And suddenly here..."
    "What?!" Dexus's byzantium eyes darted between the two of them. "Are you two for real?"
    "Xibu.... What should we do?"

    Xibu stood silently for a moment, to contemplate what they should do given the situation. We don't know exactly what's going on... If a battle would come... Giag and Dexus would probably be next to useless... and I'm really not much of a fighter... And even if not, would we even be needed? I wouldn't risk leaving to get in a mess that either we're not needed in or doesn't concern us... He then turned back to look at Giag and Dexus as he finally gave a verbal answer.
    "Until given instructions, we stay here." Xibu turned back to the door, placing the key into the keyhole. As he turned the key so as to unlock the door and opened, he spoke once again. "No need to get involved in a situation we're most likely not needed in. Not when there's work to be done." The opened door revealed a completely pitch black room, into which Xibu walked.
    "Yeah... can't really say the same for Deathstorm, though," Giag said as he followed Xibu inside.
    Dexus followed the two of them, making his own statement. "Speaking of Deathstorm, I haven't seen him all day. Where has he been this whole time?"

    "Who cares?"


    The colosseum...

    Perched upon the roof of the lab was the cult's midnight blue mascot of sorts: the Shadow Drake Deathstorm. He stared in the direction of the colosseum, all four of his eyes opened and glaring. Barely given a week to rest before something else has to happen... I might as well let everyone know something's up then. He raised his head and looked up to the moon, positioned almost directly above him. He stared directly into it... And let out a loud roar.

    The sound from Deathstorm's throat resonated for maybe a minute. Just long enough for everyone in the immediate to hear the call. A call to stay alert once again. He lowered his head after this, puffing for a short time. "I just hope everyone heard that," he spoke as he regained his composure.

    And then a momentary distraction followed as he felt something fall on his head.
  6. Fricai gave a fanged grin. Walking over to stand to the side and slightly behind the Diclonius, the dragon glanced up at his friend. "It seems I have missed certain events." He yawned. His own vermilion eyes darting upwards to the human female he did not formally know, Fricai turned his head to more directly address Shadow. "There was a bit of a commotion earlier today, He commented sanguinely. "I assume that was the "thing" you're referring to."

    He settled into a semi-curled position on the dilapidated roof and looked at the female with one eye. Thankfully enough, she did not seem afraid of him, thus he would not have to fight the urge to attack as he did earlier in the day when passing by and startling other cultists. More importantly, she held an almost predatory edge to her that made Fricai's sparse mane slightly bristle. From the sound of things, she was friendly with Shadow; How have I not met her before? He idly wondered while vaguely acknowledging that she had been critical in the fight a few nights prior.

    What is it with today?

    Jason paced under the tree branches about a quarter of a mile from the lake, on alert and bristling. His expression was neutral, but his eyes showed his restless unease and nervousness. Beside him, scales glittering under the light of Rae and the smaller Shyr, Mimring coiled around a tree. The woody plant bent slightly from the dragon's weight, but his wings were spread like a cape to keep his balance and his tail wound like a constrictor snake around the trunk. The drakine head turned slightly as Jason stopped a few meters away, only to turn around and pace in the other direction. This went on for half a minute with Jason pacing back and forth, seeming to grow increasingly agitated, before Mimring spoke up. "Would you mind stopping that? You're starting to make me dizzy."

    The shapeshifter stopped walking, but shifted his stance uncomfortably. "Something's wrong." The words were soft, but firm all the same. Absolutely sure this was the case. "I can't relax. I haven't been this tense since--" He stopped there, shaking his head, and almost unconsciously started to pace again before catching himself. A psychic link stretched out, lightly tapping into Fricai's mind, but the dragon was fine- in fact, had apparently just sneaked up on Shadow- so he wasn't the cause of Jason's sudden unease. So what is it...?

    Mimring fully extended his wings in preparation to take flight. He looked towards the starry sky for a moment before looking back at his partner. "I could scout around and see if anything is wrong, if you--"

    Both of them startled at a sudden roar. A roar that Jason would easily recognize anywhere, even if it had not originated from the direction of Lord X-Giga-X's laboratory. "Deathstorm..." Jason muttered, thereafter falling silent until the roar faded out. The Shadow Drake had formerly been under Jason's command- command being a technical term, for the Dracomancer rarely exercised control over his dragons unless he had to- and the reason that was no longer the case was precisely what made Jason so wary of Lord X-Giga-X. Deathstorm and his former master still held a powerful friendship, granted, but...

    "It seems that you are not alone in thinking that something is amiss," Mimring observed as the roar fell silent. "Perhaps we should go see exactly what is wrong; your suspicions may be his." Jason only gave a nod in response before fluidly shifting into his wolf form, breaking into a full sprint towards Deathstorm's location. His luminous emerald eyes were the only part of him visible as he all but vanished into the darkness of the nighttime forest, but Mimring had no trouble following him from the sky.

    Deathstorm! What's going on?

    A three-foot-long bundle of black and navy blue uncoiled on top of Deathstorm's head, revealing a small dragon hatchling with wings flared. Scrabbling to hold onto his father's crest, Zephyr looked into Deathstorm's crimson eyes with his own curious ones of the same shade and the same luminosity. He sat there for a moment, idly but halfheartedly gnawing on Deathstorm's left horn, before leaping off of the older dragon and gazing up at him. A headbutt to the dragon's foreleg served as a proper nudge, at least in Zephyr's mind, before the usually hyper hatchling ran to the edge of the building closest to the colosseum. He looked back at his father for a moment before turning his head again and exhaling a puff of smoke in the direction of the colosseum. Hereafter he simply stood quietly, waiting.
  7. "Aegis, I know you're concerned about my well-being, but... There's a difference between being concerned and being paranoid!

    Erahvs, now tied to a chair within the lab of Aegis. The target of his outburst was a 5'9" male figure standing in front of him. The man's skin was a wrinkly mess, and his light gray hair was hardly any better. Both of his eyes were a light shade of blue, but for some odd reason, his left eye was opened wider than his right. The man was wearing a simply white labcoat, orange gloves, and a pair of goggles.
    "Now now, Erahvs," the man spoke, stopping for a moment for a short series of coughs. "This is all for your own good."
    "Tying me to a chair is for my own good?!" Erahvs shouted back in response, struggling to move his restricted hands. "I can hardly move!"
    "Aegis, you've really gone too far with this," Smeremus remarked from a corner of the room, the palm of his hand covering his face. "It was never a good idea to keep Erahvs restricted inside the lab. As I've told you many times, you should just-"
    "Silence, Smeremus!" Aegis shouted, immediately turning toward Smeremus. "Remember that I'm the one supposed to be giving you orders, not the other way around!"
    "But nothing!" Aegis interrupted Smeremus. "And not another word about this! Erahvs stays here and that's that!"

    Erahvs wanted to say something against this, but he quickly realized Aegis wouldn't listen. And then he realized there was a simple solution to this.
    "Well really, you can try to keep me tied to this chair..." he spoke, revealing a smirk on his face. "But really, what's stopping me from doing this?"
    Immediately after he said that, Aegis and Smeremus simply watched as black fur began to grow on Erahvs's body. His ears began to become more rounded, and a pointed snout began to emerge from his face. As all of this happened, Erahvs shrank in size between the ropes and the chair. Seconds passed after Erahvs disappeared within the ropes, and a black mouse crawled out from them.
    "Uh..." Aegis muttered, a blank expression on his face.
    The mouse crawled off of the chair and proceeded out of the room.

    Smeremus glanced over to Aegis, reaching for a book from a nearby shelf and opening it. "Honestly Aegis, I don't know how you didn't see that coming."


    Deathstorm watched Zephyr as the hatchling moved off of his head and onto the side of the lab's roof. "... This young, and even you can sense something's awry," he muttered as he watched Zephyr exhale a puff of smoke in the direction of the colosseum. But then he noticed the hatchling then continued to do nothing else except look toward the colosseum after that. He blinked all four of his eyes before realizing why he continued to stay there. A grin appeared on his face as he looked back to the colosseum, and he spoke, not entirely sure if his son would understand him.
    "Well then Zephyrus, I suppose you can help me keep watch for a a few minutes."

    Deathstorm! What's going on?

    The familiar voice of Jason rang in Deathstorm's head, calling for him. He could feel the shapeshifter coming closer to his location. It was obvious that he had been alerted by his roar, a roar that he was sure would have been difficult for Jason to be unable to hear. He was also sure that Mimring would be with him. Though now, the problem was that the two of them were going in the wrong direction.

    Jason, something's happening in the colosseum. I don't know what, but... The amount darkness I can sense there is incredible...
  8. Within moments, the dark barrier around Darkside lifted, Darkside left in the open sitting in the same position as he had been for the past week. The dark figure known as Kyba stood and watched Darkside do little more than nothing, a frown forming on his face. "Get up," the being hissed, his form suddenly wavering slightly. At the same moment as his form wavered, the colosseum groaned ever so slightly, the sound barely audible in the whistling of the autumn wind. The other beings about Kyba and Darkside seemed to shift uncomfortably, whisperings exchanging from one to the other. The two beings at Kyba's side looked to each other warily. One of them, being the biggest of all of them there, had adorned himself with a tight jacket over a ridiculously large muscular form with jeans to match. He also had pointed boots and wore a long-brimmed hat. The more slender figure adorned himself with a black robe, the ends evaporating into dark vapor. However, it seemed that the energy was recycled, as the robe didn't shrink or slowly dwindle despite its vaporization. The larger one didn't care to form hair, while the other had a long sheen of void-black hair, encompassing around his head and leaving a wide enough opening for his face to be mostly visible. They both took a step back.

    Darkside sat silently, still in a meditative state as if nothing had happened. Kyba tightened his fists, growling. Then, letting out a small chuckle, he looked down, his hair shadowing his blood-red irises. "You leave me no choice, Drakis. You were the first... but I am the last." Slowly, Kyba's shadowy hand raised to Darkside, eyes glowing brightly. Immediately a wind seemed to pick up around them, dust and sand whirling powerfully in all directions. "I will get that secret and become immortal, and no one will be able to stop me- not even Father himself." Immediately, a surge of darkness burst from Kyba's appendage, swirling around and encompassing Darkside's form. It was within moments that Darkside disappeared into the darkness, Kyba's vicious smile splayed across his insantiy-stricken complexion. The other beings about the colosseum backed up immediately, some even taking flight to the upper parts of the arena for a safer vantage point. The violent winds began pushing back the nearest of Kyba's subjects, causing them to defend themselves from the buffeting turbulence.

    After a moment or so, a sudden laugh began to echo from within the dark swathe. It began to rise until it was a loud cackle, the colosseum forcing the sound waves to echo into a cacophony of Darkside's joyous laughter. Kyba's smirk faded quickly, retracting the darkness and observing a completely unharmed form standing in the midst of the colosseum. Darkside had a bright smile on his face as he continued to laugh in the face of Kyba, slowly coming to a calm. Kyba began to blister in rage, stomping forward. "How is this possible?!" he cried out, looking at his own two hands and back at Darkside. Darkside slowly turned his back to Kyba, revealing what was upon him the whole time and now glowing more than ever.

    A bright symbol glowed on Darkside's back, swathes of energy protectively wrapping about his body like a coat of armor. "I am put under a cursed symbol," Darkside responded. "So long as I am under it, darkness that I possess cannot be bent or used in any way." Darkside turned back to Kyba with a vicious smirk. "That includes I myself. You cannot touch me so long as I have this, Kyba. You nor Father will get the secret or me."

    Kyba, now in a fit of anger, cursed the sky as he tightened his fists, the ground beneath them quaking with power. The colosseum's walls rumbled ever so slightly, the strong fortification efficient enough to withhold the quake. "Who did this, Drakis? Tell me now," he hissed, suddenly drawing near to Darkside almost instantaneously. "I know you wouldn't have put yourself under something so minute, you would rather defend yourself. You're too proud like that."

    Darkside smiled, lowering his head with a smirk. "You're absolutely right, Kyba, how can I withhold that from you? You know me best..." Darkside leaned his head in a certain direction, nodding in the direction. "Find the one with blue skin, he's the one who's put me under this symbol." Kyba, silently reading Darkside expression, finally nodded, chuckling slightly. "Any attempts of this as a trap is futile, Drakis, I hope you know this. You are hiding something; you are right, I know you too well. We'll just see, then, what it is you are hiding." Kyba's attention then diverted to the right half of the colosseum, nodding to the darkened beings awaiting a considerable distance away. Immediately they shifted into dark blobs, swiftly flying through the air or melting into the ground and speeding out of the colosseum within moments, direction straight for the intended target.

    CrazE's eyes burst open in shock, body convulsing forward as he immediately began to erect himself as if a few moments earlier never existed. CrazE's gaze fluttered to one of the walls, as if seeing right through it. "Darkside... he's in danger!" he suddenly burst out loud. Without even taking a moment to look around for aid, crazE's form dashed out the door, out into the forest with quick resolve. Darius, who was following Gaga, suddenly perked up at a swiftly moving aura- several, actually. Head tilting over his shoulder, he felt a shiver come over him. "Please stop right here, something's not right," Darius called, looking out into the forest as if being able to sense something hiding within. Darius, taking a step back, suddenly muttered, "Impossible..."

    In the man's eyes, a swathe of darkened auras were swirling, twisting, branching into the sky like a colorful geyser, all attached to an even larger source high into space. He felt himself stiffen with shock, his gaze following the trail past the trees, down into the distance. ".... Gaga, you said you might be able to fix Vale?... Are you sure you need my assistance right now? I..." he glanced over at Gaga with a sincere smile, "I think our friends need help..."

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