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Bug Reports

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Nebulon Ranger, Oct 25, 2012.

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  1. Dark there's no link to the Mod or Admin control panels fix it pls
  2. Titled spoiler tags don't seem to open?

  3. Looks like it doesn't like the the quote function, as that spoiler contains a quote. Works fine otherwise:  

    Will report nonetheless.
  4. Latest Activity on the index doesn't always load.
  5. Bugs fixed:

    * Fixed a style bug in ZEJ Standard that caused the floating top menu to float behind the tabbed profile content on user pages.
  6. Greetings. Sephiroth here, I wrote the plugin that @"Nebulon Ranger" is using for spoilers. The problem is not necessarily the quote within the spoiler, but rather the named spoiler having an ' in it's name. I've uploaded a fix to the plugin page (Build #4) that should resolve this problem. Thank you.

  7. So... am I the only one seeing images as [image: <link>]?
  8. All custom profile options got reset. You need to go to your UCP and reenable it under "Edit Options".
  9. Hm, you would have thought that was a default option. Lame. Fixed.
  10. test

    EDIT: Testing availability of edits

    EDIT II: Testing BBCode
  11. Keileon: ZEJ is very broken right now
    Keileon: People are getting redirected to the index when they try to post and now it's happening to the wiki
    Keileon: And now Giga's IP is blocked
    Keileon: And now I can't post
  12. Can we move the Like button in posts, it's fucking up the top line of a centered post.
  13. It's hard to wade through the bullshit when the search bar seems to be missing.
  14. So this probably has to do with the fact that ZEJ went down immediately after, but I was idling on the online list when suddenly the autorefresher not only booted me to the index, but also logged me out. wtf?
  15. Quoting yourself gives you an alert that you quoted yourself. I thought this was a mildly amusing little bug.
  16. Sometimes I don't get alerts when people @ me, even though I've been properly tagged in their post...!
    Also, sometimes when people tag me it shows up with an alert that I've been tagged/quoted in Eebit's AMA (which is, unfortunately, false)
  17. I'd consulted him about this a while back and found out that this much is @Eebit apparently saving a draft of his next set of questions as he chips away at them. Apparently, you, Rose, and I must be getting plenty of these 'til he's complete. :5
  18. Oh, Eebit...! What a loser.
  19. Alerts continue showing up even days after I'm sure I've deleted them (I just got an alert for the fourth time about Moon pinging me in the Sun/Moon thread, and for the second time about her liking my Twittering Thread post)
  20. I've been unable to send a Private Message (specifically, to @"The Kakuzato"). Whenever I go to preview my Private Message, the message shows up as blank save for the quoted previous PM regardless of my input. I PM'd him, but what showed up in my sent messages folder was a blank message with just his quoted message.

    In addition, when I try to send him a PM without previewing, it gives me the following error message:

    This makes me think that, even if I don't preview my message, the PM that is being sent is still... just the previous quoted message. Maybe this is an issue with "private.php"?

    E: In addition, I seem to be encountering the same issue when I go to preview a post when I am posting to the forums proper (good thing I don't usually bother with double-checking my work am i rite). It also occurs when I am saving a draft. Changing up my earlier guess, maybe it has to do with the new editor rather than any of the php files.

    E2: I guess this should really go under the "Minor Tweaks" thread, but since I'm here I might as well also note that when I am in the editor, if the cursor is on the leftmost point of any row, I can't see it. This isn't something that is crucial to fix or anything, but it is something that I wouldn't mind seeing fixed as a QOL thing. Maybe if we extended the editor outwards in each direction by a couple pixels?

    E3 (after the fact): We disabled the new editor and reverted back to the old editor. This seems to have fixed my issue with both the autocomplete mentions and the PMing problem.
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