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Bug Reports

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Nebulon Ranger, Oct 25, 2012.

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  1. Everything I send to the forum on my iPad is blank. Messages, private or no, there's nothing there.
  2. Kuda mentioned me Twitter-style in a post recently (QI OoC), and it didn't alert me in any way, and I don't have any Alert settings turned off.
  3. This is actually a problem with mobile devices and the editor rather than just the editor. jQuery doesn't play well with iOS and Android and the editor (and a lot of site features such as alerts and profiles) use jQuery.

    This happens on occasion. MyAlerts is still technically in beta so I'll be reporting this. :p
  4. @Dark This hasn't happened to me until recently on iOS, and never on Android. o_O
  5. It could have possibly been an OS update. I know my phone actually refuses to load any editor, even the stock MyBB one.
  6. *whines* Dark, the site keeps going on and off tonight. Fix it.
  7. I

    You are extremely late!
  8. I had to get back ON the site to do it. Duh.
  9. Affiliate button disappeared for me in Metallic. Confirming other skins...

    EDIT: Yup, it's gone. Is it just me?
  10. I'm in Dark Red and it's there for me.
  11. The actual Full Reply and Edit Post functionalities don't work for me on the mobile theme; I can only do Quick Replies. Is there a way to make the editor interface disappear on the mobile? Because I can't actually use it from my phone as it stands. I'll upload a picture shortly.
  12. Posting comments to a profile seems to be impossible at the moment, with there being no field to enter them in. Using ZEJ Dark.
  13. ^Scroll all the way down. =P I'm using ZEJ Dark myself and it works for me!
  14. And now suddenly I can write comments. That box just didn't exist on my browser for some reason.
  15. I reported that a long time ago. It's an odd bug with permissions that even the plugin author doesn't know the cause of.
  16. A lolbug, I think, first in ages.

    At times, I am smattered with some forums being posted in when clearly they haven't. Just now I went to go look at Kiryu's profile in the ARKNET thread, and when I go back to the index, the forum is still showing as having unread messages. When I go into the section itself, everything's been read.

    Using metallic.
  17. Subforums will do that, actually. If a subforum's been posted in and looked at, but the parent forum has not, it'll still look like the parent forum's been posted in.
  18. Is there a way to turn that off? :(
  19. Not that I've seen.
  20. It's intended behavior afaik.
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