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Bug Reports

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Nebulon Ranger, Oct 25, 2012.

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  1. Once again, it's the same case.

    Also, the quote button doesn't seem to be working right for me. Had to c/p this post. (Although halfway through this post, I noticed the Multiquote works fine. o_O)
  2. As I just proved, it works fine for me.

    Maybe something on your end?
  3. ... wtf....
    I briefly changed themes, and then it worked. Like it won't work on Dark, but it works just fine on Light and Metallic.

    Also, before you ask, I'm back on Dark right now.
  4. It's something to do with the dark theme; no idea what. I'm getting the bug too.
  5. Yeah, Rose just mentioned she was unable to comment on Dark's profile, and I have found the same for both Dark and Giga. So maybe it has something to do with usergroups, or something to that effect...?
  6. I've been unable to comment on Cid's and Nyumi's once or twice so I don't think so.
  7. When clicking the Quote button, the user who had posted's post does not appear inside the text box for replies.
  8. Sole's been saying he can't access much more than the stats on the ACP.
  9. That's got to do with admin permissions; I remember being unable to access some areas myself. Dark'll probably fix it.
  10. I Know about this. No idea what's causing it, though it only started happening after the forums were updated.

    Will fix.
  11. This has been going on for a while, but on several profiles (examples: mine, Shadow's, Tezz's) the avatar doesn't display.

    Edit: And suddenly mine displays.
  12. When attempting to edit a post, it went to the default editor without any text. I usually have my editor set to source mode. When I went to rectify at least that problem, my user title reverted back to default(which I promptly fixed).
  13. When I shrunk down a couple of forums, I could not post with the "New Reply" button. I had the text placed in the box, but when I clicked preview and post, both redirected me to an empty text box with an error message saying that I need to enter text, which I did.o.o I /could/ post with the Quick Reply box, but again, it would not let me preview or edit it. It works fine when no forums are shrunk down, but still... That was rather odd.

    Edit: And now I can't quote anyone and post either because of the same phantom error from above. Maybe it's because I'm using a mobile device?

    The situation has been rectified. :3
  14. When I'm on my phone, it won't let me turn my theme from Mobile version to a different theme even though I hate the Mobile version. :p
  15. The mobile version needs a ton of fixes now, since for whatever reason they updated it so that you can no longer see if there are new posts or anything from the index (and it also stretches on Apple devices afaik). I'm thinking we should either disable it entirely or look into a better replacement. Dark, your thoughts?

    Also, Rose, the answer to your problem is right here:
  16. - Fixed editor
    - Fixed quoting
  17. Profile comments are entirely broken for me. I can't see anything upon clicking on the tab. I'm willing to wager that it's the new FireFox update, but nothing is surefire. Here is a screenshot of how it appears to me on all pages.

    ...Might be time to look into a different profile system. :p
  18. Oh no, this one still works, it's just for some reason the comments templates in particular didn't get installed when I reinstalled it while trying to fix the editor. Will fix.
  19. Testing, testing.... Darn. No quote. :/
  20. Works fine for me. You sure you're clicking the Reply/Quote button under someone's post?

    Also, fixed profile comments AND we didn't lose any when I reinstalled the plugin! :D

    E: Turns out the CSS didn't get installed for comments either. Fixed this.
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