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Discussion in 'Interest Checks' started by Reinia Arring, May 16, 2017.


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  1. Aldcrest is a wonderful city, situated atop a tall hill, most of the area filled with tall buildings, concrete pathways and of course, savagery. Aldcrest was a very prosperous city until they came. Until they ruined our lives. This gleaming city of industry and capitalism brought down by them. Now, one must survive in the now-crumbling Aldcrest, fires being started from leaking fuel, skyscrapers falling and crushing the small shops beneath them. The skies are almost always black with smoke, the sun being snuffed out by the poisonous fumes. People have been driven to their most primal instincts, murder over food, robbery, and full-on anarchy ravage this once beautiful city. What extremes will you be driven to survive? Will you grab an ally or survive alone? The choice is yours.

    [Looking to begin a roleplay with 3-4 people, if interested. Message me if extremely interested]
  2. Looks pretty interesting and I like the concept! I'd be down to join in!
    Reinia Arring likes this.

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