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ZEJ Podcast/radio show/thing

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Rose, Oct 13, 2013.

  1. The news topic should probably move or at least take it's discussion to another area. For that purpose, it can be put here.

    Basic recap: @Jonno did a Q&A video thing once upon a time, and that has turned into a podcasty type thing idea. Here is the idea thread. Thrust ideas into it.
  2. I remember when I suggested such thing long long ago.
  3. Pretty sure that was maybe a month ago, Starr, at max. :p

    But if you care to contribute to the thread at hand...?
  4. guys

    Eebit and I should do the radio show -shot-
  5. for the radio show thingy...we should kinda decide if its going to be mainly voice content or divided between voice content and video content.

    It'd be kinda nice to also add in a segment talking about a roleplay and discussing their current events in this sort of round-table thing. That'd be very fantastic and it'll kinda give us the chance to mentally get into other roleplays and peak interest in others.
  6. Relevant necrobump.

    Some details: http://www.zejroleplaying.org/threads/the-chatlog-thread?pid=30117#pid30117
  7. I guess I could particpate and come in with a different accent every time or something
  8. I'd be apt to do it if I'm around and all. It would probably get kind of clusterfuck-y in the vein #CoE though.

    To be honest, we could look into getting a Mumble or a TeamSpeak or something so we can just voicechat while we do our own things. Then we could stream games like Board Game Online or Cards Against Humanity. Because people totally want to watch our annoying selves be annoying.
  9. I'd be up for it.
  10. I hereby volunteer @Ziolang to participate in the podcast via a reboot of his Charquil's Stupidity series.


    He agreed under the condition that he could subtitle it "Finite Eterity".
  11. So there's been a brief discussion about rebooting this idea in the #CoE-Skype hybrid group. I figured it should come into this thread here since it was already somewhat revived anyway.

    Kuda expressed that there were a lot of people who were (if nothing else) interested in participating, and liked the concept... except nobody was actually taking any action towards doing anything about it. The concept remains pretty untapped! The main obstacle we face is that we need someone who is willing to take the reins on the project and actually get it moving.

    To give some food for thought... what I think is that we have a lot of people who would be willing to hop into a Skype chat and shoot the shit. But most successful podcasts have some sort of "aim" (however vague), and/or some sort of host or mediating figure who is able to keep the conversation flowing in the lulls and keep order if things stray too far off-topic. We should also get a sense of how many people we want to have on the show at a given time. Another thing to do would be to pick someone (or a couple people) who we intend to have as our host(s) or mediating figure(s) from show-to-show, and maybe have the rest of those interested in partaking as rotating heads? That way we can keep the content fresh and not too oversaturated.

    Our broadcasting would also be something to consider. Kuda suggested that we host our podcast on YouTube (so we would presumably also need someone willing to do design-y stuff for our casts and our prospective channel), but do we have someone who would want to be in charge of the recording and editing process? Also, would we want to adhere to some sort of schedule? Regularly broadcasting every x days/weeks?

    Does anyone have any ideas for things to talk about for the first couple of episodes? What should the focus of the show even be? Given that we're a roleplaying site, the first thing that comes to mind is roleplays, but we don't have a ton of those going on at the moment, so...
  12. Eebear laid down some solid thoughts above to consider. I wish there were more I could actually do to help with the "behind-the-scenes" process of gearing the podcast up for a polished delivery right out of the gate, from that aforementioned "design-y" stuff to editing the video. Albeit, the latter is something that I could see myself being able to do with some sort of added time management a little down the road. I certainly am not qualified for the former beyond having designed Digby for good ol' Santa's banner, last year, though there are several others here like Kuda who are down with graphic design, so maybe if they're interested they can be hit up for this kinda stuff further down the road. As it were, I did want to jump in here for starters and chime in with my support for the project to pick up its legs and start walking. We have enough personalities here to make it a scintillating show that, at the very least, would entertain those around who want to give it a peek, if not pick up a few new stragglers on over to this side of the dark web ZEJ over time.

    As for hosts, I can't really speak for everyone here since there've been times that I've been gone for bastardly long spans, leaving a lot of in-betweens where I could've gotten to know people better in the dust, but I know us all here in staff well enough to where I'd say nearly everyone has their own personality traits that would be offered well to the show. Perhaps Eebit would be one solid nomination, given that he helped to drive this thing forward, and I don't think Zantok and/or myself would be particularly unobliged to consider hosting duties, either. Seems like fun. Though, there's plenty to consider - this is just kinda shooting the shit with preliminary ideas, in that regard. Of course, not that this needs to be kept to staff only in terms of consideration - plenty of us here could bring the sort of verve that a podcast would need to the table, we just need some willing volunteers.
    As for ideas on what the heck to even talk about, I think that we could get away with the podcast being a variety show, given that we can conjure up a new and generally entertaining focus each work. For starters, maybe introductions, an overview of ZEJ, and favorite facets of the site (including roleplays) may be one kind of early episode to consider. From there, I'm not entirely sure, but that may be part of the fun. For me, podcasts can be just as much for the spontaneity as they can be for the pure information (depending on where I am on the internet, given), so, while we'd have to think up new themes for general direction every so often, it might be a thrill to jump in there from the seat of your pants and see what's going to happen next, on the overall.

    - and of course, I'm always around for any broadcast renditions of the Jigglypuff song, as requested.
  13. I'm up for the first episode being introductory and then being relatively spontaneous after that. Some of us just idly talk on Skype while playing unrelated games (example, Nate joined a call I had with Dark despite Nate playing a completely different game than we were) and knowing CoE's usual Skype conversations it won't get dull for a couple of hours.

    Also I can't make any promises, but I could potentially help with video editing.
  14. @"The Kakuzato" suggested that we hard-commit to a schedule so as to encourage the trajectory of this project to go... well, forward.

    For those interested in participating in the production of a ZEJ webshow/podcast, does this suit you?
  15. Maybe I'll be able to drop in at some point on Friday depending on what time we end up winging it specifically, though otherwise, it's going to be really busy that day so I'll wish that maiden voyage the best of luck should it lift off of the ground and get back with you all for some Jonno goodness at a later cast, haha. But yes - quite excited for this to move forward in any event!
  16. Friday evenings, sure. Mornings or afternoon, since I'd probably want to participate, likely won't work for me (at least next week)
  17. I was thinking evenings anyway.
  18. I could do that if you sent me wherever you were talking

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