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Discussion in 'Comings and Goings' started by TheHangedMan, Feb 23, 2013.

  1. I saw the ad on the hackerzone forum and thought that this seemed like a good community.

    I used to do RP on another forum before half its members got banned. So this does sound like fun.
  2. Welcome to ZEJ, great to have you here~ This is Keileon from Hackingzone.

    Feel free to look around and see if anything strikes your interest~
  3. Feel free to enjoy the pizza too.
    That is, if it ever gets here...

    ... Actually, at this rate, I think we should send Espira to find that pizza guy. He's taking way too long getting here.
  4. The pizza is a LIE! Don't bel- *shot*

    Anyway, welcome.
  5. Well hello there, Mr. Hanged. I'll look for a better nickname for you in the future, but for now, welcome to our humble little home. I'm gathering that you already know Kuda and probably Shadow from the Hacking Zone epidemic, but I hope that you find that ZEJ is a nice community, once you get accustomed to all of our little nuances. If you're ever in need of a hand with getting a feel for the place, feel free to shoot me a message and I'll be happy to direct you as you need :)

    Though we're technically a roleplay-centric community, we do also have our other facets for other interests, so feel free to poke around in those areas as well. Hopefully something catches your eye! But again, if you need anything, or just want to chat, fire a PM or a profile comment my way and I'll get back to you as quickly as I can~
  6. Thanks for the welcomes and stuff, as far as nicknames go people never have much to go on with "Hanged Man."

    The closest I got to a nickname was when a girl on the corrupt forum used to call me "Hangy" to try and make me sound endearing. Apparently she didn't Google the term first as it is...

    "Traditionally, an authentic Australian-style barbecue held in a large yard where a full lamb is cooked underground. In more common usage, it is any gathering where friends get together for drinking, food, and all around good times.

    Dude 1: I'm thinking about having a hangy this weekend.
    Dude 2: Definitely! I've been waiting to chill out and eat some BBQ all week."

    According to Urban dictionary at least... I didn't have the heart to correct her though. :p
  7. In cases like this, I'd tend to either choose Hanged or THM.
  8. Loving the Pip-boy logo.

    I'm a huge fallout fan myself - so hello~
  9. Thought I'd just reply to my intro thread, rather than making a new one but...

    Back ( >_> I guess)
    I forgot the website URL a while ago and I've only just found it again.
  10. Welcome back! As you can see, we've made some interesting additions around here, but I hope you can navigate it. As per usual, if you need any help, just ask!
  11. Hello again, good sir! As Ms. Swan said, things have changed a little bit around here in terms of forum ordering and staff additions... but as ever, our red-named folk will stay resolute and help you out if ever you find that you are in need of something. Welcome back to ZEJ, and hopefully things are well with you!
  12. Welcome back! I think at this rate everything's been said, but here's hoping you actually stay this time~

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