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What would you do if you woke up in bed next to the user above?

Discussion in 'Спам Oстров' started by LaTyrannia, Aug 24, 2012.

  1. So simply explain what you'd do in 1st or 3rd person.


    I'd go back to sleep and pretend in never happened, because banners don't usually sleep with me.
  2. I'd wonder how the hell my brother managed to get you all the way from halfway across the country.
  3. I'd wake up from a recursive dream and wonder what the heck my hormones just made me do in my dream.
  4. Cid would wake up and be like "WHAT THE HELL? HOWD I END UP IN BED WITH AN INDIAN NAMED ESPEONATURE!?!?!".
  5. I'd go look for a knife and then stab him until he dies.
  6. I'd wake up, look over at Giga, then gently embrace him with the soft comfort of a mother holding a child<3
  7. I'd just the same knife I used to kill Cid to kill this guy.

    Either that or get a restraining order.
  8. The world shall be destroyed in a utter act of "what the fuck".
  9. Be very happy. But I wouldn't be surprised since he lives there anyway.
  10. I'd notice the stench immediately and drag you to the shower while he was still asleep. Owait this isn't after Shadow posted anymore. X: My bad.

    I'd probably be surprised.

    Then I'd sit down suggestively and ask you to paint me like one of your Eebits.
  11. Wouldn't be surprised considering how massive a creeper -J- is. Would then proceed to grab Twilix's various nerf swords and assorted weaponry and beat the everloving shit out of -J-.
  12. I'd say "So this is what it's like to be on the receiving end of a chloroform rag..."
  13. *awkard silence* ...
    so uh. shadow, huh? You may maintain refuge from the cops here for one day. Do not touch the Pineapple Orange Banana juice when you go looking for breakfast.

    gahh i was replying to Tyrannia before Shadow replied first. that's what I get for taking too long. Some dude replaces one of the only girls in this ZEJ world.... ah well. at least Shadow's smart, right?
  14. You were pretty gentle last night, it was kinda cute.

    Ready for round two? (;
  15. Oh, so I do get my turn with you.
    You're on! But I'm not going to go easy this time; I'm gonna' grind you into pieces. *places ps3 controller in your hand and turns to the TV, starting up Persona 4 Arena* I call Akihiko!
  16. Never mind, I'll just roll over and go back to sleep :U
  17. How drunk was I again? Did you get the sex tapes? I need to send it to my internet friends.
  18. How did this even happen? Eh, whatever!

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