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What types are you?!??

Discussion in 'Спам Oстров' started by crazE, Jul 23, 2013.

  1. [​IMG]

    What types are you?

    What pokemon can you be???

    Admin Edit (Eebit): Reuploaded the image on Puush since some users were having trouble seeing it.
  2. Either a Delibird or an Articuno.

    With my luck I'd end up a Delibird. >_>
  3. Ice / Psychic here

    e: So basically Jynx or Smoochum
  4. Ground/Flying

    Hmmm... Gliscor or Landorus... Gliscor!
  5. Electric/Ground, which I'd be fine with if it wasn't Stunfisk.

    Maybe XY will bring something more interesting.
  6. psychic grass

  7. Broken link.

    I'm a MissingNo that means? <3 Or pehaps 'M?
  8. Fixed the link, I think. It was a Dropbox link before, so hopefully hosting it on Puush is better.
  9. Fire / Flying.

    OMG I'M CHARIZARD!!! or Moltres, Ho-Oh, or the new Talonflame. Not bad, though I feel more like a Dark-type.
  10. Normal/Water

    I give up >_>

    I don't want to be a dang Bibarel.
  11. Thx u eebop<3

    I'm a Ghost/Dragon, meaning I am Giratina.


    I'm loling at who everyone is. Like, literally laughing really hard.
  12. Psychic/Grass. I'm a Celebi. :D
  13. Steel/Ground.

    Freaking Mystical South why.
  14. I'm a book (series)!

    Or I am a paradox (of sorts)?

    .... Fire/Ice.
  15. You're obviously freezer burn.
  16. I'm Grass/Bug...

    So I could be Paras, Parasect, Wormadam, Sewaddle, Swadloon, or Leavanny.... I think I'll be a Parasect...until X/Y pokemon are revealed ;-;
  17. Dark/ghost

    Darkrei =D ( I think...It's been a while)

    Kuda Edit: Darkrai is pure Dark. You're Sableye or Spiritomb.

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