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Video Game Name Generator

Discussion in 'Спам Oстров' started by Eebit, Oct 23, 2012.

  1. http://videogamena.me/

    Check this out! It's a pretty cool little tool that often yields some pretty great responses, and I think that it's a nifty timewaster, too. Shadow and Starr and I toyed around with it a while back in IRC, and we got some shit ranging from hilarious and out-there to the badass, wicked-sounding stuff.

    Post your results!
  2. hdgjhgvbjsdbhfjsd LMAO


    "Nudist Furry - The Card Game"
  3. Combat Lawnmower Stadium

  4. "Summer Demon Paratroopers" Bowser's first question is probably who let them all take a vacation.

    "Extreme Dating X-treme" Okay, we get it. It's extreme. Next.

    "Asian Math 25th Anniversary Edition" Ah great, just what we needed in a video game... Math.

    "High-Speed Hair Salon Annihilation" ... Don't say anything...

    "Tiger Woods' Fantasy in My Pocket" ... That's just wrong... XD

    "Communist Cookie Crime Scene Investigation" ... Erm... wat... o_o
  5. "Looney Toons Hovercraft Academy" -- brain asplode. Just like that.

    "Strategic Porn Hero" Here to save you from your girlfriend/wife.

    "My Little Vampire Commander" Hello Xanadu.

    "Intense Jazz Special Edition" Not only is it INTENSE jazz, it's the special edition! Coming with a free Saxophone!

    "Cyber Laser Baseball" If cyber baseball wasn't enough, it now comes with lasers!

    "Elegant Elevator Tournament" ... ... ... wat

    "Celtic Porn II" ... eh?

    "Kirby's Shopping Dystopia" Because it's hard to shop in a dystopia!

    "In Your Face Leisure Suit Paratroopers" Oh god wat.

    "Narcoleptic Cricket Fandango" I don't even.

    "Perverted STD Kids" uh

    "Wacky Amish Jihad" Is it bad that I actually want to see this?

    Finally,a badass one: "Armored Valkyrie of the Blood God"
  6. Leisure Suit Go-Kart Wranglers

  7. "Heroic Sex Corps" Starring David and Shadow.
  8. Nuclear Beautician Crisis

    33B1T W4S M4D3 FOR TH1S G4M3 >:]

    Screaming Pogo Hammerslayer
  9. First ten results:

    European Manlove Training
    Killer Casino - Hot Pursuit
    (This actually sounds really really cool.)
    Amphibious Punching Carnage
    Kosher Shock CD
    Exciting Volleyball Spectacular
    Viking Scorched Earth Madness
    Sim Bingo 2K
    Everybody Loves the Hitman Dudes
    Dead or Alive Biplane Story
    Unstoppable Pogo Derby
  10. LMAO.
  11. "Neon Hovercraft from Hell"

    yeah i rediscovered this :x
  12. "Metal Cardboard Temple" Well which is it?!

    "Legacy of Rainbow Annihilation" When can I get this game for the 3DS?

    "Stupendous Flatulence Insanity" ...

    "Morbidly Obese Mall Tribe" Self-explanitory

    "Nuclear 3D Uncensored" ... Dare I ask? XD

    "Charlie Brown's Lawnmower Thieves" You already lost this game, and you don't even have to start it.
  13. "Biblical Bimbo Thieves"

  14. Retarded Furry 1942

    Depressing Cardboard of Mystery

    Religious Spelling 3000

    Tasteless Architecture in the Sky

    My Little Scorched Earth DS

    Bizarre Nudist Universe

    And a classic,

    Divine Shock Anthology
  15. Enormous Yoga Strike Force
    Zany WWII from Outer Space Uh huh...
  16. "Nihilistic Kart"

    "Psychedelic Laser Romance"

    "Disney's NASCAR Fighter" <-Disney characters as cars fighting or cars as Disney characters fighting?

    "Super Platypus Nightmare" Oh wow.

    "Perfect Nazi Dance Party" I'd totally play this.
  17. "Michael Jackson's Theme Park Romp" Just beat it!

    "Ultimate Squirrel Bastards" Reminds me of conkers bad fur day.

    "Explosive Techno of the STD God" ohgodwut

    "Armored Transvestite Conspiracy" Again ohgodwut

    "Big STDs - Interactive" What is with these.

    "Celtic Shadow Brawl" This one sounds kind of cool.

    "Kinky Nudist Furry" OH GOD WTF GET ME OUT OF HERE

    "Surprise Monkey Psychiatrist" Meh.

    "Giant Dragon Demolition" Sounds fun.

    "Dead or Alive Valkyrie Hunter" Wow, another good one.

    "Nudist Transvestite" Im done. F-This.
  18. "Irish Mall Operation" - This seems like it'd be inspired shovelware.

    "Final Platypus Bandits" - This too, but BY DA LAWD, I'd play it for the palatapusses alone.

    "Christian River Co-Op" - Bible Adventures sequel, anybody???

    "Legend of Penguin Park" - Oh heck yeah.
  19. "Nerf Weight Loss Joe" ok.

    "Mind-Bending Axe Anthology" Starring Yuno Gasai

    "Dangerous Buddhist Shootout" Fuck yeah let's kill some buddhists.
    "Mexican Rollerball Power" eh

    "Alien Moon Restaurant" Sounds like a game on BigFish

    "Savage Unicorn Camp" I'd totally go there.


    "Dirty Lacrosse Adventure" giggidy.
  20. Caesar's Theme Park in the Middle East -- I think that could work.

    True Crime: WWII Deluxe -- I wonder what this could be .-.

    Pro Writing Universe -- I'm game.

    Sensual Mountain Climber in the Magic Kingdom -- It's the weird part of YouTube all over again.

    Big Bird's Transvestite Wasteland -- I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

    Transvestite Dog Wars -- I have a hard time picturing this one.

    Fabulous STD Crime Scene Investigation -- So... we investigate STD Crimes?

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