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Video Game Name Generator

Discussion in 'Спам Oстров' started by Eebit, Oct 23, 2012.

  1. The Muppets Transvestite Rebellion
  2. Miniature Fun Noodle Uncensored

    I'll just leave that to your imagination.
  3. Neon Combat Paintbrawl
    True Crime: Llama with Friends
    Dracula's Pokemon 3000
    Radioactive Outlaw 25th Anniversary Edition
    Psychedelic Square Dancing Syndicate
    Canadian Platypus Summoner
    Day of the Android Fever (this could make for a cool roleplay)
    Hitler's Transvestite Strikes Again
    Deranged Acid Fun (#CoE in a nutshell)
    Peaceful Demon Struggle (Zio imu)
    Galactic Jazz Dreamland
    8-Bit Sex Kid (i am so done with this website)
  4. I have just one.

    Heavy Metal Choir Music

    That is all.
  5. Drug-Induced Jungle Dudes

    for you, my dear @Shadow
  6. Bouncin' Cannibal in the Salad Kingdom

    H E H
  7. World of Sandwich Hospital
    Retarded Surgery XP
    Exciting Ping Pong in Space
    Ye Olde Soccer Squadron
    Emo Fire Tribe
    Jackie Chan's Midget Academy

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