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SITE Universal Changelog

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Nebulon Ranger, Mar 3, 2012.

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  1. Thought this would be a good idea as to avoid cluttering up this section with posts about the same thing.

    Legend: + = Added, ! = Removed, * = Changed

    + Added image resizer plugin, so huge images should no longer stretch the page.
  2. 17/08/2012:

    + Updated forums to MyBB 1.6.8.
    * Temporarily disabled Plugin Uploader. This only affects admins.
  3. 20/08/12

    * Gave all members unlimited PM space. Made no sense to not let everyone have it.
    * Disabled five character minimum in posts.
  4. 22/08/12

    + Added "(Select All)" button for code and PHP tags.
  5. 23/08/12

    + Added Forum Affiliates section. We can now remove the useless forum that housed the affiliates before.
    * Moved said section from below the MyBB copyright to above it. No idea why the plugin author thought footer meant under the actual footer.
  6. 25/08/12

    + You can now include your Skype username in the "Edit profile.." section of User CP, so that it'll appear on your profile page. 
  7. 30/08/12

    + Added rank bars. Thanks Cid!
  8. 02/09/12

    * Updated Spamalyser with an Akismet API key. This should help detect spam.
    * Enabled email activation. This should help with spam.
  9. 21/09/12
    - Removed Tapatalk as it was made redundant by GoMobile.
    * Likes now work on mobile devices.
  10. 23/10/12

    + Added SCEditor WYSIWYG editor. This one doesn't break quick edit and spacing!
  11. 2012-10-27; 08:22:19

    + Added [Site] thread prefix for staff in News & Announcements and Suggestions.
    * Updated Plugin Uploader to 1.1.2. Admins should now notice a new option in the Plugins section of the ACP named "Reimport From MyBB Mods Site." Exactly What It Says On The Tin.
    * Updated DyMy Dice to 1.1. Modifiers can now be used by appending +# to the end of the command; eg: /.roll 2d8+5. Use without periods, of course.
    * Updated Username Change History to 1.1.
    * Changed changelog date format.
  12. 2012-11-21; 10:48

    + Added Greentexting and Post Jump codes. Use [sarcasm] and [jump tid=number pid=number] tags respectively. Both require closing tags.
  13. 2012-11-25; 12:01:55

    * SCEditor updated to 1.4.0.
  14. 2012-12-09; 19:00:59

    * SCEditor updated to version You should now be able to disable the editor in your User CP!
  15. 2012-12-14; 10:40:43

    * Updates to the spoiler tag. It now uses one BBCode instead of two under the hood, and hopefully supports named spoiler nesting!
  16. 2012-12-16; 15:22:23

    * Board updated to MyBB 1.6.9. Fixes editor issues with the stock BBCode editor in Firefox 16+.
    ! Thread ratings disabled.
  17. 2012-12-20; 20:41:04

    + Added Google Docs BBCode. Useful for displaying rules for an existing roleplay system in PDF format. Use [doc]CODE[/doc]. Example: [doc]0ByzHc0PMCOHPSkNWWEpVd2dfaVk[/doc]. Code can be found in between the /d/ and /edit of any Google Docs file URL.
  18. 2012-12-31; 17:28:56

    - Removed Skype ID on profiles because of an SQL vulnerability. Shoutout to zixem (Aces./LETMEPMYOU/TruthAboutCym) for pointing it out to us!
    Info on above can be found here: http://zixem.altervista.org/stuff/0days/zixy.txt
  19. 2013-01-05; 10:21:38

    + Added Google SEO. It should automatically redirect forumdisplay, show thread and announcement links to something like /thread-site-universal-changelog. If any links break, report them in Bug Reports.
  20. 2013-01-11; 14:22:44

    * Replaced Board Messages with the far more reliable Announcements plugin from King Louis. Header announcements now, well, work and are dismissible!
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